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Oftentimes in our history, the scoundrels wear the cloak of patriotism with inherently hypocritical egos. There have been times where we have witnessed the emergence and collapse of traitors in this country. During the liberation struggle against the Italian aggression in the 1930s, patriotic forefathers have fallen fighting the enemy whereas bandits treasonably betrayed their own people. If we take our pretty recent political history into account, a number of traitors has emerged and fallen. The 2005 election has uncovered some of the most severe traitors of Ethiopian political struggle. Lidetu Ayalew, the present Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) Chairman and the then Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) Party Public Relations Officer is a case in point. He has betrayed the whole nation especially those murdered by Meles’ ruthless security forces under the sun. Today, Lidetu is living in a state of mental frustration. His conscience is chasing himself. I strongly believe that conscience is the ultimate court for human beings. We can escape the court by all means available. But there is no way to escape from our conscience and justice. He is being tortured by his own conscience. The most influential French theologian John Calvin once said: “The torture of a bad conscience is the hell of a living soul” – I totally agree.

Therefore, in our walk to freedom we need to be aware of the emergence of opportunists and seasonal patriots. These “patriots” either want to win favors or avoid punishments. They don’t want to be labeled as traitors, yet their commitments are not strong enough for them to make a sacrifice. At the first sign of inconvenience, their “patriotism” evaporates. Probably, the worst kind of criminal act is betrayal of one’s nation. There are two types of traitors – active and passive. Active traitors sell their country in the marketplace for personal gains as Meles and his operatives are busy leasing out our land to foreigners by evicting patriotic farmers. Passive traitors watch their country being sold and remain silent. Most of us fall under the definition of passive traitors. Don’t we?

Consequently, we Ethiopians are in limbo/dilemma as to which political organization/s we have to lend hands to overthrow this unconstitutional, tyrannical government. We are tired of being betrayed!!! The move which brought the four parities together (Afar People’s Party, Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom, and Democracy Party, and Ethiopian Movement for Unity and Justice) as an Alliance for Liberty, Equality, and Justice in Ethiopia (ALEJA) is a commendable initiative and I urge other parities to join this initiative regardless of ideological differences. Our current national struggle definitely requires a shared sense of urgency and a common goal. If we struggle in a concerted fashion, the oppression of Meles will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of the day. However, if we procrastinate anymore, this great nation will soon disintegrate and the plight of our children and grandchildren will NEVER allow us to rest in peace in our crypts – since death is inevitable. Time is over for rivalry as our enemy is working day in and day out to destroy this millennia-old nation irreversibly. Thanks to brave Ethiopians, we have now different media/outlets by which we can make our voices heard — Ginbot 7 Radio, VOA, DW Radio, ESAT and other electronic media fully dedicated to the Ethiopian cause. On our way to freedom, there might arise opportunists or traitors as always. Let’s have zero tolerance for these traitors.

Be cognizant that there is no easy walk for freedom (as Nelson Mandela says) and freedom is not free (as Shiv Khera says). But, be sure that we shall not die without a hope that liberty is on steady advance for us and our children. We will soon see a complete eclipse of liberty and emancipation. Let’s long for the dreams of the future better than the unbearable history of the past 20 years.

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    This anonymous writer is oblivious to KAUP, a party in sharp contrast to TPLF/eprdf, with the largest constituency, where even UDJP is dancing aoung the subset of the national agenda like Justice and democracy, where justice refers to human right violations, I presume, with no mention of peaceful struggle for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians under liberal democracy. This and others like EPRP, etc. with a unified strategy are likely to bring political and economic freedom and liberty of individuals of the silent majority of Ethiopians, including the one you are condemnining juding from its party platform. If you condemn the parties that joined the TPLF/eprdf dominated parliament with no capacity to legislate, blame UEDF and the loyalist opposition parties. KAEUP leadership does not have any qualm about it, why should you?

    You are right, when you said, “Our current national struggle definetely requires a shared of urgency and a common goal. Those common goals are prescribed with KAEUP, EDP, EPRP and others, what is missing is to unite over those goals and the strategies to achieve those goals. To my understanding that is what is missing, not the complaints you are obssed with.

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