Ethiopian Martyrs Day Commemorated in Minnesota

November 22nd, 2010 Print Print Email Email

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Concerned Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans in Minnesota commemorated the martyrs who paid the ultimate price in November 2005 for their peaceful protest against a rigged election, and for justice and democracy in Ethiopia. About 200 individuals lost their lives during those peaceful demonstrations in Addis Ababa. All other innocent Ethiopians who were unjustly killed over the years in different parts of the country by the brutal Ethiopian government of Melese Zenawi were also remembered.

The commemorations were held on two different days in the Twin Cities on November 20th and 21st, 2010. On November 20th, a remembrance gathering was took place at a public venue where a candle light vigil was held, individual made speeches followed by a lively discussion by members of the audience. On Sunday, November 21st, a prayer service and a candle light vigil were held at Medhane Alem Church. The events were spearheaded by the Andinet Support Group in Minnesota and we were supported by other concerned groups and individuals.

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