Off the Record by Yinegal Belachew

December 27th, 2010 Print Print Email Email

Shalom Everybody,

In Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, today is Monday, the 27th of December 2010. This short article may be my last piece to this old year. Until we meet next year, God willing, in fact, let me tell you something off the record about outstanding news that clearly shows the prevalence of Mr. Apartheid in our country.

If you remember, Ethiopia had extended her helping hand to the liberation from apartheid of South Africa during the first years of, I think, the Dergue Regime. But, now we ourselves have become victims of the irony of history that we too are by now badly in need of the same help from anyone to get rid of an apartheid imposed by our own brothers and sisters.
If we were exposed to only apartheid, that would have been less severe in both physical and psychological terms. But what is much irritating and terribly agonizing is the apartheid imposed upon us by the Tigrian Hegemony is accompanied by genocide, ethnic cleansing, and deep-rooted corruption based on ethnocentric selfish motives. In the upcoming New Year, I will try to say anything that comes to my pen about such painful catastrophes in Ethiopia like I have been doing hitherto.

Ms Justice has lost both of her eyes in our country. The one who is solely responsible for the piercing and the consequential blindness of the eyes of Ms Justice in Ethiopia is Ato Meles and his system of apartheid. In Ethiopia, if you are from the ethnic group of the ruling ‘agamido’s (bandits), you can simply do any crime including killing and plundering millions of Birr or any property for that matter; you will face no prosecution or if need be there to make believe the false presence of justice, your colleagues will dramatize it but the pretentious dramatization is usually poorly orchestrated in such a way that it doesn’t trick or fool even a two years old kid.

We have an example. The so called Askalukan(?) Company, run by one of the chosen people in the apartheid system of the Woyanne, robbed some 46 million Birr from 1200 people in a pretext to facilitating and buying tickets to go to South Africa to watch the World Cup. That person was said to have escaped ‘justice’ and gone to abroad. But we were informed later by the Woyanne media that he was extradited from Germany through the Interpol. It was nice. We all were happy with that news in a wish that criminals can never escape justice and might be brought back to country from wherever they might be hiding.
But that entire fussy pretense was simply a mere charade which was intended to fill the gap in the propaganda consumption of the Woyanne media which is under crisis due to lack of credibility.

To our dismay and the dismay of the ones who have lost their money, a person who robbed 46,000,000.00 Birr and impoverished 1200 innocent citizens is now sentenced to serve only FOUR and HALF years of [rigorous] imprisonment. We know this will also be found out to be unrealistic and he will be released even within six months or so as long as he is the golden child of Tigray, what an enigmatic historical incidence are we, Ethiopians, facing!!! Had he been one among the ‘speaking animals’, of course, he could have been thrown into one of their dungeons, the whereabouts of which is unknown, to stay there forever. This is Ethiopia, any how. It is these people the west considers as patrons of fledgling democracy in Africa and gives all the necessary support for the sustenance of such roguish apartheid. We have to know that words alone never bring any viable change. Words are, rather, usually deceptive and are used by many people to cover the truth. In light of this, I most often get surprised when I observe the west being fooled by the circumlocution of Meles Zenawi who is expert in lying and deceiving people through good diction.

I sometimes tend to believe that these western statesmen and women are purposely bamboozled for their own economic and political interest. But, if this is the real case, please tell them, this view of mine, just off the record; they are absolutely wrong and sinful. They may not believe in God; but, what about their conscience? How do they dare to lie their conscience? Don’t they deserve to think as a sane human being? Would they be happy to face such problems if things reciprocate in due course of history? What would they feel if they were in our shoes? What do they mean when they give priority to few scoundrels at the expense of 85 million people? Do they sleep well while the apartheid system they created in Ethiopia causes the country to be demolished entirely along with her citizens? When will these western people who are the very reasons for our eternal suffering come to their conscience and stop supporting state terrorism? Please tell them this too, off the record.

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