Bereket and Seif El Gaddafi – birds of a feather. Yilma Bekele

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“When a leader’s only means of staying in power is to use mass violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy to rule and needs to do what is right for his country by leaving now,” said President Obama. He was not talking about Meles Zenawi. President Obama was discussing Libya’s beleaguered dictator Gaddafi.

We all know Gaddafi has been a ruthless tyrant for quiet a while. He has been abusing his people, disturbing the peace in his neighborhood and far and is the poster child for a dysfunctional and failed leadership model. The last few days all his enablers have been coming out of the woodworks to condemn his style and demand his ouster.

Some will say too little too late. I know it sort of fishy when the British, the French and the Americans all of a sudden stand in solidarity with the Libyan people. Where were you the last forty years is a legitimate question? On the other hand it is perfectly understandable if the Libyan people look at their new friends with a little bit of suspicion and put their guards up. That is the way it should be. Hopefully the Libyan, Egyptian and Tunisian people will keep their new friends at arms length until they sort out their problems their own way.

For us Ethiopians the upheaval in our neighborhood has been a godsend event. We are overloaded with lessons and information. We are thrilled thinking of the possibilities, we are happy of the fact that freedom is at hand and delirious with the knowledge our Woyane leaders are scurrying around to postpone the inevitable. The fact that junta leader Meles is holed up in his palace pouring over discarded manuals is priceless.

As we are learning from Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya, remember the tyrant and his associates are figuring how to reverse engineer the gains of the last few weeks. It is not easy but they have no choice. Libya is showing us that criminals fight to the last. How come they don’t realize it is over is a good question. The short answer is this state of mind called ‘delusion’.

This sickness is best manifested by no other than our Communication Minister Berket Simon and Gaddafi’s son Saif El Islam. These two characters will join that special place currently occupied by Mohamed Saeed al Sahaf AKA ‘Baghdad Bob’ the information Minster of dear old departed Saddam Hussein who is famous for declaring ‘ There is no presence of American infidels in the city of Baghdad’ while you can see the smoke rising in the background from US bombing. Gentlemen, that is a perfect example of being delusional and an absolute detachment from reality.

Saif El Islam decided to go on Libyan TV actually there is no such thing as Libyan TV. It should be renamed Gaddafi family TV. He spoke for ½ hr. Saif was trying to impress his listeners how educated he is by declaring that he will speak without prepared notes and from his heart. Well it was a big mistake. The playboy prince only proved that he couldn’t follow a train of thought nor make sense of his understanding of events as it unfolds all around him. His half hour presentation was gibberish at most and further proof that the Gaddafi family is in dire need of psychiatric aid. You can follow the link at the end this article on youtube and cry. Here is Saif without further ado.

Dear brothers there is a plot against Libya, the security forces will show this on TV we have arrested tens of people unfortunately from our Arab brethren and of course from the African employees in Libya. …Millions of pounds was spent on these people …proof is in Benghazi and baida you could see Arabs and Africans they were holding arms. All have their own plots ….our Arab brothers who are sitting down in their comfort chairs drinking coffee and helping us Libyans to burn and destroy our country. …then the story is very dangerous, it is bigger than the Libyans and the small young people who are in the streets trying to imitate what happened in Tunisia and Egypt and I would like to tell you Libya is not Egypt and Tunisia don’t be over enthusiastic and don’t be affected by this In Libya the situation is different Libya if any separation happen it will break it up.. Libya it is not like Egypt it consists of tribes and clans is not societies with party’s and so on it is clans everyone knows their area every ones knows their duty and obligations and then this will cause civil war back to the civil war of ’36. Libya is not Tunisia and Egypt … Libya has got oil which has united the whole of Libya….all Libyans live on it is not in the east or the west it is in the middle all 5 million live on it if we separate who is going to feed us who is going to run these oil resources who have the ability to run this and manage it how we going to divide this between us who is going to spend on our children and our food drink hospitals schools do you expect if we divide the country this is defiantly a sedation we will agree on how to divide the petrol and oil for two three months but you are wrong this will be a burning issue this will be the cause for fights and trial and tribulations between all the tribes because it is in the middle of Libya and the south and it is in the desert and it is not inhabited …..Benghazi have no oil Barka have no oil how you going to eat brothers what could happen to Libya is very dangerous…therefore we are now facing a huge test a difficult test I have to be honest with you we are all armed even the thugs and those who are unemployed they have guns …everyone is armed therefore we can have forty years of civil war and Libya will have little education no health no food no future in addition now we have companies in Libya there are 200 billion worth of projects this will go astray no one would come to Libya and do any business or investment in Libya 55 thousand housing units hospitals would not be working ….remember what I am saying very well and therefore today we are at crossroads and before a historic decision to make either we agree today we say wee Libyans and this is our country we want to reform we want freedom and we want democracy and we want real reforms and and this what we have originally agreed on now we demand as final decision everyone gives up all the five millions have arms we are tribes and clans and if we have all have arms then we will not be crying over 84 death we will be crying over thousands of death there would be rivers of blood all over Libya you will be emigrating from Libya because the oil will stop being pumped and foreigners will leave Libya and the oil companies will leave Libya there will be no money …today I will ask you for the last time before we go intoto the arms and all of us as Libyans if it goes out of control like some people want do this before we resort in to arms and every Libyan would have to carry arms in order to defend himself then blood will flow tomorrow lets go with an imitative historic tomorrow within 48 hrs within 3 days within 6 hrs just to have a general peoples assembly with one clear agenda that is to issue a number laws that everyone agrees on that is the law of information to put law and order so that we open everything for freedom and also all the penal system that was silly and we begin national dialogue and national debate we all agree on even the leader in his last meeting with the journalists he said ..we have to lay down constitution for the country… it what you call it … of course there have been steps to increase wages and also to give more loans to youth …any way we have discovered many cells many Arabs people use drugs they use Egyptians Tunisians everything will come up to the whole world with documents anyway Libyans who live in London, who live in New York and Manchester and in Germany and in Canada they are inciting you and asking you to turn against us they live in there they have health care and your kids come here and die outside the army barracks when they go to get ammunition they are happy and comfortable in Europe together with their children and they are inciting us so that you die and destroy our country why is that so they come here and run us and rule us and rule Libya …they are turning us into Iraq ..Muammar Gaddafi is not General Abedine or Mubarak he is not a classical or traditional President.

So you think it is long and rambling nonsense. I agree, I sat thru ½ hr of trash talk and have to transcribe and cut it down to its essence. Saif did us a favor. He was able to put all of his father’s argument why he should be declared leader for life. We Ethiopians are familiar with all his important talking points. We have heard it on TPLF/Woyane TV that some of us repeat it word for word.

I did not have to work hard. Our own Berket came to the rescue. Dear old communication-miscommunication Minster put in his two cents worth of stupid speak to tell us why he is safe. This is what the criminal has to say regarding his take on the uprising in the neighborhood:

There is no chance for a public uprising in Ethiopia as the predominately factor for such uprising in Egypt and Tunisia were middle income states that no longer could drive through economic growth, and failed to provide enough jobs and equitable wealth distribution creating desperation among the public hardly resembles Ethiopia …there [where popular revolts happen] are desperate people, people who have nowhere to turn to. Our people are not desperate, here we have a public that has seen hope, a public that enjoys a glimmer of hope more than ever due to the recent years’ economic growth and transformation,”

This is just the beginning. As the temperature rises Woyane enablers will come up with zillions of arguments the reasons why Ato Meles should lead us and why we worthless subjects are lucky to have such an intelligent, wise and world respected leader at the helm to steer the ship called Ethiopia.

All we got to do is substitute Libya with Ethiopia and you can see the meetings of minds between these dysfunctional individuals. They both think without their leadership the country will fall apart. Their removal will cause disintegration, economic collapse and foreign intervention. The problem is not caused due to their failed polices but due to the phantom opposition be it local or the Diaspora. You can see Seif’s rant against the Diaspora and go to Walta, Aiga or Ethiopian (Woyane) TV and you see the same train of thought.

There are certain things we noticed the last few months. God it looks like months but the dictators are tumbling down weekly. They never saw it coming is a fact of life. Ben Ali never dreamt that thirty years of bullying would be undone in just thirty days. Mubarak did not see it coming. Gaddafi was ranting against Tunisians and never believed his days are numbered. Considering that he is claiming the love of his people today, I guess he is still in the dark while sitting in his bunker. On top of it all Israeli intelligence was certain their puppy Mubarak was safe and the CIA was assuring decision makers that Mubarak was untouchable. So much for the Mossad and the CIA, I guess their PR is mightier than their analysts.

As you can see Tunisia did not experience civil war, Egypt did not disintegrate and Libyans do not seem to be killing each other but are collectively encircling the ‘leader’ and his henchmen. This is a lesson to Woyane enablers. It is not going to be different in Ethiopia. We have lived together for so long, intermarried, worshiped that no amount of propaganda and self serving wish will turn us against each other. It did not happened before when TPLF was fanning the flame of hate and shouting everybody to his Kilil concept. It did not happen when Meles and company pushed out our Eritrean citizens from their place of birth and wanted the rest of us to celebrate with them. You know what we did, our people cried following the buses taking their brothers sisters away from their home. We are gentle, loving people. Hate have no place in our Ethiopia. Woyane’s are planters of hate. The only thing they will harvest is this colossal tsunami of rage directed at the thousand or less Woyane dogs.

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  1. Lucy In America
    | #1

    Weyanes under the leadership of Meles naziyawi are not strong enough to resist any movement against those anti ethiopian’s elements. But the reality is on the ground is totally different from what most ethiopians think. Weyanes as a trajon’s horses of ethiopian’s historical enemies have done all damages to destory ethiopia. The weyanes’ divide and rule policy has helped them to stay on power and loote our country for the last 20 years . Weyanes as an inner enemies of ethiopia know very well how to divide our people by religion ,language and any others. But now their time is count down. All their cards are being expired. Currenyl ethiopians in tegeray raised army against the son of banda in defence of ethiopian’s nationalism. when meles gets in to political crisis,he is beating his drum of article 39 and try to tell other Ethiopians that if I am going to out from menilik’s palace , we would apply article 39 and Tegeray will separate from the rest of Ethiopia..But meles and his gangister looters group can not separate tegeray from the rest of Ethiopia for two reasons. 1. If TPLF separates tegeray from the rest of Ethiopia, their former boss Mr Issayas Afework will catch them at their neck and arrest them with in a day. 2. The armed resistance with in tergeray has got the upper hand over banda Meles. So such a card will not work for Meles any more. Almost all the armed resistances are on the way to come together and form one strong united front against the western trajon’s horse [Meles] naziwai].The only option for meles and his gangisters group to bring at least some Ethiopians from tegeray around him and try to stop the popular revolution is. Meles will give a home work for his agazies . To kill more tegerians from the small twon untill addis ababa to use that card and say all other Ethiopians are against my ethnice group and he will start to kill any one who is demanding his or her democratical right. So we should let all tegerians. Once the popular revolution beigns, you should expect any attack from your gangisters , not from others Ethiopians. Your gangisters are ready to committee any kind of crimes in defence of their illegal political power., and continue looting our country, selling ethiopian’s children for hard currency for westerners. Sending yound ethiopian’s girls for arab’s domestice workers, leasing ethiopian’s virigin land to the most corrupted indinan;s criminals . So now is the time to stop those idiots from their idiotice and destructive actions.

  2. Sam
    | #2

    Yilma writes “we [Ethiopians] have lived together for so long, intermarried, worshipped that no amount of propaganda and self-serving wish will turn us against each other.” That is my belief, but with caution. Why caution? I have not believed and still do not believe different ethnic groups seek each other’s throat unless they are led to snap the life out of each other. Who will lead such tragedy to happen? Of course, politicians. Do you remember What Meles did and intend to do after the 2005 election? He framed the whole thing to be an ethnic issue. EPDRF was devastated in Addis election because according to Meles, during the heat of the defeat, the Amharas were poised to take over. He warned Tigreans you better watch your back. It was reported he had a revelation overnight after all Addis Ababa is “Finfine.’ If not for the less informed Kinijit leaders who did not know what their next move should be and decided thousands and thousands of votes they got not to count, Meles would have overflowed Addis with Oromo speakers believing the reward might influence the Oromos to side with the Tigres. Who do really think this? A sick mind. Whenever his monopoly of power seemed to be slipped away, our Prime Minister’s sick mind is busy working. So I caution myself. I cannot be as optimist as Yilma is.

  3. Truth~
    | #3

    Comparing melese and Gaddafi is like comparing apple and orange.

    whether we like it or not while Gadafii has been in power for years, he never sold his country interest to others.

    The battle in Libya is not a battle between democracy and dictatorship; but instead the battle for continuation of dictatorship and oil. At the end, Libya will suffer immensely. Both the Gadafii and “oppositions” are responsible for the consequences. Once intractable civil war weaken Libya, she will end up like Kosovo under NATO protection .

    On the other hand, melese has been on the helm with only one purpose, to destroy Ethiopia once and for all. Each passing day under Melese’s rule is getting closer to the cliff of disintegration.

    Whatever action we take against melese now is by far better than no action at all. It is even a crime letting this monster in power till we reach the point of no return salvaging our country from slow death. It is the time to pay any price now if really we care about the next generation. If we let melese another5-10 years in power, each Kilil can’t communicate each other to solve minor problems and will end up killing each other with no one available to intervene.

  4. Dan
    | #4

    [[...As you can see Tunisia did not experience civil war, Egypt did not disintegrate and Libyans do not seem to be killing each other but are collectively encircling the ‘leader’ and his henchmen...]]

    Not so fast.

    Tunisians/Egyptians and certainly Libyans don’t know what is going to happen next yet. We can hope things will turn out for the better but it is still UNKNOWN.

    We know things can go wrong. Yugoslavia found itself disintegrated with civil war and ethnic cleansing.

    Our miscommunication minster may have a point when he said:

    [There is no chance for a public uprising in Ethiopia as the predominately factor for such uprising in Egypt and Tunisia were middle income states that no longer could drive through economic growth..].

    Historic experience shows that richer, more educated and more equal countries are more likely to be DEMOCRATIC and countries that reached some level of economic development like Tunisia/Egypt (note the attire/physical condition of the public at Tahrir square) seek to liberate themselves from passive resistance to dictatorship to an insurrection against it.

    In other words what “‘Baghdad Bob’ is saying is that when Ethiopians reach the level of a middle income like Egypt/Tunisia and if his Woyane dictatorship no longer drive through economic growth, insurrection is definite. He is correct if one assumes Woyane is a developmental dictatorship. With that assumption, one has to refute a dictatorial development is not a requisite to leap to democracy and freedom to utterly reject Bereket’s opinion. However, South Korea and Taiwan’s transition to democracy after decades of growth under dictatorship may prove one wrong.

    More disscusions on the subject is necessary.

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