Ethiopians in Metro Washington area held sucessful Solidarity Protest

March 2nd, 2011 Print Print Email Email

On Sunday the 27. February, a large number of Ethiopians, with spouses, friends, and children, came out to the White House starting 2pm, to demonstrate against continuing oppression their brothers and sisters in Ethiopia are subjected to, and to denounce unquestioned support of Meles by the U.S. administration. They held signs like those reading “Yesterday Tunisia, Today Egypt, Tomorrow Libya, and the Day after Tomorrow Ethiopia”, or a humourous photograph of Meles and Mubarak, with Mubarak saying “You won’t escape either”. It was a colourful, festive gathering full of energy, with chants and calls for Meles to soon join Mubarak and Ben Ali into retirement. Two new and powerful speakers joined the rally. They were Dr. Abel Kebaish, orthopaedic surgeon and activist, and Prof. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, who teaches sociology at the Drew University Centre in New Jersey, and had been imprisoned in 2000 for three years, as well as tortured, by the Mubarak regime. Both speakers made the compelling argument in their speech that a change to democracy through people power is not a one-event affair, nor is it a few events which take place in a few weeks. Instead, it is a process that must be continued even after the dictator has been deposed. The road to democracy may face many stumbling blocks and even saboteurs, and it needs to be continuously cleared and guarded, for democracy to become fully realised.

March 4 Freedom,

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