Demanding Dismissal of the ESFNA Public Relations Officer! by Better Sinzeros

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“I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies” said Pietro Aretino. The Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America (ESFNA) Board of Director pressured its Executive Committee to permit to hold an emergency teleconference on Thursday January 13, 2010 at 8:30 PM ET. Reaching a decision to meet to figure out how to deal with a possible boycott is a step forward, although the delay negatively affected the ESFNA’s goodwill immeasurably. The agenda items for the meeting are “Atlanta 2011 and dealing with a possible boycott.”

We are very disappointed by the lies the ESFNA Public Relations, Fassil Abebe, has been telling us in the last several months. We are also disheartened by his insults. The degree of his vulgarity is beyond anyone’s wild imaginations. We reached to a conclusion that his offensiveness demonstrates his disrespect for his colleagues, the Ethiopian opposition parties’ leaders and their supports, and the Diaspora. We wonder what his family especially his 16 and 17 years old children, his wife, and his parents would say about the way he has been expressing himself to his colleagues and to the public. Some argue that he is on a mission to alienate the public affection for the organization; case in point,

1) On his October 20, 2010 press briefing, he lied to the media about the reasons for the Executive Committee decision to reverse Judge Birtukan’s invitation as its Guest of Honor. He stated that the vote in favor of Judge Birtukan invitation was reversed due to concern about losing the organization status. Mind you, a CPA who has been working hand-in-glove with the Executive Committee, including the Public Relations and the Board of Directors surprisingly remained silent while most of the Board members and some in the general public worked their tail off to verify the accuracy of the Public Relations statement. In the future, as we see it appropriate, we might share some information with you about why the CPA did not come forward to explain to the members of the Board and to the Executive Committee that their Public Relations had misspoken in his press briefing. That he told the media Judge Birtukan invitation will have consequence on the status of the organization, although her invitation will not have any effect on the status of the organization.

2) On January 4, 2011 — the Public Relations emailed his colleagues the following email: “Guys, There is a new article on titled ESFNA is falling apart. Please read it. Also, this morning I received a phone call from a very close friend in DC who told me that this past Saturday, Abebe Belew on his radio show was saying what the PR of ESFNA has recently said and quoted me as saying ” … who are we afraid of these politicians that cannot even get 100 people to their demonstrations? …” I’m not going to deny that I’ve said that in an e-mail to my colleagues in the EC last week and only to the EC. I wonder how Abebe Belew found out a personal message intended only to my colleagues. And you’re telling me there is no leak? Come on !! By the way Mr. Leaker, tell Abebe Belew and ER I stand by my statement. I’ll further add that all you politicians have done nothing but divide Ethiopians while ESFNA is the only Organization that is ” Bringing Ethiopians Together ” and you’re so jealous of it’s power and reach, you wanted for a long time to dominate it and now that you’ve learned you cannot do that you want to break it up using some internal “Bandas” who leak stuff to you. Tell him/them I said F*U and the horse you rode in.

3) On January 7, 2011 — we extracted the below from an email exchange between two Executive Committee members namely Fassil Abebe and Abiye Nurelign, “… if people want to talk about the guest of honor issue let them talk and see how far they can go. They are doing it right now across the states and over the phone lines. It is much better to contain this discussion from outsiders – and hope at the end of our meeting we will come out as one.”

4) On January 7, 2011 — we extracted the following from an email sent by Fassil Abebe to the members of the Executive Committee “You and I both know that the “Emergency” meeting that is being asked or demanded right now by few Board members with their own agenda, is not to discuss the “Future of ESFNA” or Atlanta 2011. We all know it’s to talk about the Guest of Honor issue. Period. In some circles, if Birtukan is not invited as a Guest of Honor, it’s an emergency. Sorry, I for one, do not share that sentiment…“Look, a lot of unnecessary stuff has been said and I admit I’ve contributed to the verbal volley ball out of frustration and disillusion. I also don’t think a face-to-face meeting, regardless of who pays for it, is not going to resolve the current issue. In fact I think there will be an all out mother of fist-fights.
We demand the Board of Director and the Executive Committee to dismiss their Public Relations, Fassil Abebe, from his post immediately; because:

1) A lie from a leader of one of the major organizations of the Diaspora to mislead its supporters is unacceptable.

2) We interpreted his disgusting statement that “Tell him/them I said F*U and the horse you rode in” as his way of telling the opposition leaders and their supports to F*U. His reference “F*U and the horse you rode in” appears to us that he is relating the opposition party supports among the Diaspora to the workhorse, Boxer, of the Animal Farm. He told them that F*U brainless workhorses. One of the ESFNA leaders telling the opposition party leaders and their supports “F*U” is intolerable. However, we noted that it is a fact that large amount of the people including Fassil Abebe are saddened by the current situation of the oppositions. But it is also know that the majority of Ethiopians are pressuring the oppositions to settle their differences.
We observed that the relationship among the Executive committee and the Board Members is more and more appearing the relationship between the pigs and the rest of the animals on the Animal Farm. As Napoleon and his pigs the Executive Committee “is corrupted by the absolute power it is holding” over the Board Members. George Orwell, “on his novel Animal Farm addresses how wickedness, indifference, ignorance, greed, and myopia destroy any possibility of a Utopia. While this novel portrays corrupt leadership as the flaw in revolution, it also shows how potential ignorance and indifference to problems within a revolution could allow horrors to happen …”
We have noted that the ESFNA leadership is highly talented but cohesive; to our surprise, some of them appear capable of digging Ethiopia out her current situation, if they have a vision to do so. Because the ESFNA leadership is cohesive, it is engaged in groupthink. According to Irving Janis, symptoms of groupthink include “illusions of invulnerability, rationalizing warnings that might challenge the group’s assumptions, unquestioned belief in the morality of the group, stereotyping those who are opposed to the group as weak, self-censorship of ideas that deviate from the apparent group consensus, etc.”

As we stated above, the ESFNA leadership lacks vision; as a result, we may witness the disintegration of the organization due to groupthink, wickedness, greed, ignorance, lack of leadership, and vision, if most members of the Board and some members of the Executive Committee along with the Diaspora do not exert enough pressure to challenge the Executive Committee attitude about the way it has been running the organization.
To secure ESFNA’s existence, to run it better, and to help it reach its next level, we believe the ESFNA has honorable and skilled workforce within its soccer players, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and supports — if its Executive Committee wants to run the organization transparently, and if it does not suppress ides.

We have clearly noted that the ESFNA Executive Committee has been abusing its power. It disgraces the Diaspora. It lies to the community that supports it. It makes the Board of Directors life harder by imposing more control on them while reserving privileges for itself. It embezzles fund. It does not attempt to defend the organization standing. Besides, most members of the Board of Director except for a few of them though overworked remain convinced through psychological conditioning that they are better off maintaining the organization status quo.
We highly encourage you to seek the whole truth about the resignation of the former ESFNA Finance Chair, Abework Abay, from the president of the organization, Mekonnen Demisiew, although we share with you a brief extraction from the Finance Committee Official Assessment regarding his resignation. “… He resigned due to the lack of full support from critical members of the EC, and lack of transparency, and secretiveness from the President and the secretary regarding contractual dealings after the October 2010 meeting. Abeworks’s tenure was completely shrouded by continuous intimidation and abuse he suffered in the hands of the president, and the auditor, and the silent treatment he had received from the secretary at various times regarding meeting minutes and hotel contracts. He has been warned on occasions by the President that he will be thrown out of the EC meeting. He has been a victim of name calling. He has been called “Neftam”, “Mother F..”, “Hidwediya” in his effort to discharge his responsibilities…”

We are able to share the above information with you because we have been hacking the Public Relations email for the last three months. We have plenty more to share!

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  1. Drama
    | #1

    One of those dramas again, like that organization will stop promoting its greedy interests.

  2. Andarge
    | #2

    Last I checked ‘hacking’ anybody’s e-mail is illegal and considered to be cybercrime. Has the moderator considered not encouraging such crime by not posting this article in which the pen name users of the article above brag about their hacking somebody’s personal email for three months? Or is it the usual case of the end justifies the means?

  3. Girma Moges
    | #3

    Can we live ESFNA alone. To help and support ESFNA we have to be a member of the local team why are we tray to destroy this organization? we have been told that they abused the fund, not audited etc. which is not right have we asked our self if some of Ethiopian non profit organization audited? where is all that money contributed to KINIJIT, and others. I have seen an article {comment) by my hero Mr. Ephrem M. he said “As an Ethiopian who is living in diaspora I have a stack in ESFNA” first Mr. Ephrem has to be a member a team because I am an Ethiopian I don’t have a stock at all Ethiopian organization such as Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Ethiopian Evangelical Church KINJIT etc in order to have a stuck I have to be a member of those organization.

  4. Observer
    | #4

    @Girma Moges

    The article stated that ESFNA has a CPA wwho is orking hand-in-glove with the Board and the EC. He should answer your question. Yes, we all have a stake on ESFNA without us it will not survice.

  5. Lema
    | #5

    The Pig must resign!!!

  6. Idiot dictator
    | #6

    Ach tuff. Low lives. It is not only the PR. Until we see ESFNA’s public announcement that rejects the relations with Woyane and Ach la mudi, we don’t trust this organization. All members of the organization and its affiliates since 2000 have turned around this peaceful organization into a political arena. They are all friends that keep on electing another friend. Filthy and ugly looking groups of people that are going to Ethiopia to do business to rip off our people ingenuinely.

  7. Sentayehu
    | #7

    People who want to remain anonymous, vilifying individuals whose personal communication they claim to have recklessly stolen, and we are expected to heed their advice in interfering in an organization that we do not belong? People, come on!

  8. Tadele
    | #8

    Feedback to Abugida Editor,

    This article and Eskinder Nega’s article you just posted are giving a bad image for your website because the writers did not insert proper blank space between the paragraphs. As a result, the articles are not readable. Worst of all, they give a bad image for your website. You may consider asking your writers to send you their article in a certain format.

  9. One of Feleke’s X Girl-Friend
    | #9

    Better Sinzeros,

    I loved your article!! I think you guys did a great job!! For a long time, the public knows that the ESFNA has been running an Animal Farm. The black Ethiopian Pigs are worth than the white Europan Pigs.

  10. Girma Moges
    | #10

    #4 you said “Yes, we all have a stake on ESFNA without us it will not survice” #4 and Mr Ephrem If you go to the movie do you have a stake on it. At ESFNA the stack holders are the 750 soccer player who spend an average $1,000 a week and play the hall week for free and the volunteers who organized this tournament such as board members, Executive commute and etc. Yes, you will be appreciated for coming to the tournament. Every time I go to my kids tournament or show I pay but that doesn’t make me a stack holder. As I said I even had contributed to Churches, political organizations radio station etc… even that doesn’t make me a stack holder. In order to be a stack holder I have to pay my membership U 2 join your local ESFNA be a member of the local team and this time most of as even can’t organize a small weeding but ESFNA did and organize the best and the only tournament in this universe which take’s a week long tournament for the last 27years No one in this UNIVERSE has a week long tournament for 27years as an Ethiopian we have to be proud of it.


  11. Observer
    | #11

    @Girma Moges
    According to,,

    Person, group, or organization that has direct or indirect stake in an organization because it can affect or be affected by the organization’s actions, objectives, and policies. Key stakeholders in a business organization include creditors, customers, directors, employees, government (and its agencies), owners (shareholders), suppliers, unions, and the community from which the business draws its resources. Although stake-holding is usually self-legitimizing (those who judge themselves to be stakeholders are de facto so), all stakeholders are not equal and different stakeholders are entitled to different considerations. For example, a firm’s customers are entitled to fair trading practices but they are not entitled to the same consideration as the firm’s employees. See also corporate governance.

    Regards, God Bless Ethiopians, and may he keep exposing the pigs of ESFNA

  12. Mekonnen
    | #12

    It came to mind that Fassil Abebe of the ESFNA resembles Squealer of the Animal Farm by George Orwell. In other words, Fassil Abebe = Squealer

    Squealer is A small white fat porker who serves as Napoleon’s right hand pig and minister of propaganda, holding a position similar to that of Molotov.

    Squealer manipulates the language to excuse, justify, and extol all of Napoleon’s actions. Squealer limits debate by complicating it and he confuses and disorients, making claims that the pigs need the extra luxury they are taking in order to function properly, for example. However, when questions persist, he usually uses the threat of the return of Mr Jones, the former owner of the farm, to justify the pigs’ privileges. Squealer uses statistics to convince the animals that life is getting better and better. Most of the animals have only dim memories of life before the revolution; therefore, they are convinced. In the end, he is the first pig to walk on his hind legs.

  13. Unanimous
    | #13

    This is a well written document. ESFNA need to clean itself and the board of directors need to take over the power and the responsibility.

    ESFNA was established to serve the Ethiopians in despora not the Woyanes and the Hodam Bandas in Ethiopia. If the board can not clean this organization, the call will be to form a clean organization that serves the people. Those who stood with the people and those who stand for democracy, justice and freedom need to join the new organanization…..

    Good job and thank you for exposing this corrupt PR.

  14. Dallas
    | #14

    Thank you very much for this critical info. on the ESFNA. The insult is not on the political parties leaders, but it is on us, the Ethiopian Diaspora. And it is up us to show them that we deserve better.

    Yes, they have been insulting us. We need to focus on how to organize in our respective cities (as well as state-wide) to hold them accountable and to expose these hodams. We have started something in Dallas in that direction. But we need to assure ourselves that the ESFNA is for, Ethiopians’, not the Woyanes’, and it will never be.

    Thank you again, keep up the good work.

  15. Copy From EcadForum
    | #15

    January 15, 2011 – 9:11 pm


    I feel I must comment on the lies of ESFNA Public Relations, Fassil Abebe, and his bid for the leadership of the misleading the executive committee.

    I have been a supporter and member of ESFNA for 20 years, and worked as a volunteer in every occasion. I truly believe that he is disingenuous in his actions and I will use any influence and resources I can muster to ensure he does not get away by trashing future leaders such as owner able Birtukam Mideksa a leader of our country.

    I too demanding ESFNA’s PR’s dismissal from our organization. This man is insulting the public for his sugar daddy Al Mude for a hand out. His will finish his term at the end of July tournament and a place to land. His predecessor Getachew former PR is now paid Al Mude promoter. That is where this one is targeting for landing.

  16. Aberu
    | #16


    This is a fact that the ESFNA Controller and Auditor, Feleke Teka, has been helping the ESFNA cooking its book. I have heard so many corruption charges against Feleke , including getting the line share of the $700,000 bribe ESFNA received from its sugar daddy – Al Amoudi.

    So “Better Sinzeros” you must release information you have on this corrupt, crooked Auditor.

  17. Tazabiw
    | #17

    Sad, Sad Sad…. The last time i remember this same people so called Politicians (i call them losers)caused the sad ending of Kinjit, and caused Birtukan to suffer in jail. Now since they are experts in dismantling, they want to do the same for ESFNA. Wake up people, the issue is not Birtukan here, no one wants ESFNA to loose its non-profit status. The issue is there is a group that wants to hide something by creating a turmoil.Leave alone the outspoken and the out going PR officer and the CPA. They are doing a great job.

  18. Aberu
    | #18


    You are a dupe if the lie the rube PR officer told you make you think that the ESFNA will lose its non-profit status. Wake up Tazabiw!

  19. Girma Moges
    | #19

    How come Birtukan is not invited by her own party, by the way where is all that CASH collected during her tour in USA? live ESFNA alone you liked or not we will be and support the federation in Atlanta they are doing a good job.

  20. Gatu Abebe
    | #20

    Girma # 19 You are right if ESAT or other political party like to have fund raising there is no place like at ESFNA annual tournament. Why are we blaming ESFNA what have Mr. Elias Kifle and his associate have done to the Ethiopian communities beside having controversial topic and put it in his web-side and make money out of it. ESFNA had done a lot than any one of us.

  21. Tesema
    | #21

    @Girma Moges
    I heard that her CPA, Feleke Tekea, cooked the books and stole the money as he has been steeling the ESFNA money.

  22. Unanimous
    | #22

    As you did in yours, let me start by quoting an Amharic saying: “Balegen kasadeg yegedele tsedeke” endemibalew, although I do not know their background (their families and upbringing at home) their tactics are heartbreaking and paining to us.

    You know, here, it pushes us to put the diaspora in one basket( hopeless itself and) tries to pinch our very nerves to lose hope in the eyes of our rulers. We are coming to understand how corrupt and heartless (to their people) such people are. And it is coming to light not only who makes business on the sweat & blood but also stand agianst the noble struggle of the Ethiopian people.

    You people are giving us better opportunity to identify such corrupt & ‘hodam’ people. Standing on the throat of the Ethiopian people (in such a way), we decline to accept it, for now, as freedom of speech but pushing a hot iron bar against our wounds.

    And you (and your friends?) please do not make it a one time shot !!!!!!!

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