In support of Elias Kifle against Al Amoudi’s Lawsuit

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Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi Files Lawsuit In UK Against Ethiopian Review Editor, Elias Kifle apparently trying to Intimidate And Silence any Critics against him. According to information posted on the website, (more…)

Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi Files Lawsuit In UK Against Ethiopian Review Editor, Elias Kifle apparently trying to Intimidate And Silence any Critics against him. According to information posted on the website, the lawsuit claims that the magazine has gravely injured the reputation of the Sheikh. It has exposed him to public scandal, contempt and odium and has caused him considerable embarrassment and distress.

It has also been reported that some of the witnesses mentioned in the lawsuit are Zenawi’s Ambassador in London and embassy staff members. Ethiopian Review should be proud of its works making such an effect and causing this much harm to a leading member of child-killer TPLF regime.

The Sheikh was also quoted in a book “Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror” funding al Qaeda.

Rohan Gunaratna a research fellow at the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, University of St. Andrews, Scotland exposes that Sheikh Muhammad Hussein al-Almadi was managing a global funds of al Qaeda. We may differ with some of the views of Elias Kifle, but the lawsuit against him is an attack on all freedom loving Ethiopians. It is an insult specially to Ethiopian Diaspora. It is a warning message aimed at silencing the media as well.

It is now time to support Ethiopian Review. We should set up Ethiopian Review Legal Defense Fund to support Elias Kifle. Ethiopian Review Legal Fund has been created to fight back the lawsuit. click here for more information.

  1. Anbese
    | #1

    Elias Kifle is one of the truth Ethiopian struggling against the Weyane Fascism as everyone recognized him.

  2. ይህን ያውቁ ነበር ?
    | #2

    ይህን ያውቁ ነበር – የሼክ መሐመድ አላሙዲ ግማሽ ትግሬነት?
    ከተሻገር በላይ
    በአብዛኛው የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ በ”ሀብታቸው” የሚታወቁት ሼክ መሐመድ አላሙዲ ፖለቲካ ውስጥ ከገቡ
    ውለው አድረዋል። ባለሀብቶች በግልጽ የፖለቲካ አቋም አይዙም ይባላል። ሼኩ ግን በግልጽ የኢሕአዴግ
    አባል መሆናቸውን ከተናገሩ ሰንበትበት ብለዋል። ትውልድን በተመለከተ ሼኩ በአብዛኛው የሚታወቁት
    በእናታቸው ወሎየ እንደሆኑ ነው። ይህ ግን ትክክል አለመሆኑን ተረድቻለሁ። በርግጥ ወሎ አፈር
    ፈጭተው ያደጉበት አገር ነው። ሆኖም ግን የዘር ሀረጋቸው ከወሎ አይደለም። ነገሩ እንዲህ ነው፦
    የመናዊው አባታቸው ወደ ኢትዮጵያ ለንግድ ሥራ ይመጡና ከአክሱም አንድ ክርስቲያን ሴት ጋር
    ግንኙነት ይጀምራሉ። ግንኙነቱም ያድግና ልጅ ይወለዳል። የአክሱም ሰዎችም እንዴት ከሙስሊሙ
    ትወልጃለሽ ብለው አካኪ ዘራፍ ማለት ሲጀምሩ የእስልምና እምነት ተከታዮች ወደ ሚበዙበት ወደ ወሎ
    ክ/ሀገር ይሄዳሉ። በዚያም የመናዊው ነጋዴና አክሱማዊቷ የትግሬ እመቤት ሼክ አላሙዲንን ጨምሮ
    ሌሎችን ወልደው ያሳድጋሉ። በዚህም በእናታቸው ምክንያት ሼኩ ትግርኛን አቀላጥፈው ይናገራሉ።
    የወያኔ ሹማምንቶችንም መለስ ዜናዊን ጨምሮ የሚያናግሩት በትግርኛ ቋንቋ ነው። ሼኩም በተለያዬ ጊዜ
    ለወያኔ/ኢሕአዴግ እስከመጨራሻው እንደሚታገሉ ገልጸዋል።
    በተመሳሳይ ሁኔታ ብዙ የወያኔ ባለስልጣኖች (በአማራ ድርጅት ተብየው ውስጥም ያሉት) ወላጆቻቸው
    ከትግራይ ወጥተው ሌላ ቦታ ሄደው ወልደው ያሳደጓቸው እንደሆነ ይነገራል። ይህንን ምን ይሉታል?

  3. Nehimiya
    | #3

    Thank you Abugida !!! We the people need unity in such a time. Let us change our attitue after this and help each other to cverthrough the woyane puppets within diaspora.

  4. Waka
    | #4

    The arab terrorist who looted about 6 biilion from Ethiopian peoples along with the chimp who is hiding in minilik palace and takes the country hostage with his militia across the nation and ofcourse with
    the full help of some historical enemies like britain and some others
    the other way round they are helping terrorists to stand someday on their neck like saddam hussein,Having said that we have to stand with our brother Elias against the pedofil arab tujar and child killer dedebit chimp zenawi.
    God bless Ethiopia
    All Ethiopians are with you except primitive woyannes and co

  5. Menew Berela
    | #5


    I would like to pass my appriciations to those involved in passing the story among Ethiopians.

    Elias, it is sure we will come out victorious! and assure you that we will continue to support you in the roads ahead.

    God Bless you and your family!

  6. Teme from Germany
    | #6

    Elias – We love and support you. WONDE YE ETHIOPIA LIJ!!!

  7. Looter Woyanes!
    | #7

    What is worse than being labeled as terrorists supporter? How come Almoudi not suing whoever called him a supporter of Al Qaeda? This lawsuit against Elias is definitely directed at all peace loving Ethiopians. I usually don’t agree with Elias when it comes to the other evil Esays, but I consider Elias as a brave outstanding soldier, and a defender of his mother land Ethiopia. Yet, this lawsuit is filed by Almoudi, but there is no doubt, Meles and his cronies are behind it, ready to spend the Ethiopian Tax Payers money to destroy the editor of Ethiopian Review, Elias Kifle. I will support Elias to the best of my ability.
    Please, find some other means to send money for those who do not have PAYPAL ACCOUNT.
    May all those who are robbing Ethiopia and abusing their power with the stolen money burn in HELL!

  8. aha!
    | #8

    Thanks for that geneological report on Sheik Mohamed Al Amoudi, which may easily be verified by DNA. I usually think of him as a tycoon in the catagory of TPLF affiliated enterprises, not as TPLF enterpises, in connection to the exploitation, economic and political strangle hold of the country by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises as one of the contentious points for the peaceful struggle for political and economic freedom and liberty of individuals in Ethiopia overiding ethnic rights and secessionist rights in Ethiopia.

    By not ignoring comments or criticisms about him and going on the offensive Sheik Mohamed Al Hamoudi has opened himself up to cannon of worms, when this other criticisms/allegations are included in the profile of the sheik Al amoudi, if they are all true.

    It is also a wake up call for Ethiopians to unite over Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian National intersets, rather than ethnic-based agenda and secessionist politics and overt and/or covert strategies for achieving those goals,because one cannot achieve goals withoutout methods or strategies from the standpoint of problem solving.

    Fom the stand point of armed struggle I am not fan of armed struggle from Asmara on the pretext of enemy of my enemy is my friend and those on peacefull struggle collaborating with the split from TPLF and loyalist opposition paties on the same pretxt to achieve the common goals.

  9. Alemseged
    | #9

    Here is what Mr.Alhamudi has to say in his own words about the preferential treatment byMrr.Zenawi and company.

  10. Tazabiew
    | #10

    What a shame all you are? What biased all you are? While you pretend to fight for democracy you blame the accusation (the lawsuit) of the sheikh to Ato Elias? Do not follow double standard and be men with inconsistency. Who ever he is as individual he, Sheikh Alamoudi, has the right to sue the man! If he is a kind of injustice man I mean the Sheikh he has ample methods and simple ways to avoid him not only from around him but also from earth. But he is not a kind of such a person, whether you like it or not…If he helped you/your family I am sure you never say any thing of him and systematically/covertly try to attack his religion as well. But Sheikh Alamoudi is beyond individuals not by his fortune but by his character and deeds mainly for his country particularly at many challenging times we know and we know not.. Weather you like it or not he is Ethiopian from whatever ethnic and whatever amount he has of Wollo or Tigray belongs to this beautiful nation. If you have such level of fortune like him I am sure you do not have the gut to fight the regime now you are opposing because you and I love our comfort simply because we are poor with unsatisfied lust of materials for that is why you shout at.. what This brave and among the richest men in the world invested in Ethiopia could be invest any where else where by far so secured and suitable for investment and get incomparably so high surplus. But because he loves his country he did it, and even though you consider and boast as politically hot spot place, Ethiopia is not so for him. He mainly concerned and making war against poverty of your, his and mine country.
    You label him with Alkaeda, but you know not above CIA. The whole thing you talk behind him indeed arise due to his religion, above all our (we habeshas) damn ego in that our jealousy surpass our best wish to achievers. Our appreciation is often not beyond lip service we are not born to appreciate because we are by and large very poor. He is exercising his right! He sues him in England because he knows you will never accept justice of your home country whatever level and purity may have.. Let Justice be done, wherever it is.!!.

  11. Observer
    | #11


    I do not like you because of the fabricated lies you used to create frictions and to instigate quarrel during the dismemberment of Kininijit along with Tesfa Assmamew, CPA. However, regarding this case with Almoudi I am on your side. I tell Mr.Terrorist Almoudi F**U .

  12. Abe
    | #12

    You choose Elias over Alamoudin?
    Why would any normal Ethiopian side with Elias Kifle?ER has always been anti Ethiopian national interest,He openly sides with all Ethiopia’s arch Enemies like Shaebia. On the contrary Sheik Alamoudin has single handily changed the face of Ethiopia.He has invested Billions and has changed the life of hundreds of thousands Ethiopian families with his generous investment.Where is the so called nationalism here? Sheik Alamoudin has investment in many African,European and middle Eastern countries and no one dared to bad mouth his like Ethiopians.Did we stop functioning like normal person.
    Personal I believe the sheik is a God given gift to Ethiopia.I wish we had a few more like him and less of the narrow minded hate mongering journalistic / politicians like Elias kifle.I say let him pay for his deeds.

  13. Tulu Oda
    | #13

    Elias has my full support on this issue. That said, I wish to advise him to be careful about trusting the devil Isaias Afeworqi

  14. የፖለቲካ ክስረት
    | #14

    ይህን ያውቁ ነበር ? :ይህን ያውቁ ነበር – የሼክ መሐመድ አላሙዲ ግማሽ ትግሬነት?ከተሻገር በላይ በተመሳሳይ ሁኔታ ብዙ የወያኔ ባለስልጣኖች (በአማራ ድርጅት ተብየው ውስጥም ያሉት) ወላጆቻቸውከትግራይ ወጥተው ሌላ ቦታ ሄደው ወልደው ያሳደጓቸው እንደሆነ ይነገራል። ይህንን ምን ይሉታል?

    በመጀመሪያ ደረጃ በብሄር መደራጀት የትም እንደማያደርስ አምናለሁ::በ21ኛው ክፍለ-ዘመን በብሄር ተደራጅቶ ዬትም አይደረስም::ስለሆነም ትኩረታችን መሆን ያለበት እገሌ የዚህ ወይንም የዚያ ብሄር ነው ሳይሆን የሚከተለዉ የትግል ስልት ትክክል ነው አይደለም የሚለው ላይ መሆን አለበት:: ከዚያ በተረፈ የተባለዉ እውነት ከሆነ ከፖለቲካ ክስረት ሌላ ምን ሊባል? ማለትም ሺህ ጊዜ የሚያውድሱት የጎሳ ፖለቲካ አላማው ተጋለጠ ማለት ነው::ያ ደግሞ ለ’እኛ ድል ነው::እየፈረካከሱ ናቸውና!

  15. Below
    | #15

    Elias is not an Ethiopian. He is from Eritrea, we don’t care he speak amhari or not. The true Ethiopian is dr/Gashe/ ELAMUDIN, I salut him with all my heart. Elias is a forged journalist and it’s time now to pay the price.

  16. Anonymous
    | #16

    Please get rid of these bloody hand woyanes. By the way Alamudin has benefited from Ethiopians than Ethiopians have benefited from his wealth. He has gotten wealthier since he start living in Ethiopia, because of Ethiopian Gold, Coffee and cheap labor. Alamoudi has stood on the side of the abusers, looters and killers of Ethiopians.

  17. Ghion
    | #17

    It is beyond my comprehension on how and where to begin the end of this very anarchism of the Diaspora and its political assertion of the current political issues and situations of Ethiopia.
    First and for most no matter what my political, social, ideological discourse of differences with my fellow Ethiopians, I will always refer them as my Ethiopian brothers, sisters and so forth. How in GOD’s name can Elias be representing and speaking for the oppositions in the Diaspora. Elias is a pure anarchist, who has no mental ability or the education of leadership quality with absolutely no diligence of civility as well as the qualification of some sort, but utter belligerency against Ethiopia just like his cuisine Isayas Afewoerki of Eritrea.

  18. Ethiopiawiu
    | #18

    Book Exposes Saudi businessman in Ethiopia, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein funding al Qaeda
    January 10th, 2011 Comments Off
    Based on over five years of research, Rohan Gunaratna a research fellow at the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, University of St. Andrews, Scotland exposes , global funds of al Qaeda were managed by an exiled Saudi businessman in Ethiopia, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein al-Almadi, In his book “Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror” Gunaratna provides the definitive story behind the rise of this mysterious group to a big organization making headlines today.

    On the third paragraph on page 85 reads:

    Based on over five years of research, the book provides the definitive story behind the rise of this mysterious group to an organization making headlines today. It documents how al Qaeda (AQ) organized and manipulated a global network of associated Jihadists to conduct terrorism around the planet.

    In 2002 several newspapers in USA have reported similar stories linking Sheikh Muhammad Al Amudin to al- Al Qaeda group.

    Since then, Sheik Mohammed Al Amoudi has not be able to enter the United States.
    Dear my fellow compatriots when we communicate our opinion and understanding regarding the intended legal battle between Sheik Mohammed Al Amoudi and Elias Kifile of the Ethiopian Review we ought to look deep in to our inner selves before we rush to comment about it, because by so doing we shall be truthful to our selves,our country,and people, the aforementioned Ethiopians who are about to begin their legal battle concerning their collective interests in the life of the Ethiopian people and the world as well, however according to me I view the above issue as follows;
    1,I personally am aware that Sheik Mohammed Al Amoudi came to Ethiopia after creating a solid relationship between himself and the tplf clique in order to exploit Ethiopia economically and etc.
    2,The Sheik never concealed his true colors and motives to the Ethiopian people besides acting as a God send investor until 2005 election the time when the Ethiopian people discovered that he is a tplf supporter as a result of his public campaign on behalf of the tplf,since then he find himself that he can no longer command respect among self respecting Ethiopians who are longing to see the down fall of the tplf.
    3,In the after math of the 2005 election after the tplf stole the out come by killing and detaining of hundreds and thousandS of innocent Ethiopians the Sheik attended a tplf executive meeting and renewed his support to the continuity of the tplf fascism over Ethiopia and all its people to the extent that he even vowed to sacrifice him self and his family for such an evil cause.
    4,Now we hear that he(Sheik) is implicated in the book of “Inside Alqaeda”written by Mr.Rohan Gunaratna of the University of St Andrews in Scotland as a CEO of Alquaeda’s global funding network therefore this phenomena indicates that even the tplf don may be collaborator of such a terrorist network,I leave that for time to respond to it.
    My conclusion is that not only Ethiopia but also the world over don’t need religious based terrorism from any corner how ever what Ethiopia and the world needs is democracy,justice,equal opportunity for all and harmonious co-existence as human beings as we all are as such let us not mix up the Sheik and his religion in order to run away from the fact that the Sheik is accountable for the crimes of tplf against the Ethiopian people.
    Further more nobody should not lecture us that the Sheik is a God send investor,he came to Ethiopia to reach out for Ethiopian people,well he came with about 2billion dollars today he has nearly 10 billion dollars while the Ethiopian people can’t afford a meal once a week,what an economic Messiah.I for one as person who firmly believes that Ethiopia belongs to all her children I believe that no Ethiopian has no problem with the Sheik investing in Ethiopia so long as he does not associate him self with tplf,so since that was never the case what is he planning to do to correct the historical wrongs he has committed by supporting the tplf as if it’s a Devin power the same applies his alleged involvement with Alquaeda.I believe that would be the best thing he could do,come clean before the Ethiopian people and the rest of the world, seek forgiveness, so that Ethiopia and the world could properly deal with their collective challenges by so doing he may be securing his long term business interest be it in Ethiopia or the world over.Hennery Openhimer of South Africa played a great roll to help solve South African political crisis today South Africa is a constitutional democracy and his business stile booms there although he has passed away.What can the Sheik learn from such a row model experience to help Ethiopia solve its own problems?the choice is up to him because we Ethiopians shall continue our struggle to free our selves from the tplf apartheid and take bake Ethiopia for our collective well being and survival.God Bless Ethiopia.

  19. ዘርኣያቆብ ያሬድ.
    | #19

    ይህን ያውቁ ነበር ? “በተመሳሳይ ሁኔታ ብዙ የወያኔ ባለስልጣኖች (በአማራ ድርጅት ተብየው ውስጥም ያሉት) ወላጆቻቸው
    ከትግራይ ወጥተው ሌላ ቦታ ሄደው ወልደው ያሳደጓቸው እንደሆነ ይነገራል። ይህንን ምን ይሉታል?”

    ይህን ያውቁ ነበር ?,

  20. ዘርኣያቆብ ያሬድ.
    | #20

    ይህን ያውቁ ነበር ? = “በተመሳሳይ ሁኔታ ብዙ የወያኔ ባለስልጣኖች (በአማራ ድርጅት ተብየው ውስጥም ያሉት) ወላጆቻቸው
    ከትግራይ ወጥተው ሌላ ቦታ ሄደው ወልደው ያሳደጓቸው እንደሆነ ይነገራል። ይህንን ምን ይሉታል?”

    ይህን ያውቁ ነበር ?,

    ምሳሌ 1. ይሄውልህ እኔም ከግዝአት ዓድዋ ተነስቸ በአዲስ አበባም አሊፌ አውሮፓ ሁሉ ደርሼ ሳበቃ ከአንድዋ ፈረንጅ ጋራ አንዲት ልጅ ለምድሩ አበርክቼ አድጋለች!

    ምሳሌ 2. የኦባማውን የቤተሰብ ቅንብርን ደግሜ እዚህ ላይ ባስቀምጥ, ማንም የሚያውቀው ነገር ስለሆነ ሰውን ማሰልቸት ይሆናል!!

    ምሳሌ 3. ወላጆቻቸው ከተለያዩ ብሄረሰቦች የሆኑ ወደ 15 የሚሆኑ የእህትና የአክስት ልጆች አሉኝ !!

    ይሄንን ሁሉ ታድያ ምን ትለዋለህ ??

  21. Standing against Evil!
    | #21

    People like yourself who support the looter, torturer and killer of Ethiopians don’t have the credibility to judge a man like Elias. Elias doesn’t walk around with blood dripping from his hands like Meles and his gangsters who massacred and looted countless number of innocent Ethiopians. It is beyond me, people such as yourself have a nerve to belittle law-abiding Ethiopians who fight for Democracy and justice for their country and their fellow Ethiopians. Meles and his cronies have looted our poor country and our people and have became multimillionaires and have incarcerated, intimidated, tortured and killed anybody and anything that they feel is exposing their illegal doing. People like you have no conscience to see all the wrong and injustice going on in Ethiopia. You are simply laughable that preaches 24/7 to your Woyane choir. 78 million Ethiopians are aware what is going on in their country and how Ethiopians are being treated by Woyanes for the last 20 years. The heartless, lunatic dictator that is armed to his teeth like the cold-blooded killer in Arizona will be caught and expose to the rest of the world. Remember, what goes around comes around. God is watching people like you that stand against justice and human rights and that cheers the devil himself. The other blooded hand Mengestu seems an angel compare to your boss evil meles.

    Abugida, why are you letting supporters of Meles to abuse and insult peace loving Ethiopians?

  22. Amare
    | #22


    We are not actually chooseing between Alamoudi and Elias- We are choosing between right and wrong. I am a person who is against Elias in almost everything, but here I stand with him not because he is Elias but because he stood for good cause of my nation. I don’t have animosity with Elais, some times we agree and some times we don’t. Alamoud is all over Elias not because Elias is shabia’s agent as you said it. Alamoudi is trying to shut Elias so that he can’s say anything on Melse and his gangs who give free ride for Almo—–

  23. Tazabiew
    | #23


    I am happy you read a lot, but be foolish not that all you read is true and all research is right particularly such of politically driven researches…Hey how many innocent people, just because they are Islam, suffered and Suffering at Guantanmo and similar prisons of CIA/FBIA etc who guided false information allegation research etc..

    Western hegemony plays its great roll not to think of our ways, rather in their (the westerns)ways..if anything the say we trust it because all world medias is under their control so they blow on us throughout day and night in various forms thus we are convienced they are right.,

    Sheik Alamoudi has got the right to support TPLF as you one can oppose it. Because, he is Ethiopian. We are inviting investors from the big nations but they find our country unsecured for investments and know has low return as our purchasing power low,,,but regardless of this Sheikh has done it whatever return he gets. He did it with by investing huge amount to that no one take such a risk in such politically unforeseeable nation like Ethiopia. Mainly risky areas like Agriculture. Hey men with economic sense, Ethiopia is not economically the right level field on that such of this world rank Tycoon can businesswise play. He is beyond but his blood drives him to play down…

    Sorry that when one works we, Ethiopian, suspect he is stealing or labeling him with something negative etc but when one sits idle we are happy and say him “miskin“. Now even we want to deny legal right of such individuals to the extent that our ego of jealousy leads to support enemy of not only the incumbent government but also Ethiopia as a country itself

  24. Ghion
    | #24

    Standing against evil, you are standing for nothing but hate, narrow nationalism, and ethnic bashing belligerency whatever else you may have in your mind.
    A person of your kind who knows nothing but thinks knows everything by antagonizing every Ethiopian with difference of opinions, views and political ideology is evil and utterly wrong as far as you are concerned, that is unfortunate from your part by being a closed minded person who impedes the Ethiopian political system from progressing and excelling.
    The very reason why the Ethiopian political system is stagnant and is not going anywhere is because of you and your likes that believes in totalitarianism as well as my way or the highway idiocy, I am right you are wrong. You said you crave for democracy and freedom and so forth, I am not sure what kind of democracy you are talking about and or even if you can understand what democracy stands for.
    Just read your own comments. “Abugida, why are you letting supporters of Meles to abuse and insult peace loving Ethiopians”.
    First and for most I am not a supporter of Meles or any political groups inside of Ethiopia as well as outside of Ethiopia. Most importantly even if I was a supporter of Meles or any one I choose to support and or otherwise not to support don’t you think that is my right by virtues and definition of democracy as I and most people around the globe knows it, other than yourself regardless of how much you think of me as being wrong by supporting Meles in which you are purely assuming. That is why I believe ABUGIDA allowed my comment to be posted on their website that is to say in recognition of my fundamental democratic rights.
    Who are you talking about when you say “peace loving Ethiopians”, Elias!, are you insane, you must be one of them shabya boys who are pretending to be Ethiopians and they are all over Ethiopian websites to inject their venoms and deceive Ethiopians at home and in the Diaspora.
    You labeled me with every negative prospects of my personal life, political and all of it, that any one can imagine off and yet you have no clue who I am except reading my short comment on this website. You are a very sorry and dictatorial guy. Try to humble yourself with something positive rather than chastising and demonizing people that you don’t know or has different political opinion than yours. Take care.

  25. tazabiw
    | #25

    since elias is troble maker. i let elias to take responsblty for his own action.

  26. Drama
    | #26

    All Drama, but the picture is hilarious. Quite humorous.

  27. Standing against Evil!
    | #27

    Wow! I’ve touched your nerve. Once again you’ve contradict yourself, you said:
    “Most importantly even if I was a supporter of Meles or any one I choose to support and or otherwise not to support don’t you think that is my right by virtues and definition of democracy as I and most people around the globe knows it…”
    Why then you criticized Diaspora? Doesn’t Elias have the same right to support whoever he wants? I believe Elias has supported Esyas for giving refuge for our freedom fighters–EPPF. I disagree with Elias when it comes to Esayas, but he has done so much good for exposing and going after the looters, tortures, killers and those who have given our precious land to foreigners and divided our people by ethnic groups and religion–dictator Meles and his criminal gang bangers. Esayas and Meles are one and the same. Unfortunately, Meles has stayed in Ethiopia and has been exercising his despicable evil deeds on innocent Ethiopians for the last twenty years. NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE have caused more harm on Ethiopia and Ethiopians than Meles and his cronies. Only evil people support evil.

  28. Ethiopiawiu
    | #28

    Dear my fellow compatriot “Tazabiew”(the Ethiopian alquaeda sympathizer or deffender of Alamoudi and the tplf)

    The following is your response to me in as far as the case between Alamoudi and Elias Kifile is concerned,you said that”but be foolish not that all you read is true,Sheikh Alamoudi has a right to support tplf as you one can oppose it,we are inviting investors from the big nations but they find our country unsecured for investing and know has low return as our purchasing power low,but regardless of this what ever return he gets.He did it with by investing huge amount to that no one take such a risk in such politically unforeseeable nation like Ethiopia.Mainly risky areas like agriculture.Hey men with economic sense Ethiopia is not economically the wright level filed such of this world rank Tycoon can business-wise play.He is beyond but his blood drives him to play down.”

    Well said how ever talk is cheap because when the time is right for the down fall of the tplf I would wonder let alone you but also the Sheik could ever save it from being diminished.Because we the dedicated true Ethiopians regardless of our ethnic and religious affiliation are working day in and day out to accomplish such patriotic national task of our people and our beloved Ethiopia,unlike you and likes who are captives of narrow religious extremism in disguise of the cause of Ethiopia.

    To start with I am not a foolish person,for that matter material or any other wealth can not buy my inner self,secondly I don’t dis agree with you when you said that “the sheik has a right to support the tplf as you one can oppose it”your philosophy is right until the tplf is diminished so does the sheik.Because both are enemies of mother Ethiopia and her children.Would you tel me that Ethiopia (the land of king Negash) has not been blessed by the prophet of Islam?Thirdly you said that”we are inviting investors from big nations but they find our country unsecured for investments and know has low return as our purchasing power low”you are right because where there is no political freedom there shall be no economical freedom that is the reason why our country is not yet economically conducive for international investors unlike the likes of the sheik and when Ethiopia is free from the tplf the Ethiopian people can manage their country and destiny that would be the time when they can have a purchasing power other wise in todays Ethiopia they can’t even afford a descent meal once a weak because they are waiting for the tplf and the sheik to afford it on their behalf.
    Would you please stop acting as one member of the legal team of the sheik because the Ethiopian people shall prove you wrong as such no enemy shall spoon feed us while we are stile fighting to stop those who are destroying us.Because I don’t want you telling me that the sheik is trying to help the Ethiopian people while he is busy making fortune at the expense of our peoples misery.Also don’t tel me that Ethiopia is not economically a right level field that such of this world rank the tycoon can business-wise play.He is beyond but his blood drives him down.
    For your information Ethiopia is beyond and above the sheik at the same time shall be the right level field to do business with when the time is right with who ever,how ever in todays Ethiopia is not because it is captive of the tplf and the likes of the sheik but it wont be for ever.

    To conclude my response to you my fellow compatriot that for you regard the sheik more than the creator let alone Ethiopia and its people and until the time comes to change the course of history in Ethiopia I profoundly wish you a long life for you to see what God has for Ethiopia and I and likes shall continue our struggle for that day to come.God willing it shall come for that matter moderate and pan Ethiopian Muslim Ethiopians too are working.That would be the right time to tel me and all pro democracy pan Ethiopians of your blah blah story.By the way are aware that the sheik is a Saudi Arabian citizen regardless of being half cast Ethiopian and Yemeni,are you aware that Elias Kifile has a right as a journalist to express his views and access information about anything and any one including the sheik.Because he enjoys his right as a journalist.That is what is happening in the UK and the rest of the free world and I believe that Elias would come out victorious because the judicial processes is not going to take place in the kangaroo court of the tplf in the democratic UK.Further more I want you to find out the term allegation so that you may know about what I was talking in as far as allegation of sheik’s position in alqaeda’s global funding network is concerned. God Bless Ethiopia!!!!!!. .

  29. Standing against Evil!
    | #29

    Ethiopiawiu, Well said. I totally agree. For the last 20 years, Almoudi and his ruthless TPLF friends have benefited tremendous amount of wealth from Ethiopia by milking Ethiopia and Ethiopians for everything they have. It impossible to become immeasurably wealthy running the poorest country in the world without admitting looting 80 million Ethiopians, where fifteen millions Ethiopians are expected to die due to starvation and lack of basic medical care. God Bless people like you who stand for the truth and for the voiceless Ethiopians and our poor country. Ethiopians have been living in hell and put through hell for many years, especially for the last thirty five years and their sufferings need to be stopped by all means of necessary. May God watch over our people and bring the end of their miseries.

  30. Mola Sinku
    | #30

    Since the Woyanes are trying to act against Elias kifle, I will say the let the two donkeys fight it out. May be I mean may be Elias will learn to respect the vision of others. I believe Elias Kifle has his own mission (defined or undefind).

  31. Blood is thicker than water!
    | #31

    Mola Sinku,
    You like Elias or not, you cannot compare Elias with Woyanes. Nothing or no one, in this world compares to the blood sucker Woyanes that have incarcerated and massacred countless number of innocent Ethiopians, that have looted Ethiopians, that have tortured Ethiopians, that have given the land of our ancestors and our ports, and so on. I’ve my disagreement with Elias, but I will be on his side and contribute for the reduclous lawsuit that the Woyanes along with Almoudi brought against Elias. At the end of the day, brother Elias never robbed Ethiopia and never committed a crime against Ethiopians.

  32. Ethiopiawiu
    | #32

    Dear my fellow “Standing against evil”I thank you for your courage and believe me the time is running out for tplf and its surrogates as its nearing the liberation of Ethiopia and all her children.Let us all keep on fighting the woyannes in any we can.God Bless Ethiopia.

  33. Mola Sinku
    | #33

    Dear Blood ….Elias is a cold blooded individual who has been butchering the opposition since the begninig of his online magazine. Elias is a hateful individual who will not stop from criminlizing every single ethiopian organization and leaders. He is in truce with woyane and the oppostion alike. He wants a name for him self (what is his plan?)
    I respect you because you have a clear stand on woyane.

  34. Blood is thicker than water!
    | #34

    Mola, please don’t cheapen COLD-BLOODNESS. You are too extreme to call Elias Cold-blooded. Elias is not cold-blooded, may be anxious and too quick to judge. Cold-blooded belongs to those that have the blood of innocent Ethiopians on their hands.
    It is beyond me, why some of these Meles supporters go from one Ethiopian website to another blaming Shabia this, and Isaias that, instead of the dictator that is living in Ethiopian palace, that has been committing undeniable crimes. Isaias and Meles are blood related cousins that grew up together hating Ethiopia and Ethiopians, and worked all their lives how they could separate from Ethiopia and dismantle Ethiopia. Meles has even threaten to divide Ethiopia like the former Yugoslavia, unless he gets what he wants. We have come to know that Isaias and Meles are two individuals that were born without empathy and have no sympathy for no one, but their own. In actuality, I have a tiny bit respect to the other blood sucker lunatic dictator Isaias that fought and left Ethiopia, than I the cold-blooded killer dictator Meles that is living in Ethiopia and terrorizing, controlling, looting, jailing, killing, giving the land of our ancestors to foreigners. Woyanes like to forget the despicable crimes that have been committed on Ethiopians, but we should never forget.
    Out of many despicable crimes that have been committed by Woyanes, than the looting and the land giving — we should never forget the tortures and the loss of lives that have been committed on our people. Out of countless crimes that is committed by the hands of Woyanes — we should never forget, that poor mother who lost two of her sons in front of her door that were shot to death by Agazi Army with out a cause. We should never forget the horrific crimes that was committed on that family where the Agazi Army came to take their father and shot and killed their mother for asking them and begging them, why they were taking the father of her children. The Agazi Army also shot and wounded one of their grief stricken son when looked down to look at his fallen mother, all these happened in a matter of minutes, in front their house. Too many crimes to mention! Way, way too many inhumane, unspeakable crimes that have been committed on innocent Ethiopians by Woyanes. We will never forget!

  35. ቃሉ ወለሉ
    | #35

    ሰላም ሞላን ብለድ
    መጨረሻው ልውውጥ የናንተ ነው:: ብለድ ጐብዝ ነህ ወያኒን ጥርት አድርገህ የምታውቀው ትመስላለህ:: በርታ ወደፊት ያንተ አይነት ሰውን አገራችን መፈለጐ አይቀርም:: ሞላም ብትሆን የብለድ አይነት ነህ ልዩነታችህ የሚመስልኝ በእልያስ ላይ ያላችሁ አመለካከት ነው:: እኒ እልያስን እንደ ሞላ እመለከተዋለሁ:: ወይኒን የሚጠላ ወያኒ ይመስለኛል:: ዘለአለሙን ሳይሸልሙት ሳይከፍሉት እንዲያውም ሞት ፈርደውበት ያታለሉት ተቃውሚ ቢኖር እልያስ ነው:: ወያኒ እልያስን በመግፋት ለራሱ ለወያኒ እንዲሰራ ይጠቀምበታል:: ተቃዋሚዎችን የማፍረስ ዘመቻውን ከወያኒ በጠነከረ መልክ የሚገፋው እልያስ ነው:: ከታረመ መልካም የሆነ አስተዋፅዖ ሊያበረክት ይችላል:: በያዘው ከቀጠለ ግን መርዝነቱ ገና ብዙ የሚያለፋን ይመስለኛል:: በመሆኑም አላህ ሙዲ ቢከሱት ወያኒ ሊጠቀምበት ያጠናቀረው መላ ስለሚመስለኝ አዚያው ይቻቻሉ እላለሁ::

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