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Wey’ane keeps on giving us assignments. Assignments that will help the regime keep on going smoothly. Historically, in the past they tried to deploy many strategies in order to prolong their age. It has been 20 years since we begin facing the worst dictatorial regime in Africa.so far the people of Ethiopia entertain these tactics of disintegrations and tribal conflicts that led to “interhamoy” . We the people of Ethiopia will remember them forever, and this is the perfect time to give veneration for those we lost them in the streets of every major towns of Ethiopia in fighting the despots. And to take their place.

As we know it, After the successive major movements of North African countries against the rotten and corrupted systems, the fear for uprising increases in almost all despoiled and unjust African nation governments. The next riot, most likely is expected to erupt in Ethiopia.

There are some indicators already exhibited. Last week, the message from an unknown source was circulated as SMS by using mobiles phones in Addis Ababa. It reads In Amharic “BEKA” Which means, “ENOUGH!”. The Ethiopian government currently is aware of the impacts of this message and tries to respond for it by arresting some business personnel.

The first major the government took was blocking information not to be communicated in the country, by doing silly things like jamming internet and radio, cutting the transmit ions of major TV stations like Al Jazeera ( which covers live, of every development from the front line ) and ESAT TV (Ethiopian people’s private TV. ESAT also discloses the news and tries to create awareness about the happenings in TUNISIA , EGYPT LIBYA AND..)
The second strategy Meles put into effect is, using his youth leagues.(THIS LEAGUE IS CONSTITUTED only devotees of the EPRDF party. The league is currently working an undercover work on the society. Following this, the regime proposed trickery which may subject the youth to the government. Any youth who wish to have a shop can buy a shareholding of 400 ETB. This is a very cheap amount in today’s inflation of the country’s economy. The objective is clear. From the experience, whenever some strong opposition and fear like this happens the wey’anes respond in such a way. I am sure Meles becomes worried and restless .he sometimes plays a kids game like this. He tries to have support of the youth by giving a temporary solutions.

Way’anes never learns from their mistakes. They are not even ready to listen the problems of the people. When on earth, people try to ask for their right; they like to give answers in hostile ways. The security forces have committed crimes against humanity and Genocide. One of the berged called by name “THE AGAZY” Is specially trained like a dog, members of this berged treat their own people as animals. They commit murders in different parts of the country In different times some of them are: Ethiopian military has committed widespread murder, rape and torture against the Anuak ,Gambella since December 2003, the Ogaden region and in Addis Ababa and major towns of the country during 2005 election.

Currently, Meles tries to practice the Old fashioned way. They want to drag the peoples mind in to something by creating a religious chaos. According to International Christian Concern /ICC /report, in the past two days, thousands of Muslims have razed five churches and the homes of two evangelists in Asendabo town, Ethiopia. Christian leaders are now asking for protection after the Muslim attackers continued burning churches The regime have been heard saying, “Because in the past all systems of government supports the Christians, now EPRDF stands for the Muslims.” This saying doesn’t mean that Meles stands for the Muslim rather he is the enemy of the Muslim. There was no big religious war exhibited in Ethiopia before the weyanes. He only wants to put unrest with in the society.

The Muslim people of Ethiopia should be aware of this false pretext and should immediately stop the killing of his brothers and sisters. Reasonably, it’s the time to continue the struggle to chase out wey’anes ones and for all from Ethiopia.

  1. Compromise
    | #1

    YES, Weyane is doing anything under the sky to prevent us from revolting. I think a well co-ordinated FDG (fincila diddaa garbummaa = non-violent popular uprising) of the Oromo people in co-operation with that of the other nations in the cursed Ethiopian empire is the best way of struggle to get rid of the fascist Weyane, as far as the Oromo are concerned! Actually the Oromo people have nothing to lose, if the expected revolution comes! One thing, beside many, in favour of the Oromo liberation movement is the fact that Weyane will leave Finfinne palace, only after securing its goal, i.e after securing an independence of Tigrai. Of course together with such move of Weyane, Oromia’s chance to get its independence is high. For this reason, both the Amhara conservative feudal lords and the Western protectors of the Ethiopian empire don’t want to see Weyane being cornered. They surely know that cornering Weyane is almost tantamount to disintegrating the empire. That is why, it is not the Oromo people, but firstly the Weyane itself, secondly the colonial minded Amhara conservative elites and thirdly their Western handlers, who do fear the coming of the revolution to Ethiopia. Thus, the democratic Amhara forces pushing for the revolution are not as such dangerous for the Oromo. If not Oromian independence per REFERENDUM, we can achieve Oromian autonomy through FEDERALISM within an Ethiopian union (FREEDOM of the Oromo people) as a result of the possible revolution.

    That is why Weyane cadres are nowadays very busy to hinder the revolution from taking place in the Ethiopian empire by using the fact that the peoples of the empire are not homogeneous, but different (the colonized and the colonizer), as an instrument of division and polarization. If the scare tactics, which they try to use, hinder the revolution, the only option we the colonized people do have is the anti-colonial armed struggle, on which we have to concentrate and invest most, even though it is a very difficult job, given the little support we do have from the international community. For the revolution possibilly not to take place, unfortunately also the pro-independence freedom fighters (the Oromo, Ogaden, Sidama… liberation forces) and the pro-unity freedom fighters (the Amhara, Gurage, Harari… patriotic forces) are still mistrusting each other. Both want to secure the direction of the move after the FREEDOM from Weyane (to secure the result after the revolution). The first bloc wants no reversal of the already achieved victory of a limited cultural autonomy on the way towards national independence (self-determination), whereas the second bloc wants to be sure that the empire stays intact and possiblly the process will be reversed back to the unitary country.

    But, why should these people worry too much about the situation after the revolution? Is the caution regarding the unity of the empire, which is lamented by the pro-unity freedom fighters, different from the scare tactics used by the Weyane cadres? The cadres go to Oromo forums and tell us the “worse will come = Amhara will take over and there will never be the reality of Aayyo Oromia, if you push for the revolution”; and then they go to Amhara forums and tell them “take care, the worse will come = OLF can take over and it will be the end of Imiyee Ethiopia, if you make a revolution”. Both Aayyo Oromia and Imiye Ethiopia are actually taken hostage by the Weyane. Whenever Oromo force is stronger, Weyanes threaten with the possibility of dismantling Oromia; and whenever Amhara force is stronger, they threaten with dismembering Ethiopia!

    Weyanes use the opportunity of such division among the opposition to threaten both camps of the freedom fighters. If the revolution should happen, the two camps of the freedom fighters need to be bold enough to take risk of losing their ideals after the revolution and live with a possible compromise solution: the first bloc should be ready to lose for instance Oromia, Ogadenia… and the second camp should be ready to risk Ethiopia! Otherwise, in short, Weyane is really lucky, there will never be any revolution; and getting rid of Weyane through election is of course minimal, that is why armed struggle then will be the only option left. If both the public uprising and the armed struggle are not effective, shouldn’t we then be ready to be ruled by Weyane for the next one century? In short the scare tactics, which the Weyane cadres nowadays are using in forums and paltalks are:

    - “if revolution happens, Amharas can take over and dismantle Oromia”
    - “if revolution happens, Oromos will be in power and dismember Ethiopia”
    - “if revolution happens, Weyane army is not like Tunisia’s army, but will massacre the civillians and take over power”
    - “if revolution happens, there can be a mayhem against the Tigreans, like that of Ruanda”
    - “if revolution happens, there will be absolute chaos and civil war among different ethnies”

    Are the freedom fighters from both blocs (pro-independence freedom fighters and pro-unity freedom fightrers) ready to tacle this scare tactics of Weyane? Can they agree on the middle ground: FREEDOM and REFERENDUM (on self-determination of citizens and nations)? Those freedom fighters, who just sing about the UNCONDITIONAL independence of nations must cool down and accept the public verdict, as well as those freedom fighters who now cry for UNCONDITIONAL unity also should learn to be moderates and accept the public verdict. That means both camps must agree on first to get FREEDOM from Weyane fascists and racists, and then democratically decide for either Independence or Unity per REFERENDUM. That means, only democratic independence or democratric unity (independence or unity based on public verdict) can be a lasting solution. We like it or not, all peoples in that region are interdependent, be it they decide for political Independence or for political Union. The political WILL of the peoples in the empire/region is what matters at the end!

    Unfortunately, there are still blind nationalists in both the Amhara and the Oromo camps, who yet couldn’t see the common CONVERGENT short term goal of the two BIG nations, i.e. the ‘FREEDOM from Weyane’s fascism’. Such blind nationalists concentrate on only their divergent long term goals: independent Oromia (Oromo’s goal) vs united Ethiopia (Amhara’s goal)! But the smart nationalists from both the Amhara and the Oromo camps are trying to forge an alliance to achieve together their convergent common short term goal and then to decide on their respective long term goals per public verdict (by REFERENDUM). The blind ones are too far from accepting and respecting the WILL of their respective public as a final verdict. That means, in short, the blind nationalists do preach democracy, which includes the referendum, but they are not yet ready to practice what they do preach! We hope the few smart and genuinely democratic nationalists in both camps, who try to practice what they do preach, will prevail to cooperate and make Weyane’s fascism be history! Here we also can call the blind nationalists as dictatorial nationalists. Those who want to achieve either ‘Independent Oromia’ or ‘United Ethiopia’ per public referendum are democratic Oromo nationalists and Amhara nationalists respectively. The others who just want to achieve their long term goal without a public verdict are purely dictators, who can talk about freedom and democracy, but know nothing what freedom and democracy really mean!

    Those of us, who do have a cognitive ability to imagine something in abstract way, let’s just try to imagine a very big letter ‘Y’ and try to distinguish four points on the letter (the bottom tip, the middle junction, the left top tip, and the right top tip). Then let’s imagine that the bottom tip is the status-quo of Ethiopian politics, where both the Amhara and the Oromo are under the TYRANNY of Weyane; the middle junction is a point for FREEDOM of both nations from the tyranny; the left top tip is the point of Oromian INDEPENDENCE; and the right top tip is the point for Ethiopian UNION. Then let’s imagine that this letter ‘Y’ is a route of the liberation journy for both the Amhara and the Oromo from the tyranny, from their present common situation, towards their short term and long term goals. Can we imagine that these two oppressed nations do have a possibility to move from the bottom tip (point of tyranny) to the middle junction (point of freedom) together? This is our common route of the journey towards the common CONVERGING short term goal (kaayyoo). Then after will come the two DIVERGING routes towards two different and diverging long term goals of the two nations: the left top tip = Oromian Independence (long term goal of Oromo) and right top tip = Ethiopian Union (long term goal of Amhara).

    Now if we could imagine this well, it is not hard to comprehend that we need the Amhara-Oromo alliance (the all-inclusive alliance) to move from the status-quo of tyranny to the point of Freedom, not to move together to the right top tip (together to the Ethiopian Union goal of the Amhara) or together to the left top tip (together to the Oromian Independence goal of the Oromo people). After achieving our Freedom together, it is upto the Oromo public to decide per REFERENDUM which direction to move further: to the left top tip of Oromian Independence or to the right top tip of Ethiopian Union. If the Oromo majority will choose to move to the right top tip, then our long term Kaayyoo will be similar to that of the Amhara. Otherwise, if the Oromo majority will choose to move to the left top tip, no Amhara can hinder the Oromo nation from achieving this Oromian Independence. In general,
    I think there are three main possiblle karaa (ways of struggel) leading us to bilisummaa (to FREEDOM or to netsaanet):

    - Armed Struggle, which was the karaa chosen by the OLF and by the other Oromo liberation fronts,
    - Popular Uprising, which is not yet tried in a well coordinated way, but now seems to be the upcoming option, and
    - Electoral Struggle, which was the karaa chosen by the OFC and by the other Oromo democratic federalists, despite the undemocratic nature of the Weyane in particular and that of the Abyssinian rulers of the the empire in general.

    From these three karaa, we have seen that both the Armed Struggle and the Electoral Struggle were not yet successful. The armed struggle is too slow because of the limited support from the so called international community and the electoral struggle failed due to the undemocratic nature of the empire and that of its brutal rulers. The option of the Popular Uprising was tried by only the Oromo students during the time span of 2000 – 2007 and by the Amhara urbanites after the “election” 2005 separately.

    Because of the hitherto un-coordination and un-cooperation between the different nations in the empire, specially due to the polarization of the Amhara and the Oromo, the fragmented popular uprisings up to now were not successful. But in the future, it seems that there is a hope for a possible alliance of these nations against the Weyane, which can be successful and also be a quicker way leading us to the bilisummaa. I think the combination of the above three karaa in an optimaly calculated and planned manner is the best way towards bilisummaa. That is why Weyane cadres nowadays do their best to hinder this REVOLUTION from coming and of course “our smart Afaan Oromo speaking/writing Weyane messangers” are trying to do their job among the Oromo, both here in the cyber world and in the real Oromo community! May Waaqa/Igzabiher help us all to understand these moves of both the foes and the friends!!

  2. HS
    | #2

    For me Ethiopia is in the right way of development, not need of revolution!

  3. HS
    | #3

    Not any inconenience, but learn to balance the strength and weakness!

  4. Derbew ketema
    | #4

    we know them well they will do many evil things.the religious fight between the christian and the muslim is just a cause that the weyanes and Melse practiced for long time. They are thinking to shift the thinkings of the the society in to some thing.They are evils every time they give us such challenges NOW ITS TIME TO SAY WE ARE AWARE OF YOUR TRICKS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  5. Tsadikan
    | #5

    Weyane’s tactics are more than enough – you are fool to expect the same tactic. Do not be worry, but ready to learn if you have the mental capacity though it is known you have hardly any, because you will find very new tactics coming every day or every hours, if you like! It is weyane because and not you! Ethiopia is on the right way and of course in undertaking revolution – Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP)! No other type of revolution is needed and we neither copy revolution like what is going on in the Arab countries for simply it is going there. It is shame to copy; moreover, copying just for the sake of copying is the worst! We do not want to do things because others are doing it but only it is important for us based on the condition we are.

  6. Sodaataa
    | #6

    We know that as long as Weyane is in power, we will suffer not only as refugee in diaspora, but also as slaves at home in Oromia. Unfortunately, the Amhara-Oromo face-off is yet a hinderance to the possible revolution, i.e. a hinderance to the necessary change of the tyrannt regime. It seems that the Amhara-Oromo face-off (neutralizing each other) is a very good historical advantage/opportunity, which Weyane got to rule over Ethiopia without any serious challenge and this face-off didn’t get an appropriate solution. We do still hear/read that both camps (the Amhara camp and the Oromo camp) do live under a grave fear and mistrust of each other, so that they seem to prefer Weyane’s further rule to the possibility of allowing each other take over any sort of power.

  7. Kush-Kush
    | #7

    Dear obo Sodaata, the crime that was commited on behave of the oromo people is still very fresh specially the dispecable ones in Bedeno, WEbera, Water and Alemaya . Why is the mistrust? Because your action speaks louder than your words and every one of us will have a trust when we fight the TPLF/EPLF regime not by telling a fictional and baseless story by saying this did this and this did that . This has to come to an end and we the people of Ethiopia must fight the oppressor . Obo sodaata, you personally do not like the name Ethiopia . What is in a name any way . I changed my name 15 times and still the same me . I did not gain a penny except confusion. You clearly want to ally with the Amahars and what about the rest? That means the Tigrians, the Eretrians, the Sidamos, the Welaitas, the Afars, the Zebergas, the kembatas, the Somalis,the Aderes do not exist? I think this much is enough . Ega Negatiga .

  8. Alemayehu
    | #8

    Abugidawoch you are not fair in a lot of things. From December 10 to January 10 of this year there were 9 mosqes burnt down in Gurage zone and in Addis/mexico/. You did not say any thing,but now you talk about the burning of radical evangelical churches. Our country is accepting thousands of American extrimist Evangelical missionaries who are rich to preach their religion. They are knocking in every Muslim and Orthodox christian home to distribute Bible. As long as those missionaries are there There will always be a problem not only with muslims but also with Orthodox christians. Abugidawoch please be fair.

  9. Zerayakob Yared
    | #9

    For those who say that “there is no need of revolution”; it is not a matter of need or no need. since every thing is always on moving, also the society, yes, there will come a revolution, also in Ethiopia. The question is only, when and what kind of one. I hope as soon as possible, and it will be a peaceful one.

    ለምሳሌ ያህል, እናንተ ሌሊትን (ጨለማን)እንጂ ቀንን (ብርሃንን) ስለማትፈልጉ መሬት ግን ከመንሸርሸር አትቆጠብም:: ወደዳችሁም ጠላችሁም መሬት ሁልጊዜ ትሽከረከራለች:: ብርሃንና ጨለማም ይለዋወጣሉ:: የህብረተሰብ ጉዳይም እንዲሁ ወደ ፊት እና ወደ ውሃላ እየተንገዳገደ መለዋወጡን የማያቆም ነውና ይልቁንስ ለማይቀረው የለውጥ ቀን ተዘጋጅታችሁ ተጠባበቁ! ዘላለሙን በጭለማነቱ ይኖራል ብላችሁ በመተማመን, መምጣቱ የማይቀረው የእንቅስቃሴና የአብዮት ቀን በድንገት እንዳይደርስባችሁ ወይንም ጊዜ እንዳያልፍባችሁ!

    ኣብዮት አያስፈልግም ብሎ ማለት ራሱ, የህብረተሰብን ባለህበት እርገጥ ሁናቴን እንደ መመኘት አይነት ነገር ነው:: እንደዚህ አይነት ምኞት ደግሞ አስጸያፊና አድሃሪ ነውና ይልቁንስ ይታሰብበት!

    ይልቁንስ የማይቀረው የአብዮት ቀን ሲመጣ ህዝባችንን በስነስራቱ እንመራው ዘንዳ ካሁኑ የመግባባቱን ጉዳይ እናጣድፍ:: አለበለዚያ ‘ሙሽራ መጣ በርበሬ ቀንጥስ’ አይነት የግርግር ነገር ይፈጠርና ለሌባና ለአወናባጅ አመቺ እንዳይሆንብን!

  10. Zerayakob Yared
    | #10

    ከላይ መሬት የሚለው ምድር ተብሎ ይነበብልን:: ከይቅርታ ጋራ!

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