They are not worthy to shake her hands by Ashenafi Mola

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A few weeks ago, I read some articles that are for and against inviting Birtukan Mideksa to the annual ESFNA event. The argument made for inviting the first known Ethiopian female pro-democracy leader was compelling. (more…)

A few weeks ago, I read some articles that are for and against inviting Birtukan Mideksa to the annual ESFNA event. The argument made for inviting the first known Ethiopian female pro-democracy leader was compelling. On the other hand, the opposing sides gave justifications that were not just weak, rather disingenuous.

Birtukan paid huge sacrifice for the sake of human rights, democracy, and freedom. She suffered much at the hands of dictators who were determined to vegetate (exact word Zenawi used) her in jail. They accused her falsely and called her names. They put her in dungeon while she was still pregnant, which is un-Ethiopian by nature; and placed her in solitary confinement in a rat infested room. They denied her medical treatment when she was sick and cried for help. They harassed and tortured her. They separated her from her baby daughter and aging mother. The list goes on.

Her release from prison brought so much joy not just among Ethiopians, but everyone who loves, seeks, and fights for freedom, both inside the country and abroad. Some of the pictures taken the moment she was released speak volumes; among many, the young man who fell on her feet to show his deep respect, and the mother lifting her hands towards heaven to praise her God. Certainly, such expressions only show how revered and loved Birtukan is.

So who are those individuals at ESFNA who argued against inviting her? What are they afraid of? These questions have been largely answered by those who favored here coming to the event; thus, no repeat necessary here; however, it is good to highlight a couple of things about some of ESFNA board members. First, many of the board members are in possession of teams that do not represent their communities. The board members are opposed to allowing community teams to register and participate in these annual events, if privately owned teams already exist in the same city. Therefore, it is fair to say that ESFNA leaders do not have a policy of community centered approach. If they had one, then they would have given priority to community registered teams to participate in these events. I doubt that would happen as long as these guys are there.
Secondly, what is the big deal about ESFNA? If you have been to the annual event just few times, I am sure you know exactly what to expect – same old stuff. Why? Because the leaders are dull, and lack imagination. They are selfish individuals who run around to show their plastic badge. Most of them are simply Yekebereta Wonber Felageewoch.

Birtukan is one brave Ethiopian woman. She is the epitome of courage, inspiration to our nation, and role model to many young women. Freedom is a pure universal human right, and there is no politics to it. Birtukan fought for feedom and democracy, and paid praiseworthy sacrifice; her tenacity and love of country cannot be questioned.

Now, compare Birtukan’s qualities to the guys running ESFNA who refused to honor her. Are they even worthy to shake her hand let alone sit next to her?

  1. Minchegrot
    | #1

    Let the so called ESFA leaders are soak in to their unnationalist sin. This guy they don’t have a moral right to say no. if they do! let themselve soak again.will pay one day. Headless the head of an organization. After things get such a pick, need to have keep her away from this type of untidy and mess condition. who do not have respect for his own,it doesn’t have for others.


  2. Anbesa
    | #2

    Late boycott 2011 ESFNA event for me and my Ethiopian family we are not going to Atlanta I am boycotting, my fellow Ethiopians do the same let is teach this ignorant a lessen.

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    me too , am not going!!!! and my entire family!!!

  4. Boycott!
    | #4

    To begin with Atlanta is horribly hot and humid in July.
    Unless ESFNA distanced themselves completely far away from TPLF/EPRDF and supporters of Woyanes and prove it–all Ethiopians should distance themselves from ESFNA in support of Birtukan. Send the money you are going to spend in Atlanta to your family, if your family don’t need the money, do something tangible to help some poor Ethiopian woman that is struggling to feed her kids.

  5. birtu admirer
    | #5

    I love soccer. it is is in my blood once it used to be my bread winner. but it will never take my country and people place. I live in atlanta. i will never invite my firends to come over fot this event which is organized by greedy anti ethiopian and sub human individuals.

  6. Lucy in America
    | #6

    Let almoudi dogs with their un civilized wives and children play the foot ball. Their wives areun civilizedbecause if they are civilized ,they shouldstand with Birtukan and say to their idiot and hodam husbands to give respect for Birtukan’s committement to bring democracy and peace in ethiopia. Solution. 1.All teams must withdraw from ESPNA which is under the leadership of arab’s slaves like abebe abd ayana. 2. Submit law suit against these criminals for all their fake financial reports and ask the USA governement to take serious financial control.3. allthe teams must form another ESPNA and starttoorganize the foot ball event and all concerned ethiopia should show solidarity for the newly borned ESPNA.those anti ethiopia elements and slaves of arabs will pay a price at the end of the day and they will pay back all in all the funds which they got from arab.It is our money which is being stolen by him.

  7. Zelalem
    | #7

    They are only worth for burrito eating contest.

  8. T. Goshu
    | #8

    I do not think it is desirable and productive to waste our time and enrgy dealing with the question of “Why the very interest and stand of some members of the Federation leadership are do not sound rational, convincing and genuine with regard to the invitation extended to W/t Birtukan ?” Unless we consider it is taboo to call a spade spade, I strongly believe that a few of them have some sort of attachement/connection with some members and supporters of the brutal ruling circle. So,if we want so honest with ourselves and if we are generious enough to those victms, we need to tell them straight forward that they have to be honest first with themselves and consequently to the community at large, and make sincere apology and help the Federation move forward with or with out them. This comment sounds harsh. But is a harsh realty to be dealt with.

  9. Ahmed
    | #9

    It is really outrageous what these hand out survivers of a stolen Ethiopian money from collection of city pirates like amoudi zenawi and bereket (mebratu)and working with these gangsters to kill our beloved motherland,this articulated piece shows that ESFNA so called excutives are not worthy to say a word if it was not about honourable judge Bertukan and our beloved nation, having said thatit is our duty (Ethiopians) to save this traditional sport event from these woyanne
    Ashkeroch. God bless Ethiopia

  10. Selam
    | #10

    No, they are not. I am glad she is not coming.

  11. Meyisaw
    | #11

    Who has the Power

    The freedom loving Diaspora or those ESFNA weyane thugs?Let the board members unite together and kikc them out once forevr,what are you waiting for?ESFNA is ours not theirs.

    Mot Le Hodamoch

    God blees Ethiopia!

  12. ጎርፉ
    | #12

    Weyane is the most uncivilized sadist organization. Remember those of you who were around; Sheraro area after they took over Axum they captured two Russian husband and wife. They put these people in a barren where the ground is littered with fresh cow dung (bull crap). The tegadalays you can see them they are elated and bosterous for putting these husband and wife in such a condition. They were not even military peresonell. They were medical teams who were helping out in health related issues in Axum area clinics. The tegadalay organization neither has nor had any respect for those it captures whether dead or alive. In the middle of the Ethiopian misery the tegadalay government is partying. They care less about any body else as long as there is a loot that satisfy their immidiate they satisfy their needs. This is a national mood of the people around that area.

  13. Ethiopiawiu
    | #13

    On the matter between the so called ESFNA and the freedom loving Pan-ETHIOPIAN north AMERICAN based Ethiopian diaspora,concerning the invitation of the honorable freedom fighter judge Birtukan Midekissa,based on the information I have gathered from Addis Dimts,VOA,various articles posted on pro-democracy Ethiopian websites regarding this historical issue,I suggest the following plan of action to all those who are concerned.1,all teams throughout the USA in collaboration with some well respected Ethiopians should assemble some where in the USA in order to establish a temporary committee with the aim to safe guard the ESFNA from the current sale-out leadership.2.the temporary committee with the legal mandate bestowed up on it shall suspend the current sale-out leadership and take full control of the entire ESFNA.3.Conduct free and fair election in order to have a new and reliable ESFNA leadership.4.the newly elected leadership together with the Ethiopian diaspora could conduct a collective investigation of the out going sale-out leadership and the findings shall determine to institute criminal charges or not.5.then the newly elected ESFNA leadership could approve the invitation of the honorable judge Birtukan Midekissa to the USA since that was what the majority electorate have voted for.Doing just the above will be the best remedy for the mess ESFNA has find itself.Best Regards.

  14. Mahlet
    | #14

    In a strange way, I agree that Birtukan shouldn’t even be present at the event to be around those jerks of ESFNA.

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