The Price of Liberty and Dignity By Teodros Kiros

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The defiant citizens of Libya fought against roaring tanks, piercing guns, and fast helicopters intent on destroying the resilient human bodies to silence, to perpetual acquiescence in the culture of tyranny.

Old men and women, boys and girls, even babies, were not spared from the violence of tyranny. A shameless dictator and his family boasted that they were going to fight to the last bullet and that imperialism was going to be taught a lesson. It is not imperialism, which is being taught a lesson, it is dictatorship, which is being shamed, and dictators everywhere are watching

their fate, if they do not heed to the people’s demand.

When you anger the people and when Fortuna summons to act, then the people use Virtu and fight in defense of liberty and dignity.

The Libyan people were not going to take any of it. They rose to the barbarism of tyranny and are fighting heroically. The people in combat continue to demonstrate extraordinary military coordination and firepower as they resist the forces of evil. They are resisting tanks, missiles, with anti-aircraft guns, and even dared to display an array of tanks.

The people are repeatedly repulsing the Kaddafi’s Forces outside Tripoli, as they are defending their dignities and respecting their existential rights to live in peace and harmony.

In the heat of a civil war, which began peacefully as a march of liberty, the people quickly learned that dictatorships do not listen to the summons of reason, and they quickly used Virtu, that Machiavellian technique of skillful resistance and took on the challenge, and had to respond to force with counter force, and the result is a stunning military coordination of the streets of democracy.

The stream of the quest for liberty also engulfs the Arab world and soon the African world. The Libyan challenge is not over yet, and there are many days and nights awaiting the combatants on the streets of democracy, and thousands more are going to be sacrificed in defense of liberty, and so is the price of liberty.

Liberty and dignity unlike many other existential rights are priceless and humans are destined to die for their sakes, and this lesson is one of the constants in human history. We always hope that tyranny learns from history and gives up power without bloodshed, which reasonable persons wish, but tyranny never does, and liberty and dignity are forced to resist it.

  1. Sheger
    | #1

    But this people should also know what happens to Libya is what happens to Libya not just Arab Libya, why are they attacking none Arabs, after all they are in Africa you know.

  2. aheye ashal aheye (I am what I am)
    | #2

    Dear Prof. T. Kiros:

    Your article generally mentioned “dictator” and “the oppressed” implying that those social force (Meles as a dictator and and the Ethiopian people as opperessed)are present in Ethiopia. My question is why ETHIOPIAN people want or should take such example of uprising while Ethiopia itself was the first example in its uprising after the 2005 national election and the massacare followed then. At present, I do not think Ethiopians need another uprising for public massacre of any kind. Why? because the army that should have been “National army” is not the nation’s but of Meles. Besides, another force (AGAZI)is in the watch as there are also other armed people in Tigray that Meles put on line for fear of Tigray invasion by other ethnic elements – Amhara or Oromo. Under the circumstances, therefore, it is not good idea to call the nation for another uprising. If the point is to remove Meles and his cronies, ASSASINATION is the ONLY choice even that means risking some colateral damage on those involved in the act.

  3. Sheger
    | #3

    I think it is time for Gagafi to take of his sun glass and show them who he really is, when it comes to that or lend them
    A mirror.

  4. Netsanet
    | #4

    Assasination! Meles will hide in a bunker forever like he did in the “struggle days”.

  5. Tsadkan
    | #5

    I think sham elections have been put the the sword as a result of these revolutions in the Arab world. It is no need to waist time and resources for worthless elections in Africa. The only way to bring change is through people power. I hope this is a good example for opposition parties that thought they can bring change through the ballot box. This is Africa you need to protest to be heard….. End of questions

  6. Tsadkan
    | #6

    After Ghadaffi it is going to be Al Bashir’s time…Then it will be time for Afeworki of Asmara to go. After that the we save the best for last. Mele will be last of the dominos to fall…

  7. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #7

    Thank you Dr. Kiros for a discussion-provoking article. What the peoples in Tunisia and Egypt have done was historical and inspiring to other peoples who are living under despotic regimes such as ours. I said ours because the current regime back home has been a certified one-party state not by choice but by the use of anti-democratic methods of rule. I said certified because the regime has been cited for such behavior by the US State Department’s annual human reports not once but almost every year for some time now. It was cited in the same manner by EU, Human Rights organizations and major news papers. And it has killed unarmed peaceful protesters. It claimed the protesters in 2005 killed first (about 5-6) but it killed about 200 and wounded many hundreds more. It threw many many others to abominable officially listed prisons and it is rumored even by its own naive Tigrayan supporters that it is holding many political prisoners in dispicable mudhouse prisons in remote places in Tigray. If this goon and his cohorts face justice someday (it will happen guaranteed) they will have a lot of questions to answer. That is our side of the story.
    In regards to the North African revolutions both in Tunisia and Egypt, the fat lady is not ready to sing yet. There are a cloud of specters hovering over the skies of Tunis and Cairo. For now, Thank God, there is no power vacuum coupled with chaos for another dictator to jump in or some fascistic religious group to claim the mantle. I hope all foresighted intellectuals and groups have calmed their nerves and emotions to come together and show their people the right way and lead them along the path of democracy. Until that happen both countries are still fair games to wise mouth Meles look-alikes.

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