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Last Sunday it was Lidetu Ayalew (some prefer to call him Khidetu Afayalew), the fake opposition leader, who had to hide between the laps of two trained-to- kill hired giant local mercenaries to save his skin from his own people, the very people who loved him once and showed him only kindness but now angry, feeling betrayed.

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  1. Girma
    | #1

    I can understan criticizing Woyane for not allowing ‘real’ Amharas to be the leaders of ANDM. I can also see why you said what you said about those of Eritrean parantage like Hilawi and Bereket. May be, Woyane should have formed an EENDM – for Eritrean Ethiopians. But your statement regarding Tefera Addisu, and Tadesse borders on chauvinism, “…Tadese Tinqishu of Tigray, Addisu Legesse of Oromo and Tefera Walwa of Gimira,…”

  2. Proud of you!
    | #2

    The patriotic Ethiopians in London, YOU ARE AMAZING! I am extremely proud of you all. Thank you for representing all peace loving Ethiopians in NOT IN OUR NAME activism. It is hard to believe how these ruthless Woyanes behave—to the point of pointing a machine gun and giving a middle finger in a civilized democratic country. I hope the mayor of London, and the major news media like BBC, The Guardian and other news organizations in London and around the world get a hold of this photo. This is a testimony by itself how much woyanes hate Ethiopians and are ready to gun down innocent Ethiopians at any given moment, as they have done it time and time again for the last twenty one years. Now Woyanes want to shoot down Ethiopians outside of Ethiopia—it is hard even to imagine.
    Thanks again brothers and sisters in London, God bless you all. Thanks for putting a smile on my face, I am over the moon. BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kush-kush
    | #3

    I do not get your message at all and it looks like you are left out by the TPLF/EPLF elites . Your whole point is and as it was in your amharic article that you are the only true amhara and others are this group or that group . As far as I grasped your lengthy article that you are not welcomed by those groups or you are unwisely trying to be recognaized on the expense of other innocent Ethiopians . What is your motive(s) behind it ? What ever motives you have I urge you to join any political party and intencify the struggle against the tyrants and despotic rulers . If you do that any one from our fourteen provinces can join the movement and it will be a noble cause to join it. Your concern to the TPLF/EPLF envoys is very laughable because I really don’t give it a damn whether they are amhara oromo or any Ethiopian ethinic groups .What you were supposed to care was to decry them in every possible way and expose their evil ethinic polcy . In the end, I do not like the picture of the TPLF/EPLF envoy and I believe he was not brought up that way and he will regret for his action . What we need is civility .

  4. Kushmankush yeTPLF leba
    | #4

    You are laughable! We can see through your mask, idiot! Go tell that to some fools like Solomon Tekalegene.

  5. Binyam
    | #5

    I don’t have any problem with the appointment of minority groups to high positions has to be appreciated as that was what we struggled for, equality for all. The problem I have is when Meles plays it to his own favor, including groups he feels comfortable with and excluding those he hates. I don’t know what kind of democracy we are talking about in the absence of majority groups in government. I am happy that minorities are visible in the cabinet but the absence of the majority is a concern.

  6. Yilma
    | #6

    Thank you for telling it as it is, Woyane tugs hiding in Addis and Woyane tugs hiding in every capital around the world pretty soon there will be no place to run and hide. I loved the battle cry. As much as we were filled with pride I am sure it fills their hear with a dose of panic and guilt. They got an acre of land but lost their motherland and brought shame on their family and friends. London, Seattle, Houston and the list of Woyane ‘No fly zone’ is increasing. As for Woyane tugs that keeps changing their ethnic origin to suit the moment I say to you ‘you are such an idiot for even thinking in those terms, we pity you.’ Come to California and we will definitely unfurl the unwelcome mat for you!

  7. Brave Ethiopians
    | #7

    Let’s hope all the other fake political parties that were created by the two evil cousins Isayass and Melese to divide Ethiopians…follow the action of Ethiopians in London to work towards our unity and removing of the deadly TPLF gangsters that are destroying our country, our people, our culture and our religion. I take my hat off to Ethiopians in London, thanks a million!

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