Ethiopians Unite Against the Meles Dictatorship Enough! Beka! Gaye! Bass! Yiakel!

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Washington D.C. – March 1, 2011- The winds of change that is sweeping through the Middle East and North Africa cannot be stopped by Meles Zenawi and his thugs. As the African saying goes, “No one can stop the rain.”

No amount of wind bagging about economic growth, divide and rule tactics, and state terrorism will prevent 80 million Ethiopians from demanding their liberty, human dignity, democratic rights, and a better life in their own country.

The time has now come for us to say, “Enough is Enough!” Beka! Gaye! Bass! Yiakel!

Ethiopians shall unite, rise up and take control of their destiny. They stand as one — from the rural villages to the cities and the Diaspora — to remove Meles Zenawi’s Woyanne junta. 20 years of dictatorship is enough! 20 years of massacres… 20 years of corruption… 20 years of abuse of power is enough… 20 years of mismanagement, misrule is enough!.

Meles Zenawi has been a cause of death and destruction. During the last 20 years tens of thousands of people have perished. His security forces have committed crimes against humanity and Genocide in Gambela, the Ogaden region and elsewhere in the country. His abysmal human rights records are well documented by the Department of State, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the Ethiopian Human Rights Council, the United States Congress and the European Parliament. There is an overwhelming prima-facie evidence for the United Nation’s Security Council to refer the matter to the International Criminal Court.

In 2010 he conducted a fake election, hired a lobby firm in the United States, and claimed that he won a whopping 99.6% of the seats in the rubber stamp parliament. His wicked macroeconomic policy has resulted in hyperinflation, massive devaluation, bank looting, rampant youth unemployment, spiraling cost of living, grinding poverty, and forced migration. His disastrous agricultural policy, despite the so-called big push by the West, is unable to feed the ever-growing population of the country. By the end of 2010 close to 10% of the population is living on food aid. Food aid has been used for political purposes.

Furthermore, Meles is selling the country’s virgin lands to foreigners by evicting poor peasants from their ancestral land, resulting in major land grab, environmental catastrophe and human displacement. Meles has created a landlocked country that is inhabited by more than 80 million people. That is why we, the Global Civic Movement for Change in Ethiopia have resolved that the 20 years of brutal rule of Meles Zenawi must end.

We call upon all Ethiopian civil society organizations, churches, mosques, schools and universities, professionals, business people, laborers and civil servants, the youth, men and women to rise up in nonviolent resistance as their brothers and sisters have done in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya to remove the Meles regime.

We call upon members of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, the police and security services to stand with the people and protect them from the Meles dictatorship. We make a special call to them to refrain from using deadly force against their brothers and sisters in the same way as their counterparts in Tunisia and Egypt have done.

We call upon all Ethiopian civic organizations world wide to engage in consultations with all democratic forces inside and outside of Ethiopia and provide moral and materiel assistance to bring about democratic change in Ethiopia.

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  1. Imbi Ale
    | #1

    I support this cause. The people of Ethiopia need to take their destiny in their own hand. The ethnic minority rule needs to come to an end. I am surprised that they have lasted this long. As couragous as the Ethiopian people, we deserve better. Let freedom ring in every village and in every hamlet in Ethiopia. Ethiopia has so many natural resources and can be as good if not better than any European country. Let us bring democracy to Ethiopia, now!

  2. gd
    | #2

    what are you tolking about were are yuo live out side ethiopia
    traing put fire if you truely belive in revolution
    come on down lets do it to gether

  3. ahiya
    | #3

    yemogne zefen hulle hoyahoye

  4. Sheger
    | #4

    What Meles should know, we will kill him if we have too. We are giving him a chance to leave power in peace and retern
    The country to the people and the people will choose it’s leader and democratic rule.

    Bekkkkkkkkkkkka. Enough.

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    Let us do it and free Ethiopia. Let us know that our people have a strength that is much stronger than TPLFs guns.

  6. Anonymous
    | #6





  7. Sheger
    | #7

    All of this I think is happening just because Meles looks a bit like us, we don’t have to love our selves that much
    If one hates him self a bit and say I will kill Meles and I don’t care if that Coasts me my life? That is finito end of story.

    That is what he needs to know. And we are tired of getting killed.

  8. Dawit
    | #8

    Dear Mr. Writer. Does your unity call have organised bases? The answer is no. Ethiopia had suffered for the last 40 years by Haile Selassie scrooge regime, 20 years by brutal military junta, and another 20 years by rebels group who are leading the country. The people of Ethiopia were seeing better future now than the previous two. The first one was sold the people’s dignity only by fulfilling the need of one trib. except one tribe in Ethiopia the rest of Ethiopian were suffered in many different ways. The Majuka leadership is worse than derg. Does the people of different tribe allowed to speak their own language for their work or for their communications in their offices legally? No! Does the people allowed to celebrate their culture in the way they liked or does the people allowed to worship the religion which they chose? No. The difference between Derg regime and Haile Selassie had no difference because indirectly it had served for the same goal. The new regime had at least bright future than the previous two. People had all kinds of right to do whatever they want, except the struggle between Amhara and Tigres unstoppable power fight. So do we need change at this time? The answer is yes for DC politicians but no in the whole Ethiopian side. Still the answer is no except for one tribe. Still the answer is no in true Ethiopians heart. I am glad not to live in DC, because people had no right to talk about what they want. The real dictatorship is born and raised in DC. The change which is raining in North Africa, should rain in DC not in Ethiopia. I call change in DC. We have to stop the voice of dollar, except for investment. We have to be civilized to take over the power and increasing the growth of the country not by demolishing the previous work and keep adding more and more development to our beloved mother land; that is the civilized manner. Please do not preach change in Ethiopia, because the people of Ethiopia had many things in their mind which is never told and which is not uniting the people. First DC boys let’s work on that differences by stopping untouchable Zeraf! And listen to your heart, and win the people heart.
    CHANGE IN DC!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ghion
    | #9

    You are one of the sale outs, who is being paid by Ethiopia’s worst internal and foreign enemies. OLF, ONLF, SHABYA and all of the elements around the globe with whom they would like to see Ethiopia the African Yugoslavia. You are the worst of the worst that mother Ethiopia, you are the vermin of our ancient society that Ethiopia has never seen in her history. Ethiopia undoubtedly will survive your wicked attempt to fracture Ethiopia and destabilize her. History will judge you as your BANDA forefathers had been.

  10. kentu
    | #10

    It looks like a joke but it happens in Ethiopia.In 2005 election Malamud was one of woyane regime supporter. No one in the world openly support in election. but a billionaire even he wear meles shirt this tells us how they didn’t respect or fear for us you, see a person who invest a lot of money they didn’t support openly. because it is risky job .If alamudi is other than Ethiopia i am hundred percent sure he didn’t it Sorry we are dead

  11. ክክክ
    | #11

    my brother1 what are saying? you live aborad on social. Why do try us to bother? we know what shall we do. This is Ethiopian business not asylem seeker? pleas stop shouting at ethiopian people. We are in peace and stability.

  12. Anonymous
    | #12

    gd :what are you tolking about were are yuo live out side ethiopiatraing put fire if you truely belive in revolutioncome on down lets do it to gether

  13. Anonymous
    | #13

    I know gd, Feri abesha instigate revolution from outside and scard to stand and speak inside ethiopia

  14. alex
    | #14

    Yigermal Please think twice

  15. alex
    | #15

    Imbi ale please try it tomorrow

  16. Anonymous
    | #16

    protests all you want, but OLF, ONLF, AND SHABIYA will be hunted down if they try to disrupt and try to get into the minds of the ethiopian people. of course theres protest all over ,but don’t think for one minute these anti-ethiopian groups (OLF, ONLF, AND SHABIYA) will try to disturb ethiopia like the outsiders are doing in libya (AL-QEADA)

  17. Abdi
    | #17

    Death to Melez the ethiopian people must stand up and fight for their rights 20 years is enough already

  18. Sheger
    | #18

    Guys I have a news to brake,besides Meles and stuff, we have a country of our own.

  19. Ghion
    | #19

    What is appalling to me is that not so much of whether Ethiopia needs the political and social change or not. That can be decided by the majority of Ethiopians that lives within the boundaries’ of Ethiopia, in other words the people of Ethiopia that lives in their perspective countries, not by me an Ethiopian who lives abroad fairly comfortable and or by someone who has a selfish self propelled agenda, be it asylum seeking or a paid and BANDA perpetrators in chute with our enemies, such as the writer of this preposterous article. Our cyber ARBEGNOCH and so called oppositions wants to instigate and macro manage an Egyptian like revolution from Washington DC in a safe distance and in a comfortable life, while the poor sons and daughters are in the front line to be slaughtered one by one or at random. The cowardly 18th street TELLA BET politicians needs to be completely dismantled by the young and vibrant true Ethiopian politicians and therefore Ethiopia can be reverberated in all aspects of its needs, be it social fibers, developmental, economical and or wherever the deficiencies might be.

  20. ደሚሰየ
    | #20

    ሞኩሩት እነ ግን በቃኝ why alway barcking like dog with out result still there for me enough I need peace for u I don’t knoiw try ur self don’t push me

  21. Anonymous
    | #21

    #11 is one good reason why our country is in such misery.

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and consciencious stupidity.”
    -Martin Luther King, Jr.

    what is the difference between TPLF, OLF and ONLF?

  22. Sheger
    | #22

    ghion, voices are voices. No mattr where.

  23. Anonymous
    | #23

    Well said Wendem Dawit….Ironically I live in DC.. Never been to Ethiopia but know enough history to realize Ethiopia is advancing despite the inevitable wrongs…If at this stage the country chooses chaos by starting fresh with a new, un-established leader, it is truly sad!


  24. Bmac
    | #24

    Ghion You are absolutely right.

  25. yebirget
    | #25

    Selamta, I’m from East-Germany. When Germany celebrated its re-unification I whas in Addis within the last weeks of the Mengistu Derg. I like your country very much but as a foreigner I don’t want to interfere in your discussion. In my opinion Ghion is right, firstly people within the borders should decide what to do. In summer 1989 I fled from East Germany and so I missed the revolution there, I followed the development from outside. I was sorry about the unification which was the complete the complete takeover of our country by West Germany and the end of the chance to create an own democratic system beyond capitalism – but it was the decision of the vast majority having stayed within the borders. So this is democracy – we don’t always get what we want. But I know your situation is much more existential and I wish you all and your wonderful Ethiopia all the best, melkam idil, selam yehunlatchu!!

  26. Selam
    | #26

    God bless you all and the wonderful ityopia. The Ethiopian millenium was a great hope for change. And change will come, sure. Selamta from Austria!

  27. በከለሰ አለሙ
    | #27

    ምነው ስራ ባትፈቱ!

    አይበካም:: ገና ምን ተይዞ! ሞት መች እንዲህ በከላሉ ይመታል? ብርሃኑም አላወከባት::

  28. Ifa
    | #28

    Meles The worst leader of all in the world . For past twenty years and still
    now he didnot use democracy for leading . Who are our governor? They are collection of artkilo looters . Be mind national looters Meles and his friends any time they can flee away to LONDON with our wealth .Ready to arrest national wealth looters to take off our money back and looters to prison

  29. Spread the news
    | #29

    Thank you for your well wishes. It is clear that you know some of the atrocities that is being committed by dictator Meles and his close friends on peace loving Ethiopians. Please tell the horror stories of millions of Ethiopians who are suffering in silence and the cruelty of Meles to all your friends, your coworkers, members of your Church or Mosque or Synagogue or Temple.

  30. Mindless thugs
    | #30

    The whole world consider the supporters of dictator of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Yemen as THUGS. And soon, the world will know about the thugs who support the most inhumane dictator of Ethiopia that has abuse his power in everything humanly possible, looted, killed innocent Ethiopians and given and sold the most fertile virgin land to outsiders. So far, everyone of these world known dictators are barbaric, lunatic, looters, torturers and killers, and tyrant Meles is worse than all of the dictators put together.

    | #31


  32. Ali
    | #32

    But you don’t live in dignity & Liberty.

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