Necessity Delivered EHSNA to Compete Against Fly-by-Night ESFNA By Mitiku Teshome

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The Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA) has been lunched on February 4, 2011 to properly serve the Diaspora and to compete against the Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America (ESFNA) since the Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America (ESFNA) is beyond reform.

The organization, ESFNA, was dead from its inception, and its leaders over the last 28 years have repeatedly destroyed it. For instance, during our efforts to expose the ESFNA Executive Committee (EC), we have gained a deeper understanding of the corrupt leadership of the organization. It comprises several skilled individuals, including bankers, business owners and CPAs. However, we sadly note they all have been victims of myopia. For example, while having more than 350 years of life experience and collectively have been living in the U.S. for more than 200 years, they are running an organization that does not have an office, nor do any of them clearly know the whereabouts of the organization’s paperwork.

It is no secret that ESFNA President Mekonnen Demisiew notified his board of directors of his intention to purge those board members who demand transparency in the organization and who criticized his competency. He instructed his public relations officer to try and block all ideas from outside—ideas the Diaspora have been entertaining on the various websites and chat rooms—from the board of directors.

The majority of the board believe that above and beyond Demisiew being imprudent he also is ineffectual because:

1. He has never responded to any of the public suggestions and critiques.
2 .He does not like working with all the committee chairs and most of the board of directors, although he likes working with his deceptive public relations officer, the secretary and the auditor.
3.He canceled a scheduled teleconference, due to his panic of potential leaks of information to the media, preferring instead to have only verbal communications with the board.
4.He has yet to receive financial reports from his treasurer, Taye Wogderes, for an event held last July in San Jose, California. In addition, he still has not managed to take an action against Wogderes for spending more than $25,000 at the San Jose tournament without providing any receipts.

Our investigation has uncovered a purging committee, working secretively under the president. This committee includes Zelalem Seifu, Feleke Teka and Fassil Abebe, and has branded 14 board members to be purged during the second half of this year.

In the first round of expulsions, which is expected to occur immediately after the Atlanta event, the following six board members might be purged: Getachew Tesfaye; Tesfa Awoke; Dawit Agonafer; Amha Georgis; Yenebeb Tariku; and Haile Tefera. In the second round of elimination, which may take place before the October 2011 meeting, Abiye Nurelign and Samson Mulugeta would possibly be eliminated. The third round of the purge, which might happen during the October 2011 meeting, seven more board members could be excluded.

After holding an informal teleconference, those directors who once fervently demanded reform changed their positions because they were afraid of splitting the organization. In addition, they promised the EC they would defer mentioning the phrase “running the organization transparently” until their October 2011 meeting.
After issuing his expulsion warning, the president immediately started brainstorming with some EC members of ways to pacify the trusting Diaspora. Attracting the most attention is a plan to make a breathtaking announcement that, for the first time in the organization’s history, a full scholarship ($5,000) will be awarded to a poor student. Of course, a fundraising plan to finance the scholarship also will be announced.

This dramatic announcement will include a touching story about the poor student chosen and highlights of ESFNA’s accomplishments. The drama—the speech, the scholarship award, the poor student story, and the fundraising ceremony—is intended to stir the Diaspora to shed abundant tears and excite it to dig deeply in its pockets. (Those who might attend this year’s tournament in Atlanta should be sure to take a few premium, pure-cotton handkerchiefs, preferably ones not made in communist China.)

In the last 28 years of the soccer federation’s existence, these incompetent and obtuse individuals have not developed a single soccer player who succeeded. Furthermore, we have noted their passion to share ideas with the ESFNA leadership, encouragement to develop the organization to its full potential and to run ESFNA transparently have been fruitless.
Finally, for about a decade, most observers have noted the ESFNA’s leadership has not responded to numerous demands from the public because it wants to keep appeasing its “terrorist financer” Sheikh Al Amoudi. Almost all spectators believe ESFNA’s actions to suppress public demand for a fully developed organization gives Al Amoudi a reason to send more money for the EC. The funds from Al Amoudi help the committee to continue hoodwinking the Diaspora for another year and believing “Bringing Ethiopians Together” is its only motto. However, the crooked leadership’s unstated mission has been to help the genocidal despot Zenawi regime, which faces charges of crimes against humanity and genocide, extend its influence among the Ethiopian communities in the U.S.

There seems to be no significant purpose in annually gathering the ESFNA members together as cattle, except to allow the EC to snatch our money and time. As a result, concerned beloved children of Ethiopia exerted themselves that much more to break out the vicious cycle of ESFNA and delivered the Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA).

To those who still believe reforming the ESFNA is possible, we advise them to remember that the leadership’s vicious tragic dram, which they have paused now, picks up momentum in October. By the end of January 2012, the leechlike leadership again will tell them to put aside their family feud and prepare to herd them in July into a stadium— a pen—where they will be robbed of their hard earned money and precious time. Around September 2012, Al Amoudi, again will give them another similar heartbreaking drama that will resemble the one they just paused playing, and you will continue performing it tragically.
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  1. Yewnetu F.
    | #1

    What is this is Better Sinzero and Mitiku Teshome the same perosn or what?
    Ato Mitiku, if that’s your real name, with all due respect you don’t know what you’re talking about. First how can an organization about to be 30 years in existence be labeled dead from inception? Second, what is this purge you’re talking about? You make ESFNA look like the Communist Party of China or something. You either are not informed about the workings of ESFNA or purposely mis-leading readers for your own evil purpose. Just for the record, the President of ESFNA does not have that kind of power to purge or dismiss a Board member. A Board member is is sent or recalled only by the team he/she represents period. Please stop this ” Bere Wolde” story of yours because it’s nothing but fiction and insults the intelligence of the readers. We know ESFNA has a lot of reforming to do as it moves to the future but it’s also a very well documented fact that it has done and still does a lot of good in “Bringing Ethiopians Together” better than any other organization. Because the silent majority knows and understands the importance of continuing this one of a kind organization we have no doubt that ESFNA will grow and even thrive despite haters like you. Long Live ESFNA !!!

  2. mahelt
    | #2

    the easiest thing that ethiopians in north america can do is boycott the esfna event in atlanta as it is collaborated by a corrupted and selfsih members , then we all see that esfna will be freezes.

    shame on those who participates esfna event by alamudi and abent g/meskel joint task force in favor of tplf. just simply dont go to atlanta

  3. Observer
    | #3

    The president, Mekonnen Demisiew, has not attempted to get back the $25K from Taye Wogderes because Wogderes shared the $25K with the president, and the public relations officer, Fasil Abebe, and the CPA, Feleke Teka. Each of these three guys received about $8,000 from Taye Wogderes.

  4. Aberu
    | #4

    Very true, ESFNA is nothing but a Fly-by-Night nonprofit organization which has been dying since its inception the final nail on its coffin is about to be nailed.

    Shame on the victims of myopia — Mekonnen Demisiew, Feleke Teka, Fasil Abebe, and Zelalem Seifu.

  5. Abebe Belay
    | #5

    What is the advantage to have an Office? Instead of an Office ESFNA is giving its profit back to the Ethiopian communities. The annual income and to run ESFNA tournament is coming from 27 Teams each team has about 25 players 25 X 27= 675 plus team leader Executive comm. and volunteer are 1000 if each of them spend an average $1.000. (that include one week salary plane ticket and expense) the total is 1000 X 1000 = ONE MILLION DOLLAR the players and the leaders are sacrificing there time and talent for free. If ESFNA has to pay the players we wouldn’t have a tournament, at ESFNA tournament all artists (musician) they have to be payed but not the players What about ESFNA’s contribution to our communities the $100,000. dollar gift send to Ethiopia, the scholarship and ESFNA brought our Heroes such as Getachew Dula, Geremew Demboba, Artist Afework Tekle, Licano Vasalo, Ababa Tesfaye, Dr. Tilahun Gessesse, Dr. Megistu Werku and more.

    God Bless ETHIOPIA and ESFNA
    Long live ESFNA

  6. Tesema
    | #6

    Just for your informationa a complaint against the CPA, Feleke Teka, has been filed with the California Board of Accountancy – we opt not to share the whole referral number 11020*****-**57

  7. Better Sinzeros
    | #7

    Would you please read a few articles about the ESFNA on the below link because it seems to me you are not aware about the ESFNA which died due to infestation by bloodsuckers, leechlike leadership.,or.&fp=6ec3191c2b79d4d0

  8. Werner2010
    | #8

    Alamoudi has done much for Ethiopian sport, especially football. He had sponsered CECAFA Cup and helped Ethiopia host the tournament more than once, and now he pays the Ethiopian national team’s coach.
    He was/is not only a friend in need for Tilahun Gessesse, Mengistu Worku and many other Ethiopian heros, but he also supports ordinary Ethiopians, for instance, by giving scholarship for young Ethiopians.
    It is dumb to reject ESFNA just because of Alamoudi’s support.

  9. Better Sinzeros
    | #9

    @Yewnetu F.
    You must be Fassil Abebe, the deceptive public relations officer of the dead ESFNA because as members of the EPRDF you divided the Diaspora between the silent majority and the vocal minority. We have nothing to say to you except for that you further proved to us that you are a bloodsucker EPRDFites.

    Regarding the purge read “The Great Purge” it might help you to efficiently conduct the purging you are about to unleash.

    I got the message you are passing regarding the “F” word you used as an initial of your last name. I say to you be better of using your “F” to “F” your master the genocidal despot Zenawi.

    Death to EPRDFites

  10. Better Sinzeros
    | #10

    @Abebe Belay
    Would you please read a few articles about the ESFNA on the below link because it seems to me you are not aware about the ESFNA which died due to infestation by bloodsuckers, leechlike leadership.,or.&fp=6ec3191c2b79d4d0

  11. Anonymous
    | #11

    where will be the next seoccer game

  12. Kebret
    | #12

    I think ur a little biased on your article,however,I do think ESFNA is
    due for big time reform.Unless ESFNA get rid of ayaya,sebsebe,and their
    stooges like the President,the PR,and others it will never get rid of corruption.HODAM YEWDEM;AND LONG LIVE ESFNA.

  13. Ahmed
    | #13

    The ESFNA has rejected numerous humble demands for transparency, and accountability because of few HODAMS individuals the likes of Feleke Teka, Fasile Abebe, and Mekonnen Demisiew. By the way, friends told me not to expect anything from the CPA, Feleke Teka, because he has been exposed as an ultimate Deadbeat DAD in Inglewood, California because he never paid his child support, and he has not seen his kids for more than 10 years.

  14. Yewnetu F.
    | #14

    Better Sinzero, Metiku Teshome, Yenebeb Tariku or whatever else you’re calling yourself today, did I touch a nerve? Why all this hostility just because I sighted some facts? Get this in your thick head… ESFNA is not going anywhere because more people like and appreciate what it does and what it stands for. It is not going to be a political organization as you and the handful friends you have want it to be. You can try and create a new organization, as you’re busy doing right now, but, true Ethiopians will see through your deceit and know what you and your cohorts are up to. You want to know how people feel about you and the new organization, please listen to VOA/Amharic 2/16/2011.

  15. Better Sinzeros
    | #15

    @Yewnetu F.

    Fassile Abebe, you did not touch a nerve at all. And if you think you did do not worry about it because Abugidainfo provided this forum kindly for that purpose for a purpose of discussion.

    By the way, I do not have a desire to discuss with you about the dead ESFNA because there will be no result in the discussion. The dead ESFNA is yours, and I let you keep running and embezzling it. My only job is exposing you, including Mekonnen Demisiew, Feleke Teka, and Zelalem Seifu.

    The Ethiopian community knows that you are petty. It is known that you get excited for a few hundred dollars. It is also known that anyone can twist your arm for a few dollars. For example, do you remember that one of the dead ESFNA EC members, Abiye Nurelign, told you in an email exchange how petty you are?

    Now you might think I am your colleague, Abiye Nurelign. Did I touch a nerve?

    I told you before that I am your shadow. I exist a few blocks away from Little Ethiopia in Los Angeles. You see me most days of the week, and we exchange greetings every time we see each other. The thing you are not fully aware is about my determination to expose the dead ESFNA EC.

    Regarding your pretention that I want you to make the dead ESFNA a political organization, no I did not asked you making the dead ESFNA a political organization, although most humbly I asked you to run it transparently. You and your friends in embezzlement, Mekonnen Demisiew, Feleke Teka, and Zelalem Seifu, rejected my request because you want to keep milking it. So, keep milking it. And keep using the CPA, Feleke Teka, to help you cook your dead ESFNA books.

    Shame on the crooked, boring accountant, CPA, Feleke Teka. I wonder what his father would say when he finds out that his son is stealing.

    How did yo spent the $8,000 you received from one of the EC members, Taye Wogderes. How much money you stole from the San Jose tournament? And how much money you stole from the fundraising for the Olympic boxer Seifu Makonnen (“Tibo”)?

    Petty Fassile Abebe it is amazing that I am blogging this while you are watching me? Do you see me?

    The victims of myopia, Fassile Abebe, I tell you to “F” your master generous Sheikh Al Amoudi.

  16. Dallas
    | #16

    @Yewnetu F.

    You drop the “F” bomb as if it is nothing. You “F**ed” the Diaspora and most of the website editors. Now you are “F**ing” Better Sinzeros just because they are exposing you.

    Fassile Abebe what is wrong with you?

  17. Teshome
    | #17

    Fasil Abebe!If you really care for ESFNA; please!!!you & your buddies
    from D.C.ayaya & sebsebe,and other corrupted EC & Board Members leave
    the organization.ESFNA is a ship with out a capitan-thanks to you and
    your friends.As of now ESFNA IS DEAD.Thanks to you all the haters are

  18. Yewnetu F.
    | #18

    Well Sinzeros you just proved my long standing assertion that you are the same sick individual who calls himself Sinzeros,Mitiku and Yenebeb Tariku by your last response. You admitted that you’ve responded before when you said ” as I told you before I’m your shadow “. The last time we heard those words were as a response from Yenebeb Tariku to ESFNA’s response to his first e-mail. So at the very least you’re admitting that you’re one and the same. Second you say you’re close to me and that I see you every day assuming that you know where I live. Unless the Southern Rocky Mountains have moved to California this is also another mis-information to throw us off the track.

    AS for Tibo’s fund raising, you will die in envy but, since you asked it was one of the most successful fundraising LA has ever seen and I’m happy and very proud to tell you that we raised over $49,000 towards our goal as of last week and not all the tickets are accounted for as we speak.

    Before I go, may I ask if your chosen name Sinzeros refers to your physical hight or the size of your brain?

  19. Better Sinzeros
    | #19

    @Yewnetu F.

    Fassile Ababa, regarding my name Sinzeros — it refers to that I am one of your brothers who is determined to expose the ESFNA EC, Mekonnen Demisiew, Feleke Teka, and Zelalem Seifu, and Fassile Ababa. It also refers to that I am a “syllet ie a vow” brother of the Diaspora who exists due to an outrage by the dead ESFNA corrupted leadership behaviors.

    I will hold on the information about my size because if I give it away you would immediately know who I am. However, I let you judge the size of my brain and the size of my balls based on my blogs.

    I know you are addicted for stealing. I also know that you have big balls to steal anything whether you need it or not. So Since I answered all your questions, my questions beg you to proof that your brain and your balls are better than mine by answering the following questions:

    1} Are not you a married man with two children?

    2) Why you asked Feleke’s girlfriend to go out with you about six years ago?

    3) Did you asked Felke’s girlfriend to give you some because your dear friend in embezzlement, Feleke, dated your wife?

    By the way, it is a public knowledge that your friend in embezzlement, the CPA, Feleke Tekea, will do a monkey if the monkey is in a skirt.

    Regarding the fund raising, I was in the event. I know about the fundraising that you officially claimed that you raised about $49,000. However, my question was how much was the undeclared amount which Feleke and you pocketed?

  20. Geremew
    | #20


    Teshome I like to thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Fassile and his cronies will not leave the Dead ESFNA. They will keep feasting on its skeleton. You may consider joining Necessities chiled The Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA).

  21. Yewnetu F.
    | #21

    Sinzeros, every time you open your mouth you’re proving to all that you are a mental midget. Therefore; your chosen name, sinzero, more than fits you. As for the unfounded allegation towards some of the current EC members, unless you can bring even the smallest of evidence, it becomes nothing but a rumor or gossip. And for those that are calling for the removal of these hard working officers, ESFNA is one of the most democratic organizations there is and there is a term limit. Therefore; at the end of their term six of the current nine officers will finish their very distinguished service in October 2011. So those of you who want to make a difference and change things will get your chance. The only way to do that is to join one of the 28 member teams and have them send you as a Board member. After you serve for three years as a Board member then you’ll qualify to be elected to the Executive Committee. That is the only way. There is no short cut or you can’t stand on the side-line and expect to have any kind of change by throwing rumorers and unfounded allegations. I have no doubt some of you might be able to bring fresh ideas to the organization and help it grow but, most of you it will just be ” se yayut yamir, seyezut yedenager. Especially Sinzero and his friends.

    Long Live ESFNA

  22. Kiflegiorgis
    | #22

    What is up guys?

    Are we not able to discuss and resolve our issues in a civilized manner?

    I really do not understand the whole issue.
    Are you guys suggesting to completely ignore ESFNA and to gather arround the newly formed Ethiopian culural Organization in North America?

    ይህ አካሄድስ ወያኔዎች የሚያስፈራቸውን ድርጅት ለማፍረስ ‘ተለጣፊ’እንደሚያበጁት አይነት አይሆንምን??
    is it acceptable to copy the evil practices of ወያኔ?

    Here is my suggestion, let us discuss the strengths (if there are any) and shortcomings of ESFNA in a very tranparent and genuine way and if we come to a point where we all may agree that ESFNA’s exsistence is more of a curse than a blessing to our national identity and unity, let us kill it and burry it together.

    We should be very careful not to fall in the traps of the enemy. Donot forget that our enemies are highly experienced in their divisive tools.

  23. Observer
    | #23


    Members of the Diaspora presented ideas regarding the reforms ESFNA needs to make. However, ESFNA Executive Committee is not willing to entertain any of the ideas the community presented to it. As a result, outraged members of the Diaspora formed The Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA) which I think might be able to do much better and much more than “The Dead ESFNA”

    I personally share the majority of the Diaspora opinion that ESFNA is beyond reform since it is DEAD!!! I encourage to Google and read articles written about ESFNA. As I changed my opinion about ESFNA due to the reading I have done about it, I have no doubt that you will reach to a conclusion that ESFNA is DEAD after reading a handful of the good articles.

    I am very sorry to reach to a conclusion that ESFNA is DEAD, but it is a fact that it is DEAD. As a matter of fact, it DIED long time ago. Its leadership killed it heartlessly.

  24. Mulatu
    | #24

    No organization will bring Ethiopians together as ESFNA did;and I don’t
    also think no body can beat ESFNA when it comes to corruption.I don’t think
    EHSNA is the answer for our problem.How can we can get rid of this crooks like fasil,
    ayaya,sebsebe,mekonnen,and their followers?Instead of creating another
    organization to counter ESFNA let us find a way to get rid of the hodams
    for good.The least we can do is-with the leadership of Atlanta residence-
    go to their tournament and protest every single day at their hotel & their
    soccer field.Bring your home made slogans if you wish.I am against those people who only talk ill about ESFNA.The real problem about ESFNA is it
    couldn’t realize it’s potential because of the serious corruptions which
    has been going on for a very long time;and thanks to Judge Birtukan finally everybody knows about it.HODAMOCH YEWDEMU LONG LIVE ESFNA.

  25. Yewnetu F.
    | #25

    Kiflegiorgis and all well meaning Ethiopians, no one in ESFNA is claiming that all is well and it does not need reform or improvement. Far from it. I know for a fact that there is an on going debate within the Board members and Executive Committee(EC) regarding how best to attract new and young Board members. As we speak, today, there are several new Board members who find it easier to express themselves in English even though they understand Amharic during meetings. I say this to say the transition to new, young and fresh Board members have begun. There are even some teams that are sending young ladies as Board representatives. So whether the old guard likes it or not, change is coming. Lets examine for a minute why some want ESFNA dead. They claim the officers embezzle the funds and use it for their own gain. This claim has been around since the beginning of ESFNA 28 years ago. While there might be some financial mis deeds due to lack of experience on the side of the all volunteer leadership, we’ve yet to see deliberate stealing or embezzlement. Where is the evidence? Second ESFNA has been accused of being Weyane because it received donation from Alamudi. The organization has made it clear that as a non-profit organization it will accept donation from anybody. The notion that since he has donated money he has imposed his political view on the organization is ludicrous. His donation should not be viewed any differently than what he does for Ethiopian sports, Olympic hopefuls etc… If anything ESFNA is a true reflection of Ethiopia. No one cares what nationality you belong to or which political view you follow as long us you accept being Ethiopian and for one week All Ethiopians will be together enjoying each other and watching sports. It’s a known fact that even those who claim to be Eritrean partake of this get together regularly in in large numbers. So you see ESFNA should be viewed as a unifier not a divider and should be given the credit for doing so. The one thing ESFNA has tried and successfully averted to far is some individuals attempting to make it a political gathering. It is these political animals who are now talking about starting a new organization to replace an institution. Just look at the founders and leaders of the new EHSNA and you’ll see what I mean. They are all well known for belonging to the political movement du jour. I’ve no doubt well meaning true Ethiopians will continue to support ESFNA while making sure it is reforming. After all it must be doing something right to be around for 28 years.

    Long Live ESFNA !

  26. Ketema
    | #26

    Hey Guys,

    I am sick and tired hearing and reading about the ESFNA because it is an organization which under a siege by shake individuals.

    Expecting something from the so called Executive Committee of the ESFNA, which I call fly-by-nighters committee, is almost like expecting Meles Zenew will hold a free and fair election.

    Give the ESFNA and its Executive Committee a thumb down and hope the new organization they just formed which is called Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA) will outshine the ESFNA infested by fly by nighters.

  27. Change
    | #27

    @Yewnetu F.

    I have been following the posts attentively. I sincerely believe that YOU, Ato Yewnetu F, have not understood any of the posts on this blog. Above all,you did not understand or you did not read any of the articles written about ESFNA because:

    1. While bloggers are discussing running an organization transparently, you tell us that ESFNA is changing because some of the young board members are more comfortable expressing themselves in English than in Amharic.

    2. While bloggers are discussing lack of accountability in the leadership of ESFNA, you tell us that there is no intentional embezzlement but unintentional mishandling of money due to lack of experience. On the other hand, you tell us that ESFNA has been in business for almost thirty years. Would you please tell us the kind of systems those you have established in the last thirty years to help you prevent mishandling of money whether it is intentional or unintentional?

    3. What is your response for the writer claim for the unaccounted $25, 000?

    4. While bloggers are discussing about the new organization the Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA) which they think might address most of their needs, you try to scare us away from politics. You like it or not politics is part of our day to day life which we have deal with it appropriately. The Diaspora needs an organization that addresses all its needs including politics without being political.

    5. You are lying when you told us that “they want ESFNA to be a political gathering”. No one wants ESFNA to be a political gathering, but all wanted it to be a means for all needs of the Diaspora including politics without being political.

    6. Unlike you who is ignorant, the founders of the new organization are visionary individuals because they think your kind of organization can do more with the right kind of leadership.

    7. You tell us lies that the leadership of the organization are volunteers, although we know for fact that most of them collect money from their community. For example, I have been giving $200 to the Public Relations Officer, Fassile Abebe, for the last several years. Besides the money they collect from the community and they embezzle from the organization the ESFNA gives them money to each of the leadership.

    I think the Diaspora has already started abounding the ESFNA; for example, at the last year San Jose tournament most of the city resident did not show up because of that all the ESFNA vendors lost a minimum of $5,000 to $10,000.

  28. Yewnetu F
    | #28

    Ato change, I like your name and will attempt to answer your questions to the best of by knowledge without being rude or call you names as you did.

    1) I was hoping to show the already started youth movement by saying ESFNA now has Board members who find it easy to express themselves in English which means they are either born here or came when they were young, unlike majority of us. Again youth movement by way of change within ESFNA.

    2) It’s a very well known fact that ESFNA’s internal Auditor presents to the 28 team representatives, who are the Board members,his yearly audit report at the Winter meeting every year. Once in a while an outside independent audit firm is hired to audit the books and give recommendations.

    3) Where is the evidence that $25,000 is missing? unless and until someone brings some kind of proof, it becomes baseless accusation.

    4) I stand by what I said about EHSNA, that their stated goal and their true purpose is not the same and the principal actors are well known political activists. There is nothing wrong with that at it’s face value except when you are on recored saying ESFNA must be dismantled and replaced by a new one and start a new organization that will have its gathering the same time as ESFNA’s, it becomes a bit disingenuous to call it heritage, history what have you. But I’m quite confident that the public will see through this.

    5) ESFNA is a non-political, non-religion, non-ethnic among other things and will stay that way forever. I think that is the secret of their success so far and I see no reason why they should change that. ESFNA’s motto is ” Bringing All Ethiopians Together” that includes Ethiopians with different political inclinations. Under the ESFNA umbrella, politics has no place. Every Ethiopian and friends of Ethiopia are welcome. Period.

    6) You are entitled to your opinion but, NOT to your facts.

    7) Again this also requires evidence by way of proof, otherwise it’s nothing but gossip or rumor.

    You see, it’s not difficult to respond to questions without calling names and labellings. Please try it next time.

    Long Live ESFNA !!

  29. Change
    | #29

    @Yewnetu F

    Ato Yewnetu F, thanks for liking my name. Your blogs clearly indicates that you are in a business of defending the members of the ESFNA EC because you dodged most of my questions. In other words, you appear to me that you are one of the “old guards” who is resisting change that is running ESFNA transparently. So, I will let you keep your ESFNA for you and your friends. And, I would leave you alone.

    As for me, hoping the Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA) will fully develop to its potential I will do my best to help it realize its full potential.

    Bye bye ESFNA,

  30. Mulatu
    | #30

    Fasil Abebe!you didn’t answer my question.Let me ask you again.If you
    really care for ESFNA why don’t you & your friends leave now?You are
    a big liar no body works for free for 28 years.ESFNA never had a real
    independent out side Auditor.If you & your buddies don’t leave; plus
    if ESFNA doesn’t provide an audit report from an outside auditor for
    the last 10 years we should consider ESFNA is dead.I hope the clean
    board members take a real stand.ESFNA will survive only if you mafias

  31. Change
    | #31


    My friend Mulatu,

    My friend multa I know the person who is blogging under the screen name Yewnetu F. whom you think is Fassile Abebe has been deceiving us. For example, he told us that the ESFNA is run by non paid volunteers. But I have been giving him money. Every year, one of his friends calls me and he tells me that they are fundraising, and he invites me to his meeting at his home in Inglewood, California. I have been going to the fundraising event and I have been giving money.

    Fassile Abebe will not leave the ESFNA willingly. The best thing to do is avoiding the ESFNA and helping the new organization.

    By the way, Fassile Abebe is hated in the community. But I wonder if he is sensing and understanding it. Or he is just looking at the money ignoring the public.

  32. Tazabi
    | #32

    I don’t think these guys are getting the message.I have been attending
    ESFNA’S tournament for the last 17 years(5 of them as a player);and it
    is a shame it is ending this way.ESFNA will never be the same even the
    hodams leave(which they can’t).Guys like Eyaya & Sebsebe were out of
    touch for a long time;and I am not surprised finally they got exposed
    by all Ethiopians.I played for a team in the D.C.area in the 90′s and
    this guys are hated by everybody.From what I know 90% of there members
    left them in 2010;they only left with 4 members.I want to say long live
    esfna but…

  33. Tazabi
    | #33

    @Mr Change, Shame on you. You don’t sound like a very brilliant person. Why would you give money if you don’t beleive the cause or the organizers? people like you don’t participate in any meaningful events let alone donate money. You might be one of those people who is always chasing fame—you sound very jelousy of Mr Yewnetu. Please leave this individual alone. He is loved and appreciated by his community. Find something meaningful in life because you sound very lonely. Don’t hate people just because they are happy and your not.

  34. Tazabi 1
    | #34

    “Fight until the last drop of my blood”
    Moammer Gaddafi

    Gaddafi = ESFNA EC Members + Ayaya+Sebsebe+Solomon Abdela+Solomon Ayalew+

    their friends.
    By the way,Mr Change, don’t mind Tazabi 2 he might be on of the Gaddafis
    or their sympetizer.

  35. Change
    | #35

    @Tazabi 1

    Thanks for your support.

    I was not worried about “Tazabi” because I am telling the truth. I could post the copy of the checks I have given to Fassile Abebe to prove my claim.

    Regarding my statement that Fassile Abebe is hated by the community around Little Ethiopia in great Los Angeles area, anyone can go around that area and ask one of the members of the Ethiopian business community they will tell them endless stories about him.

    The community started disrespecting him more since his infamous public statement that “ESFNA was concerned about losing its status if it invites Judge Birtukan”, and after these guys, Better Senziros leaked his email on which he told one of his friends in embezzlement “F” the Diaspora.

    Thanks again for your support!!!

  36. Yewnetu F.
    | #36

    Change and Tazabi 1 Beware of the person who tells you ‘trust me I’m telling the truth’. You know how I know you don’t know him, his name is not Fassile and you’ve been calling him that for a while now. His name is Fassil. As Tazabi said why keep giving him money? It is obvious that you keep using this fake names to mask your true identity because you have something to hide. Tazabi 1, Change, Better Sinzeros, Mitiku Teshome, Yineger Tariku etc… are all one and the same. What is sad is that you were a former ESFNA official who is hell bent to destroy it now because it is not serving your political ambition. Your time is up and you will be exposed in October with solid proof. People you’ve conspired with are now coming forward and telling the truth. Judgment Day is fast approaching. Tick..Tick..Tick..Tick. ESFNA will be around as long us true Ethiopians are around. Deal with it.

  37. Better Sinzeros
    | #37

    @Yewnetu F.

    Master Fassil Abebe, the ESFNA Public Relation Officer, we are terrified, worried and afraid because you are going to expose us in October.

    So, please let us offer you a fair deal that you promise us to not expose us with your solid proof. And we, Better Seniztros, will never read, tell, and post information about the money you have been stealing from the ESFNA. And we will also never again read, tell, and post anyone anymore about your lies and misleading statements you have been telling for people.

    We will also promise you that we will never again tell anyone anymore about your crooked CPA friend Feleke Teka so that you both can continue stealing and lying to people.

    If you want you can also change the name of the ESFNA to “ESFNA – F&F (Fassil’s & Feleke’s) Cash Cow.

    If you have any additional thought which you might want us to do or not to do include it in our promise and we will rubber stump it happily.

    By the way, we are planning releasing more information about your cash cow the ESFNA. Just to give you a heads up, sometime soon we will release the ESFNA Finance Committee assessment of the financial condition of your cash cow. We have more in the pipe line.

  38. Tazabi 1
    | #38

    @Yewnetu F.
    You still didn’t get it.I told you ur Gaddafi;he is destroying Libya
    and you and friends are destroying ESFNA.I am not in favor of this new
    group but I am very much in favor of cleansing ESFNA from parasites like
    you & your friends.My wish is to see somebody go to jail for stealing

  39. Better Sinzeros
    | #39

    Fassil, until you change your mind to not expose us, we will change you last name to Leba, Pickpocket, or Bag Snatcher. And we will keep calling you Fassil Leba.

    Fassil = Abebe = thief = leba

    Fassil Leba! Pickpocket Abebe! Fassil Bag Snatcher! Fassil Leba!!!

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