36 Years of the TPLF and 35 (plus) Years of Meles Zenawi The reign of a serial mass murderer By Tesfay Atsbeha & Kahsay Berhe

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For the TPLF the month of February is officially a month of its birth day celebrations. The real celebration behind the veil of the birth day is actually the propaganda of the regime to exploit the emotions of Ethiopians, especially Tigrayans who lost their loved ones during the armed struggle (more…)

For the TPLF the month of February is officially a month of its birth day celebrations. The real celebration behind the veil of the birth day is actually the propaganda of the regime to exploit the emotions of Ethiopians, especially Tigrayans who lost their loved ones during the armed struggle, play the big benefactor for removing the military dictatorship and justify its “entitlement” to stay in power.

This recurring celebration will end up with the end of the regime, because there will not be any legacy left worth remembering in connection with the birth day of the TPLF. This event is neither connected with independence from colonial rule nor has it brought any social justice; it is simply a victory of an evil over another evil. Small extremist Tigrayan nationalist elements may continue to boast of the military exploits of the TPLF even in the future, but the future will belong to those who stand for the unity of the Ethiopian people, the respect of human and democratic rights, the supremacy of law and the prevalence of justice. No rational person in his/her right mind will defend the anti-Ethiopian, barbaric, deceitful and corrupt system of Meles in the future.

While the criminals and beneficiaries of the tyranny pay lip service to the deceased in order to dupe the innocent and maintain their own privileges and safety, a small segment of the people supports them out of respect for the “martyrs” and due to angst of the unknown, which it fears may follow. This is the Satanist segment, for it, in line with the old pessimistic adage, prefers the known Satan to the unknown Angel. Another segment, without the mood for celebration, remembers similar martyrs who lost their lives and whose history has been ruined by the crimes of those who came to power and stuck to it for almost a generation. According to the latter, which can be called the falsifier segment, the victory of the Front has been hijacked and therefore the real TPLF does not exist anymore.

The Satanist lacks clarity of aim, confidence in the future and a sense of justice transcending ethnicity. The segment of the falsifier is distorting the objective facts that the leadership of the TPLF never practiced transparency, accountability and justice during the armed struggle. It is also denying the fact that Meles and cohorts notwithstanding their negligible role for the success of the armed struggle nevertheless controlled the TPLF, molded its undemocratic culture, deprived the members of the organization of their voice in decision making, decided on its aims and policies and used it as an instrument to fulfill their wishes from the beginning.

Meles was not in the leadership of the TPLF on 18 February 1975, when the Front formally started the armed struggle, but he was befriended with those who became members of the CC in the first year and became one of the protagonists who could influence the aims and activities of the Front before he was officially a member of the CC. Meles has been destroying innocent human lives for more than 35 years.

As we tried in the last consecutive years to portray the phenomenon of Meles as the tyranny of a traitor, the fulfillment of two major conditions contributed to this unique occurrence. Firstly, his anti-Ethiopian aim was facilitated by the creation of the TPLF as an Ethnic organization; and secondly, the vulnerability of our society to fall victim to the tyranny of a single person was effectively exploited by Meles to seize absolute power. He got the collaboration of the CC to isolate the rank-and-file-members and deprive them of all their human and democratic rights, thus creating an army of sycophants who do not try to get their own rights respected, let alone stand for the rights of the people. Then, he got rid of his actual and potential contenders within the CC and politburo and monopolized power in the TPLF. The absolute power of Meles in the politburo of the TPLF led automatically to his absolute power in the TPLF in the EPRDF, in Tigray and then in the whole of Ethiopia.

It is our worst tradition in Ethiopia to be tyrannized by a single person who exercises absolute power and Meles is not an exception in this case, but in his anti-Ethiopian views and actions. Why do some Ethiopian pundits wake up after every major event, like the sham elections and discover anew the degeneration of the system to tyranny, when tyranny was never abolished in the first place? Some individuals from the opposition may get parliamentary seats or be denied of any seats with the permission of Meles. These changes in form do not affect the system.

As we express our appreciation for the human and matured decision of the Tunisian and Egyptian armed forces not to shoot at their own people, we must remind the present Ethiopian armed forces that those of them who have not yet committed crimes against humanity on the orders of the tyrant should desist from doing similar things and defend their people. Meles, the serial murderer and those who executed his orders will one day be brought to court for the massacres of unarmed Ethiopians:
1.) In 1991 in Addis Ababa,
2.) in 1993 in Addis Ababa,
3.) In 2001 in Addis Ababa,
4.) In 2002 in Awassa,
5.) In 2003 in Gambella,
6.) In June 2005 in Addis Ababa,
7.) In November 2005 in Addis Ababa and, for murders of many more individual Ethiopians.

  1. Gash Polisu
    | #1

    Thank you so much Tesfaye and Kasay wherever you are!

    Lekatit 11 will cease to be celebrated the very day Meles and friends get busted out of Ethiopia!

  2. Compromise
    | #2

    Only cursing the satanists is not enough, let’s come to our senses and be united against the satanists! Enjoy the following:

    The REVOLUTION must come! Weyane cadres are nowadays very busy to hinder the revolution from taking place in the Ethiopian empire by using the fact that the peoples of the empire are not homogeneous, but different (the colonized and the colonizer), as an instrument of division and polarization. If the scare tactics, which they try to use, hinder the revolution, the only option we the colonized people do have is the anti-colonial armed struggle, even though it is a very difficult job, given the little support we do have from the international community. For the revolution possibilly not to take place, unfortunately also the pro-independence freedom fighters (the Oromo, Ogaden, Sidama… liberation forces) and the pro-unity freedom fighters (the Amhara, Gurage, Harari… patriotic forces) are still mistrusting each other. Both want to secure the direction of the move after FREEDOM from Weyane (secure the result after the revolution). The first bloc wants no reversal of the already achieved victory of a limited cultural autonomy on the way towards national independence (self-determination), whereas the second bloc wants to be sure that the empire stays intact and possiblly the process will be reversed back to the unitary country.

    But, why should these people worry too much about the situation after the revolution? Is the caution regarding the unity of the empire, which is lamented by the pro-unity freedom fighters, different from the scare tactics used by the Weyane cadres? The rabid dogs (Weyane cadres) go to Oromo forums and tell us the “worse will come = Amhara will take over and there will never be the reality of Aayyo Oromia, if you push for the revolution”; and then they go to Amhara forums and tell them “take care, the worse will come = OLF can take over and it will be the end of Imiyee Ethiopia, if you make a revolution”. Both Aayyo Oromia and Imiye Ethiopia are actually taken hostage by the Weyane. Whenever Oromo force is stronger, Weyane threaten with the possibility of dismantling Oromia; and whenever Amhara force is stronger, they threaten with dismembering Ethiopia!

    Weyane rabid dogs use the opportunity of such division among the opposition to threaten both camps of the freedom fighters. If the revolution should happen, the two camps of the freedom fighters need to be bold enough to take risk of losing their ideals after the revolution and live with a possible compromise solution: the first bloc should be ready to lose for instance Oromia, Ogadenia… and the second camp should be ready to risk Ethiopia! Otherwise, in short, Weyane is really lucky, there will never be any revolution; and getting rid of Weyane through election or armed struggle is of course minimal. Shouldn’t we then be ready to be ruled by Weyane for the next one century? In short the scare tactics, which the Weyane cadres nowadays are using in forums and paltalks are:

    - “if revolution happens, Amharas can take over and dismantle Oromia”
    - “if revolution happens, Oromos will be in power and dismember Ethiopia”
    - “if revolution happens, Weyane army is not like Tunisia’s army, but will massacre the civillians and take over power”
    - “if revolution happens, there can be a mayhem against the Tigreans, like that of Ruanda”
    - “if revolution happens, there will be absolute chaos and civil war among different ethnies”

    Are the freedom fighters from both blocs (pro-independence freedom fighters and pro-unity freedom fightrers) ready to tacle this scare tactics of Weyane? Can they agree on the middle ground: FREEDOM and REFERENDUM (on self-determination of citizens and nations)? Those freedom fighters, who just sing about the UNCONDITIONAL Independence of nations must cool down and accept the public verdict, as well as those freedom fighters who now cry for UNCONDITIONAL Unity also should learn to be moderates and accept the public verdict. That means both camps must agree on first to get FREEDOM from Weyane fascists and racists, and then democratically decide for either Independence or Unity per REFERENDUM. That means, only democratic independence or democratric unity (independence or unity based on public verdict) can be a lasting solution. We like it or not, all peoples in that region are interdependent, be it they decide for political Independence or for political Union. The political WILL of the peoples in the empire/region is what matters at the end!

    Unfortunately, there are still blind nationalists in both the Amhara and the Oromo camp, who yet couldn’t see the common CONVERGENT short term goal of the two BIG nations, i.e a ‘FREEDOM from Weyane’s fascism’. Such blind nationalists concentrate on only their divergent long term goals: independent Oromia (Oromo’s goal) vs united Ethiopia (Amhara’s goal)! But the smart nationalists from both the Amhara and the Oromo camps are trying to forge an alliance to achieve together their convergent common short term goal and then to decide on their respective long term goals per public verdict (by REFERENDUM). The blind ones are too far from accepting and respecting the WILL of their respective public as a final verdict. That means, in short, the blind nationalists do preach democracy, which includes the referendum, but they are not yet ready to practice what they do preach! We hope the few smart and genuinely democratic nationalists in both camps, who try to practice what they do preach, will prevail to cooperate and make Weyane’s fascism be history! Here instead of calling them ‘blind”, we also can call them dictatorial nationalists. Those who want to achieve either ‘Independent Oromia’ or ‘United Ethiopia’ per public referendum are democratic Oromo nationalists and Amhara nationalists respectively. The others who just want to achieve their long term goal without a public verdict are purely dictators, who can talk about freedom and democracy, but know nothing what freedom and democracy really mean!

  3. tazabi
    | #3

    labam yezerefebetin yakebral, aye weyane:(

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    Nothing makes me more happier than Ethiopian democrats and intellectuals of Tigrayan origin blasting the Meles dictatorship that is trading in the name of Tigray.

    They,the non co-opted and incorruptible voices,really get into his skin.Don’t they?

    No doubt,they really worry him,more than any body else.

    With the undermining of his ethnic citadel,thanks to these ‘internal’ opposition,he knows that he has no where to hide and he is reminded of the imminent mortality of his evil rule.

    So,how does Meles then try to deflect their criticisms?

    Call them treasonous Tigrayans who try to bring back the old Amhara rule??

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    Dear Compromise # 2
    With your uncompromisingly ethnic scheme of reorganizing the politics in our multi-ethnic nation,many millions of our people of mixed ethnic extraction and many more millions who opt to be identified simply as Ethiopians are completely disenfranchised.How democratic is that?

  6. derebew
    | #6

    It is the usual anti Meles hateful diatribe devoid of commonsense. The Woyane revolition will not be diminished or soiled because two fools have written nonsense. I am a proud Tigrian, Ethiopian who by any means will not compromise on my country’s intrest and hence I know better than these two guys who have a pikel in their you know what, smarting off for those who do not know the Woyane and its struggle. Give us a break don’t talk on behalf of the people of Tigray, for heavens sake, the people of Tigray know who stood with them in those horrible days of attrition and genocide. Those who were aluleting and dancing on the graves of our people will not sleep and we will not vanish. We will stand strong and always in guard. your vitriolic word are songs for us as we know they are words of frustration.

  7. Nile
    | #7

    To Derebew,
    I am sure you are either the real Meles or one of those beneficiaries of the current system or clueless Tigray nationalist.If you genuinely love your Ethiopia,this is the time you should be scarred of TPLF/EPRDF.Please wake up before it is too late !!!

  8. Lucy in America
    | #8

    derebew, these two guys are concerned ethiopians who borned and grew in tegeray. Whether your stand with meles and or not you will not save him as his banda father and grond father did not save Italy before. As concerned the ex. TPLF memebers [ CC] confirmed meles. sebhat , berhane g. kristos and seyum mesfin sodl food aid for millions of dollars, shared among them selves, and snatched 100m dollars which was being collected in the name of starved ethiopians in tegeray by wrold well known artists . all the money ended up in foreign banks , but more than 1m ethiopians died of starvation in tegeray because of them. So meles has been using the tegeray ppl for his hidden agenda. Currently all ethiopian’s small twons and cities are crowded by a newly immigrated tegerians who are leading their daily life by begging. The maffias group could not feed even the tegeray people after 20 years on power. Let alone other ethiopians, at least this criminal and shameless maffias group suppossed to feed the parents of those lost their lifes to bring meles up to menelik palace. It is clear meles and his maffias group have been doing their business in the name of tegeray people, meles and his criminal group killed 20,000 somalians in somalia, over 5–6m amharas are being killed by this maffias in different ways, millions of ororms are being killed by this mafias group. 450 anukes are being killed in gambella, thousand afars are ebing killed , thousands ethiopians in odagen. It is better to mention where and whom this foreign agent maffias group did not kill. So if some tegerians expose this criminal maffias group, it is from their deep concern because all ethiopians and 20,000 somalians are being butcher by this butcher in the name of tegeray people and each and every tehiopians are pointing their fingers towards one ethnice group for their lost relatives. derbew, our history teaches us that all the children of ethiopia have never been standing behind ethiopia and defended her. there were bandits, hodams who served for foreign invaders like zenawi asrs ,hailu , hailiselase gugesa and others. but proud ethiopians defated all bandits and foreign invaders .History will repeats again we will defat their foreign agents . check this http://www.demhit.com

  9. Lucy in America
    | #9

    dear tesfaye and kassay, exposing that anti ethiopia and ethiopians is not enough. join the popular struggle and do your share. join g7 if you want to do history on the face of ethiopian’s soil againt the foreign agents. Meles who grew with deep inferiority because of his father’s bandism background will target more tegerians who are living out side tegeray to ignate ethnice conflict and use with that card. meles and sebhat are well known dramma makers in hawizin massacare before. So we should expect more tegerians will be targeted by meles hidden killer group when the popular revolution starts against the right hand of America to dismantle ethiopia and destroy it at the end of the day.

  10. Lucy in America
    | #10

    Necessity Delivered EHSNA to Compete Against Fly-by-Night ESFNA

    | By Mitiku Teshome |The Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA) has been lunched on February 4, 2011 to properly serve the Diaspora and to compete against the Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America (ESFNA) since the Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America (ESFNA) is beyond reform

    The organization, ESFNA, was dead from its inception, and its leaders over the last 28 years have repeatedly destroyed it. For instance, during our efforts to expose the ESFNA Executive Committee (EC), we have gained a deeper understanding of the corrupt leadership of the organization. It comprises several skilled individuals, including bankers, business owners and CPAs. However, we sadly note they all have been victims of myopia. For example, while having more than 350 years of life experience and collectively have been living in the U.S. for more than 200 years, they are running an organization that does not have an office, nor do any of them clearly know the whereabouts of the organization’s paperwork.

    It is no secret that ESFNA President Mekonnen Demisiew notified his board of directors of his intention to purge those board members who demand transparency in the organization and who criticized his competency. He instructed his public relations officer to try and block all ideas from outside—ideas the Diaspora have been entertaining on the various websites and chat rooms—from the board of directors.

    The majority of the board believe that above and beyond Demisiew being imprudent he also is ineffectual because:

    1. He has never responded to any of the public suggestions and critiques.
    2. He does not like working with all the committee chairs and most of the board of directors, although he likes working with his deceptive public relations officer, the secretary and the auditor.
    3. He canceled a scheduled teleconference, due to his panic of potential leaks of information to the media, preferring instead to have only verbal communications with the board.
    4. He has yet to receive financial reports from his treasurer, Taye Wogderes, for an event held last July in San Jose, California. In addition, he still has not managed to take an action against Wogderes for spending more than $25,000 at the San Jose tournament without providing any receipts.

    Our investigation has uncovered a purging committee, working secretively under the president. This committee includes Zelalem Seifu, Feleke Teka and Fassil Abebe, and has branded 14 board members to be purged during the second half of this year.

    In the first round of expulsions, which is expected to occur immediately after the Atlanta event, the following six board members might be purged: Getachew Tesfaye; Tesfa Awoke; Dawit Agonafer; Amha Georgis; Yenebeb Tariku; and Haile Tefera. In the second round of elimination, which may take place before the October 2011 meeting, Abiye Nurelign and Samson Mulugeta would possibly be eliminated. The third round of the purge, which might happen during the October 2011 meeting, seven more board members could be excluded.

    After holding an informal teleconference, those directors who once fervently demanded reform changed their positions because they were afraid of splitting the organization. In addition, they promised the EC they would defer mentioning the phrase “running the organization transparently” until their October 2011 meeting.

    After issuing his expulsion warning, the president immediately started brainstorming with some EC members of ways to pacify the trusting Diaspora. Attracting the most attention is a plan to make a breathtaking announcement that, for the first time in the organization’s history, a full scholarship ($5,000) will be awarded to a poor student. Of course, a fundraising plan to finance the scholarship also will be announced.

    This dramatic announcement will include a touching story about the poor student chosen and highlights of ESFNA’s accomplishments. The drama—the speech, the scholarship award, the poor student story, and the fundraising ceremony—is intended to stir the Diaspora to shed abundant tears and excite it to dig deeply in its pockets. (Those who might attend this year’s tournament in Atlanta should be sure to take a few premium, pure-cotton handkerchiefs, preferably ones not made in communist China.)

    In the last 28 years of the soccer federation’s existence, these incompetent and obtuse individuals have not developed a single soccer player who succeeded. Furthermore, we have noted their passion to share ideas with the ESFNA leadership, encouragement to develop the organization to its full potential and to run ESFNA transparently have been fruitless.

    Finally, for about a decade, most observers have noted the ESFNA’s leadership has not responded to numerous demands from the public because it wants to keep appeasing its “terrorist financer” Sheikh Al Amoudi. Almost all spectators believe ESFNA’s actions to suppress public demand for a fully developed organization gives Al Amoudi a reason to send more money for the EC. The funds from Al Amoudi help the committee to continue hoodwinking the Diaspora for another year and believing “Bringing Ethiopians Together” is its only motto. However, the crooked leadership’s unstated mission has been to help the genocidal despot Zenawi regime, which faces charges of crimes against humanity and genocide, extend its influence among the Ethiopian communities in the U.S.

    There seems to be no significant purpose in annually gathering the ESFNA members together as cattle, except to allow the EC to snatch our money and time. As a result, concerned beloved children of Ethiopia exerted themselves that much more to break out the vicious cycle of ESFNA and delivered the Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA).

    To those who still believe reforming the ESFNA is possible, we advise them to remember that the leadership’s vicious tragic dram, which they have paused now, picks up momentum in October. By the end of January 2012, the leechlike leadership again will tell them to put aside their family feud and prepare to herd them in July into a stadium— a pen—where they will be robbed of their hard earned money and precious time. Around September 2012, Al Amoudi, again will give them another similar heartbreaking drama that will resemble the one they just paused playing, and you will continue performing it tragically. WEL COME EHSNA. Ethiopians all over the world ready to join your EHSNA because it is the heritage of our beloved ethiopia. let AMOIUDI ESFAN for corrupted dogs for the time being. when ethiopia will be free we will catch them one by one for our money which they recieved from that arab’s looter. it is our money which he has lootted from the throat of our poor ppl.

  11. Lucy in America
    | #11

    boycot all the following azemaris who have betrayed ethiopia and our people and have been dancing with anti ethiopian’s enemies to full their big belly.
    1.azemari Aster awoke
    2.azemari. Efrem tamiru
    3.azemari neway debebe
    4. azemari gigi [ currently she is dancing sheraton addis]
    5. azemari pig tek
    6. azemari helen berhe
    6. azemari feker addis
    7.azemari Amelemal abate
    we will come with the lists of more azemaris. Let us stand with our patriotic artist like shabel belayneh and others. our struggle should begin from boycotting those idiots who betrayed their country and stand with it’s enemies to full their pockets by lootted money.

  12. Yohannes Ke Dallas
    | #12

    Lucy in America,
    As usual your long articles or written by some one else articles are not posted in the right place. You look like a desperate person to speak your and only your mind about anything pertinent to your
    own agenda regardless of what the topic looks like . You do not care, right?
    These good Ethiopian gentlemen from Tigray here are trying to expose Meles Zenawi’s tyranny and his corrupted rule. You come out of no where and start talking your trash about Esfena. Why??? Are you one of those guys who do not want the public to know about our country?
    Why do you need to put water on the fire, the fire that is raging in most Ethiopians heart? Why are you trying to zoom out the focus so the greater picture of our country to be seen as blurred? Who the hell do you think you are to change the agenda and tell us to boycott all artists? Why?? Are you jealous of those successful artists? Now you crossed a red line. You don’t have to shoot indiscriminately and fight with every one around you while forgetting or trying to distort the picture of our big enemy Meles and cohorts and start tearing down these poor artists? Hiding yourself behind a pen name does not qualify you to spit your trash talk left and right and spill your cunning and trash agenda. Wake up whoever you are, from your pen name I can not tell whether your are a she or a he, may be you are both.

  13. Ghion
    | #13

    As I have always thought and suspected that Abugida was and is collaborators of the anti Ethiopian campaigning groups, most importantly with Shabya. It’s quite evident that these two shabya propagandized commentaries are meant to divide Ethiopians at large from within the diaspora as well as from within the county. We Ethiopians needs to be extremely vigilante and vicious on how these anti Ethiopian vigilante groups are trying to brain wash and instigate hate and violence amongst the diverse ethnic societies in our beloved country and ethical societies.

  14. Anonymous
    | #14

    Lucy in America,good job!
    What a shame! These ignorant money worshipers only see the dollar sign. They only see and think about their next gig and forget the horrendous crimes Woyanes have committed on hard working, law abiding and peaceful Ethiopians. They need to come out and explain, why are they entertaining the looter and killers of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Otherwise, they should be boycotted and considered TRAITORS.

  15. Nile
    | #15

    To Ghion,
    The trick TPLF/EPRF propaganda mastered in the past was to scare the the general public by mentioning the dangerous OLF or the shovenist Amhara.Now the good people from these two ethnic group are getting the message and trying to form unity understanding their deference. The next shrewd move by the TPLF/EPRDF seems to mention the name shabiya and enemies of ethiopian in every discussion with the hope that the general public will buy it.Let me put it this way,the only known enemy of our country todate is EPRDF/TPLF.History will remember them for the creation of one of the most dangerous place on this planet,”Horn of Africa,where ethnicity prevails against all common sense.”

  16. Tsadkan
    | #16

    They can use all the scare tactics to divide Ethiopians, but everyone knows these tricks now. The biggest enemy of the Ethiopian people is the EPRDF. After the revolution there will be no ethnic violence, no dismemberment of the nation, no massacre of the people by the army. EPRDF is nothing but a paper tiger. Nothing will happen if EPRDF goes. People in Egypt thought Egypt will cease to exist without Mubarak. Nothing of the sort happened.. Ethiopia is the same…If the revolution there will not be chaos.

  17. derebew
    | #17

    Lucy in america, which Lucy do you represent? The ho in 18st.? You are not civilized person and hence you can continue to vomit in Agugida, like it or not I will never read Abugida or your sewer stench comment after this because it is a waste of my good time. This forum is good for rabid and loosers like you who would like to attack instead of debate. If you think Woyane have no commited followers you must be delusional. Woyan’s strength is its members who give to woyane their time, money and their life when necessary not by opportunists like you and the authors of this article. If you so much belive the Woyane is as bad as you say should it not be your duty to be man enough go out and fight? I hope this question will give you somthing to ponder about and may be help you assess your self. Brother continue to steal from the parking lot you work in, or the taxi owner you drive for and pretend you know it all. The only skill you have is mud slinging, onthing elese.
    I love woyane not because I get monetary gain but far more than that, satisfaction of knowing my life’s goal have and will be complete. Belive you me you are under estmating the Woyane, misslead by the likes of the two opportunists who have written this nonsense article. The woyane is far more than any like you can ever understand and our commitment will endure anything that all like you can throw.

  18. Birhanu Demeke
    | #18

    Dear “Tesfaye Atsbeha and Kasay Berhe”

    I thank you for your for your decision to abandon the TPLF for the love of Ethiopia and its people as ex-TPLF members.I have been following your previous articles about the nature and history of the ant-Ethiopia Meles and Co.

    Keep up the good work.Let other intellectuals follow you and likes by example.

  19. Jone Hagose
    | #19


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