“Dir Biabir Anbessa Yasir” Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process

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The recent revolutionary uprisings that started in North Africa and the spread of similar uprisings to the Middle East have captivated the attention of Ethiopians around the world. The Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process (ENPCP) fully supports the peoples’ struggle to free themselves once and for all from the shackles of generational oppression and dictatorship. The united struggle of Tunisian, Egyptian, Libyan, Bahraini, Yemeni and other peoples in the region are shining examples that others could emulate. We at the ENPCP raise our hats and stand in solidarity with all people who stood up for their rights with great determination, bravery and persistence.

Today, various Ethiopian groups and patriotic Ethiopians are calling vociferously for national unity of Ethiopians to bring democratic change, peace and stability on our mother land, beloved Ethiopia. Although no unity formation efforts have succeeded so far, the call for unity has been the mantra of many political and civic groups for some time now. Inspired and enthused by what united and determined people of North Africa and Middle East can do, the call for unity has resurfaced once again with greater intensity and energy. We hope all these calls will catch the attention of all Ethiopians who disparately struggle for democratic change to reign in their country. We urge all pan-Ethiopian unity callers to also be respondents to the calls of others and not just wait musing what went wrong.

Realizing the importance of unity not only of political organizations but also among civic organizations and recognizing the critical and indispensable role civic societies in particular play in the struggle for democratic change in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process (ENPCP) has been making the clarion call to various Ethiopian civic organizations to join its unity formation efforts for quite some time now. At the present time, 11 civic organizations from Europe and North America have joined ENPCP and many more are expected to join some time soon.

For those who may not know, The Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process is a freely associated non-partisan, non-profit group composed of patriotic individuals and civic organizations. We are not formed to replace existing civic and other rights groups, but to complement them by finding ways and means to promote partnership, increase CSO membership and spearhead collaborative joint efforts to realize an effective civic movement.
Our vision is to help reinstate a sovereign Ethiopia with established modern democratic institutions and full fledged democracy in which the Ethiopian people will exercise their political rights in a fully democratic context where respect for human rights and the rule of law will be supreme buttressing a prospering economy that benefits its’ citizens living in peace with its’ neighbors and the rest of the world.

It has been more than two years now since the ENPCP was working to:

a. Bring together rights-based civic organizations and concerned individuals, at home and abroad to jointly work on our common national agendas; maximize our human, material and financial resources; and avoid current duplication of efforts by Ethiopians around the world.

a. Enable the emergence and establishment of platforms to directly influence policies and issue of national significance in order to restore and assert ownership of citizen’s interest in the affairs of their country.

b. Periodically evaluate, identify, prioritize, and deliberate on strategic and national priority issues of Ethiopia

c. Establishment of national dialog by convening of national conventions of stakeholders to articulate and produce proposals of solutions for national reconciliation, mediation, nation building and democratic governance by building itself incrementally, before or after the national conference.

d. Promote, facilitate and conduct in-depth studies, organizing publications, symposiums and forums by inviting expert panels. Conduct studies of contemporary issues to objectively understand and frame national issues using the broad talent pool to articulate and formulate the national agenda, and provide the terms of reference documents that our people need to defend their stand.

e. To entrust the ENPCP as a unifying and coordinating body to drive the process to the stated goals.

f. Establish committees and sub-committees to serve it as study units for issues of national importance and to help it with team activities.

All the above listed efforts lead to the establishment of an institutional capacity in which the disparate entities would integrate and unite their energies and resources in order to mobilize the necessary resources and achieve a successful and sustainable unity of civic organizations. Currently, ENPCP is working earnestly to hold a National Convention of civic organizations that adhere to the following principles.

o Adherence and commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia and the unity of its people.
o Adherence and commitment to the universal values and principles of democracy and respect for human rights.
o Adherence to and promotions of the principles of the rule of law.
o Adherence and commitment to mutual understanding and respect.
o Commitment to accept and celebrate our diversity of peoples, languages, ethnicity, history and cultures.
o Commitment to desist from factionalism, extremism, and exclusionism.
o Promotion of and commitment to bring together in an institutional framework of all Diaspora and home-based civic organizations:
o Create an enabling environment to engage in a collaborative and participatory manner by coordinating activities of CSOs that helps bring measurable outputs with minimal duplication.
o Establish an integrated coalition of CSOs or at least a coordinated grass-root democratic movement.
At this critical juncture when our people are denied basic freedom, freedom of expression, assembly and are subject to unimaginable poverty and pathetic living conditions, it is only the unity of struggling people that will bring national salvation, peace, democracy, stability and economic prosperity for our country. ENPCP renews its call once again and appreciates all who are making the calls for unity. We invite everyone who are longing for unity to join our efforts or any other group that they deem fit to their interests.

Unity is the silver bullet and has no alternative to bring change!
Long live Ethiopia!
Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process

  1. hab
    | #1

    No clear plan. No substance!

  2. Lucy In America
    | #2

    MELES IS AN AMERICAN’S UN TRAINED HORSE. It seems it is a joke but it is the reality on the ground. America has been ridding meles [ TPLF] for the last 20 years , even from the jungle like horse and has played a significant role in the division of our people based on ethnice back ground and the formation of so mini puppet states from the womb of one ethiopia. America used meles to control somalia under the cover up of fighting terrorism, but USA’s hidden mission to control somalia and put one puppet failed because of weyane’s fake ” generals military strategy or plann. Now it is clear that The American’s hidden mission or agenda will never successfull because of somalian’s tigers or lions. America will never have any puppet in somalia and we will topple American’s slave from addis ababa and we will free our country from American’s indirect colonization. It is clear that America is anti democracy in Africa especially in Ethiopia. Most known bloody dictators all over the world are the close friends of America.That means America will be equally responsible for the crimes which are being committed by those dictators. But thank to almighty GOD , china is coming as an emereging supper power . China has already controled the whole africa and has invested billions of dollars to bring out africans natural resources and china has changed the life of so many African’s people in different countries. That means China is welcome by the African’s people because the people see day today some changes in their daily life, where as America and some westren hypocratic leaders have been investing their billions of dollars for strengthing criminal dictators like meles naziwai, hosin mubarake, ben ali, musovini, and others. What is very interesting here is America is running out of federal budge, but It takes credite for china, Japan , saudi , kwubite and gives that money to African’s dictators like meles. Now the America backed Dictators’ exsitance is danger by popular revolution and some of America’s best friends are out of office with out American’s wish like hosin mubarake. That measn at the end of the day America will be losser of this dirty games. America will not have a popular support from the African’s people because America is the main sponser of all dictators,and America will loss all it’s dictatorial friends.at the top of all these Africa is getting out of america and other westren countries . According reliable sources currently there are 1,000,000 chinians in Africa and China’s future plann is to resettle over 3 to 5 million chinians in Africa. we say to them welcome and all those who have been dancing with Afriocan’s dictators by ignoring the wish of Africans people , good bye

  3. Sheger
    | #3

    How do we join you ENPCP? What can we do to help?

    I want to remind you that a lot of people got kicked out of their homes and jobs in the name of kilil.
    Just like who ever they thought was Eritirian was sent to Eritirian because of the false Bademey war.
    This thing happened to a lot of Ethiopians in their own country while Eritirians was still living in Ethiopia
    To be kicked out, at the conflict. So I like to thank you for pointing out “UNITY”!!!!!!!!!.

    That is the medicin that will always will protect all of us. And I hope this Unity includes Eritirians too.
    All best wishes.

    Long live Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!

  4. Idiot dictator
    | #4

    Where is this organization from? Have they been inside Ethiopia or during the 2005 elections? No unity in Ethiopia? Are these guys from the UK or China? Are they kidding me? Maybe these are one of those fake Woyane organizations trying to create a fake unity organization so we the people do not create one that is real?

  5. Sheger
    | #5

    They do this things to keep us divided so they can do what ever to the country. And they are doing what ever they want.

    Yefukeker bet sayezega yaderal endemeelut. We should never alawu any body do this to us in the name of what ever.
    You can’t do any thing good to any country when their basic wrights as citizens are taken away from them.

    Thank you.

  6. Sheger
    | #6

    Let it be known that EPRDF is a FALSE government. And our country is with out LEADERS.

  7. kentu
    | #7

    A countries lead by dead man that is why while i am driving a tax i can lead Ethiopia Menelik of Ethiopia while he is dead he was leading the country.Shame on us really we are dead i was watching eth TV yesterday even the popular artist, musician, Atlantis was interview shame on you.still they accept the regime as their leader. a friend of mine told me long time a go all Ethiopian hero’s are dead by shaibia weyane and derg to mention their name gen ameha desta, gen demse bulti, gen temsgen gemetu, gen kumilachew degene so we don’t have heroes like birtukan haylu showel, ldetu they are not ready they are looking a job or money shame on you

  8. aha!
    | #8

    Now you are talking about meeting of the minds on Ethiopian Nattionalism and Ethiopian National inerests as a core issues to foge unity upon. What I was suggesting was a national convention of the opposition parties and/or factions to establish a bylaw, similar to that of AFD to unite over the national agenda, part of which you have incited with strategy of Non-violence reacion to freedom: Non-violence meaning civil resistance, civil disobedience, non-cooperation, stay at homeof civil servants and factory workers and not buying products from TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises, etc. to dismantle the authocratic, ethnocratic, totalitarian of ethnic dictorship and to dismatle ethnic federalism with federlasim of states of various ethnic groups, and remove the rights to secede upto independence, with the underlying bases for for forming democratic parties being Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian National Interests, part of which are stipulated in these article, with no middle ground and no compromise.

    In deliberating on the above proposal, one should keep in mind TPLF and EPLF are the master minds of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies, to the detriment of the fabric of the Ethiopian society built upon the diversity of its 80 plus ethnic groups, which thrived much like the species population of animals or plants in an ecosytem, following the natural as well man-made laws. Any ethnic group, that has been persuaded by self-rule and separate but unequal development of its ill defined ethnic region in the past 20 years is copting implicitly to the disintegration of Ethiopia as we know it, when one can develop the country according to ecological zones cutting accross states, in collaboration of all Ethiopian Experts, budget support, grants and IMF funding and micro finanacing to small businesses and improving on the curriculum of the learning institutions and develop languages and cultures over the hyper space to stenghten the diversity of cultures and languages.

    All these changes calls for every Ethiopians to look into Ethiopiawinet before their ethnicity to save Ethiopia from the negative forces of disintegration first and foremost.

  9. kentu
    | #9

    napoleon bonaparte he was a dictator and he was paranoid so their enemies when they gave him a glass of wine he didn’t drink, just test because he was suspicious there is poison on it and he was right in long run he adapt the poison with his body even he drink it the whole class he dint die. So we need to accept that within 20 years we adapt fear

  10. kentu
    | #10

    The egyptian ,Bahrain opposition the come back from exile they are in the middle of deas or alive but ours when we see hope and freedom of light they left the country like birtukan shame on you we are not lucky

  11. aha!
    | #11

    Looking back unity without a common goals and strategies is not tangible in busunesses mergers or political groups. Let us try to be be forthright in our proposals by not putting the core issue of apatheid system of governance and /or adminstration under the rug if the main causes for the struggle is to regain Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian National Interests and political and economic freddom and and liberty of individuals with a private ownership of land anywhere in Ethiopia as the focal points for the Non-violence reaction to freedom of which democracy is a by product of free individuals forming a party based on Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian National Interests rather than ethnic agenda.

  12. Werner2010
    | #12

    Your goals are too general, too inclusive and rather vague.
    You claim to be non-partisan, but at the same time you seek to be a central contact-point for those who feel “inspired and enthused” to incite violent revolts similar to those in Tunisia and Egypt. It is fashionable to show solidarity with these revolts, but what are the parallels between Ethiopia and these Arab countries?
    We are enjoying peace and stability right now, the democratic process is getting better, and our economic growth is visible to all, save the opposition. We have many challenges ahead of us and our system has still major deficiencies. Yet, Rome is not built in one day; main thing, we are moving in the right direction.
    We surely need objective national dialogue about what is going on in our beloved Ethiopia. The first step for understanding and reconciliation is objective information, therefore I encourage every Ethiopian in diaspora to go home and see the good and the bad for her/himself.
    All in all, this seems to be an organization worth encouragement, I wish you all the best.

  13. derebew
    | #13

    @Lucy In America
    “3 to 5 million chinians in Africa” my God! you comment is as horible as your English. Lucy from 18 St.

  14. derebew
    | #14

    ENPCP? If it is about democracy and non fuctional politics, it up holds and struggles for the universal human rights, this organisation should be open enough to list its leaders,boared members and its activity, thus allowing us to asses/ evaluate it and may be support it. I do not judge a book by its cover but its content and hence what they say and subscribe to should be clear and their goal known before any of us heed their recommendation. “Yegebeya giriger le leba yamechal” as the old dictum of our ancestors goes, there are some who would like to pigyback on the masses to come to power (like the Derg did and EPRP attempted) and I would be careful, before I agree or disagree with this so called ENPCP. If the likes of Berhanu Nega or old Dergists are in it, it can never be good. The call for the revolt in Ethiopia in the absence of any viable alternative will be futile as it may end up being sucrfice for nothing. Now let us assume the revoltion aspired by some is sucessful like in Egypt or Tunisia, should we accept Gen. Samora or other ministers/ current government officials, to take the helm of the government like what happened in Tunisia or Egypt? Will a revoltion like that bring fundamental change? Egypt’s and Tunisia’s situation is far from being over….I hope it will bode well for the people of Egypt who are lead by a Derg like military council and the people of Tunisia lead by old beaurocrats form the deposed regime. There are organised and armed alternative forces that can reap havoc in Ethiopia in case the EPRDF is destabilized before formation of an alternative multi national party, like the OLF, ONLF, Al Ethad, Al shebab,…… and their grand master Isayas Afeworki of Eritrea whose dream is dividing Ethiopia in to too many fifdoms so he can exploit its resources.
    If ENPCP stands for all the goals it discribes what safe guards have they arranged to guard the breaking of Ethiopia into small pieces before they call for a distructive revolution? I have lived throgh 2 revoltions already and I say enough is enough, we do not need revolution we need civil discourse and democratic progress. We can not become democrats while calling for violence.

  15. Sheger
    | #15

    This is to “idiot dictetor”

    No matter who this people are I hope they mean it.

    And we just heard OLFs call for revelution, and OLF use to work with TPLF and murdered a lot of people,
    So if Ehiopian people rise tomorrow Meles might use it us an excuse to kill the people in the name of OLF.
    So we need to stay away from those kind of people no matter what they mean at this point they know some thing is
    Coming and they will and are trying to delay it and make truble. Trust me people this people are not a jock, god knows
    What we did to them but it is Creasy.

    So I agree, we need to watch out but if we keep fearing every one we might just end up by our selves indivudualy.
    After all people are people so let’s hope and think about what we really want to do and who we trust or we think
    We can trust. Believ me it will come to us but the main thing is our objectives and what we want in our country.

    Long live Ethiopia.

  16. United we stand divided we fall
    | #16

    Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. First and foremost, every Ethiopian from East, West, North, South and the old, young, poor, rich and most importantly all the non-woyane Ethiopian soldiers should be informed what the most cruel tyrant and his dogs are doing to their beloved country and fellow Ethiopians. No Ethiopian soldier that signed up to give his/her life for his/her country and fellow Ethiopians should never take orders from a dictator and TPLF generals who are destroying and looting the country. Our patriotic Ethiopian soldiers should never forget the commitments and the promise they made to protect their country and people from domestic and foreign enemies. INFORM, INFORM. INFORM and the uniformed and misinformed Ethiopians and UNITE, UNITE, UNITE the Ethiopians TPLF divided by all means of necessary, case in point OLF and ONLF.

  17. Samuel
    | #17


    How much politics do you understand? You are an embarassment to those who have a clue about national agenda.

  18. Samuel
    | #18


    Do you have a clue about Oromos?

  19. aha!
    | #19

    Let me reiterate that in order to inductively solve a problem, one has to have a clear cut goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and strategies such as Non-violence reaction to freedom of the individuals in all aspects of freedom, including democratic rights.

    In retrospective, ENCP is neither a think thank nor as freedom fighters, or negotiators based on the set agenda with the current regime. In retrospective, ENCP looks like a National Reconciliation Commitee, calling for a discussion form in a national convention of civic organizations to hash on the agenda proposed for National reconciliation, rather than setting up a clear cut goals to engage in a Non-violence to achieve political and economic freedom and liberty of the individuals, rather than democracy, lacks strategy(ies) to achieve those goals, however vague those goals are. Futhermore, it should be clearly understood, there are three political models active in the political system in Ethiopia: the multi-layer, hierarchical political model of TPLF/eprdf regime, Medrek/fdd/fdre, a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf regime, a coalition of UDJP od “No change but durable democracy, having its massive presence in the major media with is subset of agenda for democracy, human rights and justice, and KAUP, EPRP, EDP and others intent on Unity, Territorial Integrity, Sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians underliberal and/or social democracy, I presume.

    As such the Non-violence reaction to freedom lies between the positive forces of integration and the negative forces of disintegration of TPLF/eprdf regime explicitely supported by the teletafi paties and implicetely supported by the loyalist opposition parties with ethnic agenda and the liberation fronts engaged in war skirmishes to fullfil the aspirations to secede upto indepence predicated in the constitution.

    Interms, of geopolical positioning and interest this anomaly does not fit into the concerns of the western democracies, which needs to be resolved by Ethiopians by the political factions and their supporters to coalesce around the national agenda and its strategies to achieve those goals by overtly and covertly introducing those strategies to the masses. EPRP is on the lead in that front, I presume.

  20. Anonymous
    | #20

    Dear friends,
    as you have correctly put it there are too many groups running around at this time without giving enough time to think with whom they can work together with than plan to make another call for unity. This, I must say, should stop if we are series about what we preach about. I am sure there are groups out there who are making similar calls; you should join them. Go and work with groups who are calling you, I am sure you will find more communality than what you are willing to admit. Ethiopian unity and democracy is moto, isn’t it? make it simple and find other with similar goal and be brave to say ‘we want to join you’ that within a few day you will know that you have moved several steps forward in your long journy.

  21. Samuel
    | #21


    Can you stop your mambo jumbo rhetoric, presenting us your crap about ethnicity when you are also wrapped with your ethnic agenda. Arn’t your jewel organizations- KAUP, EPRP, EDP ,ethnic organizations with a seemingly national names? Do you think the rest of the people are that stupid not to know all these organizations? The time is calling for moderation of positions and that call is knocking your door steps as well. Ethiopia is a differnt country than what you think.

  22. ቀጄላ
    | #22


    እባክህ ስለኦሮሞ ህዝብ አታንሳ! የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ወገኑን አክብሮ አብሮ እየኖረ ያለ ታላቅ ህዝብ ነው:: ባንተ አይነቱ ዱልዱም አእምሮ ስለኦሮሞ ህዝብ ትንተና አያስፈልገንም:: የኦሮሞ ህዝብ የሚያዋጣውን ጠንቅቆ የሚያውቅ ህዝብ ነው:: ወያኔን መታገል የሚቻለው የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ሙሉ ተሳትፎ ሲታከልበት ብቻ ነው:: ስለኦሮሞ ህዝብ ማንም ያልተማረ ሁላ የሚቀባጥርበት ዘመን አልፎ ሄዷል:: የህዝባችንን ቁስል እየነካካችሁ እንደ “ዝንብ” አታስቸግሩት:: ነጻነት በየዌብሳይቱ እየሄዱ መለቅለቅ አይደለም:: ነጻነት የህይወትን መስዋእትነት የምትጠይቅ ከሞት በኋላ የምትመጣ እንደ ጸሃይ ብርሃን ጨለማውን የሚታስወግድ ውድ ዋጋ ያላት ድንቅ ነገር ናት:: በኪቦርድ አርበኞች ሳይሆን በእውነተኛ ተቆርቋሪዎች ብርታትና መስዋእትነት አንድ ቀን ለዘላለም ሲገፋ ለኖረው ህዝባችን ጀምበር ትወጣላቸዋለች:: ስለዚህ “sheger” መሰሎቹ ዝም ብላችሁ አትለቅልቁ:: ቁምነገር መናገር የማትችሉ ከሆነ አፋችሁን ዘግታችሁ ተቀመጡ::

  23. Anonymous
    | #23

    Do u really undastand the political aganda of people in Ethiopia? That must be the frist step

  24. Sheger
    | #24

    Samuel, may be you should ask the Oromos if they have any clue about Sheger.

    What I know about Oromos? They are very tall people and strong just like me. They look so like me I can catagorais my
    Self Oromo. And they love Ethiopia. I do too.

    Any thing eles?

  25. Sheger
    | #25

    The problem in Ethiopia is not a matter of politics it is a matter of principle and good national structure and good
    Governianc. We all know this so ato warner 2010, I have some thing to say to you,



  26. aha!
    | #26

    Samuel! Write about the part you are in support of or against KAUP, EPRP, EDP criticizing their party agenda or platform. Here are the major political models: TPLF/eprdf a multi-layer, and hierarchical political model, Medrek/fdd/fdre, a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf and KAUP (Kinijit all Ethiopian Political Party), EPRP, and EDP standing up for Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian National Interests, which in a Non-violence struggle for unity, territorial integrity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians under liberal and/or social democracy, where the distiction between the preceeding two, you consider as forming new Ethiopia are the negative forces of disintegration, upholding the apatheid system of governance and/or adminstration, and the later three to mention a few are the positive forces of integration enaged possibly in a Non-violent reation to freedom of the individuals in all aspects. Are brain washed not to be able to decipher such distictions? Is it mumbo jumbo to you to describe these factions in their respective attributes and clear cut goals to raise your conciousness, rather to provoke you. Are for restoring Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian National Interests? Are for individual rights to supecede ethnic and secessionist rights or not?

  27. Samuel
    | #27


    Interestingly all of your organizations, KAUP,EPRP, EDP are Amhara organizations that have a vested interest in the programs you laid out. Oromos would also have the same interest if and when we agree Oromiffa to be a national language. That is what the core of your Ethiopian unity entails and that is also why the rest of the nationalities do not subscribe to your program.

  28. aha!
    | #28

    Samuel! Now you come out in the open. I am not defending nor portraying an AAPO, even at that AAPO as you also know it does not not there to defend ethic right, and/or secessionist rights, similar to those in KAEUP, EPRP and others. Even the AAPO was set up inthat fashion dictated by the current regime, even at that the free itself to free the others by calling for Unity of Ethiopia. Yes Amhara ethnic as well as Oromo ethnic group are in TPLF/eprdf, Medrek/fdd/fdre and OLF for cessation upto independence, and yet you cannot tell me that AAPO is in that catagory. I am just constructing political models based on their attributes and/or platform of ethnic agenda at the core of ethnic and secessionist politics and/ or policies inscribed in the constitution for self rule and separate and unequal development in a divide and rule Appartheid system of governance and/or adminstration as in South Africa by Afrikaners, and Marxist element adopted from the Dergue regime.

    What I am also portraying that the teletafi parties ANDEM, etc. are explicitley supporting and the loyalist opposition parties are implicitely supporting the current regime, forming what I identify as negative forces of disintegration, by subscribing to TPLF manifesto and later on to the constitution spearheaded by TPLF.

    What I am offering is a clear cut goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians under liberal and/or social democracy and Non-violence reaction to freedom of individuals in all respects and for the teletafi parties, and the loyalist opposition parties to coalsce around these goals to tip the balance from the negative forces of disintegration to the positive forces of integration, where both of these forces exist as a dichotomy, where the latter is a democracy by the people of the people and for the people, where the party governs by the consent of the governed.

    Can you refute those assertions? Can you explain the merits of the organizations/parties within the negative forces of disintegration, instead of using Amahara as scare tactic, in the same way the current regime labling CUD as the Dergue “rizrage” and “neftegna”.

  29. aha!
    | #29

    Samuel, my proposal also serves as national reconcilliation, when the political leaders meet in a national convention and sign on a bylaws to abandon ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies of TPLF/eprdf regime by denying it the aparthied system of governance and/or adminstration. Without the support of the teletafi and loyalist opposition parties as well as the loyality of the military, the security and federal police forces to the party, it would not exist.

  30. Samuel
    | #30


    Don’t side step the most important issue of all and white wash the polemis with territorial integrity. For a people (nation) who has historical facts on its side for its whole some marginalization from the poltical game of the country, for a people who have been systematically relegated to a second class citizen, territorial integrity is a code word for mainenance of the status quo. The status quo being maintaining a minority ethnic group’s language as a national language based on illegal occupation of the country through conquest and the perpetuation of that same notion with out addressing the grievances of the subject people is tantamount to preservation of that staus quo. We have not yet seen Amhara organizations who are willing or trust worthy to deal with in a more constructive manner on the future of our respective people. If the Amharas fail to understand that the Oromos are central to the existence and continuity of the country as it ought to be you and I may not see it, but rest ssured that we will not live togther in the future. For your information, no nation (in Africa) as large as the Oromo has been subjected to the status of the Oromo by the native people of a country. That is the fact. Amhara domination in language, culture, political and economic superiority all of which were ill-gained have to be addressed.

  31. Sheger
    | #31

    Samuel, I am sure any body can tell it’s child what ever he or she wants to their child and that can become their history.

    Having said that I am sure you know what KENIA or NIROBY means In Oromigna. Not that that can define who the Oromos are or where they are from. After all it is in good favor of people to stay together but how ever you should know
    Ethiopian history a little more or if you don’t have the info just think about it or let me give you a clue, ask some people
    How many Oromos think they are mix of some Indians or Arabs, and we know when we wore ruling the Arabs and India and so on way before the birth of the christ. So honey that is old enough to say I am from here or from there. Don’t you think?
    To me It is time of adoration not time of figuring it out. Oromigna is not the only languej and Oromos are not the only other ethnic rather than Amehars wether they are really Oromos or not. I am sure a mix of all kinds just like most Ethiopia. So there you have it

  32. aha!
    | #32

    If you are willing to live under the the apatheid TPLF/eprdf regime, why are you lamenting about the past, which has fought and won on the pretext of the oppression of the nations and nationalities by previous regimes being labled as a coloniser. If you are supporting the entitlement of self rule and separate but unequal development with ill defined boundries with lingering border disputes between eritrea and Tigrai region and ogaden and oromo region and in between the smaller etnic groups, go ahead enjoy your ehnic and secessionist rights bestowed on you by TPLF/eprdf regime. It is your right to defend with out being obnoxious about logical approach to resolve the current political and economic crises that perpetrated by TPLF/eprdf regime, why you are complaining about the Amahara domination in language and culture through the previous regime and now being obiquitous in all organzations.

    You should be glad as an Ethiopian that Amharic has been the major medium of communication with its own alphabet and English as a second language for communication and learning. You should be proud for Ethiopia to developed over the centuries its own language than to depend on foreign language as it is heading to be English for students coming from various regions.

    The Amhara ethnic group you you have been hammering on does not preclude either in the previous or the current setting does obstruct the development of any language and cultures and there is no organization available for negotioation in that context, unless you have to put forth your complaints to TPLF dominated regime, which crafted the ethnic and secessionist politics and/policies in the constitution. If you do not have problem of that as core issue to the disintegration of Ethiopia, the language and culture issue is insufficient for an uprising in Non violent reaction to freedom from the autocratic, ethnocratic, totalitarian and ethnic dictatorship with an apartheid system of governance and/or adminstration. What you have in your back is a thousand pound gourilla, while you are lamenting on language and culture in the past, however exaggerated, with your implict support of ethnic and/or secessionist politics and/or policies of TPLF/eprdf regime, which supported by the teletafi parties and impliceltely by the loyalist opposition parties.

  33. Sheger
    | #33

    In on tops of that Samuel, no body’s country is tattooed on it’s body, not denying the possibility of creating a new one
    Until that get changed by whom ever. But we should always respect and car about what we have and try to live in harmony with others, and there are always others wether we like it or not, and what we have didn’t come to us easy or
    Out of no where. If you know what I mean.

  34. Sheger
    | #34

    Samuel, some thing that just came to my mind, do you know how long it takes to fly from addis to bahirdar? 45 minuet. And depending on what altitude you fly and and what kind of airplan that can be reduced to 5 minuets. And don’t think it
    Takes a giniouse to figure that out. And you can do the math about the rest. So please don’t make it sound we have such a big country with very few ethnic groups and that our options are so wide open for any thing.

    Stop the nonsense and get read of Meles.

  35. Sheger
    | #35

    And that is with out mentioning the number of the population and it’s possible rise, and again that is if the known data is aquerat or true.

    If Ethiopias on going and long struggle is what it takes to live on this planet? Some time I wonder if it is worth it. Hope
    One day soon we will see a free And happy And united Ethiopia. But we should never be ungreatful of the fights of our
    Fathers and Mother and Brothers and Sisters in the past or present who are very selflessly loves us and their country.
    And of cours the help and love of Holy God.

    Thank you.

  36. Samuel
    | #36


    Got to your skin. Go ahead body. Your path is not mine. We know what we are fighting for. Rest assred that we will not be duped by a camouflage under the banner of Ethiopian unity.

  37. Samuel
    | #37


    No one would be happy when some body’s language is imposed on any other fellow. Yes, you do not know the pain we’ve gone through the ages because you have not been on the receiving end. You tell us that we should be happy that you and your forefathers imposed your language on us. Give me a break. Scoundrils.

  38. Sheger
    | #38

    Samuel, I wouldent be surprised about your last comment to AHA about some body imposing some body’s languej on some body, if your comment wasn’t written in English. How many languages do you think there are in the world?
    And how many of them do you think we should speak, speaking of global world and stuff to communicate majority wis?

    And you spok of amaregna as some thing bad? And some thing bad out of all things? Honey Amaregna is one of the best things that happened to the world besides most of the world don’t want to admit any thing good about Ethiopia most of the time.

    You know there is a movie coming out in may 11 or some thing and it is called Thor or tore meaning war, it means the same to the west as it means the same to us because Thor or tore means in Ameharic WAR.

    We urge the world to stop making us feel like we are or they are some elians. We
    all people and we all live on this planet. At least for a moment, not speaking of the general earthly life of man kind or any kind but people or who ever individually. the world we live in as we know it, because it is so vast and and we love it, to me and for to many it is a promise of haven, The god that created all of this land planets and so on
    Gave us more than what I or any body can own, speaking of luck of word. It is even funny to say that
    When you know what you have to know and that is God. And god created you and the world around you and every thing. And if this whole world and universe doesn’t makes believe in god or haven I don’t know what would.

    This is not Gigi’s foesificarion but believe and hope.

  39. Sheger
    | #39

    I ment to say, if this whole world and universe doesn’t makes us believe in god and his promise of haven I don’t know what would.

  40. aha!
    | #40

    Samuel, apart from complaining about the Amahara ethnic group to imposing their language culture on your ethnic group, you have no qualm about TPLF/eprdf regime. The silent majority of ethiopians will acquire the economic and political freedom and liberty of individuals through the “Non-violence reaction”to freedom by overthrowing the authocratic, ethnicratic/ethnic dictatorship, of ethnic federalism and secessionism, following the Dergue regime for its totaliarianism and the Afrikaners for the apartheid system of governance and/or adminstration as exploitation and political and economic strangle hold of the country’s resources by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises with or without the participation of the loyalist opposition parties and the defection of the teletafi parties. It only takes leadership with clear cut goals and strategies to achieve those goals to lead Ethiopians to a truly democratic and capitalistic society of free individuals. Free of ethnic and secessionist and ethnic politics where the lanuage and cultures freely develop in hyperspace, not by ethnic boundries as in the USA, and ethnic populations thrive in the same manner as the species population of animals and plants in a forest ecosystem settings following natural and man-made laws and country’s resources will be developed according to to ecological zones, cutting accross federated states of the original provinces of a democratic republic, rather by ethnic boundries. Then you do not have to speculate if your ethnic boundry extends from Kotu in Harergge to Wellegge(a), Negelle to Sellale, from Jima to Adama for Oromo and Northern Shoa to Gonder for the Amahara is unsustainable ill defined boundries, is only plausible to the the teletafi and loyalist opposition parties.

  41. Sheger
    | #41

    thanks AHA, look at what they are doing to the whole country any ways. No body owns a land and staff like that.
    Whether they call one place Oromo the other Amehara or Tigray no body owns any thing any ways, Not even al-moudi
    With all of his money and hotel and stuff. What I am saying is, nothing is sure specially if you think about long term
    Any thing. If it continue like this, it will be the never ending quest or that old song or lament, of new Ethiopia. What we really need to Change is our selves I mean the way we think about each other and live under one nation as one people.

    Ethiopia to all Ethiopias.

  42. Sheger
    | #42

    What they need to know is when they sell coffee or gold they are selling it EKO, they are not leasing it or renting it.
    Or are they?

  43. Samuel
    | #43


    Show us where “Kotu” is in Hararghe. You are exposing your lack of knowledge of Ethiopia and its people. I am not quite sure from which part of the country you are. Ignorance is bliss, they said. Your lack of knowledge and heart-felt support for Amhara extremists view will eventually lead to the total elimination of that group’s position from Ethiopian’s political lexoicons. We have a lot of evidence that you are sinking by the minute to the dust bin of history. Just remember that we are too heavy to be pushed around extreme light weight individuals and groups in your circel. We do not need your support to get rid of the Woyane regime.

  44. Sheger
    | #44

    And why is it the Afar wants to sepater from Ethiopia? What do they have? We know half Afar is in Eritiria any ways.
    That can only make Ethiopia weaker and them devastated. So all we know is this people create their own flags and
    Put tree on it and say I want my country. As if there is know tree in Amehara region, may be they should go to gojam
    And to Shewa and to goneder and see what kind of land we have. If they are saying you are people from Tigray and it is
    Dry the reason why you are hear is because you want my tree? Then may be we should ask them where in their body that says it is there country. And forget about the Oromo map blocking the Sidamo and so on from the rest of Ethiopia.

    I think this people are dreaming. And I am sure it comes from the musilim world who wants to destroy Ethiopia for there
    Own inters. Specially EGYPT. And of cours Italy I believe.
    Did you sow what they did on the map to make us land locked? It is so funny, they went streaming the land all the way
    Somali land to make us land locked and Somaly land was Ethiopia too and so was Gibuty,It as absolute absurdity. Why people? What did we do to the world? They don’t have to become number one countries or what ever pushing us to our death. We are all people any ways. Can we all
    Live on this planet together and in peace? At least we should be able to live in peace with each other with our own people. Even though I don’t know why most of Tigrayan people supported the separation of Eritria, but how ever
    What kind of Tigray can benefit from this. I mean…..please…..

  45. Sheger
    | #45

    And are they saying Ethiopia was Tigray? Since when? Come on people. I don’t think Tigray is some kind of people
    Making mation. Or some kind of an enkubeter after looking at all the looks of most Ethiopian people and the seraunding

  46. aha!
    | #46

    My circle is the silent majority of Ethiopians, excluding the TPLF polit buero, the teletafi party members and the loyalist oppositon parties now lumped into a coalition with UDJP as Medrek/fdd/fdre, a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf, and the liberation movements, mainley OLF, which is creating chaos in the process engagine TPLF/eprdf in war skirmishes to secede upto independence from the organic entity called Ethiopia, where the Oromo and the Amhara are the roots or stem of a tree and the others are bigger and smaller branches of a sequoia tree.

    As far as your ill defined ethnic boundries you may to ask your land lord, TPLF/eprdf regime. You may also ask him if your capital city is Finifine or Adama.

  47. Sheger
    | #47

    But any how whether Tigray people or who ever no body lives eating a stone or a rock in this world people need food
    People need a home and extra….and no body’s life is more important than the other when it comes to our survival.

    So people let’s find a way to live in peace and love with each other. Ethiopia is a very different country from any other country but our differences shouldn’t stand between us as a nation. As I said befor we don’t have a lot of option ether.

  48. Sheger
    | #48

    Besides most of us are all mixed up with each other any ways. There is no ethnic politics that can survive Ethiopia or any of it for a day exept unity. And country is not just land it is people too. So please don’t deprive us of our nation.

    Thank you.

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