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“ . . . All politicians from the south earned the post they assumed.”

Tsegaye Chama | December 1, 2010

“It was on his academic merit and achievement that he (His Excellency Hailemariam Desalegn ) was employed by the Higher Education Commission.”

Tsegaye Chama | December 1, 2010

If this article is not written by “His Excellency Meles Zenawi, the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia” himself, or his associates, it is on “His Excellency Meles Zenawi, the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia’s” desk, right now, for an award.

If this is telling of a story of Ethiopia as seen by Meles Zenawi, I have no problem. Indeed that is what he sees. The problem I have is when he insists that I see it that way. Tsegaye Chama correctly wrote: “Immediately, following the announcement of power sharing (of the senior positions) in the new cabinet; two groups pursuing two different perspectives emerged:” Excellent observation! But he forgot to clearly put the two groups. He was so much obsessed with himself as Meles Zenawi does, he focused on his group and what he thinks the other group should be. That is not how it works. I am not here to start name calling and disrespect the reader. I am here to deal with the facts.

Fact Number One: I do not know “Deputy Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, His Excellency Hailemariam Desaleng”. Thus I write from the beginning that I am not going to evaluate the qualifications of him, to mischaracterize him, or to dehumanize him. My problem is not “His Excellency Hailemariam Desaleng”. My problem is what is going on in Ethiopia. As for your article, I will show the reader what the second group you forgot sees the reality behind the appointment.

As I read this article, my admiration for Meles Zenawi went up over the roof. He is excellent. He is smart. He knows the game he is in. Those who are on the other hand are not in the game. I do not know if they understand the game. By now everybody knows there is no EPRDF, there is no TPLF, and there is no political organization. Meles and what Meles wants is the game. As he has been doing for the last 20 years, he gives the opposition a little home work and while the opposition is engaged in self destructive fighting, he goes on to create a new home work for the opposition. This is the game he is in. The new home work for the opposition is fight amongst your selves on majority-minority assignments.

The earlier home works were: armed struggle vs peaceful struggle; joining parliament or not joining parliament; boycotting this or that and not boycotting it; Kinijit’s way or Hibret’s way; demonstrating here or there or not demonstrating; cooperating with Eritrea or not cooperating with Eritrea; the list goes on.

I choose to write this article not to engage with Tsegaye Chama, “the supposed writer” of the “Attacks on fair cabinet, ethnic minority group December 1, 2010” (I know he will use this to mean that I wrote minorities can not write this kind of articles – you are welcome!) but to bring to the reader the game Meles Zenawi is engaged in.

Let us look what kind of Ethiopia this article tries to show us. Because we do not know it:

“It was on his academic merit ( he being ‘His Excellency Hailemariam Desaleng’) and achievement that he was employed by the Higher Education Commission.”

Where does this kind of Ethiopia, where one is employed by his/her merit exist? Did he not write a little above this line:

“Unfairness of the assessment procedures was awful; subjectivism and nepotism were so rampant . . . ”

Whish Ethiopia are you talking about?

Let me forget Tsegaye Chama and focus on you the reader. I do this because when I read:

My message to His Excellency Meles Zenawi, the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is that this cabinet is a living testimony of an all-embracing Ethiopia. WELL DONE! History is on your side and on the side of all-embracing Ethiopia.

It was clear to me why this article is written, who wrote it, who it is written to, and the time it is written. So, let us fight!!! Let us segregate the websites we are going to and those we do not want to go to. Let us go only to those chat rooms that accept our views. The game is on!!!

Dear reader: This is the ultimate target Meles wants to take the opposition to. Fight on the basis of minority vs. majority, the significant vs. less significant people. I know from experience this topic is going to be in the media for a while. But why? Who is to blame here? Is it not the opposition that elected Dr. Beyene Petros and Dr. Merara Gudina to lead the Hibret Coalition? Is it not the opposition that elected Dr. Birhanu Nega to Kinijit leadership and late to be mayor of Addis Abeba? Why will you have any discussion at all in the media? Is it not the opposition that clamped Addissu Legesse, Berket Simeon, Aba Dulla, Seyum Mesfin, Abay Tsehay, Sibhat Nega, and the like and showed who they are? These incompetent, nepotistic, and corrupt individuals were not from the minority this article tries to favor. These were the primary criminals that are responsible to put Ethiopia where it is today. We say what they are not because of where they are from but of what they did. So, let us face it: this is the game Meles wants us to play. Let us not fall for it and choose our own way.

Our way is the united way. We have a situation where a despot is ruling the country assigning his family like most dictators; like the rulers of North Korea, Syria, etc. Why did Meles give the position to “His Excellency Hailemariam Desaleng”? Is it because he loves the minorities so much? He kicked out Seyoum Mesfin, Addissu Legesse to replace them with “His Excellency Hailemariam Desaleng” because he hates Tigreans, Amaras, and Oromos and loves the South minorities! Or is it to further his political maneuver to stay in power?

Message to the opposition! It is not what Meles does but what we must do that is important to discuss about. His homework is not ours but his. Let us do our homework. Let us be united and move forward. Let us not focus on what we think are our differences but what will save our country and give us a chance to discuss our differences. Let us discuss this in websites, chat rooms and the radio.

  1. Alex
    | #1

    Yes brother u get the point let’s talk on our agenda and our goal who ever comes to power he is blessed with epdrf so our agenda must be focus get jaunted replace epdrf with democratically elected government to do that let’s concentrate in our agenda period

  2. mamushe
    | #2

    good job ,,,,this is what i had always in ma mind,,and was surprised with ur message,,i fell like u read ma mind,,,,”what it matters for our country is when we act responsibly each and every one of us”

  3. ቀልዱ
    | #3

    ደሞ ብለን ብለን ይህን እናምጣ!
    መለስ ዜናዊስ ቢሆን? ከ አናሳ ብሄር ብሄረሰብ አይደለምን?

  4. Tirsalbaw Sew
    | #4

    Ahahahahahah…. realy amazing. Do you think we will able to understand the game and think out of it to sav our country? I hope if so but it won’t be a such easy to understand the game and do the best saving the endangered Ethiopia.

  5. አባቡ
    | #5

    The article to which the writer responded is not worth reading, even!

    Whoever gets power from the hands of Melles gets it because s/he is a member or loyalist of EPRDF. So, what role does it play whether you are from Tgrai or Wolaita as long as you are a brainwashed follower of Melles? In addition, do you seriously believe that Hailemariam will make decisions that won’t be acceptable to Brhane GK (leave alone Melles)?

    And who gave Melles the power to lump many ‘peoples’ in the SNNPR? Is this a ‘natural’ entity even by TPLF definition?


  6. abba
    | #6

    the so called politician never learn from their mistake. How hard is to think about the people whose suffering under this brutal regime? All of us selfish. Please let’s think positively and try to work together kick this cursed woyane mafias out.

  7. Abegaz
    | #7

    Author Hilina, you are mistaken.

    The issue here is not about Hailemariam Desalegn coming from minority trib. The issue is respecting EPRDF’s own constitution and party structure. Representation in government is based on seats in parliament. Those parties with highest seats in parliament get the most representation in government role. This notion of holding small kolo and stand close to somebody’s asharo should stop. When people see you, you eat your kolo. In the absence of people you eat somebody’s asharo.

    In a party like EPRDF’s structure, minorities cannot come to power democratically. The only way a minority ethnic person can come to power is from a national one party, not from a coalition party like EPRDF. In a coalition party, those who have the highest seats determined who gets what. Under this Scenario, Hailemariam is disqualified irrespective of his talent and good nature.

  8. Abeba
    | #8

    I am very delighted when I read the response of the above article.
    The response to the so-called Tsegaye Chama will have plenty of responses. But if you read the content of the article it is just rubbish and garbage. It belongs to the dust bin. Whoever (let us Abebe) wrote it, it has no substance. People with profound knowledge and those who have a good understanding of democracy and justice, equality would automatically discard such populist and arrogant writ.
    What is the message of Tsegaye’s(Abebe’s) article ?
    An article adorned by the word two” Excellencies” attempts to polish the bad name of TPLF chief as a person devoted to fair power sharing in the multi-national country of Ethiopia.
    The fact is that the minority group within the EPRDF itself is conducting and composing the whole modus operandi in the politics and economics of the country.
    After persecuting and exploiting the Ethiopian people for the last 20 years, Tplf leader/s seek another way of usurping power by regarding themselves as marginalized class of people in the country. Tsegaye(Abebe) wants to tell us that appointing Hailemariam Desalegn(H.D hereafter) as a Deputy of Meles and as a stooge in the Foreign ministry means giving chance to a “southerner”.
    I have no problem if H.D becomes even a prime minister of Ethiopia. H.D might have a capacity to hold this responsibility and to run the country in the right direction. I would like to add the prefix his Excellency H.D might have a good visionary outlook rather than Meles with respect to Ethiopian Unity and sovereignty. I go and ask Meles to resign from his 15 years of premiership and let the power go to his Excellency H.D.!!!!
    Still all key positions of the state such as; security, immigration, Foreign ministry, armed forces, economic agencies including the bank and communication and transportation, etc. are Only reserved to TPLF gangs.
    So ladies and gentlemen: let us not be fooled by the so called the right of ethnic minority and ethnic majority. In fact the minority rights of people in different regions of Ethiopia were not as such respected by the Tplf regime. Instead people were displaced arbitrarily from their birth places by force to facilitate the influence of the barbaric tribal politics of the Tplf. But Tplf has secured enlarged its region as a regional state by confiscating land from adjacent regions of Wollo and Gondar.
    At last, as there are no democratic rights in the country as well as within the EPRDF, the appointees remain only either as the mouthpiece of Meles or remain as a stooge as Addisu Legesse was a stooge- prime minister. Forget about his fake Amhara Party (Beaden) HaileMariam Desalegn could not be exception. Forget about his fake party.I would rather be happy if Meles had given up his position to Hailemariam Desalegn or another visionary Ethiopian, if things were performed certainly and honestly.
    Liberate yourself from narrow nationalism and minority complex!
    See you later!

  9. Ras Knowledge
    | #9

    ABESHAS. remember you are looked upon with favorable light, historically, with pride, from the black diaspora in the west. ethiopia is our motherland also. in your writings, the approach is laced with error. the common plight of the people should be addressed. ethiopia is the 2nd poorest nation in the world. it’s not ethiopia that’s poor, it’s a generation that lost its symbolism. while the west have given you the art of writing, in an academic way, it has dulled your sensitivity to the whole, that is, looking on ethiopia as a nation that has its boundaries worldwide, wherever black people are. show some maturity. now that you have been educated, in the western technique of rhetoric, show solutions not problems, enough of that. be action oriented. not countless articles on our divisions that have their roots in antiquity, due to whatever. let’s move forward with a viable vision, which is functional. ises (rastafari lingua for praises to God).

  10. kush-kush
    | #10

    I read Tsegay’s article with great care and it is good and very healthy that he expressed his feelings explicitlily . I know how people may respond and start black mailing him the reason Tsegay is a straight forward and innocent individual. I am not defending Tsegay’s article and the writer is very articulated person to defend that if he civily do it, he will definetely make many friends . We all know we are a divided society in class, ethinic lines and we never admit that . If we have common cause , we must stand together and defeat our common enemy TPLF/EPLF tribal juntas . If we attempt to fall on TPLF/EPLF etinic trap, we are worse than the one we fight against . I was reminded by Tsegay that what I have never thought about that was the integrity of engineer Hailemariam Desalegne . As it is customery we Ethiopians never ask any ruler whether that person is from the south,north, east and west . If the person is from the royal line, we treat that person as a royality and bow up to our knees . It seems that it is the same until I read this article . Here I am not saying Tsegay is wrong when he address’s as “His excellency” . What I am trying to get across is that we never question the capablity of our rulers whether as they claim they are ordained by God or by the western democracy . As some respondents reminded to Tsegay that he should be liberated from narrow nationalisim and minority complex. I believe it is totally wrong and to frame him as such is a very irresiponsible act . Besides, we know who the narrow nationalist are and they are the ones who pick up arms and masacre innocent people and the writer never shy to declare his Ethiopianess . One shouldn’t be novice,naive and let us try to be civil .

  11. annonymous
    | #11

    Tsegaye Chama might be playing the Wolaita card. He is wrong. He puts to shame Addis Ababa University that employes him. The appointment of Hailemariam can be three from three directions:- The dynamics within southern wing of EPRDF; the way the chief boss (Meles) manages his foreign affairs and finally from the national politics perspectives. As regards the dynamics within the Southern wing of EPRDF, Hailemariam is suppossed to control the Sidama. FYI Hailemariam is the most unpopular person in the Sidama. With regard to the way Meles manages his foreign affairs, what he needs is loyal secretary. The message is that Meles is doing the foreign affairs function by himself. Even Seyoum was nothing more than a symbol. He was a hopeless foreign minister. It is right in his eyes that Eritrea become an independent country, he signed the Algiers agreement and made Ethiopia landlocked. As regards national politics, yes, Meles has always trived on insightments. First insighting Oromos and Southerns agains Amharas. After the 2005 election his coalition has always been with minorities:- Adres against Somalies, Afars against Isas, etc. As to the competency of Hailemariam on matters of foreign affairs, foreign affairs is a social science discpline. It is different from natural and physical sciences. Furthermore, even for being responsible for education, that is not his discipline. God help Ethiopia!

  12. Anonymous
    | #12


  13. aha!
    | #13

    The praise of the TPLF/eprdf regime at the pretext of the appointment of His Excellency to the Vice Premier post and the diversity of the composition of the cabint fails to realise these appontees are under the controll of TPLF Politbeuro, which manifests itself as TPLF/eprdf in the last ninteen years with ethnic and secessionist politics and or policies supported by the teletafi parties and loyalist opposition parties with ethnic agenda. The diversity of the cabinet does not change that, except at least the appointment of Hailemariam Desalegn, representing 45 nationalities lumped togetherhave the appearance of a subset of Ethiopia,vis avis it is dictated by ethnic and secessionist politics of TPLF/eprdf regime of divide and rule, and his impact his region let alone on Ethiopia as a whole is under the control of TPLF Politbeurro, I presume. As fa as I am concocerned, I have credence of the teletafi or the loyalist opposition parties to engage in the goals for unity, territorial integrity, soveregnity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians armed with liberal and/or social democracy.

  14. aha!
    | #14

    Correction Last sentence shoud read “no credence”.

  15. Drama
    | #15


  16. Hilina Negassa
    | #16

    I believed there are genuine Ethiopians who want our country to move forward. The struggle of our people against Meles Zenawi has reached a critical point where the issue now is not I am better than you but the survival of Ethiopia. Meles is bent on changing all this and erecting a fence where there is no return to save Ethiopia. The race is upon us. The time now is not a fight for establishing democracy but a fight to save the country. Yes democracy is always the most important thing but for it to be realized there must be a country and a government. All the political organizations that are in the political sphere currently should check their priority right now. Organizations priorities are secondary. What is primary is saving Ethiopia from Meles Zenawi. Therefore, I appeal to fellow Ethiopians to come together and be on the side of the people. There is only one thing to do and that is save Ethiopia from Meles Zenawi, For this to happen, we must have one front, one agenda, one organization. After Ethiopia is saved then political organizations can appeal to Ethiopians to choose them over the others. Please let us do the homework first. Right minded individuals in political organizations, please push your leadership to choose this road. Unorganized individuals please get together with people like you and let us do what Ethiopia wants us to do NOW!

  17. Mesfin
    | #17

    You guys are holding this discussion because Hailemariam Dessalegn is appointed as deputy prime minister & Foreign minister. I’m sure no body would say a word if Adissu Legesse was remained in “power” or another qualified or unqualified person from Gojam/Gonder took the spot. You guys are simply showing your resentfulness & jealousy. Hailemariam should not be the agenda where there is no democratically elected government is there. You guys are demanding a power post for an ethnic group/ nation (whatever) you are fun-of. Since when you stopped caring about the big picture (democratically elected government) and worried much about psudo-power spots distributed by Meles. As to me, you guys are giving more recognition to Meles’ government by showing your nuisance because he assigned Hailemariam to the post instead of another Amhara thug. In other words, you are appreciating and accepting what Meles is doing if he would have put on the post another guy from Bahir Dar or Debre-Tabor.

    What I’m saying is the struggle/ or the agenda of discussion should never revolve arround on who ever assigned for whatever post,if we are not supporters of Woyane. Our discussion should focus on how to get rid of woyane government because it is not democratically elected and illegitimate government. Otherwise, if you wana compare individuals who are subordinates of Meles, you guys are missing the point.

  18. Truth
    | #18

    It is good point but you are good at talking, chatting and bloggings and I never heard in history where a change or revoltion came as a result of opposition who resides on different part of the world and is good at chatting.
    Change comes by blood and sweat just for your info, and if you need change do things that can bring real change. Meles did that to come to power, so unless you willing to do what he did to come to power, you will be his subjects for life. Sad but real.

  19. kush-kush
    | #19

    I will be very happy to do what ever I can as an individual and a concrned person like Hilina Negasa . There are many organizations in name only and now a days the names of organizations are mushrooming . When I was back home in my country Merkato, it was hard to form/organize equb .Did any one comprehend what I mean ? As far as I know these so called organizations are not good for anyon, but only for themselves . One can not say this one is better than the other . All are fake and most look like they are bottlenecked politicians or may be they don’t exist at all . I am more than willing to take any heat and if some may start as usual using a very vulgar language . In any case, how do we come together-the concerned individuals from our fourteen provinces? In the end, we have to free and cure our- selves from tribal or ethinic line if we genuinely believe in our cause .

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