A Short Reminder to the Egyptian Protesters An Observer from Ethiopia

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It has become clearly known all over the world that you have made a fantabulous history. This history of yours which caused the downfall in disgraced manner of the dictator president, Mubarak, is already written in golden ink in the history of human kind in general. The determination you revealed, the stamina you envisaged, finally the jubilation you showed indicate that you can make and remake any history you want to happen on your historical land if you are united for one communal end. Your unity which defaced many differences that could eternally affect your victory is a lesson to be emulated by other countries like Ethiopia in which there exist the same form of autocratic and dictatorial system of government. Due to your courage and eventual success, undoubtedly you have won the hearts and minds of especially the oppressed majority of the people of the world. And in light of this, the lesson you, Egyptians, and the people of Tunisia gave us is tremendously vital for the rest of us who are apparently readying ourselves to topple dictatorial regimes through protests fueled by a motto of “to be or not to be” like that of yours.

Having said this, it is vitally important to remind you of the following points:

a. In the first place, though using diplomatic language is most often acceptable, the way and the diction Mr. Suleiman, Mubarak’s hand picked VP, expressed the stepping down of the despot president Hosini Mubarak was not tuned in accordance to the expectation of protesters. It was rather designed to appease Mubarak and deceive the pro democracy bloc of Egyptians as well as peace loving people of the globe who had been keenly following your eighteen – days – old severe protests. Albeit not stated in words, based on the paralinguistic understanding of that scenario, it is possible to surmise that Mubarak was stepping aside instead of stepping down. Anyone can refer the meaning of the word “instruction” in all its forms of usage, for example, as a verb or as a noun. Mr. Suleiman said that, for instance, the president had instructed the armed forces to take over the responsibility of leading the country. Naturally, a president who gets sacked out of their office through an uprising should never “instruct” any body to take over power. And surprisingly this word of giving instructions by Mubarak has continued even up until now via the so called armed forces.

b. The struggle of almost all Egyptians to dethrone His Majesty Hosini Mubarak through peaceful manner has demanded over 300 lives and devastation of property maybe estimated to several hundreds of millions of dollars. Understandably, all this sacrifice was not paid to see Mubarak at the back seat and rule Egypt indirectly through his men and women who have been his staunch cronies and supporters nearly throughout his kingdom. It is clear that almost all top officials must have been implicated in the robbery and embezzlement of the wealth of the country for the last three decades along with their ring leader Hosini Mubarak. According to people’s witnesses, the life these officials lead is an evident to the aforesaid fact. It is therefore innocent to think that these corrupt military or civilian officials would support the popular revolution and work in favor of it. As a simple example, they have been observed ordering their soldiers to beat protesters in Tahir Square recently after the “fall” of Mubarak. What does this imply? You have to be alert!

Finally, it is timely to remind protesters that they all come to understand the fact that it is crucially important to pause the ecstasy and ponder in unison over how to maintain the momentum of the revolution and keep on protesting until all demands are met. We have to know the behavior of cancer disease. Unless the part of the body attacked by the cancer is removed, due to the contagiously spreading nature of the disease, it will gradually infest the body and will inevitably cause the death of the person. If for example a man’s leg is infected by gangrene that part of the leg should be amputated timely before it poisons all other parts of the body. By the same token, corruptible governments are the same as gangrene. They spoil whoever is around. They are cancers of any society. Therefore, Egyptians should take care of their revolution before it becomes the prey of Mubarak through his friends in the palace. Many of us are afraid of some fishy instances in regard to this major phenomenon. And please try to avoid any sense of overconfidence; it hurts a lot. After all, you are struggling with many clandestinely acting gigantic forces which have the power to shape the geopolitical configuration of not only of the ME, but that of the entire world and though theoretically even beyond as well. You are empty handed, the only arm you have is your multitude and unity along with your voice. Your enemies are armed up to their teeth in both arms and intrigues or shrewdness as well. You have just begun the struggle. Don’t forget, in the main, that you have Mubarak in your Palace now. He is instructing the armed forces through wires. He is confidently leading his daily life with a fortune of over 70 BILLION dollars misappropriated from the coffers of your Mother. On the other hand, it is a public secret that millions of Egyptians are currently suffering due to low incomes and the skyrocketing living cost. We know this because we Ethiopians too are living under similar corruptible and roguish regime which is even far worse than yours. Your voyage is already started; it must not be aborted. You have to maintain the torch lit. Mubarak seems idiotic but he is extremely astute and wise in terms of power seizure. He will never let you free. Know this: He himself has delegated these people of his and both parties know that they have promised one another not to betray each other. Understandably, they are protecting him from everything that comes against him. You need to carry out a sort of mini revolution to break the bond, the umbilical cord, existing between the current military officials, who might have been actors and actresses in having their share of the pie in the old corruptible regime, and Mubarak. All are his breeds and they don’t seem to have any courage to detach them from his usual command. They used to be his barons and baronesses and that long tie must not be expected to vaporize overnight. Slavery is at times bad upon the slaves themselves. It might be found difficult to easily detach oneself from the old status quo to accept and exercise freedom. It needs mental readiness. The officials in the armed forces don’t seem to believe Mubarak is gone. They are in disbelief. There are some leaders whose personality cult never ceases easily even after they are dead. And it is maybe due to that they tend to take orders and instructions from the man behind the screen. That is by no means a revolution. Take care.

All that glitters is not gold. Be cautious lest you will come to square one.

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