Ethiopian needs a Spiritual Warrior as a leader – By Teodros Kiros

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Desperate times need leaders who lead us through compassion and understanding, and not leaders who inflame our passions and ignite our prejudices by refusing to forgive and forget.

Ethiopia is yearning for the arrival of a messiah, in the form of a spiritual warrior, a warrior who leads by forgiving, a warrior who wishes total strangers health in body and mind, a warrior who instructs that we must learn how to love and how to wish others to live in ease.

This spiritual warrior combines the moral purity of a good person, with the astuteness of a psychologist, who is profoundly aware of the imperative of nurturing peaceful citizens who can think clearly because their souls are in order. The internal interaction among reason, courage and desire is in perfect balance, and their everyday lives are in ease, their minds and bodies are in good health, and they understand love and its dangers. Such citizens hate lightly but love deeply.

In these turbulent times, we Ethiopians must look deep into our rational hearts and think about our beloved Ethiopia and its traumatized population, particularly the poors, who spend their nights gazing at stars and getting burned by a nothingness, which does not speak, the quiet nights, which oppress through their stillness, when the rich and powerful are driving on the ring highways and drinking away with thirteen year olds at our marbled hotels and motels.

The spiritual warrior as a leader knows the interiors of pain, the corrosive effects of prejudice and leads by helping the citizens to confront the drone inside and seek spiritual healing.

Reconciliation, for example, is an attempt at self-purification; it is a very difficult but necessary step at moving forward from frozenness in hate, suspicion and mistrust towards the sunlight of loving the other, who is your other part, the part that non-spiritual warriors have fostered into un enemy.The Spiritual warrior can outsmart the material warrior, who is dividing us, and invite him to the spiritual table of communicative rationality.

A new spiritual warrior can change this situation, and we ordinary Ethiopians can help her by wishing every living Ethiopian good health in mind and body,the right to live in ease, and the ability to love profoundly.

I challenge us all to be existentially serious and not let the DDT of Ethnicity destroy our historical Ethiopia.

Teodros Kiros
Professor of Philosophy and English (Liberal Arts)
Berklee College of Music

  1. PessOpt
    | #1

    Too Buddhist! Such a leader, would somehow, might be able to help a little. You’re taking it too far though; although i understand your good wish, you made it seem very doable and a problem that has a specific single solution. I appreciate your concern and dedication!

  2. Tulu Oda
    | #2

    The question is how do we get such a spritual warrior leader?

  3. melkamu
    | #3

    Thanks Prof., the problem is that the majority of us are not intellectually matured. we do not have the political knowledge or experience to handling conflicting or contradictory views. We looking for a short cut to everything and consequently we loose interest when we fail. Then we are looking for an excuse easy way, which obviously is to blaming others and never take reponsiblity and work to correct mistakes. We never change. Look at the political organizations claim to be 40 years in the struggle. What do you see there? What is the trend … to come to power by underminding others position… will continue

  4. Darge
    | #4

    melkamu :
    Thanks Prof., the problem is that the majority of us are not intellectually matured. we do not have the political knowledge or experience to handling conflicting or contradictory views.

    Speak for yourself Mr. Ethiopians have survived for centuries. How else can you explain this if not for a developed political maturity and experience of handling contradictions?

  5. Mengesha Kebrom
    | #5

    Thank you so much for providing the timly article. I always see that kind of leadership with Birtukan. It is up to us to encourage and follow her lead.

    God bless Ethiopia!

  6. Fish
    | #6

    I agree with Prof. Tewodros. We need a spiritual leader. What we have now in Meles Zenawi is a spiritual leader too. He just happens to be from the evil side of the spiritual world. We need the God and the good side of a spiritual leader. If anybody thinks he/she is good and spiritual person, he/she should stay away from evils like Meles.

  7. melkamu
    | #7

    exactly, thats my point, you c? We think we are matured and yet we are unable to identify issues that requires immediate attention from those which comes later. What is the prority now?

    Talking about surviving for centuries? How do you define taht survival? As a nation? Can you give me an exaample about any nation, in the history of human race that survived for centuries and all of a sudden wage war against each other, doomed to desintegration…is it Egypt, Rome or USA. Can you give me a century (may be more) old political guidance that we can cote today use it for the revival of our wisdom? Can I cote any verse coplimented by action from any king or king of kings of Ethipia?

  8. koster
    | #8

    The leader we need is one who free Ethiopia from woyane economic, political and military dominance. Killers should not be necessarily be killed but they have to face international justice. If Professor is wishing a government who accepts the economic, military and political dominance, I am strictly against.

  9. Zekarias
    | #9

    I thank the professor for his concern and suggestion. But, I hate to say it the Professor suggestion rather shows what is wrong with us Ethiopians.

    What we as Ethiopian need right now is a righteous indignation about every thing evil in Ethiopia particularly Meles and his government and determined to overthrow him. What could Meles possibly do if we could organize a demonstration in the streets of the major cities? kill every one of us- hundred thousands of people? In Addis, Dire Dawa, Nazareth, Awassa etc? Why don’t we do it? We are timid and resigned when it comes revolting against our governments populated by people who look like us and who speak our native tongue. If Meles were say a Somali or a Sudan or Italian at the helm of power, I guarantee you he would not rule 2 years let along 20 years.

    We should see and treat him and his government as if they are colonizers and stand up for our rights. This could be done with so many ways.

  10. Gedamu
    | #10

    Tewodros Kiros,

    What would you say for those
    1. who lost their loved ones by barbaric Agazies
    2. who are forbidden to have equal opportunity in thier mother land. (After all no one goes to Tigrai for economic opportunity but tribalists from there migrate to south and forbid the local citizens to eat while they accomulate weath.)
    3. whose loved ones angishing in prison in dier situation
    4. whose properties are confesicated by TPLF
    5. who are forbideen to speak, listen or use their brain
    6. of us who are forced to leave in exile as rifigues by Tribial regimen
    7. all of Ethiopians who are starved while members of TPLF and thier supporters are accomulating wealth.

    Please stop advocating for this kind of hypocricy merely because your relatives are doing well. We know how our relatives and neigbours and Ethiopian citizens are suffering and we feel thier pain every day.


  11. Yalfal K.Belachew
    | #11

    God bless you our prof.
    It is true that a leader who doesn’t know God do not have care for the physical ,mental and social wellbeing of its people.
    The bible tels us that “Yetebeb hulu mejemeria Egizeabehern meferat new ” Yelal.However our leader has said that ” Hezebehenem alekem Egzeabeherenem alawekem” endalew Egyptian Pharaoh !! However God will give us that spiritual warrior.
    God bless Ethiopia and its people.

    | #12

    God bless you professor for your message.
    We need to stand &pray to God, to raise the spiritual & God Faring Leader in our country.
    God can bring them down the evil (demonic) leaders from Ethiopia, the day is close, I know by the grace of God. if they don’t repent & stop their evil works ,the God of Ethiopia will disgrace them publicly, then everyone will know the God of our dear country is alive.
    God bless Ethiopia

  13. Drama
    | #13


  14. aha!
    | #14

    I do not not understand this logics from a student of Philosophy, that does not follow neither faith or reason as the philosophers do past and present. To seek reconcilliation and now forgive and forget and aspiration for spiritual leader, when the silent majority of Ethiopians are engaged in a peaceful struggle for freedom and liberty, so that when these free individuals associate to form a party that governs by the consent of the goverened and not the other way around. These kind of suggestion does not lend itself faith or reason of deductive and/or inductive logic. Is it the TPLF/erdf regime or the silent majority that should be appealing for reconcilliation or spiritual leadership? Was Teodros a spirtual warrior or a patriotic Ethiopian? If this spiritual leader is a warrior than peace maker, how is going to tackle the agazi forces, the security apparatus and military that is behind this regime?

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