Response to the Readers of “Ethiopia Needs a Spiritual leader” By Teodros Kiros

November 27th, 2010 Print Print Email Email

I would like to begin by thanking Abugida for its professional attention to my recent controversial writings on reconciliation; my thanks also to all those readers for engaging the articles and giving heart felt responses.

Let me now address the concerns of the readers. All my readers agree that although they appreciate the well wishing, they do not see the practicality of searching for a spiritual warrior who will put the nation on the road of reconciliation. A certain reader drew a distinction between the silent majority that is already engaged in peaceful struggle against the military apparatus of the existing regime, and the regime itself, which is in combat against the silent majority, and that the reader rightly points out that, it is the regime, which must ask for reconciliation, and not the peaceful silent majority.

In normal circumstances, it is the dominant victor, had he been spiritually comported, who must ask for forgiveness, but the Ethiopian situation is not normal, in several ways. To begin with, all those, who unnecessarily lost their children and their loved ones in the peaceful fight for freedom, and who are forced to hate anything Tigrean are deeply traumatized, and I for one is
appealing for their spiritual healing, for their forgiveness without forgetting. At the same time, I am also seeking a Third Way, the way of reconciliation, and the possibility of establishing a reconciliation group, perhaps to be headed by Birtukan, and peacefully confront the regime to think about the Ethiopian Common Good, and avert the possibility of a civil war, if the silent majority’s quest for prosperity with liberty is ignored and intimidated by military might.

The spiritual warrior then is not simply a pacifist but a strategic thinker who seeks peace by peaceful means but is also fully ready to die if her spiritual quests are ignored.

These are some of my brief thoughts, which I would like to refine with input from my intelligent readers.

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