Hey, Mubarak and Meles, Do you hear me? by Yiheyis Aemro

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I don’t care whether these victims of wickedness hear me or not. They are doing their homework and may be they are too busy now to hear me, especially Mubarak. I humbly request any one who has an access to these ruffians to tell them to heed my message, though my message is nothing in terms of detouring personal or social history. I first of all believe in destiny. As we all know, it is the destiny of cruel people to face the cruelest incidence at the end of the day. That is what is happening in Egypt as it will definitely be happening in Ethiopia and elsewhere where there is similar fate of people in the political scene.

But, whatever the case, based on my little observation, this time around is the Real Beginning of the End, especially an end to the hitherto seemingly normal circumstance of exploitation of man by man under various pretexts, be it political or religious or the like. It is not because of the 21/12/2012 predictions of the Mayas or the Hopis, the Nostradamus of France or Mother Shipton of the UK that I dare say all this and that follows. It is not only because of the prognostic biblical or koranic tribulations stated in earlier times of our human history. It all is simply the result of ‘enough is enough.’ From what we observe worldwide, the time ahead doesn’t seem to belong to scoundrels and thieves who usurp peoples’ power by force and mischief and stay with it for an indefinite time shitting and defecating on the majority as usual like Meles and his likes have been doing on their subjects worldwide. The time ahead doesn’t belong to chicken head authoritarians and dictators whatever assistance they might be getting from anywhere. Mother planet Earth is well known for its requital measures. She pays and repays every one of her citizens according to their deeds. Hitler, Bismarck, Stalin, Mussolini, Saddam, et al had been “beneficiaries of this golden chance” our mother Earth offers to the brutal kids of societies the same as she will have been giving this opportunity to Meles and his brothers and sisters in the nearest future possible before they inflict on additional harms.

Hence, the time as of now shall belong to the people and the popular movements that have been taking place in the al-Maghreb will most likely keep on going unrestrainedly to Eritrea and Ethiopia through Yemen, Jordan, the Sudan and many others that will follow suit. The tide has only started, not yet grown well even to the level of its puberty. It will grow faster, fatter and in a holistic manner embracing all suppressed citizens of the globe to the extent of emancipating the entire human race on earth from their own make, i.e., GOVERNMENTS, the aims of which have been thwarted towards serving the few elects of the Hellish Kingdoms. The people of the planet earth have once more become aware of who and for what lucrative purposes are ruling them. It has been truly verified through our nasty experience that almost all governments on this planet earth have been on the disservice side of the majority in such a manner that they have been engaged in creating unbalanced distribution of wealth between the poor (who constitute nearly 98% of the total global population) and the rich (who constitute about 2% of this same population) through the state machineries such as the army, the police, the security, and the intelligence organs. So, all in all, to the experience of some of us, and to the dismay of the majority of the people of the world, these governments of the hitherto status quo of our planet have been slaves of and accountable to the few corporatocratic syndicates and the Lords of Poverty (Please cf. Graham Hancock’s renowned book in this title). Beginning from the US, which is epitomized by so called ‘largest democracy’ in the world, an epithetic luster, nearly all presidents have been almost home servants of the rich without the instructions of whom they couldn’t and still cannot move an inch forward to benefit the mass. In short, this planet has from time immemorial been under the siege and totalitarian control of the few filthy – wealthy individuals the main objective of whom is manipulating their handpicked government officials [via fake, corrupted, and ‘financial’ democracies] so that their mundane wishes and whims are met in an unchecked manner. On the other hand, billions of people have been forced to lead an atrocious life while toiling for the few tycoons with an income barely enough to survive. In this way of maintaining exploitation man by man, behold, we have a Bill Gates and a Warren Buffet and a George Soros and Rockefellers and an Al Amoudin … who in an unjust manner of business transactions or wealth appropriation unnecessarily amass multi billion dollars while on the contrary millions of people in the world are dying of starvation and simple curable diseases. This has been the bitter experience we have been witnessing especially since the coming into being of the age of industrialization and consequently the time of IT now we are in.

Now, that grotesque scenario seems to lose its momentum, but, don’t get me wrong, not yet in its full swing. Hopefully and understandably, too, the campaign is likely to have already begun, as we have been lucky enough to witness from the Maghrebs. That campaign will also inevitably but surely come to Ethiopia and spread all over the country from Ras Kazar to Ras Dummera, from one extreme piece of land to the other opposite extreme which covers a radius of 1600 kilo meters in a cross shape geopolitical figure. And finally, that movement of the oppressed will once again liberate the country from the blood sucking ethnocentric juntas of the TPLF/’EPRDF’ and its northern core of the EPLF from whose paunch it had got its birth. We envisage a day in which both people of the same country will rejoice the fruits of one popular movement which will undo what these two rascals have done in the past thirty plus years to dismantle our beloved and historically enshrined Ethiopia. We are about to see a country that will be governed under one sovereign banner which will be free of any tribal and religious conflicts which have been enhanced purposefully for an effect to elongate their two brutal regimes in Addis Ababa and Asmara, thereby to loot the meager wealth the country had/has. We will see a prosperous Ethiopia after all those years of west – sponsored confusion and pandemonium. We will have our own democratically elected governments based on international standards, unlike the one we have now which is an absolute parody of all kinds of misdeeds and corruptions in regard to the prevalence of real democracy.

Hey, Mubarak and Meles, listen to us, the ever oppressed people of your respective countries. Get awakened and leave us so that you live too. We haven’t been living, while you were leading a relatively luxurious life, though it wasn’t psychologically healthy, to be honest, due to a number of reasons we prettily know. You have been living in iron houses encircled by tanks, not thanks. You have been known as demonic not as ‘Men of the People’ (please cf. Chinua Achebe’s satirist book in this title.) You know you haven’t led a life we or other people of the world could envy it.

And at the same time we know that you both, Mubarak and Meles, are somewhat defective in your personality. As a matter of fact, a physical defect can be sensed easily, but if at all you may have such physical defectiveness that didn’t matter as such, what has been affecting our social and national existence has been your psychological make up which can be said that it is the kind of pigs’ or chameleons’. Due to that you have ever been insatiate in both power and wealth accumulation, to the extent of unashamedly bequeathing the specter to your children, for example in the case of Mubarak. In terms of behavior, you are like a chameleon; you change your political color to deceive your lords in the west so that they could give you their blessing in time of the “elections” you run the results of which are known before votes are counted. None of you have carried out any genuine election, and astonishingly your masters as well know that you are liars but better evils with respect to their political and imperialistic interests; and it is because of that you always win their hearts and minds, for they are always afraid of genuine citizens of any country for fear of missing any strategic advantage they are dishonestly craving for. What is said here is the stark naked reality. Meles and Mubarak, the two ugliest facets of the same coin, are puppets of their Lords in the “civilized” and “in God we trust” world of the Pentagram who are part and parcels of the CFR in terms of their intrinsic mission to impoverish the majority and enrich the minority at the expense of nations along with their populace.

To be more specific, it is quite obvious that the life of one person is more important than the lives of millions people in Africa, if that one person is crucially beneficial to attain certain goals to the US and her allies. It is good that the US and her allies, if at all we can say ‘her allies’, for what ‘her allies’ means herself, get any benefit through wisdom or albeit disgustingly through muscles, but they should realize the fact that all other over trodden people of the world also have the right to live on earth as cohabitants like them. It is a pity if one coerces another to the extent of depriving them of the right to exist on our common habitat for the simple reason that that party is voraciously greedy to own much wealth. This is what is happening in the world. It is therefore religiously and morally unfair and a crime and even unforgivably a major sin to willy nilly spare the lives of billions of hopeless people with the lives of few stooges like Meles and Mubarak. It is what exactly is happening in Egypt now and in 2005 in Ethiopia as well. These psychic people of the throne in Africa or else where on the globe are the fundamental and immediate causes of the revolutions especially to erupt in the near future like a tsunami, sporadically here and there all over the world. Let’s all believe that at times tsunamis may not be easily controlled and may wipe out the stench of the old gubernatorial systems which have caused an abject poverty and the abundance of injustice in our otherwise beautiful planet.

To come to the current situation in the horn of Africa, for example, what does Mubarak mean when he says, “I shall not run in the coming election and I don’t intend to step down until then.”? Is he crazy? Do millions of Egyptians go out to streets to achieve this joke like reflection from the defacto president, Hosni Mubarak? What is the content of his brain? Is he totally mindless or lunatic? How could he dare challenge the protest of all those millions of people across the country? Doesn’t he think of Egypt instead of pondering over how he sustains his power for the coming eight months, until September 2011? What foolishness is he displaying? How do autocrats think of themselves? Is it not astounding folks? How do they conceive themselves with regard to the majority of the people they ‘lead’?

Meles Zenawi, please listen to me carefully. Whether you believe it or not, your turn is coming soon. Yours will be the severest in the history of mankind, for your impact on Ethiopia and Ethiopians has as well incomparably been the first of its kind. Do you remember, in military science, any counter attack is devised in a ratio of 3:1 in order to outsmart in the battle and secure the victory? So, be ready, dear Meles Zenawi to meet your crooked chance will have to provide you with in the nearest future possible and don’t worry about the direction from where it comes, too. You have finished your mission, mission accomplished, as people say most often. But you can make use of the little chance you have at your disposal and somehow can manage to avoid that worst scenario before it will have been taking place. Your friend, Mubarak, is going out of his warm palace to the cool little home where he deserves to live here after, be it as of now or as of December this year, as the case may be. He has presently learnt that that place doesn’t belong to him any more. You too, Mr Meles, don’t deserve any palace in Ethiopia any further. Know this and get ready, Mr Puppet!

As a final closure to my hodgepodge, we the oppressed people of this small continent, especially in the so called third world, do understand that democracy is a process and therefore having a democratic system in short period of time may be untenable, for it takes time to the beautiful ones to be born. Nevertheless, we would like to remind the west that they should be reserved from allowing things to remain as falling apart in Africa due to their support to the puppets they always recruit “in favor” of the people and simultaneously they should understand that the arrow of God is there to serve justice in time of necessity. Even though they seem to believe in God in their lips, their actions and inactions tell the contrary that they don’t accept all humans are equal in front of Him. A sweet fruit is known even while it is in the tree, say the Holy Scriptures. They are doing exactly opposite to what the great book they claim to follow orders them to do. Jomo Kenyatta told them clearly. They will be rewarded for that fictitious behavior of theirs too. It is good for them to have a time of meditation to examine what they are doing globally, any how.


Pride comes first, disgrace comes after;
with the humble is the wisdom found.

Be sure of it, a wicked man will not go unpunished,
but the race of the virtuous will come to no harm.

Life lies along the path of virtue,
the way of the vicious leads to death.

Virtue preserves the man of honest life,
wickedness proves the ruin of the sinner.

A sudden fortune will dwindle away,
he grows rich who accumulates little by little.

Proverbs: 11

You will hear of wars and rumors of wars; do not be alarmed, for this is something that must happen, but the end will not be yet. For nation will fight against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes here and there. All this is only the beginning of the birthpangs. Matthew 24

  1. Derese
    | #1

    “hodgepodge” – that’s it! The best phrase in the entire article. Amen to that!

  2. Atriteh Ewoke
    | #2

    Great Analysis.

    No one can carry the brunt induced by the dead, senseless and brutal tycoons. The scenario will indeed get fatter and it would go round all over enven to those who slept as if nothing could shake the fictious system. This is not a wish but a reality that all will face. They have to gulp what they BREWD!!!!!

  3. kaka
    | #3

    the big devil. Did you see what is happening in cairo right now? It should be foolish of you to dream of taking power by power. The millions of farmers will flood to Addis and decapitate you or anyone who sides with you.

  4. Assta B. Gettu
    | #4

    The crumbling Tegaru Kingdom

    The Tegaru Kingdom that has pitted the Amhara against the Tegaru, the Tegaru against the Amhara, the Amhara against the Oromo, the Oromo against the Amhara, the Prime Minister against the whole people of Amhara and Oromo, one family against another family, one Kilil against another Kilil, one Church against another Church, believers against non believers, daughters against their mothers, mothers against their daughters, employees against their employers, students against their teachers, teachers against their students, Tigrean soldiers against non Tigrean soldiers, Muslims against Christians and Christians against Muslims, imams against clergies and clergies against imams, Tafera Derbew against Girma Woldegiorgis, Aba Paulos against Abune Merkorios, Al Amoudi against Elias Kifle, Elias Kifle against Al Amoudi, Gragn Ahmed against Assta B. Gettu and Assta B. Gettu against Gragn Ahmed, and even the Tegaru birds against the Amhara birds that fly by mistake over the Tegaru sky will finally come to a disastrous end.

    All these creatures, dominions, societies, principles, living and non living things that are fighting against each other for a living space, privilege, recognition, and ones’ own protection and preservation will come together, avoiding their differences, proving Meles’leadership is based on people who fight against each other, not on people who love one another, and remove Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) from his deep-rooted power.

    In this world, there are some good things against bad things, and there are also some bad things against good things. For example, good and effective medicines against bad cold, flue, virus, cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure, Alzheimer diseases, stroke, headache, and stomach ache are some of the good things against the bad things; however, smoking, getting drunk, terrorizing people, abusing children, driving a vehicle while intoxicated, taxivation, blackmailing, bulling, beating one’s own wife, raping minors, selling children to foreigners, witnessing falsely, stealing and killing are some of the bad things against the good things.

    Under Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) regime, the bad things against the good things have been taught and propagated throughout the Ethiopian societies. For instance, foreign aid that has been delivered to help the Ethiopian famine victims has been diverted by Meles to buying new weapons; some Ethiopian lands have been sold to foreign bidders without the will of the Ethiopian people; high paying jobs have been given to the Tegaru who are not even qualified for those jobs. In time of crisis, foreign aid is important, but misleading the donor nations as if their money has been used appropriately is one of the bad things. Protecting and preserving one’s own fertile or dry land and passing it to the next generation is vital, but selling it to foreigners at the lowest price is one of the worst things that will happen to a country held hostage by Dictator Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi).

    One of the bad things that brought Ben Ali of Tunisia, Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak of Egypt, Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen down from their powers and has threatened the rest of the Arab-Muslim dictators to face the fates of the Tunisian, the Yemeni, and the Egyptian leaders is the unfair job distributions among the educated collage graduates. Only those who have ties with the ruling regimes get hired, and that is why Muhammad Bouazizi from the Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid set himself on fire. In the same way, in Ethiopia, under Dictator Meles regime, the Amhara graduates, the Oromo graduates, the Gurage graduates, and the Somali graduates cannot get jobs while the high paying jobs are waiting for Tegaru graduates even before they graduate while the already graduated Amharas, Oromos, Gurages, and Somalis are looking for jobs.

    Selling lands for foreigners, keeping the best jobs until the Tegaru sons and daughters graduate, and allowing the non Tegaru graduates commit suicide or leave their country in search of jobs in other countries are not the only bad things Meles Seitanawi has been committing for over twenty years.

    What about the jamming of the Voice of America and recently shutting down the Internets to avoid the domino effect of the Tunisian and the Egyptian revolutions from crossing the Red Sea and scintillating the spirits of the Ethiopian people! This is also bad that signals the imminent downfall of the Meles regime.

    Generally, to survive and to prolong his rule of oppression, Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) has created deep enmity and division among the Ethiopian Christian family and the Ethiopian Muslim family; however, the Ethiopian people are now comprehending what kind of weapon Meles is using against them, and they understand that old weapon of his is “divide and rule.” Indeed, from day one, Meles’ main job has been to divide the people of Ethiopia: “They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law” (Luke 12:53).

    My dear Ethiopians, I have found out the weaknesses of Meles Seitanawi and the strengths of the Ethiopian people: Meles’ weaknesses are his reliance on Western power and his confidence on his wife Jezebel (Azeb) and his close friends Al Amoudi and Aba Paulos (Diabilos). When Ben Ali of Tunisia and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt were in their critical moments, did London and Washington help them survive from the turmoil they had created? Not at all! Simply, Washington and London took the position of the biblical Pilate: “When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. ‘I am innocent of this man’s blood,’ he said. ‘It is your responsibility!’” (Matthew 27:24) In the same way, London and Washington were saying to the Tunisians and to the Egyptians that they (Washington and London) were innocent of these two dictators: Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak and let the Tunisians and the Egyptians do what ever they wanted to do on their own leaders.

    The strengths of the Ethiopian people are on their Savior, Jesus Christ, not on Barak Obama or on David Cameron: these are men unreliable in time of need and bad circumstances. Knowing the unreliability of man, the Prophet Isaiah once said: “Stop trusting in man, who has but a breath in his nostrils. Of what account is he?” (Isaiah 2:22)

    Therefore, let us trust in God the Almighty and fight in unity against our common enemy, Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and his crime family.

    Assta B. Gettu

  5. obsa
    | #5

    kuni oromoo ilaallachuu qaba moo hinqabu?

  6. Lucy in America
    | #6

    ASSTA, Amhara have never been against tegeres.The amhara feed them when they were in need of food and gave them shelter and close when they need.

  7. Yiheyis Aemro
    | #7

    Dear Assta B. Gettu,no. 4, you have written wonderful ideas. I read it twice with enthusiasm because it scratches my itches and those of even millions of Ethiopians in and outside home. But why don’t you give it little time and after polishing send it to our websites for further reading by many people? Please do this, my dear compatriot, for further contact: yiheyisaemro@gmail.com

  8. Melkamu
    | #8

    lmaentable when you think of Ethiopia. A proud kindler gentler people have fallen in to the hands of thugs whose sole purpose merely is extortion of the national wealth and rule in terror. Fertile land of the country has been on sale for other countries like India, China and S.Arabia while the country is havoc stricken by poverty and starvation.
    The people are deprieved of their basic rights even to live in their own land.This undoubtly warrant insurrection sooner or later. I thank the writer above for giving a scintific insight.Hope will write more in the future. The people of Ethiopia have seen the true light at the end of tunnel. The light of a train in the tunnel has also been spotted rushing towards Melese.

    Victory to the people!
    Victory to the people!

  9. lucy in america
    | #9

    The losser america has lost more african’s dictatorial regimes .America is anti democracy, anti developement, anti black and poor people in farica , but the close and best friend of african’s thieves, criminals, bloody dictators , looters arrogants repressive regimes in africa and all over the world. The most well known criminals thieves and killer leaders in the world but have close relationship with america. 1. meles naziwi, 2. hosin mubarake.3. ben ali.4. charles taylor.5. saddam husien.6. osama bladin.7. gadafi.8.siedbare.9. alebeshir and mugabe was the friends of british and America untill he displaced british land lords and distributed for the poor zimbabwe’s farmers. So America is the worst enemy of pooor africans, the worst enemy of democracy and development in africa.

  10. milka
    | #10

    victory to the people!

  11. true
    | #11

    Who is Dr. Muhammed Shassadin Megalomatis?

    Anti Ethopian Egytian. Egypt funds fully OLF, ONLF, Shaebia and TPLF against weakeness of Ethiopia to control the Nile. Basically these fringes are working for Egypt against their own self interest and people in the fake and exaggerated name of past oppression. Please stop this guy from spreading false information about Ethiopia. Death to ONLF, OLF, Shaebia and tPLF. What did Egypt do for Eritrea after its secession? It created anti U.S nation, Eritrea has become a giant prison nation always paranoid because of Ethiopia’s invasion. Don’t worry, TPLF will protect you.

    Ethiopia must rise against her injustice now!!!

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