Ethiopia: Blood Trading by Netsanet Zegeye

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You readers may wonder about my title. Let you wonder. Our land is full of wonders. Different wonders from time immemorial. Even one of the seven international historical places of wonders is said to be found in Ethiopia. Wondering is not strange in Ethiopia and among Ethiopians. A country that is believed by the Gog and Magog junta of the current regime to have colonized its own territory, Eritrea, and hence should let her go off the main land is Ethiopia. This oft-reiterated global fact of colonizing black people by black people, both of which have quasi the same social, historical, religious, psychological, and economic background, is believed by many to be the first of its kind in the realm of wonders. Of all the countries in the world, Ethiopia is the only country to be stringently led by one ethnic minority group while the rest of the people are reckoned as enemies to the junta and hence sentenced to lead horrible life on their own land. The wonders of the country of wonders are infinite. So let’s all wonder.

Semantically, the word “trade” has various meanings depending on the contexts it is used. Just to see its assorted denotative and connotative implications, let’s have a look at the following possible ways of employing this word in our writings.[You can skip it, it doesn’t have any major link to what I am saying next to it.]

trade [trayd]
noun (plural trades)
1. buying and selling: the activity of buying and selling, or sometimes bartering, goods
• a suspension of trade between the two countries
2. area of business or industry: a specific area of business or industry
• the book trade
3. occupation: a skilled occupation, usually one requiring manual labor
• learn a trade
4. people in business: the people who work in a specific area of business or industry
• You’ll never convince the trade that this tax is fair.
Microsoft® Encarta® 2009.

We exchange a number of things, including abstract ones, for various purposes. For example, some of us trade words when we are on bad terms just to badmouth our practical or imagined opponents. Some of us trade commercial items in business as means of livelihood. Soldiers in war fronts trade bullets, mortar shells, and other munitions of assorted ordnances. In ancient times, people used to trade salt for, say, pepper in their system of bartering.

Understandably, trade in its natural essence is one of the vital necessities of human life, as any of other social activities in the society of any country. Any one cannot possess everything necessary for life; therefore, it is quite natural that the ones who have something should seek others who have something else and undertake their trading. When they do this, we expect that they should maintain certain common ground so that one is not disadvantaged or advantaged in a degree more or less than what is expected by both parties that are involved in the transaction. If certain common ground is not maintained, the exchange or trading would be unfair and as a result one of the parties would be hurt. It is here that we mention about the prevalence and vital necessity of so called justice, fairness, equity, equality, and other similar concepts the presence or the absence of which predetermines the peaceful journey to enlightened form of coexistence of any society in question. In light of this, the fairer the transaction in a society, the better the socioeconomic relationship will have been. To that effect, all parties involved in the trading should have rational mind and logical approach to respect and maintain certain rules and regulations based upon international or global standards. Something out of this creates crazy social phenomena and dozens of problems would proliferate in that society.

To mention just few points in regard to how people become rich in the developed world, though they have some common traits with those of ours, it is believed that there are certain unbreakable laws unlike in our country which must be respected when one is going up the ladder of any success. For example, a guard in any of the enterprises of Mr. Bill Gates or Warren Buffet is not expected to lead a crooked life as one of the guards who works in one of the firms of our ‘rich’ people in Ethiopia. Justifiably, most of the businesspersons in the developed world are expected to know how to play fair play more justly than our rich people do. Truly speaking, though not supported by studies, Ethiopian tycoons must be more niggard and more insensible than their counterparts in the ‘civilized’ world. This may occur perhaps due to their parental upbringing and/or psychological makeup and/or lack of perception in how all human beings should be treated equally and/or something not known well yet. Nevertheless, we are safe to speak that, in most cases, an Ethiopian tycoon is never fair in transactions in such a way that s/he is extremely clever to scoop profits but they totally forget their subjects/ workers with insignificant wages which cannot even link the ‘rungs’ of their life from Lideta to Ba’ta.

When we observe the trading in Ethiopia in a deeper manner, it seems that no trade activity is governed by any known standard of local or global laws of transaction. It rather seems to follow the unchecked whims of especially the sellers and service providers. Surprisingly, there is almost nothing in place to control the greed of business people thereby protect customers from the day to day skyrocketing of living cost. Currently, the people of Ethiopia are suffering due to the selfish motive of merchants and corrupt politicians who help them go on exploiting the majority unrestrainedly. In this unfair transaction, only few are being benefited while the vast majority of the people are under severe economic catastrophe. While the salary of civil servants is static, the price of goods and services is soaring on daily basis following the fall of the Birr, the monetary unit of Ethiopia. The price increase is alarming to express it in terms of percent, it is better to explain it in terms of folds. You may buy something ten or fifteen or more folds this year which you might have bought it at a relatively fair price some years back. There is no any predictable or logical increase of price; and what is funnily astounding is once a price of something goes up, nobody brings it down; it remains clung up there forever. We are wonderful people, yes? For me, it seems there is no government in Ethiopia; it seems there is no one in power to listen to the plight of the people; it seems the EPRDF’s government is there to protect the privileges and economic advantages of the only few; it seems the people by and large have no one to tell and rely on for any of their grievances, even God Himself seems to be hiding somewhere off the churches, off the country, off the over trodden. It seems He is also collaborating with the criminals of the EPRDF people who are playing with blood splashing to each other in the pond they have created for same purpose. It has become clear that nowadays people are absolutely dumbfounded in an astonishment pondering, ‘what will become of our fate tomorrow?’ Due to the dual conspiracy of the corruptible ethnic politics engineers and selfish businesspersons, life in Ethiopia has finally metamorphosed into an untold chaotic peak the destination of which is difficult to forecast.

Apart from the fair or unfair trading in terms of material merchandises, as world history witnesses truthfully, there were and still are ‘distinguished’ people who get unto the orbit of riches this world could possibly offer to tyrant citizens of any nation. Such people have been the real causes of the sufferings of billions of people in this world from time immemorial to date. Among others, Saddam Hussein, Mendel Bokasa, Charles Taylor, Id Amin Dada, Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, Isayas Afeworki, Mengistu Hailemariam, and the rest of their likes in the history of our planet have been known for their trade in blood. Businesspersons are officially known for their trade in sellable items and goods, like agricultural or industrial products. In fact, we know there are also various forms of trading that include blood; human trafficking, human organ theft or voluntary sale for survival, are some instances with this respect.

In Ethiopia, to speak the truth, we have a giant syndicate that has been known for its trading in blood for the last 35 years. That cartel or syndicate is led by His Excellency Meles Zenawi. As we may remember, Meles Zenawi’s initial capital was not more than seven old AK-47 Kalashnikovs. But now we are living witnesses that he and his wife are at the peak of all riches, thanks to the blood trade they both are engaged from the very commencement of their bloody struggle for an envying fortune. And surprisingly, blood trade is the sweetest trade of all trading activities. If one is used to it, s/he will never let it go off until death. It is just like an addiction of marijuana or any of the poppies such as cocaine and morphine. We can be pretty sure now that these people, Meles and his wife, will never quit from this delicious taste of blood trade until they get themselves in two of the graves an historical event will have dug most probably in the near future. History knows how to culminate the life of despots; Romania is an example. And the voyage of this couple, MPs Meles and Azeb, seems similar to the case in hand, Mr. and Mrs. Ceauşescu, both of whom were members of the politburo. After some three decades of suppression and ethnic cleansing, Nicolae [Meles] Ceauşescu and his wife Elena [Azeb] Ceausescu had harvested what they deserved. Though we are some 12 years back, we may not need that much time to get rid of our Ceauşescus. We have enough of their stench in the past twenty years. The only thing we need to do is to understand this dangerous game of blood trade and find any communal way out that sloughs off the black curtain created amongst us to make us divided so that we remain conducive for their nasty tricks through the lucrative trade of which they have become billionaires, and we, asset wise, below zero.
As a matter of fact, a blood trade never stands upright without libational sacrifice whose sole input is human blood. We have been giving our blood for the continuation of this trade cartel for the last 35 years including the time of their struggle to ‘liberate us’. But now we are short of any blood; we have been drained ruthlessly and now our blood vessels are nearly empty. We can no more afford to give them even a single milliliter of our blood any more. Hundreds and thousands of our brothers and sisters have lost their blood to save the blood trade of Excellencies Meles Zenawi and Azeb Mesfin along with their shifta crew. We know how much expensive it is to be taxed in the form of blood. This revenue is, though satanic, the dearest and the rarest revenue subjects could give to their masters; but it is quite unaffordable if you think of bleeding for decades and centuries. That was why the people of Romania unexpectedly decided to die and to live after their death. Yes, they died but they are living now. By the same token, we will one day understand the difference we have between our life and death which is becoming narrower and narrower from time to time. We have an Amharic saying which roughly goes like this: “When death happens to be late, people may consider that it has stopped its job.” [Mot sizegey yekere yimeslal] Yea, the thinking of almost all dictators is related with this saying. When they observe that millions of their people willy nilly are forced to become subjects of their atrocious rule, they assume that everything continues forever as they wish. And they don’t have the mental capacity to think of back and fore. They get blinded by the money they farm from their blood trade. Moreover, the Nebuchadnezzarian idiocy covers their eyes with suet of ignorance and arrogance that prevents all wisdom from entering their mind in order that they accept the objective reality.
Meles Zenawi, who went to Dedebit in his early twenties for the sake of ‘liberating us’ from the old brutal regimes, has been known for his systematic elimination of his opponents. In return, he is now one of the richest people in Africa and even in the world. Thanks to Ethiopians’ blood, he is swimming in a basin of bloody money which cannot be laundered at all. The blood of Amharas is traded for millions of dollars; the blood of thousands of Oromos/Amharas and thousands of Tigrians who accompanied him up to Menelik’s Palace [or died in the fighting] and then thrown away after his dreams were fulfilled; the blood of some Tigrians who opposed his voracity and special hatred to Ethiopianism; the blood of his innocent friends who were massacred by his insincere nature of eliminating potential opposition; the blood of all prisoners of conscience now languishing and suffering in open and clandestine prisons that are there to suck the blood of Ethiopians; the blood of all fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters of Ethiopians; Oh! My God! The blood of all the children of God and Allah on the lands of our Ethiopia is shouting in a manner the biblical Rachel cried in Ramah when Herodotus’ soldiers slaughtered her babes. Is it not wonderful then to have such a leader along with so many ‘intellectuals’, ‘businesspersons’, ‘politicians’, a ‘Patriarch and Bishops’ along with their deacons and priests or ‘Imams’ and ‘Sheiks’ who beatify his evil actions and give their all rounded support to go ahead with his plan of demolishing the country? Is it not wonderful to see such mad history with a highly maddening nature of intrinsic behavior? Wow! It must be interesting and utterly wonderful to have such ‘Ethiopians’ in this historical juncture who are wholeheartedly willing to give their blessing and their resources to Meles so that he could accomplish his diaboloic mission of tattering our Mother, Ethiopia.
By the way, you people in the Diaspora – have you ever asked yourselves such questions: “In case I am not wanted in this country, where am I going with my family? Where is my country of origin? Am I going to stay lost as a bird whose nest is dismantled by a snake, a python unusually armed with extraordinary venom? What am I going to tell my children if they ask me to take them back to their ‘country’ and unite them with their relatives? How could I remain without having a country? …”
Let’s come to the end of my blabbing. What do you feel? Have I written any lie? Is Meles alone devastating Ethiopia? Aren’t there people from every walk of life that are clapping hands for this Yodit Gudit of this Ethiopian saga? Who are extending their helping hands to Meles and his crew so that the darkness goes on for some additional years? We the contemporary citizens and the history of the country by and large know what is happening and who is doing what. It goes without saying also that all of us will reap what we have been sowing up to now and in the future unless we change course, no matter how long our freedom stays at bay, but all of us, Ethiopians, and all humans who in one way or the other have been involved in any of the actions or inactions, positively or otherwise, will definitely get our due, when this blood trade will have been stopped by United Ethiopians’ Front. There is no other way other than Ethiopianism to save Ethiopia from her multifarious wounds inflicted upon her by Meles and his devilish group. Ethiopianism must not be something to be feared. We should fear chauvinism and narrow mindedness, not Ethiopianism that should be enshrined before anything else. Ethiopianism cannot prevent me, for example, from being Amhara or Oromo, or Tigrian. Let’s not mix up things to please the enemies of our coexistence. We must have by now learnt many things, thanks to our blood which has changed poor Meles into billionaire, our country into lifeless wilderness wherein millions of people are suffering in an open prison. Let’s come out of the ethnocentric cyst the Woyannes have built to each of us so that we get tied up in shackles and remain unable to see what they are doing. Let’s think of our communalities instead of the ones that differ us one from the other. Unless we get awakened and redo what has been done on us by EPRDF, we will never and ever have a chance to live here in Ethiopia even as a human being. We have to understand that EPRDF is a burden not only to Ethiopians and Ethiopia but also to all humanity. A group that believes in Ethnocentrism and works for the elimination of certain constituents of the entire public is none but anti humanity. A group which is led by blind hatred is undoubtedly anti humanity. Just a short prayer: Let the Almighty give them sane conscience so that they could come out of their illusion and help us in shortening our vicissitude. Amen.

  1. Assta B. Gettu
    | #1

    The author so worried about the present dire condition of Ethiopia believes black people are colonizing other black people: I think what he is saying is that few black Tigreans are colonizing the rest of black Ethiopians as in the past Ethiopians had colonized the Eritreans, which is not true because Eritreans are Ethiopians even though Eritreans themselves believed Menelik II had sold them to the Italians, but King Haile Selassie brought them back to the family of Ethiopians until Meles Zenawi let them go with expensive indemnities – the ports of Aseb and Mesewa.

    The author seems in love of dichotomizing the word “trade,” which includes, in this dichotomy, goods, industries, businesses, manual labors, occupation, and so on, but he forgets to mention, as part of trade, the evil connotation of trade, i.e., slave trade, which is still going on in many countries, especially in our neighbor Muslim country, Sudan. Few years ago, Ethiopia was one of the slave traders; mostly, some of the Amhara people used to owe slaves until slavery was abolished in 1942, but the word “baria” is still stuck in the Ethiopian vocabulary.

    I am sure the author of this remarkable article is aware of the few degrading connotations the word “trade” implies in the Ethiopian society. For example, if one is the son of an Ethiopian trader, he will be dubbed as የነጋዴ ልጅ: የሼቃጭ ልጅ and the son of many other bad occupations even though the occupations themselves are nobles

    In ancient times and today, some people used to trade their bodies for living: Sentences or talks such as “Can I trade my vehicle with yours; can I trade my shirt with yours; can I trade my girl friend with yours” are not strange talks in our modern society?

    Yes, people who don’t have something they want to have, they go out, trade, and get what they want from the other person, and such trading of goods and ideas are commendable; however, there are some people who want to have something that they already have in their possession. For instance, how many married men or women go out and prostitute while they have their own husbands or wives; of course, this kind of trading is cheating, deceiving and committing sin even though we know trading, most of the time, involves cheating and deceiving and stealing.

    Trading salt for paper, sheep for goat, donkey for mule, horse for cow is okay, but trading one’s own wife or one’s own husband for another woman or husband is abnormal whether the society is modern or backward.

    I would like to remind the author that a guard of Bill Gates or Warren Buffet is always a guard and never gets rich, no matter how many days and nights he/she guards the rich, and the same is true with those guards who guard Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) Jezebel (Azeb Mesfin), and Al Amoudi; they will never get rich. In this case, there is no big difference between the Bill Gate’s guards and the Al Almoudi’s guards who live eating the left-over food from their rich masters.

    Does anyone know why the author is bringing here “Lideta” and Baáta; there are many Lidetas and Baátas in the Christian land of Ethiopia, and how are we supposed to know the distance from Lideta to Baáta, and what have the lives of the workers the author is talking about to do with Lideta and Baáta? I need some further explanation from the author about these two names: Lideta and Baáta.

    The author assumes cheating the customers or the consumers is only in Ethiopia by the Ethiopian business people. I, however, believe cheating the customers is a world-wide phenomenon, not only an Ethiopian culture; it is the culture of the whole world. How many times do we hear in America, the most civilized nation, that “inside trading,” a cheating culture, is a house-word language? And we know how many business people go to jail for cheating the customers.

    The author attests when the price of something in Ethiopia goes up, no one brings it down; I say it is the same thing in America, my friend. Few years ago, the price of a gallon of milk coast only $.50, and now it is about $3.00 or more in some states, and no one is bringing it down. I am so hurt because I am a lover of milk.

    Following the law of demand and supply, the market always determines the cost of anything in this global economy. The law of a country is always made to protect the rich and to make them richer; therefore, the Ethiopian law is not much different from the American law: the poor people in America are crying day and night because of the unaffordable health care cost and other living costs in this rich country, and the same is true with the Ethiopian people.

    Poor or rich, desperate or hopeful, the Ethiopian people always believe in the Almighty God that, one day, he, in his own miraculous way, will get them out of their misery they are facing now. However, out of his frustration, the author wants to know the whereabouts of God; he says: “…even God Himself seems to be hiding somewhere off the Churches, off the country, off the over trodden.” My friend, no one has said that God is always in the Church, in the country, and with the over trodden. God is everywhere; there is no place where there is no God.

    We must remember before we doubt the existence of the Almighty God why all these calamities has happened to Ethiopia: Ethiopia has slaughtered many innocent people, and one of these people was Emperor Haile Selassie, who was murdered by some of her children, and no one came to his rescue, and God is saying to Ethiopia, “…because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God’s wrath, when his righteous judgment will be revealed.” (Romans 2:5)

    The author continues to characterize God as one of the collaborators of the Woyanne criminals, but let us see what the Holy Scripture says: “You are not a God who takes pleasure in evil; with you the wicked cannot dwell. The arrogant cannot stand in your presence; you hate all who do wrong.” (Psalm 5:4-5)

    My friend, God does not like evildoers, people such as Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi), Jezebel (Azeb Mesfin), Al Amoudi, Aba Paulos, and many other wicked Ethiopians, and the Almighty God knows the criminal activities of each one of them.

    I will assure you Ethiopia will never be out of blood supply as far as over 80 million Ethiopians are still living and working hard for Meles, Al Amoudi, and Aba Paulos, who all of them depend on the continuous blood supply from the Ethiopian people. The Ethiopian blood supply is not like the Saudi petro oil that can dry up some time in the near future.

    You cannot say “the children of God and Allah,’ and you must know the fundamental truth that there is only one God, and that one God is Jesus Christ, the only savior of the whole world. It is this Jesus Christ who died for all of us, but Muhammad’s Allah never died, never suffered, and never cared for us. Muhammad only cared for his trade, his camels, and his many wives. That is all!

    It is true though as the author said that many Ethiopian Christians and many Muslims in Ethiopia have been, out of fear, collaborating with Meles crime families, and this is why the Psalmist said: “Destructive forces are at work in the city; threats and lies never leave its streets.” (Psalm 55:11)

    The question is who is going to liberate the capital city of Ethiopia and all the Ethiopian regions from the continuous blood shed, oppression, exploitation, and fear? The Burtukan movement has failed; the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters organization has failed, the OLF has totally failed, the Ginbot 7 has failed, the Diaspora people and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church in exile have failed; therefore, where shall our redeemer come from?

  2. kush-kush
    | #2

    I am a little bit confused by this lengthy article and the writer is to some extent stereotype . Here is how . As I understand from your last sentence of the last paragraph you are a very moderate christian and you have no right to criticize the Imam and the Sheik . I am not a religious person and to your surprise I am strictly an Atheist . You may say it is not intentional and it slipped out from my mind . If so ,it is understandable . In any case, let me come to the ” United Front ” you mentioned . I will say it is a noble idea and it is most unlikely to be real because we are a very scattered and divided people . One can puff up and give us the names of the nonexisting non working organizations . You can form a united front with different organizations against the common enemy and for a clear goal . Do you remember the CUD hastely felt they were party and brought their own disaster . It was a short lived and their death were untimely. We do not want that to happen to us any more . That is if we learn from the past to remedy the present . Finally, you harshly and unfairly blamed the spouse of the TPLF/EPLF tribalist leader . What I believe is the wife of the dictator is the victim of her husband and she may think that her husband is one of the most democratic person in the whole wide world . Despite the TPLF/EPLF ethinic policy, Mrs Azeb Mesfin will support her husband and it is natural . Don’t you think so ?

  3. Nestanet Zegeye
    | #3

    I am impressed with both comments.
    I am lucky to have these comments as well, for it is me that has stoked your mind and pen to give us such golden words which were hiding in you.
    From Lideta to Ba’ta means, to me and to almost the contemporary salaried people in Ethiopia, from the first day of the pay to the following three days. Ba’ta, one of the arks whose monthly commemoration falls on the third day of each month, is known by many civil servants to be a token that salaries would stop functioning due to the fall of the purchasing power of our Birr.
    The guards of Bill Gates and one of the rich people in Ethiopia are diametrically different, my dear brother(s). Leave that to me(in our friendly chat, we are used to say, ‘yan or yihn lene tewewu,) I know them very well. Leave alone the guard of Bill Gates et al, an Ethiopian guard who works in one of the hotels in Dubai or there around can hire the guard of an Ethiopian tycoon as his guard. This is simple logic. They pay them a relatively nice pay maybe depending on the living standard of the nation they reside in. Maybe you my brother have left your country in the good old days, in the time in which little money could cover the expenses of the payee. This time is highly changed and people are suffering economically.
    I said God and Allah to mean one entity, one creator, one Superpower Who spiritually governs this universe, though I am not as open as you may be. Like you I believe in one God Whose only Son is Jesus Christ. But I feel, honestly, that I have to respect the religion of others as I want them to do the same. It is my conviction that truth is one, though we may have various spectacles to see them and to my belief those spectacles through which we look into ‘realities’are the ones responsible for the chaotic or grotesque status quo of our planet. We can exchange emails for such personal issues, and I am more than happy in that regard.
    I believe, as I do think you do as well, in relativity. Everything is relative and we speak of two things by comparison. For example, who is poor is the US and who is Poor in Ethiopia? You and I differ in such instances, based on what you wrote here above and what I wrote there above. In the US, there might be inflation compensation but that is thought of in Ethiopia. One has to itch month to month with what he is allowed to get paid. Here the price of a litre od milk is Birr 11, but the minimum salary of people is about Birr 330, some deduction included. Therefore, the salary of a person may not cover the cost of a litre a day in a month if that person, by mere coincidence, needs to survive on a litre of milk a day basis. My brother, enatu wonz yeweredechibetna enatu yemotechibet aynet new negeru.
    About the ‘stereotype’ I haven’t got the kernel of the saying. But if you mean you repeat things, yes I repeat, all repeats. We don’t have anything new unless the woyanne goes and something new that can change our gear to a better situation comes into being. But I am positive of all comments. I am very much happy to exchange ideas about our Mother, Ethiopia, whatever that idea might be so long as we are discussing matters in good faith and for a real change. Thank you all.

  4. Kane
    | #4

    Hi Moderator(s) and Readers,

    The author in the above article left me confused. What is he trying to say? I wish the moderator(s) could exercise some sensible judgement before posting any article that comes across their desk. I beleive articles like this one do not belong in forums like this. Be careful here, I am not in anyway advocating sensorship. I am simply saying, in my humble opinion, I place a minimum treshold in the way materails are presented and I expect to gain some level of understanding and insight in the author’s views and not find myself confused as to what he/she is trying to say.

    Would be authors, please just stick to simple and undrstandable english rather than trying to impress your readers with pompous words to no avail. I beleive your main objective should be to communicate to your reader what you are trying to say in simple and precise english and not to loose and confuse them with mumbo jumbo.

    Moderator, you ought to demand from your authors some level of clarity in their presentation. At a minimum the article needs to have a clear and discernable thesis, a somewhat smooth flow of well put together sentences that make a good paragraph that support the stated thesis, a narrative the reader could easily follow, and if the author is so gifted to endulge his/her readers with some historical or contemporary evidence that support his/her argument or opinion. Otherwise, for the sake of writing to satisfy ones ego, anyone (including mua) could put some words together into a paragraph and call it an article.

    Addressing this particular author, please do not be ofended by my seemingly harsh critisism. I do not mean any disrespect. I hope you understand what I am trying to get at. The level and quality of dialogue needs to be raised up a notch in forums such as this.

    Thank You, for your patience and tolerance (which I seem to lack) in reading my opinion.

  5. kush-kush
    | #5

    I am really sorry to use the word ” Stereotype ” instead of using the very simple and easy one like Generalization . An example of this is when we condemn the TPLF/EPLF ethinic tribalist leaders, we have to separate the innocents from the criminal gangs . When I said you are stereotype what I meant was do not mention the spouse of the TPLF/EPLF leader . The other thing is I am very flattered by your positive comment and attitude . What most confuses me is on your comment you said in good faith . What you meant was with equal respect and recognizing each other or you meant in religious terms ? If your intention is the former one, I will be very glad to involve in the struggle against the cruel tribalist TPLF/EPLF criminals . If your aim was about religion, I am very reserved in that particular subject because I have no appetit and taste for any religion to that matter . I believe that understanding is caring . What do you think ?

  6. Assta B. Gettu
    | #6

    From Assta B. Gettu to Netsanet Zegeye

    Dear Netsanet,

    I have had no clue what from Lideta to Baáta meant until you have kindly explained it to me. It is sad, indeed, to hear that some Ethiopians don’t have enough money that carries them from the first pay-day check to the next one even though the most revered religious Holydays such as Baáta Mariam and Lideta Mariam should not be used or abused for something not related to the Holy Virgin Merry, Mother of God, Jesus Christ.

    You carefully wrote: “I said God and Allah to mean one entity, one creator, one supreme power who spiritually governs this universe….”

    Allow me, please, to explain the difference between the Christian God – Jesus Christ – and the Muslim God – Allah.

    The Christian God, Jesus Christ, has the authority to forgive sins (John 1, Col. 1); the Muslims Allah cannot forgive sins, nor does his prophet Muhammad (Surah 18:110).
    Jesus raised himself from the dead (Matthew 28:6); the Muslims Allah was unable to raise Muhammad from the dead, and Muhammad still remains dead.
    The Christian God, Jesus Christ, lived a sinless life (2nd Corinthians 5:21); the Muslims Allah himself refers to his Prophet Muhammad as a sinful (Surah 40:55, 48:1-2).
    The Christian God, Jesus Christ, did numerous miracles to prove His divinity (John 14:11 and Mathew 9:2-7); the Muslims Allah never performed any singular miracle (Surah 17:90-95; 3:183; 29:50-51). The reason why Muhammad never performed a miracle shows that his Allah is not a real God that works wonders; in fact, he is a powerless Allah.
    The Christian God, Jesus Christ, cared for his enemies and promised to save those who believe and trust in Him (Matthew 5:43-44); the Muslims Allah ordered his Prophet Muhammad to kill his enemies who disagreed with him (Surah 9:5).
    The Christian God, Jesus Christ, held a high view of marriage and hated divorce (Matthew 19:7-8); the Muslims Allah commanded Muhammad to tell his adopted son to divorce his wife so that she would become Muhammad’s wife (Surah 33:36-38).

    The Christian God, Jesus Christ, gave his disciples authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness (Matthew 10:1; Mark 6:12-13); the Muslims Allah gave his followers the authority to wage war on unbelievers – Christians, Jews, and others (Surah 48:29).

    The Christian God, Jesus Christ, said to his followers that if anyone will not welcome you, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home or town (Matthew 10:14-15, 23); the Muslims Allah ordered his followers to attack any city that rejected Islam. He said: “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in each and every ambush….” (Surah 9:5; 9:29)

    The Christian merciful God, Jesus Christ, forgave the adulterous woman who was supposed to be stoned and killed (John 8:3-11); the Muslims Allah said: “The adulteress and the adulterer you shall whip each of them a hundred lashes. Do not be swayed by pity from carrying out GOD’s law, if you truly believe in GOD and the Last Day.” (Quran 24:2). In fact, some Muslims stone to death a woman found raped by unknown men.

    Generally speaking, the Muslim Allah is the cruelest god that cannot stay for a second without drinking someone’s blood. Once a person is in a Muslim faith, he cannot get out; if he does, he will be killed because the Muslims Allah says that if anyone becomes a renegade and leaves his Muslim faith, seize him and kill him (Quran 4:90).

    So, my dear friend, the name Allah used to be one of the names of the idols in Mecca such as Hubal, Allah, Al-Lat, Manat, and Al-Uzza. Therefore, Allah is the name of an idol the self-proclaimed Prophet Muhammad chose as his god, his Allah. I hope you can understand the big difference between the Christian God, Jesus Christ, and the Muslims God, Allah. Besides, the Muslims Allah never recognized Jesus Christ as the true Son of the living God. According to the Muslims Allah, Jesus Christ never died on the cross, and never rose from the dead, and Muhammad is greater than Jesus Christ.

    Finally, the analogy you made between those of us who live in the west and those of them who live in Ethiopia is quite amazing, and it says it all about the living conditions in my Christian country, Ethiopia. The analogy you gave was: እናቱ ወንዝ የወረደችበትና እናቱ የሞተችበት ዓይነት ነው: it makes me cry because I have lost all my parents, my mother, my father, brothers, sisters, uncles, nephews, grand fathers and grand mothers on both sides – all have perished, and they will never come back, thanks to Meles Zenawi and his wife Azeb Mesfin and all the crime families.

    Thank you for your quick response!

  7. Kemalyy
    | #7

    Well first the title itself is funny, second I am 100% sure it is not the Ethiopian people who put Meles and Issias on this position, even if you ask Meles in 1994 never planned to be the ruler of Ethiopia, as far as I am concerned it is the Ethiopian oppositions like EPRP weakness gave a chance to Meles, EPRP fought the derg from inside and make the central government so weak, but EPRP itself never be ready to take power from the dergu, militarily economically and diplomatically even social lost the game and TPLF came on well prepared ground and took over the game. still we are doing the same thing, you fight this government but Ethiopian opposition are not ready to take power too weak, so you are preparing for another monster to take over and control Ethiopia. Who know Shabea or OLF and Egyptian will be happy when that happen

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