Necessity Delivered EHSNA to Compete Against Fly-by-Night ESFNA By Mitiku Teshome

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The Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA) has been lunched on February 4, 2011 to properly serve the Diaspora and to compete against the Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America (ESFNA) since the Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America (ESFNA) is beyond reform.

The organization, ESFNA, was dead from its inception, and its leaders over the last 28 years have repeatedly destroyed it. For instance, during our efforts to expose the ESFNA Executive Committee (EC), we have gained a deeper understanding of the corrupt leadership of the organization. It comprises several skilled individuals, including bankers, business owners and CPAs. However, we sadly note they all have been victims of myopia. For example, while having more than 350 years of life experience and collectively have been living in the U.S. for more than 200 years, they are running an organization that does not have an office, nor do any of them clearly know the whereabouts of the organization’s paperwork.

It is no secret that ESFNA President Mekonnen Demisiew notified his board of directors of his intention to purge those board members who demand transparency in the organization and who criticized his competency. He instructed his public relations officer to try and block all ideas from outside—ideas the Diaspora have been entertaining on the various websites and chat rooms—from the board of directors.

The majority of the board believe that above and beyond Demisiew being imprudent he also is ineffectual because:

1. He has never responded to any of the public suggestions and critiques.
2 .He does not like working with all the committee chairs and most of the board of directors, although he likes working with his deceptive public relations officer, the secretary and the auditor.
3.He canceled a scheduled teleconference, due to his panic of potential leaks of information to the media, preferring instead to have only verbal communications with the board.
4.He has yet to receive financial reports from his treasurer, Taye Wogderes, for an event held last July in San Jose, California. In addition, he still has not managed to take an action against Wogderes for spending more than $25,000 at the San Jose tournament without providing any receipts.

Our investigation has uncovered a purging committee, working secretively under the president. This committee includes Zelalem Seifu, Feleke Teka and Fassil Abebe, and has branded 14 board members to be purged during the second half of this year.

In the first round of expulsions, which is expected to occur immediately after the Atlanta event, the following six board members might be purged: Getachew Tesfaye; Tesfa Awoke; Dawit Agonafer; Amha Georgis; Yenebeb Tariku; and Haile Tefera. In the second round of elimination, which may take place before the October 2011 meeting, Abiye Nurelign and Samson Mulugeta would possibly be eliminated. The third round of the purge, which might happen during the October 2011 meeting, seven more board members could be excluded.

After holding an informal teleconference, those directors who once fervently demanded reform changed their positions because they were afraid of splitting the organization. In addition, they promised the EC they would defer mentioning the phrase “running the organization transparently” until their October 2011 meeting.
After issuing his expulsion warning, the president immediately started brainstorming with some EC members of ways to pacify the trusting Diaspora. Attracting the most attention is a plan to make a breathtaking announcement that, for the first time in the organization’s history, a full scholarship ($5,000) will be awarded to a poor student. Of course, a fundraising plan to finance the scholarship also will be announced.

This dramatic announcement will include a touching story about the poor student chosen and highlights of ESFNA’s accomplishments. The drama—the speech, the scholarship award, the poor student story, and the fundraising ceremony—is intended to stir the Diaspora to shed abundant tears and excite it to dig deeply in its pockets. (Those who might attend this year’s tournament in Atlanta should be sure to take a few premium, pure-cotton handkerchiefs, preferably ones not made in communist China.)

In the last 28 years of the soccer federation’s existence, these incompetent and obtuse individuals have not developed a single soccer player who succeeded. Furthermore, we have noted their passion to share ideas with the ESFNA leadership, encouragement to develop the organization to its full potential and to run ESFNA transparently have been fruitless.
Finally, for about a decade, most observers have noted the ESFNA’s leadership has not responded to numerous demands from the public because it wants to keep appeasing its “terrorist financer” Sheikh Al Amoudi. Almost all spectators believe ESFNA’s actions to suppress public demand for a fully developed organization gives Al Amoudi a reason to send more money for the EC. The funds from Al Amoudi help the committee to continue hoodwinking the Diaspora for another year and believing “Bringing Ethiopians Together” is its only motto. However, the crooked leadership’s unstated mission has been to help the genocidal despot Zenawi regime, which faces charges of crimes against humanity and genocide, extend its influence among the Ethiopian communities in the U.S.

There seems to be no significant purpose in annually gathering the ESFNA members together as cattle, except to allow the EC to snatch our money and time. As a result, concerned beloved children of Ethiopia exerted themselves that much more to break out the vicious cycle of ESFNA and delivered the Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA).

To those who still believe reforming the ESFNA is possible, we advise them to remember that the leadership’s vicious tragic dram, which they have paused now, picks up momentum in October. By the end of January 2012, the leechlike leadership again will tell them to put aside their family feud and prepare to herd them in July into a stadium— a pen—where they will be robbed of their hard earned money and precious time. Around September 2012, Al Amoudi, again will give them another similar heartbreaking drama that will resemble the one they just paused playing, and you will continue performing it tragically.
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