Tens of Thousands of Ethiopians around the world participated in activities to remember the martyrs of November 2005 massacre.

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The world wide commemoration of the November 2005 massacre has ended with an event held in Toronto, Canada on Sunday December 5, 2010. Starting from Charlotte, North Carolina which organized the event on November 6, Ethiopians in twenty five cities, in four continents, have held successful events to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the massacre of innocent Ethiopians massacred by the TPLF ethnic dictatorship in the aftermath of election 2005. According to reports received by the Global Taskforce formed to organize events in memory of the martyrs of the November Massacre, public meetings, prayer services at places of worship, vigils, and other activities were organized in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

In remembrance of the martyrs of November 2005, the various activities were organized in Europe took place in Bern, Switzerland, London, UK, Copenhagen Denmark, Stockholm, Sweden, Oslo, Norway, Rome, Italy, Frankfurt, Munich, and Nuremberg in Germany. In the USA public meetings and prayers services at places of worship were held in Washington DC, Los Angeles, CA, San Josea, CA, Denver, Co Las Vegas, NV, Dallas, TX Atlanta, GA, Chicago , IL Charlotte, NC Seattle, WA, Minneapolis, MN. Ethiopians in Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver, Canada also organized activities to mark the massacre of November, 2005. In Australia the events that that commemorated the November 2005 massacre were held in Melbourne and Perth cities. Ethiopians in Soul, South Korea marked the massacre of 2005 by organizing a protest demonstration during the G20 meeting where Meles Zenawi, leader of the ethnocentric dictatorship of the TPLF, was present.

Several political, civic groups, and independent activists found in each of these localities took part by working together, planning, and organizing the events to mark the massacre of November 2005 and in memory of the victims. In these colorful events where an estimated tens of thousands of Ethiopians took part around the world; the names of the martyrs of the November 2005 massacre were read out loud; the photos of the victims of the massacre were displayed; videos and audio that captured the brutality and the atrocities committed by the fascistic forces of Meles Zenawi both June and November 2005 as well as in the past 18 years were presented. Candles were lit in memory of the victims in several of the events that took place in these cities. A public vow was made by Ethiopians highlighting a renewal of their commitment to continue the struggle for freedom, democracy and the rule of law in Ethiopia.
December 7, 2010
Global Taskforce to Commemorate the November 2005 Massacre

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    I just cann’t bear this kind of news . What was the out come of the gathering, displaying pictures of the masacred by the TPLF/EPLF, etcetera . I was also surprised when I read the one that says ” several political” and that is just cheap propaganda . what was most sickning was the one that read ” the public vow” . I don’t believe any body agleged because there is no credible group that can organize and mobilize ethiopians abroad . In any case, what were the names of the political parties and civic groups . In the end, this writing is from a person who hallucinates and fantasizes . My advice is wake up and stop day dreaming .

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