Meles Zenawi-the Sarah Palin of Ethiopia. By Yilma Bekele

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The fearless leader from Wasilla said “This speaks to a bigger picture here that certainly scares me in terms of our national security policy. But obviously we’ve gotta stand with our North Korean allies.“—Discussing Obama’s foreign policy in an interview with fellow whacko Glenn Beck. Someone should tell dear old Sarah it is South Korea that is allied with the US not the dear leader for life, Kim’s kingdom.

That is Sarah always in a hurry to say her two cents worth to find fault with anything Obama. She forgot to jot it down on her palm for easy reference. As far as Sarah is concerned the issue is exposure not content. Being a headliner has its rewards. Her net worth has gone to ‘where no one has gone before.’ It is understandable if she is delirious with this newfound wealth and fame.

Most people do not take Sarah’s pronouncements seriously. Her aim is to raise money for her Political Action Committee so she can be free to be more bizarre if that is possible, raise Fox channel’s ratings and twist the left out of shape.

On the other hand the Ethiopian Prime Minster’s attempt to be like Sarah is not funny at all. Being the de facto head of state and responsible for over eighty million people demands certain amount of maturity and self-control. As they say ‘loose lips sink ship’ or ‘careless talk cost lives.’

This last week in an interview Meles Zenawi let loose a barrage of insults, machismo behavior, unsubstantiated allegations and a dare against our Egyptian friends and neighbors. Ethiopia and Egypt, bound by the Nile and our ancient cultures are like a pea in a pod. We have cultural, spiritual, geographic bonds that date back before history. In recent years some of us remember when Emperor Haile Sellasie and Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser founded the Organization of African Unity. Our two countries are natural allies.

It is a geographic fact that the mighty Abay starts from our highlands and is the lifeline of Egypt. Without Abay there will be no Egypt. Without Abay there would be no Pyramids. For our Egyptian friends Abay is their life. For us Ethiopians it is a huge responsibility to be the keeper of such important key. Our leaders thru time have kept the promise of being good guardians.

Why then did the Ethiopian Junta leader walk the extra mile to pick a quarrel with our friends? What is the meaning of such tantrum that wants to pass as a meaningful statement?

According to Reuters this is what he said, “I am not worried that the Egyptians will suddenly invade Ethiopia nobody who has tried that has lived to tell the story. I don’t think the Egyptians will be any different and I think they know that…. The Egyptians have yet to make up their minds as to whether they want to live in the 21st or the 19th century” and after accusing them of trying to destabilize Ethiopia he went on to say ‘If we address the issues around which the rebel groups are mobilized then we can neutralize them and therefore make it impossible for the Egyptians to fish in troubled waters because there won’t be any’

Our fearless leader for life puts Sarah to shame. The Egyptians who are vented upon were both perplexed and amused by the TPLF’s boss behavior. President Mubarak’s response was ‘“We have very amicable relations with Ethiopia, I was surprised by these comments because this is something we cannot do with any Arab or African country.”

Ethiopia does not benefit from this raw. At the moment there are thousands of Ethiopians in Egypt using the country as a transit point. It is Ethiopia’s interest to keep friendly relations with Egypt for the sake of our people stuck there. Egypt is not aware that the Ethiopian regime views it with such hostility to the extent of beating the drums of war. It is not in Ethiopia’s interest to pick a quarrel with such an important country in the region.

Before going any further let us see the position where these two counties occupy in the pecking order of our planet.

Population GDP Electricity production Internet hosts Internet users Telephone Mobile
Egypt 80.4 million 469.8 billion 118.4 billion KWh 187,197 11.4 million 55.4 million
Ethiopia 88.0 million 77.5 billion 3.5 billion 151 360,000 4.1 million

It looks like Egypt has a head start on us. To achieve what they have today they must have worked hard. They must have plenty of educated people to run such advanced industrial system compared to Ethiopia. It is obvious Egyptians are good company to keep as a friend. It is just odd to see a regime daring a neighbor thousands of kilometers away when it is even unable to exert any influence in Somalia the only place on earth without a functioning government.

The question becomes why is Ato Meles doing this at this time? Or why is his communications department busy creating news out of thin air? Why is he hell bent in starting a conflict with all our neighbors? Why is our country becoming the mad dog of Africa?

I believe all this incomprehensible blabber is not an accident. It is part and parcel of the ‘modus operandi’ of a dictatorial regime. It is just like Hollywood stars or celebrities like Sarah Palin manage to insert themselves in the news no matter the content. Being quoted, talked about or photographed shows the public that they are around and are making news. They use their notoriety as leverage for more pay, better parts or good table in a restaurant.

The Meles regime uses these bizarre news and behaviors to have the population discuss their latest stupidity while they achieve another goal unseen or cover up one of their blunders. If we observe closely the ‘Egyptian issue’ created its own dynamic. Most of us were amused and it confirmed our belief regarding the sanity of the PM and his underlings. Some of us will conjure this image of belligerent Egypt sending its army to take Abay, while a few of us will even venture to say that it is a ‘Moslem’ conspiracy to conquer our country while the ‘cadres chorus’ repeats Ato Meles is ‘the man!’ the only one with balls to defend good old Ethiopia.

We are familiar with this game plan. Whenever the TPLF regime screws up they give us some bone to chew on. Of course we bite and the rest is history, that is until next weeks drama. We don’t have to go far. The last month TPLF cadres were caught with inflation climbing, their Patriarch with his statue, the Human Right report and most important of all the World Bank revelation that the regime is recipient of over 3billion dollars from the Diaspora in remittances. That is a lot of money. That is bigger than what the despot gets selling coffee, hides and skins, Kat and gold combined. We are the cash cows that help the dictator abuse our country and people.

Well my Diaspora friend take a bow, you are the reason this bunch of psychopaths are lording it over us. There is no reason to be shy about it. There is no reason to hide. Come on get some spine and admit that you were willing to buy stolen land. Of course you claim you created jobs and helped your country. I have no quarrel with self-delusion. You can believe all you want but when the bubble collapses and your pretty condominium go a penny on the dollar I know you will be heartbroken. You will cry foul. All I can say is no one gets rich and famous standing on his peoples shoulder, sooner or later the ponzi scheme collapses the question is who is gona be caught holding the bag.

  1. kush-kush
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    Dear writer, why don’t you tell the TPLF/EPLF leader in a simple and plain english that he is a very intransigent person . Besides, your great concern about Ethiopians in Egypt is appreciated . What I do not agree with you is that your message to the individual Ethiopians who invest in their home land . What surprises me is you mentioned condominium and it is not a big deal because I know many people who are grabbing lands and building skyscrapers. I heard the so called “CUD” leaderwho built many buildings and did you directly confront him not to do it . It is very ironic and your advice gets deaf ears because it is not a sincere one .By the way is there any organization(s) that can educate and tamper and block this? or are trying to say in the end I told you so? In any case, I am not very comfortable about the correlations .

  2. Drama
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  3. tegadalay
    | #3

    Question for all ethiopians

    1.why is TPLF established in the first place?Is it real that Tigray is oppressed, as they claim, much worse than the others that time?

    2.Do you think TPLF/EPRDF has a belief in Ethiopia as a state?i mean do they want Ethiopia to continue as a country?

    3.How much do you know about the corruption oligarchy in Ethiopia?The Al amoudi-Meles partnership?

  4. Lucy
    | #4

    Ameche meles doesnot concern abay. abbay belongs to ethiopia and ethiopians , not ameches. By any account, egyptians are far better than the tegere’s thugs who have been killings innocent ethiopians, selling ethiopia virgin land to foreigne land grabbers, and destroying everything. These greedy and narrow minded people want to tell us that egypt is on the way to invade ethiopia. Ethiopia is being invaded by tegere’s lootters who do not have any conscience. So forget what the tegere’s ameches said . egyptians are our brothers. we have so many things in common tham those bloody tegere’s idiots who are killing our country. abaye is very improtant for egyptians survival, but they should understand also that we ethiopians can not continue living such a dog’s life. abbay is our natural resources like natural gas and oil.From egypt’s side it is not acceptable for ethiopians to bring their agreement with their own ex. boss [ with britian] The whole world knows that ethiopia has never colonized tnx to our fore fathers.The agreement between sudan egeypt and their ex.boss britian can not force all other countries which were under britians colony because when they got their independnce, they got all their right to decide on their country.Abbay is in africa, so it has nothing to do with the former colonizer. we can use abbay for common goal by investing on it. The water is enough for everybody. the rest forget what the tegere’s and eritrea’s ameche said. His former friends knew him very well. he is very scarcy man on earth. He can not fight the real fight beyond mouth fight from menilik’s palace. If weyane will ignate war, we will fight him back. the tegere;s thugs must know that we , ethiopians hate them more than they hate ethiopia and ethiopiawinet. Long live ethiopian’s and egyptians brotherhood. amen.

  5. የዲሞክራቲ:ታዛቢው!!!!
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  6. Tedlaye T
    | #6

    Hei Sir
    Are you someone from the Egyptian govenment? Because your concern for them and your knowledge about them makes me think of a 110% Egyptian. Yes they are much more civilised and econmically stronger than Ethiopia. As you admitted in your babling which is blinded by your hatred to Meles. He can rot in hell for all I care. All you care about is to get to him at what ever cost to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. But why cant we use the Nile which made Egypt such a big country, in your delusion. Your angel Mubarak stated in an ambigious words that he will never negotiate in any thing concerning Abay. Then how can he be such a pure soul? And I would like to recommend to you to read Ethiopian history and believe me you will not find a time where Egypt was Ethiopia’s friend, as you try to tell us. As to the remitance I was surprised that with all your knowledge Egypt’s main income is remitance. Which is way much more than what Ethiopia gets. And also because he was the president doesnt mean Naser played any significant role in establishing OAU, as you wanted us to believe. You demagogue, listen to me. I want to tell you that people like you, who are filled with blind hatred and run with personal interest much more than the nation are much worse than the dictators. You are the worst enemies of the country. With or with out Melese’s or Mubarak’s blessings we are going to use Abay (if you feel like an Ethiopian, that was the name you should use. Not Nile.)for the betterment of Ethiopia. And believe me we Ethiopians will also be there with or with out your remitance. Because there are milions of Ethiopians who really are concerned about Ethiopia, not settling a petty score againist Meles.

  7. aratkilo
    | #7

    it’s very an ironic that you guys compare PMMZ to sara palin . But, the real sarah Palin of Ethiopia must be Bertukan Medekasa.Giving their likeablity of from the base of thier party without any evidence that they can a leader .Given that sarah palin and bertukan are both Evanegelical Christain.

  8. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #8

    I am amazed and somewhat confused by this article. Comparing Sarah Palin and this mongoose face and gun powder drunk goon from some joint up north is like comparing apples to oranges. Sarah Palin does not and will never kill her opponents. She will never send critics to abhorrent prisons. Let’s not write and print articles on popular waterholes like this one just because we have some kind of feelings. May God Bless Sarah for what she is doing. She is needed. She is at least the best relief valve for millions who feel she represents their convictions. May God also Bless Obama for giving millions inspirations. The idea of even thinking that Sarah and this ghoulish ugly being have some parallels is just like putting silk on stinking pig. She is conducting her political affairs in a civil manner just like President Obama is running his daily political duties in a civil manner. That is why billions aspire to this kind of political atmosphere. Political wrangling can be brutal but at the end of the day they will find ways to do things that are good for the country. It has been done so successfully since 1776. Many ‘alternative systems’ that seemed to challenge the American system have come and gone. Anarchism, Hitler/Mussolini’s fascism, Lenin/Stalin’s communism, Mao’s Maoism have raged for decades taking the lives of more 200 million people are now in the dustbin of modern history. One of the reasons is that they stamped out any kind of criticism which is proven to be a deadly cancer to any society. That cancer was the one that ate those systems from inside and they crumbled at a blinding speed. But this system that produced many other Sarah Palins in the past have survived and gave shelters like all of us who fled from such despots such as the one we have back home. Again, Sarah Palin will never kill and send critics to jail and gallows. Let’s not stretch it.

  9. ጎርፉ
    | #9

    “abay is nothing to little tigray” as “Axum hawlt is nothing for Ethiopia” this the mechanism of “the golden boy of tigray’s thinking” This man is so dumb that he can not have any deplomatic skill. His economy is based on begging. He successfully dismantiled the economic stractures that were put by previous leaders. If tigrians can not help in getting rid of this embicil from power our next slogan shoud be:-ETHIOPIA SHOULD FREE FROM TIGRAY. I don’t mind at all if whe should let it go off tigray and lets decide our destiny.

  10. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #10

    Brothers and Sisters Who Run This Website:

    What happened to my previous comment I posted earlier today? Did the material in my comment offend someone? I hope and pray I did not by any means.

  11. Lucy
    | #11

    To compare the most beautifull sara palin with a man with an asia’s monkey face is some how immorale. Sara palin tried her best and lost it, she returned back to his province and she is ooficially elected alska’s governor. we can not comapre meles with any body in human’s hsitory. Hitler killed 6m innocet jewes and caused for the lost of over 50m lives. but Hitler had at least a country which he represented. He wanted to controll the world and the german’s sun is not set. Meles is simply an idiotic huamn being that you can not comapre him with any one else. He said eritrea is colonized by ethiopia. later he said” we can deport eritreans simply by saying ” we do not like a colour of your eyes’ Can you expect such a word from some one who considered him selfas a leader of a nation? how could you deport some one because you do like his eye’s colour. When you tell him about the crucial role of sea prot for the developement of any country, this idiot said those who talk about sea port are nefetegnas” sea prot and hotel are the same. if you have money you can sleep in hotel and the same thing with sea port” Now the minister of beggars pays 722m dollars for dbjiut’s port the money which he begs from the westren countries. the time will come dbujit will block him simply by saying I do not like to rent my port because you have an ugly face and bold. every thing what he has been doing is trash.what leads up to this level? his less role in the struggle. most his comrades said he was very scarcy man. his ignorancy and his families back ground history have contributed to much to have inferiority. oddddddddddddddddddddd man.

  12. Lucy
    | #12

    Abbay is a natural gift from Almighty GOD to ethiopians. nobody has a single right to talk about abbay. No body has a right to make any agreement behind over abbay because Abbay is the pure property of Ethiopia.Most arab countries including egypt and sudan have oil, but ethiopia buys oil .Ethiopia buy for it;s usage of port for kenya , sudan and dbujite, why because the ports belong to all these countries. why belongs the ports to those countries, beacuse it is found in their teritory geographically. So ethiopia the mother of abbay. abbay comes out from the womb of ethiopia and abbay carries ethiopia’s fertile soil.WE know egypt and sudan need ethiopia’s fertiel soil than the water it self.If ethiopia uses abbay , it can not stop the water compeletely. So what egypt claims that nile is their natural gift is not acceptable by ethiopia. oil , gas and port are also natural gift, why should ethiopia pays for it? why do not egypt and sudan give to ethiopia their oil and gas freely? why should ethiopia pay for kenya’s port? So egyptians must stop barking above the roof and must know that ethiopia is the only country which has a legal right over abbay, but by sitting arround the table discussing over any problem ethiopia and other countries can use nile togehter for acommon goal. Egypt must assist ethiopia financially, ethiopia can build more dams on abbay and produce more food cereals and fruits and export to egytpt with affordable price. Such a common agreement will stop un necessary military confrontation. No body winn gain from war all will be lossers. Egypt should know that once war ignates, there is high possibilities that it loss all it’s dams and suez cannel and more damages. we have nothing to loss because weyanes destroyed aLL.

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