Egypt uprising is our model to bring down Ethiopia’s Mubarak !!!! by Tedla Asfaw

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This is another number 11 for most of the world but it is Feb. 11, 2011 that brought the Western financed 30 year dictatorship of Hoseni Mubarak to its knee. At this moment I am joining Egyptians in celebration and I tell them that I am proud of them. The mass uprising that started eighteen days ago and the determination of the youth of Egypt spending day and night at Tahrir Square not giving its number one demand the resignation of Hoseni Mubarak is realized today after it was dashed last night by Hoseni Mubarak empty pride that drove many Egyptians angry to come back for another day of protest and defiance.

However, the 20 second statement more than one hour ago by the Vice President about the resignation of Hoseni Mubarak and hand over power to the army sent millions throughout Egypt in huge celebration. Not only Egyptians many Africans and Middle Eastern countries which are now suffering under Western financed tyranny celebrate with them. They are learning from Egypt youth experience and will bring popular revolt to their own countries.

My country Ethiopia is a good candidate for that. We have twenty years of Western financed tyranny run by Meles Zenawi and Ethiopians who match in number with Egyptians but far behind in their developmental stage by any measurement can topple Ethiopia’s Mubarak, Meles Zenawi in short order. The time we spent lobbying on Western streets and embassies have brought us only contempt.

Egyptians did it by breaking their fear and fortunately they have an army that did not stand on their way. Ethiopians have no national army comparable to Egypt. The top army officers are standing for their tribal loyalty and they are not going to help us topple Meles Zenawi brutal regime the worst form of Mubarak.

My hope is we can get huge faction of the army which are more than ninety percent of the army to stand with millions of our people when the uprising started any day and time. The poor soldiers have no interest defending this regime and we should work with them at all levels. These are poor young people who took the job for a living.

The armed nationalist groups like OLF and ONLF have responsibility not to exploit such uprising for their own narrow goals. The good thing is we are hearing from OLF high officials that what they want is to be part of a transition to prepare our people for free and fair election. Free United Ethiopia will not be anti nations and nationalities like TPLF is preaching.

As I write this piece Egyptians are celebrating for the first time without any fear and they know that there is a long way to go until they establish a government which is accountable to them not to foreign interests. One thing is true they will never be silenced again by brute force like they were for the last 30 years.

The next battle is the battle of ideas and I am sure that Egypt with seven thousand years civilization can overcome their recent fifty years or more dictatorship which retarded their growth and shine like their ancestors. Ethiopia which has more than three thousand years of civilization which failed to join the modern age under tyrannical regimes will learn from Egypt and get their freedom in the year of freedom, 2011. Ethiopia’s Mubarak has to go by mass uprising !!!!

  1. H.N
    | #1

    Yeah min meseleh yalgebah neger ale. Egna egna nen, mubarek aydelenm Egyptianochnm aydelenm. Ethiopia is free country and even one of the most democratic country but the youngest to democracy. Others take them 300 years to implement democratic processes

  2. ታዛቢ
    | #2

    መለስ የተባለው አጭር መላጣ ከስልጣን ከወረደ ወደ የት ሀገር ይኮበልል ይመስልችሁአል??…….

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    This happened because million of Egyptians went out and did it.
    So, who is going to do it in Ethiopia where the battle ground is?
    Clapping for other people victory is no solution for our own problem.

  4. aha!
    | #4

    Tedla Asfaw, for your information, secessionism and secessionist politics is one part of the equation of the two political models: one embracing ethnic agenda as its goals and other national agenda as its goals on the other side of the equation. Unlike Egypt, except for autocracy, what is prevalent in Ethiopia is ethnic and seccioninist politics and/or policies with underlying Marxisist movement of the oppression of nations and nationalities, which gave rise to an apatheid system of governance/adminstration similar to that the Afrikaaners of South Africa, which denied the Africans,and the colods, economic and political freedom and liberty of the individuals. Similarly, ethnic rights of self-rule and separate development of Bantustan regions were in place by the Afrikanners, less secessionist rights, in the same way that ethnic federalism and secessionism had been established in the constitution, which labels the teltafi parties and the loyalist opposition parties with ethnic rather than national agenda as road blocks
    to achieve economic and political freedom and liberty of the individuals from the multi-layer, hierarchical political system/model of TPLF/eprdf regime and the exploitation of the countries resources and its people by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enteprises.

    This being the system that has permeated in the political, economic and social life of the silent majority of Ethiopians, to worry about the secessionist movements as the only culprits lacks a synthetical view and understanding of the prevaining political and economic crises as being diferent from that Egyptian uprising to bring the autocracy and dictatorship to form a new democratic government is far diferent from Ethiopia, which bears the atributes of autocracy, ethnocracy with underlying Marxist ideology, ethnic fedelasim and secessionism engraved in the constitution, supported by the teletafi parties, the loyalist oppostions parties, the military, the security forces, and the federal police and last but not least the Agazi forces as well the laws that were passed to restrict the political parties, democratic associations to restrict protests and demonstration and free press since 2005, and has to be put into consideration.

    In short the TPLF/eprdf regime is not mere autocracy and dictatorship, it has all the above attributes, that does not stand for Ethiopian Nationlism and its national interests in the same way as his Imperial Majestie Haile Sellassie’s regime and even the Dergue regime for whom the elites in the diaspora do not give credit to it, despite its human right violations and the Military Dictatorship with underlying Marxist ideology perhaps individual equality and class sstruggle. The current regime performs all of that except upholding Ethiopian Nationalism and its national interests, which are grounds for an uprising for the common goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with overtly and covertly adopted strategies to achieve these goals to completely dismantle the apatheid system of governance and/or adminstration to form a democratic government where the common denominator of the parties to be formed is Ethiopian Nationalism and its national interests as well as respect human rights, by stopping of the prevalent eassys of window dressing demands and conditions set by Diaspora elites for TPLF/eprdf regime to reform its governance and/or administration, because it would not happen, because TPLF/eprdf regime has consolidated power in the constitution, which the the teletafi parties support and loyalist oppostion implicitely support by saying we have no problem with etnic federalism, but they do not want the TPLF/eprdf regime dictate over them and continued skirmishes of war to secede from an integral part of Ethiopia.

    Having said that, TPLF/eprdf regime is there to uphold ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies of divide and rule, under ethnic federalism and secessionism and maintain the system of exploitaion, political and economic strangle hold of the country’s resources by TPLF and TPLF affilated enterprises. It is to to blunt and/or evade the predicament from litigation from a truly democratic government with independent branches of government for its human right violations, and the current exloitation, political and economic stangle hold of the country’s resources by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises in the style of the apartheid regime of South Africa not Egypt, although we can take some things from the uprising of the Egyptians, while coalesing on a common agenda and strategies.

  5. Molla
    | #5

    Egypts uprising was against repression and dictatorship, but what you are calling for is, race intimidation and ethnic target. That is your aim and won’t happen. Have you ever wondered why you have failed to bring down Meles or TPLF for the last 20 years? Do you believe Meles was brutal enough to silence 80 million people? That is not the case here. You failed because your stance was not about freedom for Ethiopian rather restoring the old Amhara Regim. You better forget about that and that “good old days” of yours will never come agin. So never compare the Egyp’s uprising to the once you called for. And i know this comment will never see a day light, so much for your cry about “freedom of expression” that you claim to fight for.

  6. kentu
    | #6

    Do it today if not impossible tomorrow.N ow weyane is alone tomorrow has many friends .world investors. like USA, china, Arab countries, African countries so if those invest their wealth they don’t want to destabilise the region by this means they support meles it doesnt mat her if he is good or bad.They need their benefits Weyane sell your fertile land ,children, dignity, so what are waiting?

  7. Egyptian visitor
    | #7

    I am surprised and disappointed to see that Ethiopian “intellectuals” are expressing issues about their country in a foreign (imperialists’) language: why is it? I can tell you from the Egyptian experience that a revolution cannot succeed in a language that the majority of the people do not understand! It is as simple as that! … unless the objective is to sabotage the Ethiopian Revolution.

  8. daliya robson
    | #8

    educate your people. This will bring the changes you need. daliya

  9. Stop blaming others!
    | #9

    Molla and Woyanes motto:–when challenged and can’t win an argument, start blaming Amharas.
    Molla, the uninformed and brainwashed one: Which Amhara regime are you talking about? What School did you go to learn that Haile Selassie and Mengestu were Amharas? Let me guess, it must be the Meles and Esayas school of misinformation headquarter. Even if we take what you are saying as facts — never in the history of Ethiopia the entire govt. of Ethiopia ever controlled by one ethnic group as it is now by the brutal woyane regime. Additionally, the former leaders of Ethiopia never sold their country to foreign countries. Every country in the world have a national language, and in our case Amharic happen to be the one, and at this point Amharic is the most spoken language in Ethiopia. If everything were decided by majority of population, the national language of the world wouldn’t be English, but Mandarin, and Obama would have never become the president of USA.
    Why go back almost forty years to shift the blame on the late Haile Selassie, while the current TPLF regime is robbing, torturing, killing and destroying our people and our country? Both My parents are not Amharas, but I grew up speaking Amharic and my father the other day said he would do everything in the world to bring Haile Selassie back if it was possible.
    Molla, no matter how much you try to blame the former leader, NO ONE IS MORE EVIL THAN DICTATOR MELES!

  10. Generous Thinker
    | #10

    Message for Mr and Mrs Zenawi,

    You and your great friends and colliques have fought and worked hard all those past years from youth till now to improve the live of some.

    I think u all are getting tired. All of us can see it in your eyes and the words coming out. I feel it for you. I don’t blame you. My heart goes all to you guys.

    I know how tough you guys are. Asone great musician put it, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets goin, goin, goin”. I this the for this is now. Think hard, my body.

    Please, take it is easy before it gets on your health and psychy. Please take a needed break and come here to US. It is my brotherly little advise. But, Please don’t ever make the mistake of giving an order to your loyal young soldiers to fire on innocents fellow citizines on your way out to come here. It will complicate my plan for you. I know how much they love u and I understand their concern too. Poor guys!

    Mr Meles, please don’t listen to your subordinates now. Be assured that what happen in Egypt will happen there too. It is only a question of time and when all your ways of temporarly bandaging of serious problems at home are exhausted.

    I know your Mrs Zenawi have enough money for you and your tribe to live on it for centuries. By nature, I love to help people in need and contribute some. I cann’t do much but I have an extra bed room in my little house and I can offer to u and your family. Then, will share the Shiro I kept in my deep freeze. My mother sent me before the prise of the food sky rocketed.

    please don’t spend a lot of time, don’t feel embarassed. To be layed off is a common thing here and will show you your ways around here and tell you some of the secretes how we survived here. Then, when we all, who have miised our country go back home, promise, I will give you my car and mortgaged house. once you start paying motgage, you will forget everything and will be just fine. Specially, the food called Macdonald’s will give you serenity of mind you really deserve. Trust me.

    Till I see you,

    Love from Miskin, Democracy hungry, peace loving and proud Ethiopian.

  11. Hailmariam
    | #11

    You Molla,” Put a Sock in it” Do you know me,I know you are Melese Cadere. why did you open your rotten mouth. do you know about democracy and integrity? You are yelled.One day,you will throwed up and Sucked.I think you fell dread and are coming to obliteration at the movement.I read your article about Amhara, I need call back aboutfacts — never in the history of Ethiopia the entire govt.of Ethiopia ever controlled by one ethnic group as it is now by the brutal woyane regime. Additionally, the former leaders of Ethiopia never sold their country to foreign countries. Every country in the world have a national language, and in our case Amharic happen to be the one, and at this point Amharic is the most spoken language in Ethiopia. If everything were decided by majority of population, the national language of the world wouldn’t be English, buthistory will never calloff. it will live forever.”Kick the Bucket”. Any time, long live Ethiopia. Death for Woyane and Melese

  12. Spartacus
    | #12

    Dear TPLFite Molla,
    Mubarek was not saved despite his domestic supporters and foreign friends.The millions of dollars he got from the Americans,the army at his command and the police thugs and cadres he hired to control the people all deserted him when the people said enough is enough and took to the streets.
    The fate of your master,the evil dictator,Meles,is no different.
    When our people realize that the time has come to RISE AGAINST against the hated dictator,neither his loyalist Tigrayan army nor his thousands of thuggish and opportunistic cadres,like you,will not stand by his side.
    No doubt,your lack of conviction should show up and you would take tail.
    What is more,Meles’s Western supporters,the main stay of his power,notably the Americans and the British will leave him like an orphaned child.
    When Mubarek’s sell by date,so to speak,arrived,the Americans,although dithering and uttering self contradictory for a while finally had to come to terms with the unstoppable demands of the people and ditch him despite his years service for ‘stability’ and ‘anti-terrorism’.Like wise,Meles,despite his thinly disguised public bluff,privately and in the the heart of his heart knows that all the people around him are fair weather friends and the paradox is that the longer he clings to power and the looser his grip on that power.Both the cases of the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions,while buoying our oppressed people,are making him think hard how to save his skin.The reality is he simply can’t.It is just a question of time that Ethiopians have their own dance and sons at their own Tahrir square.

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