Response to the Readers of “Ethiopia Needs a Spiritual leader” By Teodros Kiros

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I would like to begin by thanking Abugida for its professional attention to my recent controversial writings on reconciliation; my thanks also to all those readers for engaging the articles and giving heart felt responses.

Let me now address the concerns of the readers. All my readers agree that although they appreciate the well wishing, they do not see the practicality of searching for a spiritual warrior who will put the nation on the road of reconciliation. A certain reader drew a distinction between the silent majority that is already engaged in peaceful struggle against the military apparatus of the existing regime, and the regime itself, which is in combat against the silent majority, and that the reader rightly points out that, it is the regime, which must ask for reconciliation, and not the peaceful silent majority.

In normal circumstances, it is the dominant victor, had he been spiritually comported, who must ask for forgiveness, but the Ethiopian situation is not normal, in several ways. To begin with, all those, who unnecessarily lost their children and their loved ones in the peaceful fight for freedom, and who are forced to hate anything Tigrean are deeply traumatized, and I for one is
appealing for their spiritual healing, for their forgiveness without forgetting. At the same time, I am also seeking a Third Way, the way of reconciliation, and the possibility of establishing a reconciliation group, perhaps to be headed by Birtukan, and peacefully confront the regime to think about the Ethiopian Common Good, and avert the possibility of a civil war, if the silent majority’s quest for prosperity with liberty is ignored and intimidated by military might.

The spiritual warrior then is not simply a pacifist but a strategic thinker who seeks peace by peaceful means but is also fully ready to die if her spiritual quests are ignored.

These are some of my brief thoughts, which I would like to refine with input from my intelligent readers.

  1. Tigist
    | #1

    Thank you Professor Teodros for noticing what the regime in Ethiopia doing right now is not sustainable in the long run. The Ethiopian people character is changing due to the cruel attitude of Meles and his friends. Ethiopians are humans of long history and civilization. Meles and his friends are making a big mistake to think that the Ethiopia people will adapt to live as slaves. That is not going to work. Meles himself should know that by now. Before things getting out of control, every mature person should involve and do something about it. Professor Teodros you address your concern in the same line, but I think it would be nice to do a lot more.

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    The concept of the Spiritual warrior is an interesting one when it comes to the struggle for democracy and liberty. I agree with you the very nature of this struggle when it comes to its core is a spiritual nature. The Ethiopian struggle would also benefit form such a struggle in this context. As to your comment about hating all things Tigrian, I must say this appears to be a paper tiger in the case of Ethiopia. Its like hating all things Amhara in the days of Haile Selassie. Once the regime died this hate also died. This is not the first time Ethiopia was ruled by an ethnic elite. under stressful circumstances Ethiopians could become emotionally charged, but its amazing to see the level of tolerance, even for such an underdeveloped and highly illiterate nation. Rest assured the antipathy is reserved for the ruling elite, not the tigrian mass.

  3. Danny
    | #3

    Nice comment

  4. Mengesesha
    | #4

    Thank you prof. Teowdros,
    I did comment on the previous article that Birtukan could be considered as a spiritual warrior. The only problem is you need to have a fierce follower in Ethiopia because the regime you are confronting is full of non-beleivers. In my opinion that was the major problem for her being seen as enemy. There is no co-operation between light and darkness. Birtukan could accomplish the mission only when the people understand the ultimate destructive course of the current regime and accept her leadership as a way out. Sadly, the people is not united in the idea that freedom is priceless.

  5. koster
    | #5

    All mighty dictarors are all gone and its consequences are disastorous. Look at DERG army of Ethiopia or Republican guard of Iraq and sooner or later AGAZI`s, hodams of Tigrean, Amhara, Oromo, Harari etc. will pay a high price. True Ethiopias whether they are from Tigrai or other regions/kilils have no difficulty to live together in PEACE. The anti-Tigrean propaganda in paltaks or elsewhere could also be promoted by woyane to antagonize the friendly relationship of true Ethiopians from Tigrai and other regions.

  6. Chercher
    | #6

    Both the writer and the readers are biased about everything and they don’t even know what they are talking about. I think you all are church educated filthy debteras who are not blessed to see the reality out side monasteries.

    The writer is calling for spiritual leader;which spirit is he talking about? Can’t he see what spiritual leaders are doing to their followers in every church today? Don’t write about your confusion. First you need to explain what spiritual leader is so that audience has clear understanding. Second who are you (the readers and the writer) to suggest Birtukan as a spiritual leader? I have no opposition about Birtukan.But are you represented by people of Ethiopia to nominate her? Where is element of democracy in your discourse?

    Tigreans are like other Ethiopian who suffered under Hailesellasie, and Mengistu. The party they created and supported by all means has failed to address Ethiopian interests. They are in need of democracy, justice and freedom like other Ethiopians.

    EPRDF gave away first Eritrea, then Badme and some part of Gondar. Now it is showing even more generosity by selling other land to Saudi, India and other international companies. It has already started selling Ethiopians for dollar to sex companies, UN peace keeping mission,and adoption Organizations. No doubt one day we will see Addis Ababa rented to China as its African base or command post for hundred years.

    Lucy is “visiting” America. Many Arab countries bought out golden athletes to hold up their national flags.

  7. Shimelis
    | #7

    Tewodros Kiros

    Come to your sense by breaking your tribe yoke.

    Forgiveness without justice is useless and in fact dangerous. Put your place in the shoes of
    1. a mother who saw her son killed, who does not know about the whereabouts of her children,

    2. Those who are agnishing and tortured in jail

    3. Those who are starving and dying of ailments while TPLFs children are vomiting in Partities from drinking and eating to much

    4. those who saw their mothers and fathers killed in front of them

    5. And so on and so on

    What kind of forgiveness are you asking on the behalf of the criminals? You think this will cure the hearts fot this families? Forgiveness is about justice. We demand justice first and then we will talk about forgiveness.

    Thank you!

  8. Drama
    | #8


  9. Selam
    | #9

    You are making a huge drama out of this good conversation. What is the need for name calling when you have the platform to civily challenge the writer? Every person is entitled to his/her opinion. Criticism is a healthy thing, whereas tearing down someones personality is a chronic disease that impedes communication and progress. I am in no way supporting Prof Tewodros’s view point but it makes me sick when people hide behind their screen and scold the writer. In fact, this kind of attitude is not different from the mob politics that we experienced few years ago. Somebody questioned Eng Hailu’s resume during a fundraising event in the good old days, but he was unanimously boo’ed by all Kinijit participants and instantly forced to cut it short. Two years later, those same people trashed Hailu and questioned his integrity. We need to mature and be able express differing views without resorting to mindless and primitive Yah-boo politics and verbal abuses. Cheers!

  10. Yinegal Belachew
    | #10

    (please post this one)

    The Sun we know in our solar system shall rise in the west and set in the east than the Woyannes get a light heart to reconcile with the people of Ethiopia and humanity by and large. It is simply nightmarish to think of Woyanne kneel down for peaceful struggle. Even if GOD himself comes and tries to mediate the Woyannes with the people of Ethiopia, I can bet with all what I have including my soul, Meles will never and ever agree to concede anything for peace to prevail in the country. He is here in Ethiopia not to bring peace, but rather to destabilize and dismantle the nation. He knows his mission well. It is us that we tend not to know his real mission and therefore beg him to give us freedom, we are begging him to do us a favor which his nature doesn’t know at all. Perhaps, he might be laughing at us whenever we beg him to hand out a certain peace. He is cruel not by his own wish, it is just because he cannot change his natural traits. Apparently, to me, no Doctor or Professor has ever tried to know this guy through maybe any sort of diagnosis. When he dies, his remains must be given to a renowned scientific lab for research so that such fetuses of his kind could be aborted before they create irreversible damage to the nation they belong to. To my understanding, Meles is totally metamorphosed into being a devil and I can say that he is among those who worship Lucifer in all their capacity for some trivial secular benefits.
    You can create viable peace with human beings, but how can you even try the impossible and waste your precious time? Who on earth wants to be foolish in trying to change Meles from his stagnantly die hard nature? It is better to try this type of noble idea in Burma and Somalia; it is better to try this noble notion in North Korea and Zimbabwe; it is better to experiment this blessed idea in other undemocratic countries, but not in Ethiopia.
    Believe me, Meles will leave power with only one option;that is he willleave Arat Kilo after there will have been an Armageddon between Ethiopianism led by genuine Ethiopians, like, like who?,I don’t know now,and anti-Ethiopianism led by this cursed individual, Meles. This is not ‘muart’ or ‘tinbit’. It is obvious and Meles will go after a sacrification of countless pints of human blood. There is no free lunch. And let’s not fool ourselves in thinking that that crucial time is far from now; it never remains at bay. That time could be between now and any moment in the near future. We don’t exactly know the day of retribution through tribulation. Remember the tale told about the tiger and the deer when the deer said to the tiger that the tiger would be repaid in the generations to come if not then for the ‘sin’ it does against the deer….
    There is time to be brave as there is time to be cowardice; there is time to be desperate as there is time to be hopeful; there is time to be bold as there is time to be timid; there is time to be sensitive as there is time to be indifferent; there is time to love death as there is time to hate life; the philosophy of ‘Yinegal’ goes on, but what is definite here is that Meles will surely go away like his tyrant predecessors leaving back his Hitleric and Milosevicick legacy to which our poor Tigray will get ashamed of whenever the name of this crooked alien(Meles) will have been mentioned in the history of Ethiopia, like the so called Yodit Gudit and her likes. I personally am more afraid of the future than this current historical conjuncture, for the future is more complicated and hence enigmatic than the time we have now. The future needs people with special extraterrestrial talents and spiritual acumen to handle extremely chaotic situations that have been imposed on Ethiopia by the cursed battalion of the Meles regime.
    In the book of Meles there are many distinguished citizens ‘which’ are going to be remembered in our ugliest history, to read some: Genet Zewdie, Lidetu Ayalew, Solomon Tekalign, their spiritual father Kifle Wodajo, and what have you. All of them will be awarded what they deserve, dead or alive, in whichever dimension,in whatever circumstance, believe me this, too… this list of our lost children is endless. But let the ones who claim to have ears listen carefully the uproar of our history. The time is coming, the time that the chaff will be winnowed from the wheat is edging towards us. The future is running back to Meles et al. Alas for those criminals and scoundrels! The day is approaching. Let Him do what He has intended to do for the majority of us who have been belittled by these brethern of ours even to the extent of being considered as useless speaking animals. Let the day on which we the oppressed and the over trodden would exult in His fair judgment come and go upright with our rights respected and feared as mighty people. Let the sky of Ethiopia once more witness that He is there on His throne and shall give His Last Judgment soon. Let the long overdue Judgment be realized and come to the land of Ethiopia. Amen.

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