I too am aggrieved by DPM & FM Haile Mariam Desaleng’s interview on the nifty ITMN-By Genet Mersha

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I am writing this piece to join Ato Ephrem Madebo for finding time and strength to write his observation and personal reactions (www.abugidainfo.com, 28 Dec) to DPM & FM Haile Mariam Desalegn’s interview on India’s ITMN television on 24 Dec. (more…)

I am writing this piece to join Ato Ephrem Madebo for finding time and strength to write his observation and personal reactions (www.abugidainfo.com, 28 Dec) to DPM & FM Haile Mariam Desalegn’s interview on India’s ITMN television on 24 Dec. I am equally disappointed by those individual that responded to him with vulgarity, something that has become common these days on prodemocracy Ethiopian web pages.

The sad part of it is that we live at a time, when the ruling party is hiring unemployable, minions as a means to fight pro-democracy activities both at home and abroad—by actually paying them to attack and vilify others with convictions and points of view. It is granted that it is civil to disagree with a point of view, but the lowest of the lows one could stoop is to be a hired hand to stop the flow of ideas they disagree with. If one disagrees with a point of view, she or he should trash the idea as vehemently as possible. What is required of them is to present alternative ideas, without besmirching the writer. I recognize that this is an impractical suggestion, since the few dollars the TPLF pays such individual have more appeal than reason and decency. I do not know Ato Ephrem in person, but I do not think he, others or I would stop writing because of the immature actions of a few paid agents.

Anyways, let it be known that I too share similar sentiments with Ato Ephrem Madebo regarding the poor performance of DPM & FM for two reasons. Firstly, the DPM & FM has done poorly in expressing himself, let alone promoting Ethiopia. I could not see in him a person with conviction or informed ideas. Instead, I saw a robot, regurgitating what he had heard, some of it from his boss. I felt cold in a warm room throughout his interview, courtesy of www.aigaforum.com. Secondly, ITMN is a very successful television programme producer for middle class India, a reasonably wealthy and sophisticated throng of some three hundred million. Bahi Vickram’s programme focuses on current affairs and current issues worldwide, inviting personages with substance and flair. Even their TV programme is so influential that they have dubbed on its masthead the words “THE TELEVISION FOR BRILLIANT MINDS.”

I am sorry to say that our DPM & FM just made a fool of himself, embarrassing our country and each one of us. One sees him struggling with habitual tendency to lecture others, as if his ill-digested ideas collected through hearsays and the contradictions thereon about growth and development are not a disgrace. I could see the disgust in the face and tone of the interviewer, especially when he asked him what value added he would bring in terms of ideas as deputy prime minister and foreign minister. By way of a response, our DPM & FM began to pull his long cadre yarn of ‘blahbla’, totally unrelated to the question asked or the conversation he was invited to.

At that point, I was infuriated, and feeling ashamed how much Bahi Vickram and the Indian middle class compatriots should hold us in contempt, as a nation. A couple of time, the interviewer was correcting Ato Haile Mariam Desalegn’s mistaken views or points. Therefore, the only time I saw a comfortable person was towards the end, when he was talking about his “huge influence” in Ethiopia. Even there, he could not make a good case of what his ideas are, how his “huge influence” could help him to realise it, and how they could be implemented—using as example the narrower sphere of diplomacy on the country’s pressing issues as a foreign minister and in the broader sectors of the nation’s complex development activities as DPM.

Moreover, a couple of times Vickarm interchangeably used the words “land sale” and “land renting”, either to test the water or being poorly informed. Unless both are being practiced in today’s Ethiopia in a form I have never known, the DPM & FM did not move to correct it. He appeared as if he had come to the studio to put out the fire, merely playing a defensive role. Unfortunately, he left the studio as a relived person (from his trademark grin); but I would not be surprised if asked for a stiff drink on his return to his hotel room, without realising that he has left behind the image of a lost nation. What is worrisome is the example he sets to our young diplomats, in a ministry that is bereft of skill and tested hands. On top of that, the cynicism this breeds on the importance of career development is frightening, given that our top diplomat has made it to the apex of the power ladder, just within a short ten years.

My first familiarisation with the DPM &FM took place in mid-November through his interview on the Egyptian paper Biyokulue.com. That same interview was recast by BBC’s Monitoring Service three days later. There are some contradictory answers that have surprised me. All through his interview Ato Haile Mariam appeared a less informed official, who is recapitulating what he has heard. At one point in the middle of their conversation, journalist Kamal Idris asked him elementary question such as “What is the quantity of water your country contributes to the Nile River?” This was followed by the query what Ethiopia’s motives were in demanding its share of the Nile waters after a long silence. The answer is because “we can produce 5,000 megawatts of electricity from this river in Ethiopia alone.”

Then there was the question of relations with Arab countries entertaining hostile attitude towards Ethiopia because they think Ethiopia is trying to hurt Egypt deliberately through water use. The response of our foreign minister was: “If we build a new dam in Ethiopia, it does not mean we would take the share of others in the river. Electricity production will not affect Egypt’s share in the water. In fact, we can both share in the development. Furthermore, we do not have vast stretches of agricultural land along the Nile River. We have little land. It is also possible that through agreement we can irrigate our land with quantises of the water that evaporates in Egypt.” How one gets from here to there is simply reduced to the question of ethics—fairness in water use!

Moreover, the emphasis for Ethiopia’s development is focussed like laser on electricity. The question of food production comes only as an afterthought, when the water distribution becomes an issue. This may not be Ato Haile Mariam’s fault, but of the very policy the country is made to pursue, although in his capacity as politburo of the TPLF-led EPRDF he is one of the 36 who gave it his blessing. There appears clash between on one hand in trying to advance a robust position to defend Ethiopia’s access to and full utilisation of the waters of the Nile River and on the other to meet the food needs of the country’s rapidly growing population. There I saw our DPM & FM wallowing in confusion. His fault is that he cannot see the shortcomings of his performance now. His yes-men would cheer him up and the danger is he cannot improve himself.

It is natural for every people to expect to see an accomplished and informed diplomat representing their nation on the world stage. Unfortunately, most people are not aware that diplomacy requires quick thinking, ability to relate to history, a sense of international law, economics and familiarity with precedents in international life. Ato Haile Mariam could be a good cadre, a loyal ally, and a good person for that matter. But he is not material for diplomacy. I would not worry much about the language side of his deficiency; in fact, it is quite all right. He can get bye. The tragedy is that he lacks the facility for quick thinking, the preparation and the information (knowledge base). As an ambitious person who bids his time, he lacks the fire inside him to build himself as a leader. This is not because he is an engineer, but because loyalists are not cut for the job.

This observation would not be complete without mentioning the fact that usually heads of state and government prefer a poorly-equipped lieutenant to deputise them. It is an established fact a person without confidence in his ability and his vision is incapable of outshining them. This has often been the same situation again and again, for the past two decades. I am inclined to believe that the choice is deliberate. That also explains DPM & FM Haile Mariam Desalegn’s meteoric rise to power. It is a telling story that Ethiopia is still on the edge of the precipice, whose cascading decline in terms of manpower development keeps on hounding it at every turn. Do they say, people get the leaders they deserve? This is said of nation that does not respect itself, because it does not respect, cherish and protect their achievements by anchoring its system of rewards on education and performance.
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  1. Shimelis
    | #1

    What kind of stupid puppet did they put in this position. He just tries copy the lies of Meles Zenawi. Bilash

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    Genet, thank you for your deep analysis. You made very valuable points. The last paragraph says it all, he has been chosen for the for all the wrong reasons. What the leadership doesn’t seem to grasp is that it gives a weak image of itself.
    As for the country getting the leaders they deserve? Well, there is some truth in it, we tend to prefer mediocrity over excellence, especially within some of the elite circles. We’re just a sad nation getting sadder by the day.

  3. አባባ
    | #3

    shimelis:- it is obvious these days in ethiopia that the more stupid you are the better position you get.period.why?for many purposes.

  4. Abera
    | #4

    Hailemariam would not take an honor in just becoming a politician. But his honor of becoming a foreign minister lies squarely on becoming the extended arm of Meles Zenawi. His appointment and promotion is a result of his submission and loyalty to Meles’s Bantustan design on the southern people. Eskinder Nega’s assessment of dismal failure of Hailemariam is accurate and is there in the open sun for every one to see. Hailemariam is an opportunist who was willing to sell his soul, religion, his people and every thing for what ever illusive gain he might think he will get. He has changed his religion from catholic to Hawaria religion for the sake of marrying his wife who initially shunned him a lot. He has sold his own people of Wolayita and has delivered them to fascist’s bullet in the dark day of the history of that people. He is single handedly responsible for the massacre at Loke, Sidama for which he only paid in the form of a disgraceful exit from Hawassa city after nagging Meles Zenawi to be unseated from the presidential post and after the Sidama politicians decided to withdraw from the south coalition unless Hailemariam is removed from president of the south. Hailemariam is an opportunist aspirant who digs around the ground on which people stand to snatch their position. Hailemariam who initially hid in Hawaria religion had opportunism got the better of him when he met the former secretary of the south Tefera Maskale, who is also a Wolayita. Tefera promised him he will get every thing he wants by becoming a Woyane agent like himself. Tefera Maskale, a war prisoner who was captured without firing a single bullet by Woyane, was a thief who was stealing money like his Woyane masters in the open sun and Hailemariam sensed there is a free ride for money apart from post. Hailemariam immediately joined the EPRDF and was also given a dean post at water institute in Arbaminch as well as a seat in the southern EPRDF political establishment. Sad to say his transition from a water engineering teacher to politician did not bode well. He has become quickly discomforting to the eye. He was bossing and posturing around and was trying to impose himself as a political quick fix. He quickly came at loggerheads with the people of Wolyita with his dictatorial attitude. It is said that Hailemariam belongs to the lowest of the 8 ethnic cast groups in Wolayita named IZZA (spell Z as zigurgur). He has therefore deep seated inferiority complex against his own people. His attitude born out of inferiority complex made matters even worse where people started hating him more in his own region. Hailemariam is also quick to substitute Amhara, and Tigre as Neftegnas. This term became a buzz word to him and any one who dare confront him, he was quick to label them as Neftegnas, which was a very childish yet dangerous behavior. Digging around Tefera Maskale, Hailemariam facilitated his disgraceful exit from the secretary post. Hailemariam quickly assumed this post after Tefera was deposed. Tefera was more liked by the Wolayita people but the TPLF kings in Hawassa did not like him as he refuses to submit to them. The TPLF masters in the south (headed by Bitew Belay – the notorious cruel and cantankerous Woyane king maker of the south) was looking for a willing actor, and Hailemariam , the opportunist , presented himself as an information giver, witness and evaluator to get rid of Tefera. Then after Hailemariam felt that he is now a well established boss and started doing funny things. One and the funniest of all was his attempt to merge the language of four ethnic groups together (Wolayita, Gamo, Gofa and Dawro). He named this new language WoGaGoDa language, taking the first letter from each ethnic group. He also had the intention of declaring the region a Wogagoda region. This was vehemently opposed particularly by his own people of Wolayita. They took it as insult to their culture and language that a single person decides to amalgamate four languages together and comes up with a new manufactured language. Hailemariam was incensed and he called a meeting in Wolayita to tell people of this new language! In that meeting one of the participants stood up and asked Hailemariam: “we heard that you are a water engineer. But who has made you to become a language engineer?” This was to the laughter of people in the hall. Hailemariam became more incensed and emotional. He told them banging the table again and again “whether you like it or not it will be implemented “ (wodedachum telachhum tegbarawi yihonal). Meanwhile other EPRDF politicians like Simon Mechale, Petros Olango, Woldemichael Chamo, all from Wolayita, retreated back saying this language experiment will create a public backlash and withdrew leaving Hailemariam alone. The matter went to Meles Zenawi. Representative of the people of Wolayita brought a petition to Meles asking him to halt the advance of (the “devil “as they call it ) WEoGaGoDa. Meles told them that their demand was right and asked them to push on with their demonstration. On the other hand he told Hailemariam to “crash them with full force” when they go out for demonstration. The people of Wolayita new very well Meles’s double standard and they decided to take a public protest. One of the organizers of the protest said “we know Meles’s double standard and Negaso Gidada , the president, chose silence on the matter. We will preserve our language and culture with our blood and not through petition and begging”. The day of protest arrived; every body went out for protest singing:” the people of Wolyita this is your day of death, cry, cry”. The protestors marched to a building where text books prepared with the new Wogagoda language were stored . They smashed the door and burnt all the text books that costed a cool 40 million birr to prepare. The fascist Woyane forces marched with their shoot to kill style and murdered scores of people there by repeating the Soweto incident. In fact the blood of the murdered people of Wolyita halted the advance of the devil language called Wogagoda. Crazy as the idea itself appears Hailemariam was stunned by the peoples’ boldness and soon became a high blood pressure patient. From then on Hailemariam realized the Wolyita people are untouchable. In fact Wolyita has been allowed to establish its own independent zone within the southern Bantustan region.
    Hailemariam then switched to the Sidama people for his next diabolical and adventurous move. Now intimidated by the reaction of the Wolaiyta people he started trying to woo them by being an over night convert of the greater Wolyita ideology. He dug around the ground of Abate Kisho and, coincident with the TPLF split, Abate was sent together with his master Bitew Belay to a prison. In the old times in the south when a slave master dies, his slaves were also buried together to give service to their master while dead. Likewise when Bitew Belay was imprisoned, Abate Kisho was also sent there to give service to Bitew while in prison so that also he will not feel lonely. Hailemariam took command of the south, a reward for his submissiveness and for being the extended arm of Meles Zenawi for his evil Bantustan design on the south. Now professing the greater Wolyita ideology, Hailemariam started installing people from Wolyita to various posts in the south and came to confrontation with the Sidama people. The Sidamas were no less coward than Wolayitas. They resisted Hailemariam’s adventure and evil design of “reducing Sidmas to fit his size” Hailemariam instructed Sidamas to pack up and take their capital elsewhere and evacuate Hawassa immediately. The sidama’s resisted and similarly peacefully protested. Once again the woyane fascist forces marched in that same style of shoot to kill and murdered scores of people. The backlash resulted in the assassination of Fotola Otole who was a Sidama and Education Bureau head who happen to have sided with Hailemariam and as a result paid with his life. Hailemariam after witnessing Otola’s death panicked and wrote a letter of resignation to Meles in the middle of the backlash. Meles got incensed and telephoned Hailemariam and had some harsh words for him. Meles said to Haiemariam: “ you are a coward that succumbs to Sidama pressure”. After that Hailemariam was momentarily pushed out of office and was given a good dose of intimidation by Woyane to refrain from trouble making. Hailemariam once again got stunned and realized that Sidamas are untouchable. He developed further illness and lost the appetite to stay in the south and began nagging Meles Zenawi to be transferred to Addis Ababa. Meanwhile the Sothern region politics turned pathological under the command of the crazy Hailemariam. Sidama and Wolyita people began clashing with each other over land, water and political post. Woliyita and Ocholo people clashed in a reciprocal ethnic cleansing campaign resulting in the death of several people. The south indeed turned chaotic. Same ethnic clashes also occurred elsewhere including Mezenger in Kaffa region. After the bloody election of 2005 the Sidama EPRDF politicians decided that they want to establish their own region and will secede from the south. Meles got worried and he travelled to Hawassa and talked with the people. They told him if Sidama has to remain with the south, this devil called Hailemariam should be removed and the unfortunate Abate Kisho be released from prison. Meles succumbed to their demand and Hailemariam was transferred to Addis and was allowed to sit in an empty office. When the transfer was announced, the whole of Hawassa city was in jubilant mode. Cars were sirening and blinking lights in delight.

  5. Anonymous
    | #5


    Oh Oh ETHIOPIA..What a sad Story…Ethiopians what are we waiting for……..

  6. የዲሞክራቲ:ታዛቢው!!!!
    | #6

    OH JE …OH Je……He is PUPPET & Hippi Papagai of Legesse Zenawi he no nothing what to say and what to do…..and such a people They Don`t have the knowladge of Democracy…..

  7. Fano Derese
    | #7

    What do you expect From this guy?… He is the New Melese & Woyane Shoo.

  8. Abe
    | #8

    I don’t share that of Ghenet and Ephrem .After I listened to his interview, I sensed his honesty, positive,humble,and dedication to contribute his share. I am sure he will make a terrific PM.
    The usual diatribes from genet and Ephrem Madebo is nothing more than a shirr jealousy, or maybe they are not used to see a southerner from Kenbata in such important position

  9. aha!
    | #9

    Genet Mersha could lined up like the rest of in commenting on Ephrem Madebo instead of drawing a separate attention. Your articles on criticizing the DPM does not take us anywhere to bring about changes of TPLF/eprdf regime. You guys are pounding on the current regime and/or its leadership only attest to your acknowledgement of the legitimacy and/validty of the multi-layer, hierarchical political model of TPLF/eprdf, if the leaders did not say or do this or that.

  10. Melaku
    | #10

    You can accuse Ephrem in something else that you know but not in race and ethncity. I worked with him in the SEPDC support comittee from 1999 until 2004. He is the symbol of Ethiopian nationality, I remember when he torn appart the SEPDC leader (Beyene Petros) aftrer the 2005 election and left the SEPDC movment to be a blogger. I myslef critisiced Ephrem at the moment, but it took me four years to know that he was absolutely right. Ps go to Enset and read his writngs and see how centrist Ephrem is.If you live in the DC area, PS let me know. I will contact you Ephrem and you chalenge him. Make sure you have a very fast inforamtion processing brain. As long as Haile Mariam is the horse of Meles, I don’t think Ephrem cares even if they are brothers. Ephrem is a fearless fighter with the sharpest pen I ever saw. Why would Ephrem be jealous of Haile Mariam, he is a highly educated guy with good income. Abe, please go to aiga I know Ephrem is a pain in the a*** for you and for the TPLF bandas.

  11. Dilnessa
    | #11

    Hailemariam Desalegn,

    “min yalebet Zilay aichlem alu!’

    You talked to much about the existence of rule of law and Judiciary system that you were not asked about. You know all these things do not exist and your liar and criminal boss is the Law and the court. Remember, you are also counting the days and you will be in jail like Tamirat Layine (the other criminal puppet who currently is cuddling in the protestant church to escape the court of law).

  12. kush-kush
    | #12

    What amazes most was that both writers Ephrem and Genet tried to debase the TPLF/EPLF tribalist foreign minister . What I belive is that the two analysts manoeuvre to steal the hearts and minds of the diaspora . It was a nice try, but it was a failure . Since the TPLF/EPLF leader appoint Haile Mariam Desalegne, there is a war cry among by a few individuals . It seems to me that those few individuals are systematically diverting the struggle and want us to focus at the new annointed foreign minister . It does not bother me whether the individual is qualified or not, but what is bothering me is the defacto government is consolidating its power and no group is challenging it . This is the fact and stop picking an individual and do not say that person is enept, does not know how to express himself etcetera . Suppose this individual was a qualified person with the two writers criteria, we have to applause the TPLF/EPLF ethinic leader ? It looks like that the writers are envy of the person and may be they want to be considered by the defacto government .If that is the case, stop crying fowl and find another way or means to be recognized by the TPLF/EPLF criminal adminstration . If that is not your intention, write that can unite us and lead us to eliminate the barbaric regime . What makes me sick of it that is for the whole 20 years Seyum Mesfin was a foreign minister and was in peace and have never seen one piece of article against him . There is more to it . When the dead CUD leader but rather the so called the Amhara leader name was in the air, no one has ever dared about his ineptness, arogant behavior and narrow very narrow mentality . What is the difference between the TPLF/EPLF leader Melese Zenawe and the defacto Amhara leader Hailu Shawel ? To me both are tribalists and believe in their ethinic hegemony . No one in his right mind want to replace one criminal by over throwing another criminal . If one wants to argue and debate about the nationality question, I am more than willing to challenge and win the debater .Finally, I am not a match maker and if the two sensitive and the I know it all writers are single, they better form a family and go to the monastry for their honey moon . In the end, what the Indian interviewer said was not a big deal and irrelevant and what is relevant is how to defeat the tribalist junta . Selam Tena Yestiligne !

  13. kambuar
    | #13

    Kush-kush you have very low and mean standard for people. because hailemartiam is crtiticised does it mean some one is wishing his post. That is exactly the inferiority complex that hailemariam and the like have and the very low standard woyane has for people. Woyane does not understand the meaning of humanity and thinks every body likesw his post. Who in the world cares to become eprdf imposter. It is the sinnest of all sins in this world to serve a fascist regime. You said also the analysts want to steal the heart and minds of the diaspora. Well do not think all ethiopians are like solomon-kindibu-kehadi. Woyane is trying to treat ethiopians as if they are opprtunities willing to be stolen in to his tricks. It is the cheap cadre that goes out with his stone-dry revolutionary democracy to entice the diaspaora to clap for eprdf like Wurdetu Ayale(w) did. You mentioned we were too nice to seyoum mesfin. Aha the right answer is the tigre answer or what. We should be too nice to hailemariam because he is wolayita. Otherwise he will cry. You know in the south if some one like hailemariam is criticised he will immediately cry fowl and try to hide behind his ethnic identity. he will say the world is descending on me because i am a wolayita. Once shiferaw shigute, president of the southern region said: ” every body is tring to hide behind his ethnic identity. If i point to their weakness in adminstering their people, the local politicians will immediately start crying because i am wolayita, because i am kembata , because i am kaffa, because i am gamo, i am mistreated”. That is what he said.

  14. tewbel
    | #14

    he is just paroting his master, why are we surprised ??

  15. aha!
    | #15

    Kambuar, I am not in the busisness of sympathising of those who dwell on the opression of nations and nationalities underpinned with socialistic ideology. In fact he has implied in the first paragraph that he is brought up to respect the Ethiopian flag.

    With his current position he is only a tool to advance the policies of TPLF Politbuero. The authors are offended that the Diaspora is oblivious to the conditions in Ethiopia, and had a different take on land sale and/or lease. I criticised that differently from the authors opinion. It is ok to compartmentalise on statements of DPM, but hammering on those perepheral issues is nothing but acknowledging the legitimacy/validity of the current regime and keeps us out of focus from achieving economic and political freedom and liberty to individuals irrespective of ethnicity.

  16. Balcha
    | #16

    We blamed the woyanne for giving power only to members of one ethnic group. Now they have elevated an educated man from the most velified ethnc group to eminence, still the Diaspora is unhappy. I think the previous dominant group in Ethiopia were educated and they can write on the internet and do paltaks. They are unhappy always as long as they are not in power. Imagine- Afar, Gambela, Somali were governed by people sent from Addis, mostly amhara or some tigres or oromos. Now the is a university in afar and afars adminster their area- of course there are mismanagments but they are just starting. So the outcry against Hailemariam is becuase the amhara-led abyssinian estbalishment has lost power. But becuase they were able to immigrate and get some education, they can still talk. A reasenable attitude is to crtisize the ruling party, based on facts, and to fight it on good governance, economic policy, human rights violations. Just to hate continously, to frown on everything is really unconstructive and avails to nothing.

  17. tata
    | #17

    “even an ignorant or any illiterate person so long he is loyal to EPRDf can assume ministreal post” Melese Zenawi. so what is new with Hailemariam? Addisu Legesse ,a physical fitness instructor use to be deputy prime minister.These are nothing other than play things of Melese.it is waste of time to discuss on such trivial issue.

  18. Melaku
    | #18


    Please change your name form Balcha to “Aramucha”

  19. atuba dolla
    | #19

    As parents who smoke ciegerette have a hard time to tell and convice their children that smoking is bad for health,and therefore can not be a rolemodel for their children as well as for other children,worse is and more difficult for Meles’s agents to convince the 300 million Indian audiences, millions of the global communities,and 80 million Ehtiopians to convince them that Ethiopian farmers and the vast farm lands are in a good care.

    The system, TPLF/EPRDF leaders built without the rule of laws,tribalism and murder and lawlessness and robbery overwhemled and had overtaken the democratic rights and the livelyhood of farmers.This is why Halemariam Desalegne failed terribly and will continue to fail today and in the future.

  20. kush-kush
    | #20

    Mr, Sir, Master KAMBUAR————————————————–It is okay to run to that conclusion, but what is wrong to be Welaita, Kembata, or Gamo ? The bad thing is that you could not even guess who I am . I greatly thank you for telling me that I have INFERIORITY COMPLEX . I have a question for you : how can you uplift my inferiority complex and take me as your equal ? Think about it and I don’t need any wishful thinking . Besides, our main struggle is aginst the TPLF/EPLF criminal regime and not with individuals to that matter . My other question is what does it looks like for the Welaita, Kembata and Gamo persons to live with other nationalities like you who have HIGHER/DOMINANTCOMLEX ? You also mentioned Shigute’s opinion and he is definetely entiteld to his opinion. What is wong is that you did not realize Shigute’s opinion is a stereo type/generalizing all the southerners by criminalizing and framing them as narrow nationalists which they are not . Here, one thing must be clear that is playing ethinicity card is the main policy of TPLF/EPLF . By denying this fact you are accusing the innocent victims. What do you think master superior complex ? The Amharic saying goes with your irresponsible and irrational reaction ” Ahiyawun Ferto Dawulawun .” Who do we have to fight now ? I believe the answer is TPLf/EPLF . Last, I do not want you to missunderstand me and take me as your enemy . Let us not divide ourselves and fight . Let us not use vulgar language . The nationalities question need great care for the positive out come . If I am wrong, I am ready to be corrected . And also I have never said to any one s/he can not write about the TPLF/EPLF foreign minister . If you wish, you can say what ever that can suits you . What I said in a clear and plain english was that let us leave alone the individual TPLF/EPLF cabinet member and let us focus at our main struggle to defeat the TPLF/EPLF tribalist regime . In the end, I am not a confrotational person . Selam Tena Yestiligne !

  21. Genet Mersha
    | #21


    Genet Mersha wrote:

    Ato Balcha, you write a purportedly reasonable appeal, the intent of which is abhorrently bogus. Why does everything have to boil down to ethnicity? This is not to deny its importance, where it matters. For instance, it is proper trashing it out when discussing behaviour of the state and disloyalty of its leaders to its founding principles, customs and traditions of living together, by which society becomes governable. In the day-to-day life, everything cannot be ethnicity or democracy or Meles, the stolen election, Assab etc—important as all of them are!

    In other words, I would understand if the question of ethnicity is raised in connection with the state’s treatment of its citizens, whether it respects their equality, if individuals work in areas of their choice and competence and enjoy the fruits of their labour without being discriminated against. The key here is promoting equality of citizens in practice—enrichment of the nation’s endowments and sharing the benefits, without any prejudice against anyone or extra privileges to someone—in an environment that cherishes the human dignity of the individual citizen. If you are so much concerned about it, you should write about the tortures practiced in Ethiopian prisons so that no Ethiopian citizen is tortured—because he or she is Anuak, Oromo or Somali etc., suspected of actions against the state that they think does not represent their interests or a member or supporter of the opposition. Even then, they should face the courts, instead of being subjected to the vengeance of vigilantes in the ethnical security system, who rather fear that their government that has brought them riches is threatened. Allowing such an illegal course of action has only permitted a few to take the law into their hands.

    Since what is under discussion is entirely different from that, I very much resent your role as a messenger to the regime, the intention of which is to paint to our folks at home the diaspora as inimical to the interests of forgotten Ethiopians. Since that is not the case of our discussion, speaking for myself, I would like you to know that I reject your despicable crocodile tears for the following reasons:

    a. You tried to create division amongst Ethiopians on the basis of ethnicity, when that was not the reason why DPM-FM’s interviews are criticised as a source of embarrassment. You wrote, “So the outcry against Hailemariam is because the amhara-led abyssinian establishment has lost power.” Do you really believe in the heart of your heart that was the reason why his poor performance was criticised? I do not. Ato Ephrem can speak for himself. However, I recall reading his article sometime ago about his ethnic origin, i.e. of him being from the south, meaning that he is neither Amhara, nor Oromo or Tigrian. What then gives you the compulsion to claim: “Now they [TPLF-led EPRDF] have elevated an educated man from the most vilified ethnic group to eminence, still the Diaspora is unhappy.” Can’t we deal with any issue, without you guys injecting ethnicity and diaspora, as your automatic reactions?

    b. For nearly twenty years, the TPLF has been blaming the diaspora for the drought, the floods, the inclement weather and all of Ethiopia’s political, diplomatic, security and economic problems—not to mention its horrendous human rights records. What they—and you—forget is that the diaspora is a replication of Ethiopia—not alien beings from እንጦርጦሮስ (devils’ habitat). The large majority of them deeply care for their country; they are freedom loving, educated and patriotic Ethiopians—a thing that terrifies the TPLF-led EPRDF and its messengers that are remotely controlled to silence pro-democracy Ethiopians.

    Your friends cannot rule from the position of sincerity and principles. That is why they always need scapegoats through the diaspora and all others that are opposed to it. The diaspora write and speak, not because they always like to attack the regime. It is simply because they enjoy the freedoms they have learned to love in their adopted countries and use them to expose corruption in power, injustices, tortures, disappearances and abuse of human dignities and the regime’s outright lies and deception. Ethiopians would have done the same thing at home, if only it were not for fear of being thrown into your cruel dungeons—pulled from bed in the dark of night to rot there indefinitely, or tortured to instil fear in the heart of critical citizens. Therefore, what is bothering you is what you are trying to cover. For that, in an Amharic straight talk, we say: “ፈስ ያለበት ዝላይ አይችልም!”

    c. You wrote: “Now the [there] is a university in afar and afars adminster their area- of course there are mismanagements but they are just starting.” Corruption is not unique to Afarland; they follow the example of the centre. How could these many military officers become two, three home owners and buyers of those many shares in new banks and factors, insurance companies? Are some top officials and their wives leaving a backdoor to hide what they have plundered from the nation? It is not hidden from anyone the big loophole that is left gaping even in registration of properties of people in power. That aside, it surprises me how you as a Balcha happen to be so familiar to pinpoint the corruption of Afars only? Does that not say much about your true identity and your motives? I have followed your little comments from time to time that usually appear on nazret.com, these days on abugida.com, to attack others.

    Let it be clear that I wrote my response on Dec 28, complementing Ato Ephrem Madebo’s observations because I was incensed by the poor performance of DPM-FM on Indian television. I was also angered by the virulent attacks on his identity by the likes of you for expressing his concerns. Some of your friends also wrote that I was interested in DPM-FM’s job or I was jealous of him. That is not true, and I would not be interested in a job where I would have no independence for decision-making, voice free from the party line, or freedom of conscience. If it helps anyone interested, I am good and happy where I am, although I keep on worrying about my country. How could I not be irritated when DPM-FM ridiculously jabber -walks about Ethiopian democracy, the rule of law, at the same time itching to lecture about Ethiopia’s successes— side by side with India’s democratic experiences and advances, despite its 1.2 billion population and 1,652 languages?

    Finally, my intention in writing critically about the performance of DPM-FM is to encourage him to improve himself. I would have liked to see someone who could bring friends and honour to the country. Do you recall the late Dr. Bernard T.G. Chidzero of Zimbabwe’s first finance minister in 1980 and also at some point minister of economic planning and development? He was well educated, a thinker. He became popular internationally as well as at home. He led Zimbabwe into its successful economic achievements. He brought a lot of friends for Zimbabwe. Even the developed countries sought advice from him. See the example of Youssef Boutros-Ghali, Egypt’s finance minister—how much he has changed Egypt’s image in international economic circles and the markets.

    Trust me DPM-FM needs straight talk to get him off his cadre mentality that he no longer needs after climbing up the apex of power. Since performance and merits are not the virtues of such a system, he would be there longer before he either reaches the summit or is chewed out well and thrown out. I am not the enemy of my country. If I am not listened when I speak, I need to hit as hard as I could to get official attention to get things changed.

    As I indicated in my piece on 28 Dec, the yes-men he has surrounded himself with would only tell him how brilliant he is. That is why I needed to tell him, he did badly and in which area. As a first step, it is important that he gets rid of a cadre mentality. That does not go hand in hand with diplomacy, a job that needs intellectual pursuit—not the political intrigues sorts of things that he as the whip of the TPLF-led EPRDF he had spent a greater part of his time. Indeed that was the major experience he listed to Bahi Vickram of ITMN TV.

  22. kush-kush
    | #22

    Dear/Madam Genet I have never expected this kind of response and why are you so mad the way you are acting now and where did you get the right and the power to black mail people ? If I were you, I would have listened to what Balcha would like to say and will never dehumanize him at all . Is it not ironic that when one condemns the TPLF/EPLF regime, the condemnatory mimics and claims s/he is right . You said you love your country and so did Balcha and no doubt about it . It is very unfair to bedevil others . As you may recall Balcha is one of the Ethiopian heroes name you wanted to catagorize him to any group that may pleases you . Is it not a crime and unhealthy act to play games on people’s identity ? Why is this foul cry and attacking Haile Mariam Desalegne ? What I believe is when you responded to Balcha,you weren’t in your right mind. The reason is you are very sensitive, hot tempered and very intransigent person . You should have welcomed the negative and positive responses fairly . But what you did was demonizing Balcha as if he committed a crime . I felt Pity for this poor guy . Let me ask you questions and if my questions don’t pleases you, disregard . Does Balcha has the right to be heard his voice ? Do you have any respect to your audiance/readers ? If one does not understand your noble writings, that person should be insulted in every possible way the way you did ? That was not it . You did not mention my name, but you said to Balcha that ” you and the likes/friends ” what does it mean ? Let me tell you one simple fact that is you are a very prejudiced and hate monger person . What I said clearly to you and Ephrem Madebo was if you want to be considered to Haile Mariam’s postion, do it in a different way and not by debasing/degrading him . If that is not your intention, what is it then ? You said you are very happy where you are now and no body wants to know that . Are a fox in a sheep’s skin ! By the way is it a crime to raise a nationality question ? What is damaging and hurting us as a nation is denying the facts and facing it get the lasting solution . My last and innocent question is if you are given a chance by the TPLF/EPLF leader Melese to be the personal advisor of Haile Mariam, how can you up grade his low performance ? Let us move on . Why on earth you are stalking Balcha ? Are you in your right mind or some thing is bothering you ! You admired the two African countris finance ministers and we do not care about them and let them go to hell . What we should care at the present moment is how to topple the TPLF/EPLF tribalist regime and establish a democratic government . When I said topple, tit does not mean coup detat . My final and serious question is : Supose by miracle you become the prime minister or the QUEEN of Ethiopia provided that you strictly believe in the ” ARUSE EMEBT “, how many of us will be condemned to death in your imperial rule ? I think Balcha will be the first and I will be spared by your majesty’s mercy ! Right your highness ? Do you know this war cry———————————Gebeyhu bimot teteka Balchca——————————————–Medif agelabach bicha le bicha——————————————-Selam Tena Yestilign—————————————————–

  23. Anonymous
    | #23

    Imahoy Genet
    Yarege yafeje teret teretshin teyna answer the following.

    “…I would not worry much about the language side of his deficiency; in fact, it is quite all right. He can get bye…”

    Do you believe in white supermacy?

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