“Dir Biabir Anbessa Yasir” Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process

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The recent revolutionary uprisings that started in North Africa and the spread of similar uprisings to the Middle East have captivated the attention of Ethiopians around the world. The Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process (ENPCP) fully supports the peoples’ struggle to free themselves once and for all from the shackles of generational oppression and dictatorship. The united struggle of Tunisian, Egyptian, Libyan, Bahraini, Yemeni and other peoples in the region are shining examples that others could emulate. We at the ENPCP raise our hats and stand in solidarity with all people who stood up for their rights with great determination, bravery and persistence.

Today, various Ethiopian groups and patriotic Ethiopians are calling vociferously for national unity of Ethiopians to bring democratic change, peace and stability on our mother land, beloved Ethiopia. Although no unity formation efforts have succeeded so far, the call for unity has been the mantra of many political and civic groups for some time now. Inspired and enthused by what united and determined people of North Africa and Middle East can do, the call for unity has resurfaced once again with greater intensity and energy. We hope all these calls will catch the attention of all Ethiopians who disparately struggle for democratic change to reign in their country. We urge all pan-Ethiopian unity callers to also be respondents to the calls of others and not just wait musing what went wrong.

Realizing the importance of unity not only of political organizations but also among civic organizations and recognizing the critical and indispensable role civic societies in particular play in the struggle for democratic change in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process (ENPCP) has been making the clarion call to various Ethiopian civic organizations to join its unity formation efforts for quite some time now. At the present time, 11 civic organizations from Europe and North America have joined ENPCP and many more are expected to join some time soon.

For those who may not know, The Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process is a freely associated non-partisan, non-profit group composed of patriotic individuals and civic organizations. We are not formed to replace existing civic and other rights groups, but to complement them by finding ways and means to promote partnership, increase CSO membership and spearhead collaborative joint efforts to realize an effective civic movement.
Our vision is to help reinstate a sovereign Ethiopia with established modern democratic institutions and full fledged democracy in which the Ethiopian people will exercise their political rights in a fully democratic context where respect for human rights and the rule of law will be supreme buttressing a prospering economy that benefits its’ citizens living in peace with its’ neighbors and the rest of the world.

It has been more than two years now since the ENPCP was working to:

a. Bring together rights-based civic organizations and concerned individuals, at home and abroad to jointly work on our common national agendas; maximize our human, material and financial resources; and avoid current duplication of efforts by Ethiopians around the world.

a. Enable the emergence and establishment of platforms to directly influence policies and issue of national significance in order to restore and assert ownership of citizen’s interest in the affairs of their country.

b. Periodically evaluate, identify, prioritize, and deliberate on strategic and national priority issues of Ethiopia

c. Establishment of national dialog by convening of national conventions of stakeholders to articulate and produce proposals of solutions for national reconciliation, mediation, nation building and democratic governance by building itself incrementally, before or after the national conference.

d. Promote, facilitate and conduct in-depth studies, organizing publications, symposiums and forums by inviting expert panels. Conduct studies of contemporary issues to objectively understand and frame national issues using the broad talent pool to articulate and formulate the national agenda, and provide the terms of reference documents that our people need to defend their stand.

e. To entrust the ENPCP as a unifying and coordinating body to drive the process to the stated goals.

f. Establish committees and sub-committees to serve it as study units for issues of national importance and to help it with team activities.

All the above listed efforts lead to the establishment of an institutional capacity in which the disparate entities would integrate and unite their energies and resources in order to mobilize the necessary resources and achieve a successful and sustainable unity of civic organizations. Currently, ENPCP is working earnestly to hold a National Convention of civic organizations that adhere to the following principles.

o Adherence and commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia and the unity of its people.
o Adherence and commitment to the universal values and principles of democracy and respect for human rights.
o Adherence to and promotions of the principles of the rule of law.
o Adherence and commitment to mutual understanding and respect.
o Commitment to accept and celebrate our diversity of peoples, languages, ethnicity, history and cultures.
o Commitment to desist from factionalism, extremism, and exclusionism.
o Promotion of and commitment to bring together in an institutional framework of all Diaspora and home-based civic organizations:
o Create an enabling environment to engage in a collaborative and participatory manner by coordinating activities of CSOs that helps bring measurable outputs with minimal duplication.
o Establish an integrated coalition of CSOs or at least a coordinated grass-root democratic movement.
At this critical juncture when our people are denied basic freedom, freedom of expression, assembly and are subject to unimaginable poverty and pathetic living conditions, it is only the unity of struggling people that will bring national salvation, peace, democracy, stability and economic prosperity for our country. ENPCP renews its call once again and appreciates all who are making the calls for unity. We invite everyone who are longing for unity to join our efforts or any other group that they deem fit to their interests.

Unity is the silver bullet and has no alternative to bring change!
Long live Ethiopia!
Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process

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