Letter to Samuel Ferenj Regarding ESFNA-By Rosa Abadir

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Your recent campaign to justify the ruthless few Executive Committee (EC) of ESFNA corrupted rudiments in the name of “non-political” dogma reminds me and also very identical to those few TPLF intellectuals’ relentless crusade to portray Meles Zenawi as saint and defend his unspeakable crime.

Again, I read your second article “A lesson from ESFNA” on ethio media website. Nonetheless, your entire hotchpotch never touches down any point. It is this defect of mind that made you think deserves a reward to yourself by yourself. As a result, you have underestimated Ethiopians particularly those concerned Ethiopians who have clearly addressed their issues in regard to Birtukan invitation inverted illegal decision as if they are morons who have no idea/clue how ESFNA operates. Apparently, your cultish type statement about Ethiopians seems very laughable and shows how much you are demoralizing Ethiopians and keep writing irrelevant topic about the history of ESFNA and it’s different activities that has no connection with the failure that created now inside ESFNA. You are digging every possible hole and climbing every crudest mountain to defend the corrupted EC of few ESFNA members. You have done everything to discredit those who reject ESFNA reverse decision and their narrow agenda.

You are getting funnier rather. You could’ve put your ideas on a single sentence instead of going around the bush and wasting your time and energy and writing this long gibberish tall story regarding the history of ESFNA, which is of course unhelpful to correct the blunder inside ESFNA by a few corrupted elements EC members. I can’t believe that you came back with the same mumbo jumbo; you still didn’t specify any sole writer with its respective error, while you are venerating individuals or organizations instead of focusing in principle or ideology. You are using derogatory phrases to discourage Ethiopians from challenging those despoiled few ESFNA EC members. You twisted the fact and instead of coming straight, you used the name “non-political and tax exempt association” and write with forked fingers and mumble your false rhetoric. You didn’t tell us any solitary writer or organization with your own presumed fault. If you have any argument with some comments that you disagreed with, just come on and stated them. As best of my perceptive, no one has never had an issue or criticize either the electoral procedure of ESFNA or their power serve limit. Hence, most of us purely requiring ESFNA to stand by its fundamental rules rather than manipulated by a few individuals, i.e. Al Amudi servants who agitatedly work in favor of the current genocidal regime of Ethiopia, TPLF. Once again, you have to understand that we Ethiopians do not hate the ESFNA few EC tainted members as a person, but we just reject their dictatorial and corrupted behavior and ideology as same as we refuse TPLF rule of Apartheid in Ethiopia. This is why I repeatedly told you that you never follow a line of argument. You keep comparing incomparable phenomenon as you sound that you think we Ethiopians are fool. Get a life!

Let me broaden the scope of this argument for a second and continue my explanation using plain grammar. Why did you start a debate that you couldn’t finish? I replied to your previous response to “Mr. Epherem Madebo” entitled “In the Defense of ESFNA” though you never responded accordingly. This shows that your lack of truth and verifications. There are a few people out there like you who want to misinform the public using cynical folklores and fabricated stories particularly as the case in Ethiopian politics. Unfortunately, most of them are happen to be servants, self interested and blind sympathizers of the current Ethiopian Tribal Junta, TPLF as well as a few ill mannered power and money monger individuals or group around oppositions. They always undermine the people of Ethiopia and lie in front of us. But, when they get challenged either they divert the topic or disappear from the planet since they never want to admit their fault. Nevertheless, I am still here to defend the truth regarding ESFNA unfair and illegal twist of Mrs. Birtukan invitation, as I clearly clarified my position on my previous response to you. I will continue to chase you to expose your lies as I am welcome to receive your opinions. To clarify your abracadabra, I am not supporting or praising any particular group or individuals, but I am trying to be fair and seemingly it is a joke, what is going on inside ESFNA is not representing the entire ESFNA society in NA, but a very tiny corrupted group led by Abnet G/mersekel via Al Amudi. Therefore, if you still deduce that you have a point, just bring it on! I am still ahead of you for your reply unless you still desire to remain hiding.

You have to admit that it’s not just a simple case of standing up and saying the first thing that comes into your head. There are certain rules and guidelines which have to be adhered to if you want to have any chance in to defend anyone or any organization, such as honesty and integrity to the minimum. Yet, you discourteously bombarded many concerned Ethiopians that have addressed their issue properly against the wrong deeds of ESFNA EC decisions using cultish type of non-sense mambo jumbo that has nothing to do with ESFNA internal failure. You label them as if they have different agenda when you lack of points to defend any single specific point, of course this confirms that their exposure of ESFNA failure touches your soft spot and makes you regurgitate, however nothing changes despite what you are saying. So try to bend over and see the truth if you can see it. I will give you a third and final chance to discover what we Ethiopians are specifically looking forward from ESFNA.

The naivety talking about other organizations has nothing to do with the errors that are created inside ESFNA. You are jabbering over and over the same childish mishmash which has nothing to do with the point. If you have any argument against other organizations, look up their address from internet and just send it to them, or if you want to write any accusations in opposition to other organizations just write a different article precisely about any explicit organization using your own critics and let’s see them. However, I am positive you won’t hold their debate too long, reading your remarks and the inexperienced, cultish and naïve argument as I see it here. Otherwise clean your childish tantrum about other organizations or individuals who show their humble concern to ESFNA to cover and hide the true picture of few tarnished and vagabond ESFNA EC members. In fact, there is nothing wrong to debate about individuals or commenting about other organizations, but do not make it as a head line of your argument. In spite of your senseless claptrap, sooner or later ESFNA will clean out its problem along with Trojan elements of Al Amudi/TPLF and serve Ethiopians in NA using its long stand principle and regulations. Irrespective of your view the truth is that ESFNA few EC gangsters were motivated by corruption in connection with chief Al Amudi undercover collaborators and dream of building their own interest with the expense of the entire Ethiopians in North America, and of course for such beastly act they use some ordinary players, coach and team representative and play on their emotion and feed to their ultimate goal. As long as, you keep distorting of yourself; in the eyes of many Ethiopians ESFNA will remain Al Amudi/TPLF nightmare, as you seem to believe. You will not think straight; because you need to make peace with them. If you don’t, you will be pressured to conform the truth about ESFNA not by anyone, but by your childlike mind when you freed yourself from the prison of mind you are in currently.

In the end, I believe that we Ethiopians in NA must work very hard for survival of ESFNA with its core standard and set of laws, and we deserve all the information that we can get. Indeed, corruption is the root problem inside ESFNA, as I urge every rational Ethiopian particularly in NA should fight it aggressively, and without doubt what some concerned and true Ethiopians including individuals, medias, groups, some team members, coach, representative of ESFNA EC board members do is encouraging and helpful to reform ESFNA, apart from the fiasco spreading by you and other current Ethiopian regime mouth piece medias. Anyhow, your usual twaddle doesn’t make any difference, but expose your callous and savage character which is very identical with the blind sympathizers of TPLF Tigrian ethno-apartheid rulers who relentlessly lies to defend the crimes that is committed by TPLF. But you have to know that a thousand lies cannot formulate one truth, bro! And most importantly you are causing more damage to the group than preventing. Surely, such kind of irrelevant accusation with absence of evidence would not be veiled to anyone except for those who are benefiting from the destruction of ESFNA including TPLF and its mercenaries inside ESFNA, so the futile attempt by you and those dishonored few EC ESFNA to discredit the fact, of course does not have any impact on Ethiopians, because we know what is going on inside ESFNA and ready to find best remedies to reform the institution. Furthermore, the problem inside ESFNA is clear and of course no one doesn’t require a further elaboration how ESFNA operate but awaiting actions should be carried out at any time soon.

P.S. Below, I have included my first response to you for your review.

Truth about ESFNA
A Response to Samuel Tibebe Ferenj (ESFNA)
By Rosa Abadir [rosabadir@yahoo.com]

These days it’s widely more common to see some blatant individuals to come out and write, speak, narrate, and preach in favor or defense of some notorious criminals and corrupted individuals or groups. At the same route, the danger of becoming ubiquitous and invaluable to allegedly condemn someone using irrelevant basis.
I read your article entitled “In the Defense of ESFNA” a response to Mr. Ephrem Madebo on ethio media website. First of all, I would like to let you know that I am not writing this in defense of either Mr. Ephrem Madebbo or any other group. So, do not connect me with anything at any time. Also, I am not writing this just because I blindly oppose ESFNA executive members as you portrayed. However, I am here to correct your defected mind, a mind that reads a wrong file. And I am obliged to response to you or anyone who simply misinforming himself even the public and tried to cover the center errors created by ESFNA few executive members regarding Judge Birtukan nomination. I see you are dedicated your argument not only in opposition to Mr.Ephrem, but also against the websites that condemned the ESFNA executives’ wrong deeds surrounded by unlawful inverted decision. As you stated, you indiscriminately disparaged many Ethiopian websites for “bashing of ESFNA”, while you’ve never either specified or identified a single website with a precise argumentative error or a particular news, or articles covers ESFNA’s with its failure to backing your defense. This alone shows your incompetence to face the real challenges and used a silly approach to divert the truth using mocking evidence. At least you should follow some sort of humble criteria if you want to hold a debate.
I was also tremendously shocked and embarrassed by your overall critics. You criticized some type of unknown enormous group “there is an enormous movement, particularly in Washington, DC area to force Churches, Community centers, and other Tax exempt organizations to engage in political activities that are prohibited by IRS Code for section 501 (C) organizations.” However, you still failed to indicate any of these groups or churches along your detailed allegations. Unlike to your false accusations, it’s evident that there are a few churches, mosques, community centers, or groups that are manipulated by Ethiopian regime TPLF mercenaries and work always in favor of the regime in Diaspora. TPLF mainly selected these groups from our community via its multimillion dollar investments that enabled it to bribe famed personalities, expand its propaganda outlets, and plant skilled infiltrators. Therefore, at present you don’t have to get surprised if a few Diaspora Ethiopians blind folded by the carefully crafted deceptive TPLF elements, since it’s very challenging to differentiate the innocent Ethiopians from the enemies within.

Unfortunately, these TPLF spies work day and night, constantly adopt and improve strategies to cope up with the dynamics of domestic pressure as well as using the lack of common sense among our society in regard to politics vs. religion, or politics vs. any other socio issues, where the majority of Diaspora Ethiopians tend to fail to distinguish a variety of things from “politics” of the current game. As a result, TPLF mercenaries manipulate cultural and social values; diligently study the psychological and emotional states of many Ethiopians to help them design a trap, which is usually invisible for naïve and self interested Ethiopians in Diaspora. This group of Ethiopians around Churches, Mosques, and Community centers becoming valuable targets for TPLF as well as in some instances victims of their own static and limited knowledge with uncontrollable egos. TPLF often uses clever tactics create artificial heroes, fake dissenters, etc to keep Ethiopians in a state of constant confusion so they could be tricked as needed or even misled to a level of anointing false messiahs. One of the recent creations inside ESFNA is a group that works directly in favor of Sheik Mohammad Alamudi/TPLF; a fast cooked group chaired by a relatively corrupted money mongers few ESFNA executive committee members led by Abnet G/Meskel.

As you undoubtedly aware, ESFNA has directly received three hundred thousand dollars back in 2008 and over two hundred thousand dollars back in 2002 from the corrupted millionaire Alamudi, where ESFNA also wrote a thank you letter that was published on their website.*1 Simultaneously, it’s obvious that Sheik Mohammad Alamudi publicly announces that he become a member of EPRDF/Ehadig after he was baptized and convinced by Ambassador Twelde in London since 1991 after two month EPRDF controls power.*1 The main objective of Almudi thugs inside popular ESFNA is to destroy genuine members of ESFNA and replace with the people that serve Alamudi/TPLF main interests in Diaspora. As a result the recent reverse decision of ESFNA to withdraw nomination of Birtukan is a clear product of TPLF affiliated manipulation within the organization.

No one cannot claim ignorance for the fact that ESFNA principle is bounded by non-political and non-religious group abided by a 501 (c) tax exempted non-profit organization. However; unless someone like you wants to deflect this simple interpretation, any person can be nominated irrespective of the nominee’s political or religious view. Of course, this is carried out, as long as ESFNA doesn’t get involved in a direct support or endorsement of any political party or religious group. Therefore, the potential nominee can be individuals of good figures including a Doctor, an Accountant, an Athlete, an Artist, a Lawyer, an Engineer, a Philosopher, a Politician, a House Keeper, a Cashier, a Driver, etc with his/her respective religious belief. I can definitely sense ESFNA mission and rules, is perfectly direct and simple, direct enough to be comprehensible by anyone. I don’t know where you read such inappropriate information regarding character assassination of individuals. At least, be faithful to your points. So far, I have never heard or read nothing that demands ESFNA to bend or change their rules and regulations except those people like you who are diverting the main issues purposely to gain naïve followers using irrelevant concept. A concept that is selected by TPLF propaganda orchestrators, a notion of the word “Politics” hence the meaning become confusing among a few naïve Ethiopians in Diaspora who hate either to hear or listen it. Instead, most people including myself are urging ESFNA to stay firm, show unrevealing stand and to dwell by its rules and regulations from being easily influenced and manipulated by a few groups that serves the interests of the Ethiopian current regime.

I also would like to put one more case to expose some of the liar executive committee of ESFNA who are fooling you and the rest. A group that was able to trick you just because they issued a press release on their website. I can’t believe that a few Ethiopians including you take this press release of ESFNA as guidance for argumentative truth. In fact, the press release holds a number of contradictory statements regarding their reverse decision of Birtukan’s nomination. Here are some of the statements from the press release of ESFNA:

“ESFNA’s Board of Directors presented Judge Birtukan Mideksa to be our guest of honor, in the cultural category, at our October 17, 2010 meeting in Atlanta, GA. Other Board of Directors suggested that Judge Birtukan’s nomination goes against our by-law since she is a leader of a political organization. Judge Birtukan’s popularity was evident at the meeting and a spirited discussion took place. Since ESFNA prides itself to be a democratic organization and there was a nomination on the floor, a vote was taken and Judge Birtukan’s nomination narrowly passed.”

“However, in keeping with the non-political, non-religious and non-ethnic policy of ESFNA and also keeping in mind our non-profit status, which prohibits a non-profit organization from having any kind of political affiliation, some senior Board of Directors implored and urged the Board to review the decision. After another round of heated and emotional discussion, the Board of Directors who supported the nomination withdrew their support.” Look, I am not going to describe this kind of distortion and lie to one self and others. Indeed, how can Ethiopians take these lairs that are lying from toe to teeth as humble executive members of ESFNA? You sound like you are being stripped and brainwashed by the Alamudi thugs ESFNA elements dead propaganda. I will again give you the chance for the second time, and advise you to go back and read the conflicting statements written by ESFNA and compare each segment, words, and sentences and show me if they connect each at a center. Unless someone is a sympathizer of the current Ethiopian regime or a person who has no clue of the politics of this stage, how come we tolerate these styles of white lies and for how long we believe a repeated lies that is made-out in the name of “politics”? I mean, this is very straightforward that they nominated her primarily not because of her career but for the reason that of other critical contributions that she has acquired through her life as same as the other previous nominee’s, Period! It’s a fundamental reason why and how they initially carried out their nomination. However, without doubt it’s clear that they overturned their nomination due to the pressure that comes from Alamudi ESFNA internal thugs that even led them to intimidation and physical attack on pro-Birtukan members, as exclusively covered by the news.

I could continue briefing this presentation of ESFNA lies and cheatings to the public, however it’s irrelevant as compare how much could be done to save ESFNA from being a tool for Alamudi/TPLF. In any case, I wish I had said a lot about your overall immature response to Mr. Epherem that is surrounded by almost no single tangible reasons but just a bunch of rubbish allegations. To be honest, you are embarrassingly failed to address your issues. However, the more conscious and defiant Ethiopian is saying: fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Therefore, Ethiopians won’t give any more chance for mercenaries that are under the skirts of ESFNA to destroy the organization and use for their (TPLF) agenda again. Alhamdulillah, ESFNA internal failure has been massively exposed now and the lack of leadership quality should be fixed at no time soon. Whether you like it or not, ESFNA is a property of Ethiopians in North America that should serve the interests of the people based on its respected rules and policies without the influence of Alamudi and his mafia crew.

*1- Watch the video below for the relation between Sheik Mohammed Alamudi & TPLF


By Rosa Abadir (rosabadir@yahoo.com

  1. Alemu
    | #1

    Bravo rosa, thank you for your intersting response. you speak the mind of many ethiopians this is what we need to fight weyane everywhere including inside esfna, now it is time for all ethiopians in america to act as quick as possible. please keep writing our burning issues as you writing is very inspirational and make us motivated to join the struggle against weyane

  2. Khelidu
    | #2

    What has become of us now? Is Samuel included in the fast growing ‘enemy list’ now? What has he done? What I saw in his recent write up was a man of common sense and one who wanted to see the good and strong side of ESFNA, and not a person of ‘defective mind’ as this author alleges.
    Sad . I don’t understand why we have failed to see the real issue here. ESFNA has lasted, with all its defects, well over a quarter of a century not because of outsiders ‘felasfas’ and commentators, but because of the strong desire of its members resilience to fight back all kinds of interferences and attempts at take over.

  3. From home
    | #3


    Can you tell us why you didn’t tell us anything about the current problem?
    Why tou want to talk something totally different? Why around the bush?

    You wasted not only your time ours, too.

    Can you answer these?

  4. yassazenal
    | #4

    Thanks Rosa you are wonderful thanks. please keep doing it.

    Ato Ferenji you are fulling your self again and again please stop it. Do you have a friend ? Don’t you embarresed when you meet people ? I do not think you go shoping, resturant or church seeing people face doing this fulling yourself and trying to cofussed us stop it. I am filling shame for you. I liston your interviwe on voice of america you stupid.

  5. seble
    | #5

    thank you rosa,

    this is the best response ever, you have written your response very articulately and it’s really very touchy which is very great to bring ethiopians together. some weyane cadres are trying to confuse the diaspora people using their propaganda as if birtukan’s invitation is political while they did on purpose to discredit birtukan and kill the struggle. we should fight these esfna arrogant officers face to face before and during thier 28 esfna in atlanta , dont let these hodam weyane servants to take our freedom from our pocket even here in diaspora.

    thank you rosa.

  6. Meyisaw
    | #6

    Thank you Rosa
    You are a true Ethiopian speaking for your sense of humor, she has mentioned specifically the good side of ESFNA but told you that you people who are working inside ESNFA should respect the majority vote and abide by the law,
    It is a universal truth some of you guys working for woyane supported by Alamudi.
    Mr Ferenji don’t you think all of you are not corrupted?

    Answer those points

    Again Thank you Rosa keep up the good job

  7. Drama
    | #7


  8. brx
    | #8

    The only thing i could say to Rosa GOD bless you in everyway.

    For those hodam and helinabis peoples let God forgive them for what the did and going to do again.

  9. seble
    | #9

    wow rosa god bless you and i hope not only samuel ferenj but also ato girma will read this and learn how to fight weyane, abuigida please stop publishing ato girma non sense article and post more articles which can help the struggle like rosa.

    thank you rosa!

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