The greater the power, the greater the persecution- By Kiflu Hussain

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Having overlooked the fact that Julian Assange,founder of WikiLeaks had received awards from Amnesty International in 2009 that recognized his effort wherein he exposed the extra-judicial killing and disappearance of over 500 young Kenyans, along with the 2008 Economist Index on Censorship Award, I suggested in a knee-jerk reaction induced by the Western powers ganging up on him, that he is deserving of the highest international award rather than being witch hunted like any denizen of a failed state. In that letter which Monitor published on December 6, I asked, after being utterly disgusted with the shameful behavior of Washington and its acolytes, that what one can do when a salt supposed to flavor the soup turns into a soup itself? In a feedback, an Ethiopian friend of mine who is as intelligent and “extremely cynical” as Assange threw back the question to me; who’s the salt here and who is the soup? Yes, that’s the problem. For too long, we have been duped into believing that United States and its Western allies would never flinch from the highest democratic ideals and values on human rights when it comes to the crunch. As a renowned Ethiopian scholar named Mesfin Woldemariam once remarked, we have the tendency to uncritically “believe in the American ideals than American officials themselves do.” We invariably forget that there was overt racism until recently against people of dark complexion.

We readily ignore the fact that United States and its western allies not only condemned but sabotaged the struggle against apartheid as communist insurgency. This is a country which had blacklisted Nelson Mandela and Com. as terrorists whose entry to the United States can only be secured as recently as 2008 with a special waiver from the Secretary of the State.

As per the ostrich syndrome, most of us don’t want to confront the issue of terrorism as something created and fuelled by the westerns themselves. We find it convenient not to remember the ugly fact of Mujahedeen’s and Taliban’s being financed and equipped by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher during the Soviet occupation. Then it was glorified as liberation struggle or patriotism even by their novelists such as Ken Follet and Frederick Forsyth until it turned as a Frankenstein’s monster on their own interest. We also fail to correlate the issue of Ivory Coast with Ethiopia by wondering what if there was a Somali like situation nearby whereupon Laurent Gbagbo seized the opportunity like Meles Zenawi did in 2006 by posturing as an ally in the “war on terror” right after rigging an election big time.

Obviously, Washington would have twisted the arms of its allies on behalf of Gbagbo for the sake of “stability.” While a keen observer of the realpolitik have always sensed this, Julian Assange with his “scientific journalism” substantiated it how the realpolitik works in a really dirty manner.Thus,he risked the wrath of the big powers who ensnared him with a “sex trap” with a lady allegedly affiliated with a notorious CIA operative./See “Assange ‘Rape’ accuser linked to notorious CIA operative” by David Edwards 07 December/.Then the Westminster Magistrate that granted bail to one named Shrien Dewani accused of organizing the killing of his wife in South Africa, denied bail to the Australian “rape”suspect.Then banks from America to Switzerland that have no scruples to take and transfer money from African dictators who steal from their poor people and organizations that donate to overtly racist groups such as the “Knight Party” which is supported by Ku Klux Klan, cut off Julian Assange for exposing the truth./See 08 December/.

Among the unpalatable truth revealed by WikiLeaks is “Sweden is a covert member of NATO that shares intelligence without the knowledge of its parliament.” All these ganging up by the so-called civilized world against an individual reminds me of a movie titled ‘Disclosure’ wherein Demi Moore and Michael Douglas starred. Another actor said “They are smarter, stronger and they don’t fight fair.”Indeed, they are crudely strong and brutally unfair. But smart, no way. Julian Assange and Bradley Manning had them by the balls.

An Ethiopian Refugee in Uganda

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