Let’s Do our Homework First – Netsanet Zegeye

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Around the time Haile G.S openly started to bend down to HE PM Meles Zenawi, I sent an Amharic article to almost all sites. But unfortunately only few posted it, (I remember these four;ecadf@ecadforum.com, ethiopiazare@gmail.com, quatero@gmail.com,ethiolion@ethiolion.com). It’s OK, whether it’s posted or not, that doesn’t change the stark reality. But when I see the comments here above, an Amharic article written about same person and same issue and posted on info@abugidainfo.com, the majority of them say something similar with that of my article, that is why I remembered it now and wanted to jot down some pertinent points to this same issue of our hero.

To the best of my knowledge, I share the traditional creed of some elders and believe that Ethiopia has been struck by the greatest mythical plague traditionally known as ‘SHOTELAY’(it is an Amharic word) in a manner that no country in this world has ever been so, and that ‘shotelay’ is especially nowadays depriving her of many beloved and intelligent children, from all walks of life and from all diversities of her colorful constituents, just to mention few, Patriarch Abune Paulos (whom many believe that he is illegally appointed by the direct intervention into the religion of the regime)could serve his country as a soldier or a leader of any sort including but not limited to the presidency of the country instead of spoiling the religion to which he seemingly doesn’t give a damn, he is rather desecrating the religion most of us have/had; it is because of his Holiness, I do believe, that many among the congregation are changing their religion in need of a relatively better mental serenity, though they might be unaware of what awaits them there in the new denominator.

Lidetu Ayalew could serve his country as a genuine politician had he not been dying for power, fame, and money, which are the fruitions of these traps of human beings. If he could manage his absurd and greed motivated changeability, i.e, the paradigm shift he makes whenever he deems it to be necessary with no fear of public censure, he could normally see himself as PM or President of the country through hardworking, not through intrigue and stealthy shrewdness; on top of this, the fact that his age is very young to wisely accomplish sane calls of nature could give him an additional privilege if he were not interested to act like a mutton-headed capricious individual. Hailu Shawl or Alamoudi (though the latter is half cast), could serve their country in the economic sector using their rich experience and expertise thereof had they not been kneeling to the mundane or worldly triviality which can by no means stand the curse of the upcoming generations. The evil work of these brothers [sorry females, sisters as well]and their likes will remain written on their grave forever witnessing their greedy and gluttonous nature that cannot get quenched even if God gives them the key of all their wishes to have them freely with no one to control or insincerely envy or become jealous.

In short, this is us, most of us, nowadays, in fact, if adverbs can help to avoid some grudges that may come from den of some ‘Pilates’ who claim to be innocent and want to wash their hands, though in vain, for all of us are responsible for the overall destruction of our country in one way or the other. For example, if we see a blind being strayed from his/her street or road, maybe s/he misunderstood the message from his/her cane, we have to immediately help the person before s/he is hurt; in such occasions, we don’t have time to analyze and synthesize what the law says and there is no need too as such to refer laws or constitutions to help people in time of emergency. Helping people in danger needs more of reflexive action, not rules and regulations. Likewise, those of us who are simply looking at the current regime, for more than 30 crude earthly years, 360 months,10800 days, 648000 hours, while it is dismantling the nation are all responsible, albeit the degree may be varying from an individual to another individual. Wherever we live, in whatever situation we live, when the apportioning of blame comes into the scene, alas for those of us who have especially been collaborating with those who have been partitioning the skirt of Mother Ethiopia amongst ourselves as those foolish people of the Sadducee and Pharisee of the first year in the first decade of the first millennium in this Anno Dominum, just to partake from the ‘blessing’ of Jesus’ Crucifixion.

When we come to Haile, he is not specially made to Ethiopia along with his capacity, though most of us tend to accept him that way. In all aspects, save running, he is like us, the ordinary people, to say the least. He is a MAN, in its inclusive sense, as Zenebech is also a man, I mean. So, though we incline to get shocked whenever our model figures change blocs and depart from us, for one reason or the other, let’s willy-nilly accept this bitter fact and go with it, until may be they again reconsider their stance and be kind to cure our wound. Otherwise, if we keep on shouting whenever we lose somebody, it is we(us) that will be hurt most and understandably I don’t think we can afford to keep on this bad practice now; it is wastage of resources and distracts our primary attention unnecessarily to the direction our enemies are badly in need of and directly or indirectly favoring, including with a support of budget allotment. We have much homework to do. If we always focus on the effect rather than the cause, as has been the tendency in our previous attempts in regard with organizing and creating common grounds for the efficacy of communal efforts, it is quite sure that there will be many others who would be forced to follow suit and as a result shift their bloc due to internal or external factors like desperation and/or material and other baits and temptations. Moreover, we have to know that it is when one dies that his/her stand is clearly known, for s/he doesn’t have any chance to change a stand once s/he is encased in a coffin or otherwise and left to rest, as we jestingly say that ‘the exact number of children a man has, especially who has been under wedlock, is known when he dies,’ as there could be one or two offspring begotten through an extramarital affair and would come in the time of bequeathment. Therefore, if we could, let’s not be seriously ill and much overactive by the deserters or opportunists; rather, let’s strengthen our overall struggle towards our freedom without any precondition to put aside our compatriots at bay. In addition, we would be very much benefited if we could learn positively from the victims of secular or spiritual temptations rather than emulating them and try to adjust our queue in line with that of theirs. We have to get out of the hitherto impregnable cyst we have been sheltering for years in fear of may be the unknown. It doesn’t matter, for example, if I have been a disciple of tribalism or ethnocentrism as long as I now have determined to abandon that destructive negative thinking and straighten my outlook according to the state of the art and become a cosmopolitan citizen who is supposed to act under the auspices of universality which is free of myopic limitations, like discrimination based on ‘race’, color, religion, and similar to these natural phenomena that are absolutely out of our capacity to have even a say before or after birth. Personally, I believe in change if you ask me a question whose alternatives as possible answers include this same. But the change should always be genuine drawn from logical and rational reasoning so that the change would result in the desired outcome. Otherwise, like
we say, in Amharic idioms, it would mean, “Tatbo chikka”, that is roughly to mean, ‘wash your hands when you are sure you don’t go back to the situation wherein they [your hands] were stained/dirtied’. …


  1. Chelmo Aykerm
    | #1

    Yes, it is better to change our gear and focus on our primary issue, that is liberating our country from the heynas of the woyanne swarm or locust that is devastating the whole country. The other concerns give us time and we will settle them through time. The first should be done first.

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