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ETHIOPIA CONDUCTED ITS FOURTH FEDERAL and regional election on 23 May 2010. Considering the widespread pre-election interest and excite- ment the 2005 election attracted, and the vigorous role played by the oppo- sition both during the campaign and in the post-election turmoil, the 2010 process was a huge let-down.

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  1. aha!
    | #1

    This whole article is based on the rivaleries between the leaders in Medrek and TPLF/eprdf regime, not between those parties engaged in a peaceful struggle for unity and territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia ad Ethiopians under liberal and/or social democracy, which I believe is the hall mark of KAEUP, EDP, and others, including EPRP not participating in the election, but engaged in the peaceful struggle.These parties are absent from this article.

    Win or loose Medrek/FDD/fdre is a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf regime in its basic platform, where both of them talk about democracy, and where UDJP talks about “No change but durable democracy” and in it agenda for democracy, justice and human rights, which is a subset of unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, within the eight party coalition, where the objectives of the major four objectives are respect of ethnic rights and perhaps secessionist rights, ethnic fedreralism and respect for human rights.

    Under such scenario, there at least three major political models are evident, which could be lumped into two political forces: negative forces of disintegration and positive forces of integretion in Ethiopia.

    Without taking these frame works of ideology pined down to ethnic and secessionist politics as the core political platform for the negative forces of disintegration of Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian national intersts no amount of narratives from either TPLF/eprdf and Medrek/fdd/fdre presents a fair assessment or anlaysis of the 2010 election outcome. Apart from the intimidation, and harrassment by the current regime and the disrespect of the code of coduct agreement andthe lack of the of the 8-points precondition for fair and free election, the election was lost due to a thug of Campaign among Medrek and KAEUP for the votes in Amahara and Tigrai region with different agenda. Although the blame lies on TPLF/eprdf for not enforcing the code of conduct agreement to which Medrek is not signatory, and implement the 8-point precondition for fair and free election, the blame also lies on Mederk not to coalesce over the national agenda and rally the public to stand for their basic rights to vote not be intimidated or coerced to eventually create a demicratic government which rules by the consent of the goverened. Win or loose Medrek was set up a bicameral seat of parliament with TPLF/eprdf on one side and Medrek/FDD/fdre with ethnic fedralism and secessionism on the other side, I reitrate.

  2. NoFool
    | #2

    Isn’t Dr KJETIL TRONVOLL a fervor supporter of Eritrea’s independence from Ethiopia who went to Sahel in 1989 in solidarity with EPLF? Hmmm…

  3. Samuel
    | #3


    We do not believe that Medrek needs to dignify and respond to your allefgations. But there are a couple of points to be made. Even under the unfair conditions of the May election, we understand that MEDREK beat the hell out of your ethnic based Amhara organization (AEUP). That is to let you know that MEDREK does not need your approval. Secondly, if the elections were made fairly we would not be talking about the current situation. You can refer to the EU report on the conduct of the election. To assert that MEDREK lost because of people’s disapproval of its program, agenda is a self fulfiling propaganda from a discredited organization. I am responding to you, because we need you to come to terms that your agenda is not palatable to Ethiopians at this juncture. Solution to a problem starts with the right adentification of the problem at first. If AEUP believes that the wishes of the Ethiopian people are trampled upon by the TPLF then it should join other organizations that are fighting for the basic freedom.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    The portrail of Medrek, which chaired initially by Tigrai Harena, which has now being assigned UEDF has the same basic platform as TPLF/eprdf of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies is undeniable fact. With respect to Siye Abraha of UDJP taking votes away from KAEUP from Tigrai for Medrek with ethnic agenda is undeniable tug of capain for votes of the Tigrai people for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. The same secenario holds true of UDJP candidates affiliated with Mederk taking away votes from KAEUP in the Amhara region, where UDJP a split of CUD is dealing with the subset of the goals followed by KAEUP and others as well as collaborating with the loyalist opposition parties with ethnic agenda, which one of the reasons for the discord within UDJP.

    I did not say Medrek lost because of peoples disapproval of it program, but what I may have said win or loose Medrek is a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf regime, forming a Bicameral Chamber of Parliament. I hope you do not misrepresent KAUP as ethnic based and put the party you support in any form of peacefull struggle/negotiations with the current regime with respect to the code of conduct agreement and or the 8-point agreement for fair and free elections, which has been documented and verfiable, while they are blamed by EPRP for caving in to a plausible secenario for the transfer of power through the ballot box with the implementation of the code of agreement and the implementation of the 8-point pre-conditions for fair and free elections. Did Medrek take part in this effort(s)? Do you really believe Medrek, a hodge of political parties dominated by ethnic agenda would restore the sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and free the country of exploitation, and political and economic stranglehold of the country and its people by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises and the divide and rule policy of TPLF/eprdf in a colonial style be removed by a bicameral chamber of parliament, which we are now told in this article. It has been a one party system with TPLF at the helm assisted by teletafi parties and loyalist oppositon parties, which have been further diminished in the past five years. Where the allegation in this description of the nature, structure of the political model of the party in the middle of TPLF/eprdf and KAEUP, EDP, (EPRP) and others engaged in a peaceful struggle for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians under liberal and/or social democracy.

  5. aha!
    | #5

    Samuel, the presentations before your your comments are derived from the political model describing Medrek as mirror image of TPLF/eprdf regime, destined a bicameral chamber of parliament with “No Change but durable Democracy” as if to expect a dove out of the egg of snake as the cliche goes with engaging the TPLF/eprdf regime in the 8-point preconditions for fair and free elections, and signing up to the code of conduct arrived through negotiations for transfer of power through the ballot box under fair and free elction and implementation of the code of conduct and 8-point pre-conditions by KAEUP and others, which never the less never happened. Where do you place Medrek in this endeavor? If Medrek is not participatory and signatory to the code of conduct agreement and simultaneous negotiator in the same format as KAEUP, why did it register for election, rather than boycott the election as EPRP would have done, though not participating in the election judged from its point view.

  6. idiot dictator
    | #6

    Oh. A serious anti-ethiopian agent briefing the 2010 elections. Hey stupid, nobody wants your briefing. We all know the idiot dictators (your servants). Who are you to tell us about our own idiots?

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