Would Ugandans sell their birthright? By Kiflu Hussain

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There has been reports that since the falling-out between the Buganda kingdom and the Central government led by Museveni, he put everything at his disposal to woo the people of Northern Uganda to offset the support he might be losing in Buganda in the ongoing election.Unfortunately, amongst the first voters BBC Network Africa interviewed in the North, one voter said “I want a regime change, that’s why I am this early at the polling station.” That doesn’t augur well for Museveni, does it? To make matters worse, BBC spoke with some more people in Mbarara a town closest to Museveni’s birthplace. One lady voter said “I am fed up with the level of corruption so I am here to change that.” Another gentleman from the same polling station expressed his dissatisfaction with the existing system’s inability to provide service in sectors such as health and education. Among the Kampala voters, a lady claimed to BBC how money as little as 5,000shillings/2 USD/is flying around to buy the minds of destitute voters by the incumbent. I wonder at this juncture as to whether Ugandans would stoop that low and let their intelligence be insulted by compromising their dignity for a mere pittance.Besides, the 5000 shillings may buy them sugar but no water with which they can make tea since it’s not available for the majority of residents in Kampala, nor soap is any good without water. Since Ugandans are religious and fond of praying even in a public place despite the pretence of a secular state, I throw this biblical question at them; and that is, would they sell their birthright like Esau and live to regret it afterwards?

Last but not least. The incumbent President Museveni said that anyone who wants to stage an Egyptian like protest would be dealt with harshly since that would be “extra-constitutional.” As one astute commentator said recently on www.countercurrents.org,the Egyptian protest was a model for any civil disobedience that would have made Mahatma Gandhi proud, had he been alive.Incidentally, let it be noted that among all those who lost their lives in the Egyptian revolution, none had died from the camp of Mubarak’s thugs. All those who died were from the protesters demanding their legitimate right from a regime that rigged election few months before the revolution to claim over 90 percent victory.

An Ethiopian Refugee in Uganda


  1. Anonymous
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    Museveni resembles Zenawi in more ways than one.
    His baldness,I mean ‘boldness’ to cling to power has the same feature as that of Meles.
    He is an old revolutionary propped up by the U.S and U.K,with a vanguard party,an ethnic army,business enterprises owned and presided by his wife,first lady Jeannet Museveni and a revolutionary mission of transforming Uganda.

    He is at pains to tell everyone that he has brought a just system on the demise of IdiAmin’s junta or Derg and a double digit economic growth to the country.

    He also declares that he hasn’t completed the job yet and he says he therefore needs more time to bring it to good conclusion.

    Although he 66,he says he can still energetically discharge the historic task and he believes no body else except him can do it better.
    He therefore pooh poohs his legal opposition after he has succeeded in enfeebling and fragmenting them through the usual coercive methods of threats,imprisonment and various types of blandishments as well.

    Museveni is even more ambitious than that and as a pan-African (the equivalent of an African negotiator at Kyoto or Davos?) he wants to do the same good things for the continent.
    And that is why he went to Rwanda,was in Congo and later invaded Somalia.

    In all these,there is nothing for him,absolutely nothing.Therefore one mustn’t cast aspersion on the integrity of a ‘selfless’ leader of a resistance movement.One should rather solemnly consider the ‘selfless’ dictator as given to his people.
    Let it be known far and wide that he is of course their truly dedicated and devoted servant.

    How could the people of Uganda then reject his kind gifts of himself that is consecrated on the altar of the betterment of their own lives?

    How could they,in their sane minds,dare to choose some one else other than him in these ‘fair and democratic’ elections ?

    In deep gratitude for a life time service rendered, they must elect him as their life time president!

    They should always say yes to Mr president as they once did to their great life time president,commander in chief and chancellor Idi Amin Dada!!

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