ONLF Charges Zenawi Killing of More Civilians

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Doha — Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) on Wednesday accused Ethiopian military forces of more that 20 innocent civilians in the mainly Somali dominated region in eastern Ethiopia. (more…)

Doha — Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) on Wednesday accused Ethiopian military forces of more that 20 innocent civilians in the mainly Somali dominated region in eastern Ethiopia.

Hussein Mohammed Nur, head of the information of ONLF, told Shabelle that the military forces of Ethiopian government committed actions against humanity in the region, killing dozens of civilians and torching more huts, a shelter of nomadic Somalis in eastern Ethiopia.

In an interview with Shabelle, Mr. Nur said that the most recent event of mass murder took place in locations of Qorahley, Farmadow and Dhagahbur in the mainly ethnic Somali province in Ethiopia, where many Somalis live.

He vowed that ONLF will get revenge on Ethiopians for the mass murder of Somali people in Ethiopia.

No comments about ONLF’s charge were immediately available.

  1. Lucy in America
    | #1

    pleasenrothers and sisters,let us unify our froces before the adwa’s shire’s and axum’sagamido eat us one by one separately.

  2. Alex
    | #2

    Hi mr fight the fight and show them capable to defend u r territory the cry comes to the other side this is the formula of war even so war is not a solution for any conflict in this world just defending u r community is no harm and every peace loving people are behind u just attack who ever comes to attack u don’t kill innocent people like u did two yrs ago the innocent workers with whom working with the Chinese .

  3. What?
    | #3

    My heart always goes out to civilians who got killed without the fault of their own. When it comes to the seperation groups like OLF and ONLF-this is the only time I support tyrant Meles, the man I dispise the most in this world. OLF and ONLF should fight side by side with EPPF and the likes to get rid of the killer of innocent Ethiopians, instead of being an obstacle to our struggle. OLF and ONLF wake up and come to your senses to fight the real enemy. Let all Ethiopians from East, West, North and South of Ethiopia come together and fight the killers and looters of Ethiopians=Woyanes.

  4. Mojo
    | #4

    B/f war gov.& anti gov pleace set tack peac ather wise 2 mach peopl day

  5. zeman
    | #5

    Meles is wife of Bashir.

  6. Truth
    | #6

    #3, you are retarded Weyane. Get out of your Ethiopian cloth and defend openly what you stand for, Tigray Republic. You are defending the tyrant and at the same time you make a call for ” unified action” against the same person you defended.

    You know from your heart that it is ONLF that makes you bleed at this time. How do you defend a person who constitutionally allowed any region to go its own if it choose to do so?

  7. truth
    | #7

    The dangerous people who are thwarting the struggle liberating Ethiopia are people like # 3. He talks about how much he hates Melese. As you know, Melese didn’t hide his intention breaking up of Ethiopia. He did that through his constitution. Why #3 prefer Melse to Ogadenians and blame them to death for exercising their constitutional right? Ogadenians are the victim of Melese agenda. Like others opposition forces, the ONLF needs our sympathy. Openly supporting their agenda is another matter….

  8. Truth
    | #8

    Why does Melese chose fighting ONLF? To save Ethiopian from disintegration?

    Melse would be happy see Ethiopia disintegrated overnight. It is the loot in the vast empire which tides his hands for now. He made Ethiopa ready for disintegration at the moment of notice. He knows the inevitability of Ethiopian break up when he erected physical boundaries along ethnic lines. He also knows those boundaries are meant to stay forever.

    He is fighting ONLF for one reason; to avoid the domino effect of disintegration once Ogaden is free. This will abort his loot prematurely.

  9. What?
    | #9

    Truth…Truth…Truth, come on! Me, a supporter of Meles? Are you out of your freaking mind? Meles is the most heartless, cold blooded killer, liar and looter sub-human that I know of. How could anybody with a right mind support a man that has committed despicable crimes against humanity? Let me tell you one thing, you are badly mistaken about me, not only Meles, but I despise all the separatist groups that are determined to get their independent at the cost of human life, even if they have to massacre innocent Ethiopian women and children to get what they want, as TPLF and EPLF have done to innocent Ethiopians. I believe with all my beings that OLF and ONLF is a political party that have been created by Esayas and Meles to divide Ethiopians. The OLF and ONLF members are so badly brainwashed and hate filled, it is frightening.
    Truth, I am not at all a supporter of Woyanes by all means. I support all the political parties that are fighting for ONE ETHIOPIA. Death to Woyanes and other separatist groups.

  10. Truth
    | #10

    # 9,

    “…this is the only time I support tyrant Meles…”

    That was your statement. How is in the world, do you support a person who caused more damage to Ethiopia than Mussolini did?

    Are you expecting Melese to punish “brainwashed OLF and ONLF”? You must be joking… Many Ethiopians especially Amhara intellectuals view of Ethiopia is frozen for more than a quarter century. TPLF, OLF, ONLF or other liberation fronts will continue to exist till the day of Ethiopian demise. Many Amhara intellectuals are in denial of the reality. Their unconditional commitment for unity is seen as irrational and foolish by many who thrive on power by preaching disunity.

    Unless, we examine carefully where we are, where we are going and create alliance meticulously, we will end up being the enemy of all. Time is not in our side. Don’t be deceived by Kinijit success. Beneath the surface, hatred avalanche is bubbling…

    Many hard core Weyanes pretend as if they are pro unity. They use insult on others in the name of unity. Their objective is to create a permanent rift between their opposing forces. This strategy has been successful for decades. We have to clean ourselves from those pretenders and choose the strategy what is the best for us.

  11. What?
    | #11

    I wish all peace loving Ethiopians– A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Truth,stop talking on both sides of your moth. Let’s face it, you are a closet Amhara hater/ Racist/ undercover Woyane and the biggest supporter of killer Mele. If someone asks you, what are the basis and reasons of your hate towards struggling Amharas, you will never be able to come up with one single sold fact! Either you are a woyane agent, or you are one of those brain washed victims of Isayas and Meles trained to hate Amharas. Yet Amharas have never committed crimes on other ethnic Ethiopians like Isayas, his cousin Meles and his puppets have done to Ethiopians. Do you even know that Haile Sellassie and Mengestu were multi ethnic Ethiopians and Christians and Muslims? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT EXCEPT HATE IT SELF? Ethiopians need to be aware that EPLF, TPLE, OLF and ONLF are all the enemies of Ethiopia that are ready to gun down innocent Ethiopians as it happened in Rwanda between Hutus and Tutsis. May God protect Ethiopians from home grown blood thirsty evil minded men and women!!!!!!
    I came from a multi ethnic Ethiopian family and will always defend and stand for ONE ETHIOPIA! Death to all the enemies of Ethiopia who stay awake day and night to find a way to cause harm and death to innocent Ethiopians—EPLE…TPLE,… OLF…ONLF go to HELL!

  12. Ghion
    | #12

    The mercenaries of Issayas Afeworki of Eritrea, Egypt and Qatar, the so called ONLF always cry fowl whenever the gallant Ethiopian defense forces kicks their ass. These ONLF terrorists are terrorizing the locals in Degahabur, Giggiga and everywhere else in the state of Ethiopian Somali land and then turn around blame it on the Ogadeni state forces.
    You can lie and lie all you want in every news paper and web blogs, the truth of all that matters is that, you can never and will not kill the truth, TRUTH will never die and that is you are a terrorist, criminal mercenaries hired by Ethiopian enemies, such as Eritrea, Egypt and Qatar, you are the scummiest of all the scummiest rotten vermin.
    And there is no questions in my mind that the Ogadeni Ethiopian forces has defatted you, just like anything else, obviously there are some residues that needs to be cleaned up by the Ethiopian Ogadeni forces and they will.

  13. What?
    | #13

    Ghion, you are right about ONLF, but you lost credibility when you failed to mention the two worst enemies of Ethiopia that are responsible for the loss of millions of innocent Ethiopians and Ethiopia’s limited natural resources ~~EPLF and TPLF. Let’s call a spade a spade! OKAY! Have a nice day!

  14. Anonymous
    | #14

    # 11,

    Please, don’t read a fiction of your imagination.

    Where did you see my hate towards Amharas?

    You are telling us that you come from mixed ethnicity. Baloney!! Don’t tell us next you are oromo-Amhara origin.

    In Ethiopia, TPLF’s land of torture, why are you lumping together the victim and perpetrates in the same camp? It this view that makes you smell typical of Weyane with camouflage of unity.

  15. ethio rocking
    | #15

    oh my god

  16. What
    | #16

    LOL! Truth, how can you be Anonymous and at the same time asking me this question–”Where did you see my hate towards Amharas?”
    Anyhow, I wish you well and please try to take time and think for others once in while and try to treat others the same way you want to be treated. HAPPY NEW YEAR~

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