From Tunis to Cairo and Cairo to Addis Twenty Years After the Cold War, New Winds of Change in Africa By Maru Gubena

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I have often wished, especially given that things have started very recently in Tunisia and Egypt, to prove me wrong. I have even begged my Lord God, kneeling down and bowing my head to the ground, to prove me wrong, at least at this time, at this very moment – to allow us to share and enjoy the newly ripening fruits of political and power changes that have taken place in Tunisia and are currently under way in Egypt. Yes, I did implore my Lord to help speed the winds of radical change that have been blowing from Tunis, which have quickly reached Cairo and other major cities of Africa, and to let them blow above the skies of my country as well! Yes, I begged my God to help us bring unexpected, abrupt changes in the attitudes and behaviours of all Ethiopians, both at home and scattered throughout the globe, to fight against our longstanding hostilities and resentments, including their foundations in deep-seated jealousies and animosities, and instead to be kind and caring to and for each other. Yes, I certainly and unambiguously want to be proved wrong at this time, at this very moment, marked by a sudden uprising of the people of Africa against their cruel, repressive and brutal rulers. I want those massive winds of change of the peoples’ revolution, now blowing across the skies of other countries and peoples, to quickly reach the skies, mountains and hills of my country, Ethiopia, as well, shaking the houses, the living rooms and the sleeping rooms of the corrupt and cold-blooded rulers of Ethiopia.

Oh yes! As can be read and heard in my various articles and interviews of the past five or more years, I always have argued relentlessly that the long-standing Ethiopian political culture that has shaped and reshaped the attitudes and socio-political behaviours of Ethiopians would not and will not allow Ethiopians to rise up, not just against their heartless, brutal and tyrannical rulers, but also against the cardinal foundations and the elements that divide them, including the factors of family and group orientation and regionalism. Yes, I have said and written as recently as the first week of December 2010 that unless we take the required decisive measures as urgently as possible to end the prolonged infighting and persistent wrangling among us, the lifespan of Meles Zenawi and those around him will be extended by an additional two or more decades, “unless some kind of coup d’état within his own circle, possibly by the armed forces, were to occur”.

Maru Gubena
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  1. helina bis
    | #1

    le enat agerih yihin temeGehilat

  2. mckedem mckonnen
    | #2

    …. Folks take notes…..The Egyptian People go Hard… they are sitting on the tank saying FUDGE a curfew….they want slim outta there….Uprising all over Africa.. Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen… Ethiopia is next…. Folks take notes….my Ethiopians be prepared …the sky is blue and the water wet…slippery …

  3. tewbel
    | #3

    The black market exchange rate to the dollar is apparently $1=26 Birr.
    It seems that evasion of capital from Ethiopia has risen tremendously since Tunisia and Egypt popular revolution.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    I am very puzzeled and dismayed by this article . The idea of coupdetat is not a solution for us and we have seen it for 17 years under the military junta . What it clearly shows us is that we do not have a capable party(ies) that can lead the movement and take power from the TPLF/EPLF ethinic tribalist junta . I totally disagree with Dr Maru’s clemency because it looks like a wishful thinking . Put all this in simple way :even if we demonstrate in the streets of Addisabeba ,Jima , Asmara ,Gamugofa , Harer etc , there will not be any change because the well organized army will definitely SNACH the power and silence the movement . Dearest writer, do you remember the book ” The Invisible class Conflict in Egypt ” that was written after the 1952 uprising that put the military on the throne until today . Look at Egypt !The army is one step away from power that means from lieutenant Mubarek to another new name be it Assad or Mohamed . Selam tena Yistiligne

  5. Assta B. Gettu
    | #5

    A cloud of revolution hovering over the Ethiopian sky may bring a rain of change much expected not only by the Ethiopian farmers but by all the Ethiopian citizens whose gardens, farm fields, and animal-grazing meadows have been dry for over 20 years from the lack of rainy season of democracy throughout the country.

    The Ethiopian people must pray that the rain of democracy they are expecting to come to water their dry land may be a gentle one, not a stormy, windy, and a violent one that floods the land and destroys the existing virgin soils – the young and the old Ethiopians.

    Rain of change or rain of revolution has rained earlier in Tunisia, then in Egypt, later in Yemen and Jordan; so far, the rain that has fallen in some of these Arab countries that have never seen such a turbulent rain in the history of their nations are terrified and are not quit sure what the final consequences of such tempestuous rain that has claimed the lives of many innocent people will be.

    Some Ethiopian meteorologists or scientists have been predicting for quit some times the skies over the Ethiopian northern mountains are gathering dark clouds that indicate the imminent outpouring of rain of democracy, but, so far, their predictions have not come true, and such rain of democracy has never materialized either in the northern or southern mountains of Ethiopia.

    Who is to blame the Ethiopian weathermen whose predictions have been false or the Ethiopian clergies or imams whose prayers for rain of democracy in Ethiopia have been spurned or rejected by the Almighty God because these imams and clergies have refrained from denouncing the evil practices performed every single day by Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi), Jezebel (Azeb), Aba Paulos (Diabilos), and Al Amoudi, the richest Ethiopian Muslim?

    Most of us remember Elijah the prophet: when Elijah the prophet prayed that the sky should not give rain for three years and a half, the sky obeyed Elijah’s demand, and after three and a half years later, Elijah prayed that the sky should pour rain on the land of Samaria, and it did (1st Kings 17 & 18).

    Nevertheless, it is not the Ethiopian scientists, the Ethiopian politicians, the Ethiopian clergies, and the Ethiopian imams or rabies that would bring rain of democracy or change to Ethiopia, it is the author of life, Jesus Christ, who can bring the rain of change to the millions of Ethiopians, and this rain of change that comes through Jesus Christ has the power of healing and purifying those who believe in Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of the Living God, the Ancient of Days, the Rock of Ages, the Alpha and the Omega. Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!

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