Ethiopians in DC Protest against Zenawi’s Brutal Regime. Pictures by Tewodros Mekebib

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Today, Ethiopians in DC protested against the brutal zenawi’s regime. Pictures, Courtesy of Tewodros Mekebib (more…)

Today, Ethiopians in DC protested against the brutal zenawi’s regime. Pictures, Courtesy of Tewodros Mekebib














  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    Yes, Meles has to go!!!!!!!!
    Yes, All woyane’s and their supporters have to go!!!!
    Yes, meles and his puppets have to go right now!!!

    | #2

    Good job I am very proud of you who were there fighting for freedom of our country and people in Ethiopia. The time will come soon.All the devil will go back to Dedebit.

  3. Peace
    | #3

    keep it up and export it to you region in Ethiopia and we ogadenian’s will make sure on our part to do big, i promise insha’allah, freedom to all Ethiopian, freedom to separatist groups,freedom to all somalis.

  4. Kemal
    | #4

    I was very happy to day to much about Ethiopian demonsteration against the curption regien of Melese and all Woyane.There are many poeple and they are united against Meles with his follower. Down melese with his follower. Death to Woyane. Long Live Ethiopia.

  5. Mesmer
    | #5

    You claim to bring Democracy, but you are restless and retributive at comments directed to you. God save anybody from your mercy.

  6. Tulu Oda
    | #6

    Bravo Ethiopians in DC. Yes Meles and his regime have to go. TPLF top leaders must be brought to justice.

  7. aratkilo
    | #7

    i fed up with so called diaspora oppostion !!!

  8. Tolagna
    | #8

    Soon,our dear brothers and sisters in Ethiopia will start living life.Many,many thanks to our brave and couragious brothers and sisters who fight against our common enemies that built a system that confined our people to utter oppression and suppression for the last twenty years.

    The enemy is frastereated,bored,and weak;this meanse that the day of its buril will soon be declared to the world.I am as happy as all Ethiopians because we are very close to demolish the undemocratic system and in return,are ready to build a new and vibrant Ethiopia for all.

  9. አንበሴ
    | #9

    ጎበዝ ኢትዮጵያዊ ሁሉ: ትኩረታችን ሁሉ ከሰላማዊ ሰልፉ ይልቅ: ወደብረታዊ ትግሉ በበለጠ ብናተኩር የተሻለ ነው:: ይህም ማለት ማንም ሃገራዊ ሃላፊነት የሚሰማው ኢትዮጵያዊ ሁሉ በሚችለው አቅሙ እየተደረገ ያለውን የትጥቅ ትግል ዝግጅት በሚችለው አቅሙ የግንቦት 7 የፍትህ የነጻነትና የዲሞክራሲ ንቅናቄን ማገዝ ለፋሽስት ወያኔ ትልቁ ራስ ምታት ከመሆኑም በላይ በተደረጉ ሰላማዊ ሰልፎች ወያኔዎች የሚሳለቁብንን ያህል በብረት ትግል ማንበርከከና በደረሱበት ሁሉ ቁም ስቅል ማሳየትን እረፍት መንሳት ለመብታችን ለነጻነታችን መንገድ ጠራጊ ነውና: የበለጠው ትኩረታችን ወደትጥቅ ትግሉ እናዘንብል::

    ኢትዮጵያ ለዘለአለም ትኑር!!!

  10. to be true
    | #10

    If meles go, who is better than him, and can you tell me any one better than Meles?

  11. Azeb Gola
    | #11

    Meles’ wife is ready to take over and show her muscle. How about that ? Wait a minute who will take care of the Khat and coffee business ? Of course EFFORT will do the business and deposit the profit in her bank account in one of her close relatives in Ohio.

  12. Do your part!
    | #12

    Bravo! I am beyond proud of my fellow patriotic Ethiopians that give voice to the voiceless Ethiopians. All of us need to do what we can to inform the rest of the world what our Ethiopian brothers and sisters are being treated by a tyrant. I did my part this past Sunday, I went to a predominately White Church and informed the members about the Ethiopian Dictator and asked them if they could have a special prayer for the millions of Ethiopians who are loosing their land and for all the innocent Ethiopians who are being mistreated and tortured and killed everyday in Ethiopia. I also informed them about the $1.2 million Euro the tyrant wife spent in one weekend on shopping spree while 12 to 15 million Ethiopians are expected to die of starvation. Every Ethiopian around the world should inform every new person they meet everyday and let the whole world come to know who the real Meles is. Please inform every body you have acquaintances with about the Woyane tyrant. Introduce dictator Meles to your church members, your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors, your teachers, taxi drivers, bus drivers, etc.

    #7 and the likes of you who lack empathy and understandings of the sufferings of others–may God teach you a lesson to what it means to be robbed, mistreated, tortured and killed.

    | #13

    To be true : is a victim of propaganda by the Weyane. To be True : that you know…Ethiopia has been there over 3000 years…without your Meles LEBAWI……

  14. Girma Bekele
    | #14

    To Be True!

    You are one of those stupid Woyane who thinks that there is only one banda Tigre among 80 Million Ethiopians who can lead the country. You brother at the Menlik palace is a traitor, a highway robber, the servant of western powers, and not qualified to rule Ethiopia. Your stupidity has no bound and how dare you ask Ethiopians is there is any person better than your thief Woyane?

    Go to hell!

  15. Wako
    | #15

    @”to be true” I know a donkey in my area who is smarter than Meles don’t worry. @to be true

    | #16

    If Meles goes who is better?? You crack me up! you’r either a victim of his propoganda or you are a bitter enemy of the people. enough said.

  17. GizBek
    | #17

    Mr/Ms To Be True, the way you sounded above,you are better than your boss Meles. Therefore, please take over the entire keys from him: Meles the ugly dwarf and rule the country. Better to have stupid like you than a ruthless child killer and Ethiopia destroyer. But hurry!


  18. Anbese
    | #18

    I can’t call your nickname “To be true” completely.
    Your question shows that obviously you are one of the cancer VIRUS carrier namely WEYANE.
    Cancer virus must be eliminated by removing the carriers to the Dedebit graveyard.
    After the cancers(WEYANE) devastated, Ethiopian will be electing the right Persons, Who would never had racial, inferriority complex behave.
    Ethiopian will be electing the right Persons, Who are believing in one Ethiopia, One People, One Country, One Flag and One National Anthem united forever Lovimg Motherland Ethiopia.


    | #19

    if.ethiopian meles go,who is better than him? is it realy your worries.and do you think that meles is defend
    ethiopian interest.come on man.

  20. Kemal
    | #20

    Are you sure? Realy,no one better than Meles? did you hear about Melese from his friend, Aregamie Berehie.We know,he got his master from open university with out getting degree. He is very very cowardice and timidity. Did you hear other from English intelectual, he does not know about what is development and economics growth.but We did not denied ,he is very,very insulting man and dishonor.Did you hear about him from Ethiopian people? please read news paper and see any websight about him. Are you Cadera? please think befor speak and write here. Thank you.

  21. Observer
    | #21

    Great job!!! Keep it up my dear brothers and sisters!!!

  22. Anonymous
    | #22

    to be true,
    We are all aware that Meles has been good to Woyanes like you by looting 76 million Ethiopians. You are at the wrong address, you need to go to your Woyane friends and share your concerns and worries.

    For the rest of Ethiopians, no other person will ever be worse than evil Meles. Meles is in the company of Adolf Hitler, Stalin and the likes of them who were born without empathy and zero conscience. Even the other blood sucker Mengestu was 110% better than Meles. Yes, tyrant Mengestu has committed unspeakable crimes on innocent Ethiopians just like your master Meles, but Mengestu never given or sold an inch of Ethiopian land to foreigners. The illegitimate Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles and Co. have been committing unspeakable crimes since they came to power:–controlling the entire govt. and business of Ethiopia, throwing tens of thousands innocent Ethiopians in prison, torture, murder, loot, lie, giving and selling the most fertile land and ports of Ethiopia, starting unnecessary war with the neighboring countries and so on. Only woyanes and a few delusional and greedy Ethiopians who cannot think for themselves love and admire a man like Meles that has the blood of tens of thousands innocent Ethiopians.

  23. ጎርፉ
    | #23

    All dectators have on thing in common after they stay in power for so long. “if i am removed there is no one to save the country from fragmentation” the truth is the more these rascals stay in power the countries chance for fragmentation will increase. Some one has to tell these depots that they are the cancer which has to be removed fast otherwise the whole nation will die. As for you “#10 you are one worthless tegadalay who never thinks with his maind. Ante agases; some one has to do the thinking for you. Remember when you were in the fields fighting your commander used to call you “wed sebyiti” For sure you are already pussfied. It is meles who tells you to live or die.

  24. amoraw
    | #24

    Tunisians and Egypians and are ethnically and socially homogenious and the sole objective of their protest is to do away with a dictatorship that has plugued them for decades and as such they can easily unite in purpose unlike the diaspora Ethiopias who appear to have the same predicament with those of Egypians and Tunisians but in reality whose sole purpose is bring back the pre 1991 domination of one Ethnic group by the other. That is why the jusmine or the Nile Revolution never works in Ethiopian reality. Meles Zenawi might not be as staunch democrat as one might expect him. But it is under Meles that Ethiopia’s image is changing for the better. Both countries are well off by any standards compared to sub saharan african countries including Ethiopia. And yet the are out to bring an end to Mubarack’s system that has denied the basic liberties by puting in place a state of emergency for 30 good years now.

  25. amoraw
    | #25

    you always religate my comments to moderation desk. you are not a neutral refree nazret

  26. osman
    | #26

    Meles has to go. I can’t wait to have my Oromo brothers have their own land freedom and we Somalis have our land and freedom. Enough with operessiive government of Meles.

  27. አንበሴ
    | #27

    በዚህ አስተያየት መስጫ አቋማችንን በአንድነት ሕብረት ያደረግነው መረባረብ ምን ያህል ለጠላቶቻችን አስደንጋጭ ለሆዳሞች አስበርጋጊ የሚይዙትን የሚጨብጡትን የሚያሳጣ የአንድነታችን መሰረት ነው:: በጽሁፍ ብቻ ሳይሆን በማንኛውም ሕዝብ በሚገናኝበት በሰርግ በልቅሶ ቤት በማህበር ቤት ከጸሎት ስርአት ወጣ ተብሎ ወደቤት ሲኬድ በሃገራችን ሕዝባችንን ካንሰር ሆኖ የሚያሰቃየውን ፋሽስት ወያኔ በአጭር ጊዜ ውስጥ ለማንበርከክ ግዙፍ የሆነ መሰረት አለው::
    ለዚህም ነው የወያኔ ዋና ዋና ዱርዬዎቹ በዲያስፖራው አንድነት ላይ ከ60 ሚሊዮን ዶላር በላይ መድበው ሆዳም ተከታዮቻቸውን ቡቺ ቡቺ እያሉ በበተክርስቲያን በኢትዮጵያ ኮምዩኒቲና በማንኛውም ሕዝባችን ባለበት ቦታ የሚልከሰከሱትና የሚያጠምዱት::
    አቡጊዳዎችም ሃገራዊ ሃላፊነታችሁን መወጣት የጀመራችሁ ይመስለኛልና እንዲህ ሕብረትን የሚያጠናክር ነገር ስሩ:: ወያኔዎች በረሃ በነበሩበትና አሁና ባሉበት አይነት አይደለም ፕሮፓጋንዳቸው:: በረሃ ሳሉ የትግራይን ገበሬ ደርጉ በላህ እንዲህ አደረገህ በማለት በደርጉ ደካማ ጎን ተጠቅመውና በፊትም ቢሆን በዘረፋ ውንብድና ተቀምጠውና የበታችነት ስሜት ከፍጥረታቸው አብሯቸው የተመሰረተና የተንኮል ሃረግ የተጠናወታቸው እርጉም ወስላቶች ናቸው::
    የቅርቡ ፕሮፓጋንዳቸው ግን በሆዳሞች በተለይም ምሁር ነን PHD ዲግሪ አለኝ: በማስተርስ ኦፍ ምናምን ተመርቄያለሁበማለት ምላሳቸውን በሚያስረዝሙ ሆድ አደሮች በስልጣን በመቆየት የወደፊቱን ” ታላቋ ትግራይ ” ምስረታ ለማድረግ አዳዲስ ካርታዎችንና እቅዶችን በማውጣት በመላው ኢትዮጵያ ክፍላተ ሃገር መሬት ከመቼውም በበለጠ እየተቸበቸበ ገበሬው አዲስ አባባ በረንዳ ላይ በልመና ተግባር ተባይ ወሮት መከራውን እያየ ነውና አንድነታችን በማንኛውም ነገር ላይ ይጠንክርልን::

    ኢትዮጵያ ለዘለአለም ትኑር!!!

  28. Anberbirr
    | #28

    It’s very fascinating to read through all the comments posted in here. What strike me as absurd is the lack of civility and openness on the part of the so called “change seekers.” How is that possible you seek a democracy whereas you don’t exercise one even as opposition? Where is the credibility of your inclusiveness? As long as you don’t demonstrate that ability and practice what you preach, I don’t think a sane person will take you that seriously. What was the crime of questioner #10, to be true? He just asked the proper question, I thought. In a democracy it isn’t enough to say the other side is bad – you should also demonstrate why you are better than them as alternative as well. That’s how people can make an educated decision of their future. If you think, as you well do, Meles only represents the 4 million people Tigray, I don’t see how you can even come close to be entrusted by the people at large as a viable opposition. Don’t try to fool people to what they see in their own eyes. This is not your yesterday’s Ethiopia or Ethiopians. If you would try for once to highlight the difference of opinion you have with the current government instead of creating a bogey man out of the blue, then your chances of attracting like minded people will grow. Because a bunch of cab drivers demonstrate in front of the embassy doesn’t mean they represent the vast majority of people living in harmony in todays Ethiopia. For opposition notorious for worshiping their leaders, Hailu, Birhanu, Birtukan, Teddy, Tamagne and more, it was quite comical to observe the barrage of negative comments directed at “TO BE TRUE.”

    | #29

    Watch out friends! Amoraw is Melese in disguise. Nazret must have known him.

  30. Lucy in America
    | #30

    the beggar weyanes will remove with fire . They are so backwards and ignorants. So backwards and ignorants must leave our country with bullet.the tegeres weyanes must test the hand of brave ethiopians as their banda parents tested our fathers and forefathers hand during adwa and inn the five years anti fascists movement . The adwa’s , shere’s and axum’s gangisters must face justice for their crime against humanity. TPLF is responsible for the death of over 8m ethiopians from dedebit untill right now.

  31. Anonymous
    | #31

    a donkey is better than the tyrant and the so called meles

  32. tazabi
    | #32

    can you please leave alone this poor ethiopian people who live in their home country . they don’t yet servive from previus wound (election) they need bread to eat not your poletic.

  33. Birhanu Demeke
    | #33

    To “aratkilo”good for you if you are fade up of the diaspora for a reason which I am not well aware how ever the Ethiopian diaspora remains being/to be the only voice to the voiceless Ethiopians who have been captives of the TPLF since two decades ago.

    To “to be true”Don’t you worry as to who should lead the Ethiopian people in the post Melese Zenawi era because the Ethiopian people shall elect their true leader in a free and fair election and I fill sorry for you because your human nature has became like that of an animal which considers man as its master as Melese is to you and likes.

    To “Aniberbirr”now is not the time to philosophize about democracy and compare your so called TPLF clique with the opposition leadership because it is a time do everything and anything to bring the demise of the TPLF,then only then your so called moral authority of preaching about democracy shall be put in to test before the Ethiopian people so that you may prove yourself more than those whom you accuse and disagree with,as far as my observation of your comment is concerned you don’t have any clue as to what democracy is all about so what on earth were you thinking of teaching us about democracy where as you yourself knows nothing about democracy.Is it we are going to call you that you are the wise and tolerant Ethiopian?no thank you because you are nobody but a sellout traitor who has no ethic as human and no nationality as any patriotic Ethiopian so keep your philosophy to your self and likes because it is as they say in Amharic”hode siawuk doro mata”.

    God bless you all those of you who have protested in Washington DC outside of the TPLF embassy against the TPLF for holding ETHIOPIA and its PEOPLE HOSTAGE for TWO DECADES under a barbaric and inhuman condition!

    Down with TPLF!

  34. Recognizing evil
    | #34

    tobetrue:- “If meles go, who is better than him, and can you tell me any one better than Meles?”
    Yes, “tobetrue’ it is impossible to find a dictator that can be more lunatic and that commits more crimes on innocent people than Meles :— to lie more, to take more basic human rights away, throwing more people in jail, loot more, torture more, kill more, sell more land to foreigners and more endless crimes…

    Tobetrue, are you in company of good men or evil men? Think about it.

    “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”- Edmund Burke

  35. አንድነት ለሃገር
    | #35

    አንበርብር ብሎ የሚያጭበረብረው እራሱ to be true ብሎ እራሱን ለሆዱ አሳልፎ የሰጠው መሆኑ ያስታውቃል:
    አንበርብር = አጭበርብር:: አጭበርባሪ ማንነትህን እራስህ ገለጽከው ስትምልም በራሱ በፋሽስቱ ዜናዊ እንደሆን የሰሙህ ሁሉ ማፈሪያ ብለውሃል እውነትም ማፈሪያ:: አየኸው ሃገር ወዳዱን? ከፋሽስት ጋር ድርድር ትላላእህ?

  36. Denbidolo
    | #36

    I’m so proud of #12 statements. We all have to do the same.

  37. Denbidolo
    | #37

    Who is Woyanne? What the hell you’re writing about?

  38. Anbese
    | #38

    አንበርብር ወይም To be true በሚል ማጭበርበሪያ ስም የሚዘባርቀው ችክትፍ ወያኔ በአካባቢያችን ከወያኔ የተመለመለና ከፋሽስቶቹ ወያኔዎች ከተመደበው በጀት የቡቺ ቡቺ ጉርሻ ተካፋይና የተምታታበት ዘባራቂ ሲሆን: ለማስመሰል እኔ የወያኔ ተቃዋሚ ነኝ ነገር ግን to be true የምትለዋን የሆዳምነት ማፈሪያ ማምታቻውን ቃል ይደጋግማል የራሱን አይነት የወያኔ ሰለባዎች ጋር to be true የምትለዋ ቃል ማበዱን እና ሳያውቀው የገባበትና ከሃገሩ ይልቅ ለሆዱ በማደሩ ይህችን ቃል ይደጋግማል to be true በማለትና ግራና ቀኝ በመገላመጥ::
    በአንድ ወቅት የማይረሳኝ to be true ምላስ ዜናዊን የመሰለ መሪ በማለት ልክ እንደድሮዎቹ ማርክስ እንዳለው ሌኒን እንዳለው እከሌ እንዳለው እንደሚሉት: እነርሱ እንኳን ኢትዮጵያን መመኪያ ሃገራቸው መሆኗንም ከልባቸው ይሰብካሉ:: ይሄ ግን መውደቂያው ወያኔ ሆኖ የሕወሃት ወያላ መሆኑ የድላችን ቀን ምን ያህል የሃፍረት ሁሉ ሃፍረት ተሸካሚ መሆኑን ልክ የለሽ ሆዱ ሸፍኖበታል:: ማፈሪያ!
    አንበርብር ብሎ መጣ እንደገና አጭበርብር ብለነዋል:: እብደቱ ሁሉ ቀኑን ሙሉ to be true በማለት ያስለፈልፈዋል ሕሊናው:: ሆዱ ግን TO BE SELFISH, CHEATING ይለዋል::

    ኢትዮጵያ ለዘለአለም ትኑር!!!
    ሆዳሙን ሁሉ ልቡና ይስጥልን: ከሆዱ በፊት እናት አለም ኢትዮጵያን እንዲያስብና ፋሽስት ወያኔ እየገደላት ያለች ሃግሩን እንዲያድን::

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