Statement on to Oppose the Woyane Regime Surrogate and killer, Somali Region President Visiting North America

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Somali Region socalled President is visiting North America this week. We are calling all peace loving to oppose this criminal who killed many Ethiopian Somali in the name of democracy aka Woyane regime. The visit of this surrogate killer, Somali Region president is supported by Sheik Al Amudi who is the biggest mafia that is using the land of Somali Region and selling to his ancestors, Arab countries, and traditional enemy of Ethiopia. As you all know Sheik Al Amoudi is the one who is day in day out to build the image of Woyane regime in terms of financial resources, energy and logistical support, but we, Ethio Somali Peace Organization is working hard to expose these flows accolade of Woyane regime. We have to illustrate a few key points that Woyane invisible hand is orchestrating this visit of North America: dividing Ethiopian in Diaspora, Terrorism, Blue Nile, china and fake Economic prosperity under TPLF regime. Evidences indicate that the motif of these cadres, Somali President, are to buy out Ethiopia Somali in North America to stamp and finalize its bogus and one party election of 2010 of Woyane regime.

First, many commentators and particularly Somalis of Region five in the global Diaspora pay no attention to the fact that the name ‘Ogaden’ is, rightly or wrongly, associated with majority rule by the Ogaadeen clans, respectively with their claim for power within the Somali Regional State. Since the introduction of ethnic-based administration by the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) in 1991, Somalis and other ethnic groups in Ethiopia came to perceive ethnic identity and territorial claims as one and the same. The region’s non-Ogaadeen clans, including non-Ogaadeen Darood, Isaaq, Dir and other genealogical groups, strongly refute the ‘Ogaden’ label for their region, fearing that it rhetorically justifies Ogaadeen domination. EPRDF is hatching a hatred among Somalis Ethiopian laong the line of clans by working only with the secession ONLF and the terrorist organization UWSLF. Both of these organizational are the enemy of Ethiopian Somali people in Ethiopia.

Last week, the President of Somali Region, with the support of Al Amudi, has financed 80 Somalis from Europe who were all Ogadeni clan and isolated all other Somali clans. Then, they visited Meles in his palace and consolidated his hegemony divide and rule of Ethiopia people. These Diaspora tourist elements are not born in Ethiopia and they do not speak Amharic language. Some of them were the criminal who decimated Somali people in Somalia during Said Barre Regime. The same theater is repeating in North America unless we oppose this criminal act ; we are urging all Ethiopian people who are fighting for the unity of Ethiopia has to come out on Friday in Washington DC to oppose this criminal support and orchestrated by Meles and financed by Sheik Al Amudi.
EPRDF conceived and pretended ethnic federalism as the institutional strategy to achieve development yet it failed to deliver the widely expected benefits for a majority of region 5’s inhabitants. In terms of public infrastructure and service delivery (education, health, roads, security etc.) the region fares worse than both Ethiopia’s regions and neighboring Somaliland and Somalia. The potential advantages of ethnic-based decentralization did not trickle down sufficiently to the rural masses in the Somali periphery. Popular frustration with and ill-will towards the government are a result of this failure. On top of this hardship, EPRDF is changing the so-called leaders every year and pit one Somali clan against the other one.
On the other hand, the Somalis versus Ethiopians stereotype projects an image of internally homogenous groups. This is not the case, neither on the Somali nor on the Ethiopian side. The notorious political infighting between Somali clans, particularly between Ogaadeen and non-Ogaadeen clan coalitions, is a case in point. Similarly, Ethiopia’s ethnic diversity and the at times contradictory federal policies towards region 5 challenge the idea of two uniform blocs. A closer look reveals that multiple conflict lines fueled by political, economic and genealogical logics co-exist within region 5.7 Both sides, EPRDF cadres and Somali-Ethiopian politicians, have skillfully exploited these conflict lines to extract political spoils for their own constituencies.

TPLF is working hard to hide its atrocity and massacre in Somali Region is playing the card of fighting terrorism. The irony of the history that last week EPRDF has singed an agreement with UWSLF which was a wing of Al Tihad, member of al Shabaab. Therefore, how on earth, EPRDF is claiming to fight terrorism, but is working with UWSLF, a terrorist organization.
It is imperative to recall that the ESP had struggled against the feudal imperial regime and the Marxist Military regime of Ethiopia. It also is important to remember that after the downfall of the military regime, Soon after the ESPO was forced by the TPLF to withdraw from the Transitional Government, the TPLF Leaders wishfully declared to the whole world that it has annihilated the ESPO. The TPLF regime could not and cannot annihilate the ESPO because the ESPO is an embodiment of the Somali people’s political expression and, therefore, enjoys their overwhelming support. This had been publicly expressed during the Transitional Period.

Having terribly failed to deprive the true and genuine organization, ESPO of the unflinching support of the Somali people, the TPLF maliciously and opportunistically labeled it as a “terrorist organization” and embarked on the defamation of the UWSLF, an organization that is created by Woyane. The target was to undermine the objectives of the Somali people’s struggle for self-determination, which has the goal of justice, freedom, democracy and progress. The TPLF regime’s objective of labeling the genuine Ethiopian Somali organization is to tarnish the international image and standing of ESPO and to isolate the legitimate cause of the Somali people’s struggle. For the project of defaming and isolating the, the TPLF has allocated a huge budget and has assigned a full time staff of several hundreds of agents, including highly paid lobbyists. To date, the TPLF regime’s wicked effort to defame the ESPO did not succeed.

The TPLF regimes’ accusation of the ESPO makes sense only to its leaders and lackeys. The TPLF never had internal legitimacy. The overwhelming majority of the people in Ethiopia lend no credence to what the TPLF Regime says. Therefore, international community, in general, and donor Governments in particular, are the targets of the manipulation malicious and trumped-up charges against the ESPO.

There is a pattern of timing in TPLF regime’s malicious accusation of the ESPO. In general the TPLF regime accuses the ESPO to either deflect the people’s attention or to gain the donors’ attention. It accuses the ESPO when it believes it is internationally conducive to make such labeling stick or when the regime’s internal/domestic political challenges soar or crisis worsens. These days, the TPLF regime is engulfed in crises. The country’s economy is ailing of a sky rocketing inflation and the largest majority of the people are hardly making ends meet. The imperialistic and adventurous aggression and occupation of Somalia has become a quagmire to the TPLF army and it appears that there is no strategy for victory or exit. The Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, continuous making contradictory and confused statements in this regard. The secret boundary demarcation agreement or deal that the TPLF regime made with the Government of Sudan is facing a strong opposition from the Ethiopian People. The undemocratic June 2010 national election have transformed the TPLF regime from the de facto one-party to a de jure one-party- TPLF/EPRDF tyrannical rule. Now, Emperor Meles Zenawi is more naked.
It is also worthy of note that it is a practice and custom of all Ethiopian regimes to label, mischaracterize and defame all political forces opposed to their tyrannical rule. It is a known fact that the predecessor of the incumbent regime had labeled TPLF and its leaders, among others, Meles Zenawi, “terrorist and mercenaries of the Arab Countries.” One, therefore, should not give credence to or be surprised by the TPLF regime following in the footsteps of its predecessors and labeling, mischaracterizing and diabolizing the ESPO. Finally, we would like to reiterate, emphasize and put to rest this issue that the ESPO is neither a terrorist organization, as labeled by the tyrannical regime of Ethiopia, nor does it endorse terrorism as a means of political struggle. The ESPO expresses and struggles for the legitimate political aspiration of the more than thirty million people of the Somali nation. The fabricated and repeated accusations of the tyrannical TPLF regime against ESPO is hollow and, hence, cannot depreciate the good name/record of the ESPO or the legitimate struggle of the Somali people for self-determination, liberation, justice, democracy, peace, economic, social and cultural development.

Last, but not least, Ethiopian Somali are fighting for the unity of Ethiopia, the individual right of all Ethiopian, the equal right of all Ethiopia regardless of its ethnic group and we are urging all peace loving international community to expose the TPLF regime and its cadres that are moving its atrocity and human right abuse to Western capital. Shame on us to allow TPLF and its cadres to misuse the freedom in Washington DC.

Victory to the Ethiopian People
Ethio Somali Peace Organization
January 18, 2011

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