Why’s the “International Community” so hard on Gbagbo? – By; Kiflu Hussain

December 27th, 2010 Print Print Email Email

To the best of my knowledge, men in power have always been known to resist and clamp down on civil disobedience such as protests and strikes.However, Alasan Ouatarra, the “internationally” recognized President of Ivory Coast went down in history by calling a strike which according to BBC seems to have gone unheeded.

Speaking of his recognition as President brings me to the question of the “international community’s” stance on whether it helps bring normalcy or spin things out of control in that former French colony. In my book, by the way, international community are those who call the shots such as US, European nations and China.AU/OAU/,ECOWAS,IGAD including UN are rubber stamp organizations who invariably get browbeaten into doing or not doing something as per the interests of the big powers of our world.Again,to the best of my knowledge, Laurent Gbagbo would be the second President next to Saddam Hussein to be removed from power by external forces, if the “international community” moves in to have a showdown with him. I shudder to imagine the ensuing bloodshed if his army stays loyal despite the sanction that is expected to affect the flow of their salaries.Besides, history has recorded, especially in Africa, many “charismatic” leaders who win absolute loyalty of their followers; salary or no salary.

But why is the so-called international community so hard on Gbagbo? Unless one is incorrigibly naive, it’s crystal clear that it has nothing to do with seeing the “will” of the people being respected. One can be certain that if Gbagbo had been as useful as Meles Zenawi, the despot in Ethiopia with a Somali like situation in the vicinity of Ivory Coast or some other geopolitical interest he can cater for, this same international community would have twisted the arms of everybody concerned to make way for him. In short, what moral authority does this world have to censure Gbagbo while it not only tolerates but continues to pamper egregious despots like Zenawi with all his puny institutions ranging from the electoral board to the kangaroo court? I see no reason to deny Gbagbo’s Supreme Court the same “credibility” accorded to his peers in Africa. As one of his Aide asked in Aljazeera “Inside politics”Talkshow,why not even equate it with the United States Court that earned a nickname “In calendars we trust” during the election debacle between Bush and Al Gore?


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