Open letter to PM Meles Zenawi Message from the people, by Eskinder Nega

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Dear Ato Meles Zenawi,

Perhaps it is the jinx of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s unprecedented 12 years in office. He had after all controversially breached the

unwritten code scrupulously respected by all Presidents after George Washington, (more…)

Dear Ato Meles Zenawi,

Perhaps it is the jinx of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s unprecedented 12 years in office. He had after all controversially breached the

unwritten code scrupulously respected by all Presidents after George Washington, America’s first President, who had refrained, on grounds of principle, from serving more than two terms.

Of America’s nine Presidents after Roosevelt, who have since been constitutionally restricted to a maximum of two terms,four, Eisenhower, Reagan, Clinton and Bush( the son),have succeeded in serving a second term, while another four, Nixon, Ford, Carter and Bush (the father),had to settle for a single term. The ninth, Obama, at this time serving his first term, is set to break the tie in about two years.

Roosevelt, who is widely rated as one of America’s top three best Presidents (along with Washington and Lincoln), was plagued by ill health from the very beginning. He literally overworked himself to premature death. He would most probably have had few more good years ahead of him had he retired after a third term. Whatever may be said of its merits and demerits, the Constitutional cap on Presidential terms his four terms enthused has at least diminished the possibility of similar fate befalling subsequent American Presidents. Inadvertently, the eight years to which they have been limited to have over the years proved neither too short nor too long.

But this letter is by no means about the damage which two decades of overwork, which you have spoken of and I empathize with, has exacted on your health. Notwithstanding my conviction that you and your party have fundamentally marred Ethiopia’s standing and potential, it is my duty as a Christian not to wish you ill-health. It is a responsibility I try to live up to by earnestly wishing you the long life I hanker for my family, friends and myself.

Whether the term served was one or two, American Presidents have time and again described life at the helm of their nation as profoundly lonely—almost depressingly so. Roosevelt, the only person to have served more than two terms, died before he had time to recount of his experience. But few doubt his experience was any different. Most historians, in fact, reckon that as his tenure elongated his solitude had deepened.

This is in a nation reputed not only for one of the most accessible Presidencies on the planet, but also, intriguingly, so unlike Ethiopia, celebrated for cabinet members and advisors who provide the President with honest, sound and frequent advice. Ethiopian monarchs literally believed in their divine sanction. Everything they did had heavenly design. There was no rational nor reason for doubt. The certainty of religious assurance completed them.

But the nation’s last monarch, Haile- Sellassie, returned to his throne from half a decade exile in the UK with this world of absolutes shattered beyond redemption. Both the shock and resulting lonesomeness were inevitable. In his declining years, he was almost inconsolably lonely. Even his eldest daughter, Tengnework, with whom he had a unique bond, seldom shared the details of his very private world.

Mengistu is intuitively extroverted in a way that Haile-Sellasie never was, but this was not enough to insulate him from the isolation the position ultimately entailed. The forced retirement he imposed on Fikre-Sellasie Wegderse and Legesse Asfaw, his two closest friends and political allies, as the EPRDF closed in on Addis in mid- 1991, best illustrates his eventual predicament.

None of these leaders, however, whether Ethiopian or American, had to wrestle with the emotional anguish of a bitter break between irreplaceable friends the way Meles Zenawi had to. The lost friendships between Meles and Seye Abraha et al were forged over three decades under the most difficult circumstances. New friends could not possibly fill the void created by their loss. A descent to the emotional wilderness, where it is undoubtedly lonesome, is the least that could have happened to Meles.

A decade has now elapsed, sir, since you had become a profoundly lonelier man than either Ethiopian or American leaders of yore. And perhaps this would not have really mattered, as could reasonably be said of American Presidents, if it was somehow tempered with a liberal flow of honest advice.

This being Ethiopia, though, leaders seldom enjoy the privilege of honest advice from subordinates. Much has changed in Ethiopia over the past four decades. But also much more remains intractably the same. And no where is this permanency more evident than in the realm of Ethiopia’s bloated officialdom. By the power tradition, leaders are told what they want to hear not what they should.

The rule in this world is simple: Thrive with opportunism and sophistry. Perish with honesty and integrity. Play by the rule and reward will assuredly come even if only slowly. This is the dominant spirit of the times that has enabled your wife to suddenly ascend to the most senior ranks of the EPRDF. In her rise lies the climax of the decline of the “revolutionary generation that moved mountains”, to use one of your favorite aphorisms.

With the attainment of status and privilege dominating the thoughts of your subordinates, here is what you are hearing from them: a grateful populace enthralled by fast economic growth; political stability; a happy, hopeful youth; and content farmers. In other words, a nation on the verge of take-off, boldly united under Meles’ indispensable leadership.

Here is the gist of this letter, the real message from the grassroots: a nation outraged by high soaring inflation; a public scandalized by unprecedented corruption; rampant unemployment; political oppression; chronic shortage of land in rural areas. In sum, the nation is desperate for change.

You have essentially wasted the two decades with which you were blessed to affect change. In place of pragmatism dogma has prevailed, in place of transparency secrecy has taken root, in place of democracy oppression has intensified, and in place of merit patronage has been rewarded.

Ato Meles Zenawi: the people want—no, need—you to leave office. The people are closely watching events in North Africa as I write this letter. They are debating the implications for Africa, including Ethiopia. And they have been inspired by the heroism of ordinary Libyans.

Listen to them before it’s too late.

Thank you for your time.

The end.



My Amharic article has reached a surprising number of people in Ethiopia. The feedback has been exhilarating. Thank you for responding to last week’s appeal. Please continue to post articles on your facebook pages.

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  1. Abebe
    | #1


    Are you telling us that the Ethiopian people is silent because it is happy with the regime? Don’t you think you are being hasty? If the regime is so confident (of course it has got 99% of the vote) why so much repression and control?

    First don’t confuse us! you seem to confuse your gender and ethnic identity, it shouldn’t have mattered. ‘Anbabi from Dallas’ has put the nail right in your head. I can feel your agony, LOL

  2. chu
    | #2

    Elsa, what is your little weyane mind talking about ? just because he debunked your weyane buddy’s tultula case by case, that does not mean he/she is not for constructive conversation. Weyane has no fact to stand on. You or anyone of your weyane buddies can not refute Meles is a dictator who is ruling the whole country under the barrel of a gun. All you weyane keep telling us about the growth, what growth are you guys talking about? Just because you have building here and there, that does not mean its growth. And most of those building and factories you and your buddies are talking about are anyways owned by weyanes or by those who have a close association with weyane. Life for the majority of Ethiopians still hard, it’s been 20 years since weyane ascended to power and all they have to show for is begging year after year. Let me tell you this, given the current world order even Mengistu (one of the most hated person in Ethiopia) would have accomplished much better than what we see in Ethiopia today. Weyane unlike Mengistu does not have any war to fight for. Weyane is only good at in dividing people like his old master Mussolini. The good thing is Ethiopians now are more informed and ready to kick weyane into the dust bin of history. Change is coming, stop fighting it instead embrace it because you or anyone else cannot stop it.

  3. Sheger
    | #3

    Sam and let’s not for get that we are taking about as you said it it they kill people when ever they want too.

    So we are talking about a chimp with a gun surrounded with few son of of guns like him self.

  4. Sheger
    | #4

    And call that a yes man who ever. Why wouldn’t say yes any ways? based on the condition….

  5. aha!
    | #5

    For Ethiopians that intuitive and introspective and are engaged in terms of modular approach in their outlook, it is not difficult to perceive where naratives in a particular article are coming from. This article which calls/pleads, the prime minister not to seek for more terms or to resign is not clear and by his stepping aside everthing will be alright, leaving the ethnic and the secessionist politics in tact, narrated from the point of view od pro-democracy movement in the Diaspora particulary in the USA, since after the K-5 and Kill-6 split of the CUD party,which later formed UDJP, with a subset agenda of democracy, justice and human right, which came up with a press release “No change but durable democracy” in a country, the motto is economic development before democracy in the East Asian style, but not in the Ethiopian style of gaining freedom from authocratic, ethnocratic/ethnic dictatorship with ethnic federalism of Apartheid system of governance and adminsistration, does not equate with Libiyan authocratic leadership, which in of itself has veered off the course for the “Non-violence reaction to freedom in the South African’s style, not libiya, to say the least when one uproots the system, one has killed two birds with one stone with free individuals forming a party on the bases of Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian Intersts elected to the Office to rule by the consent of the governed. That would not materialise with your plea if the leader steps aside. It does not appeal to my senses leaving the teltafi parties and the loyalist parties intact let alone the TPLF politbuerro with its security and military and fedral police forces loyal to the party.

  6. The Verdict
    | #6

    Hi folks! I followed this remarkable conversation by all the participants for the last few days with a great deal of interest. I’m an Ethiopian currently in the US in a business trip. I work for an NGO, which is involved in the women’s health activities. As such, I’ve to admit I don’t have enough time to participate in such a forum at will while back home. Of course, the connection is entirely another matter. I must also admit how surprise I was by how much time people seem to have in their hands in a country supposed to be very busy. This is just a small observation on my part. A full disclosure will also require that I know Eskinder personally and have some off the record conversations a while back. During the last few days of my stay, I hate the cold; I have discussed the current affairs of our beloved country with countless old friends and relatives intensively. I was shocked to find out how uninformed they seem to be. It’s something to have a position grounded on true belief and conviction and it’s entirely something else to have a position based on innuendos and assumptions. I’ve talked, too many to count, to people who seem to support the current government for all the wrong reasons and people on the other side of the aisle hate the regime for all those flawed reasons. I wonder how this is possible in the information age and 24 hours news cycle. To find out about this, I was directed to this website at my friend’s insistence. Indeed, this was an eye opening experience for me. First of all, the arguments seem to flow on two directions. On the one side of the coin are pro-government commentators while on the other side of it sitting those who associate themselves with the opposition. The lack of a third way reasoning is the issue, which flabbergasted me the most. The members of the “opposition” assume all the time the worst of those who express themselves positively towards the government. They are labeled cadres, woyanes, bandas, sellouts, and worst. Why is that necessary? Instead of attacking the messenger why not try to tackle the message? I’ve not seen a single commentator arguing about the facts expressed by the pro government people. Should we stipulate to take them as facts then? The only time I read any kind of factual argument was when somebody wondered if Gilgel Gibe III was complete to be listed as a success. This fact alone will give the better of the argument to the pro government commentators. Saba detailed the facts that are well known to all Ethiopian people in daily basis. Instead of countering that by saying it would have been possible to achieve more with a better governance and policies, the opposition groups seem content on attacking her character. Instead of listing their own programs and contrast them with governments, they choose to stoop low and get personal. This has no element of a democracy or hope for one. So, I give the kudos for the pro governments for having the better of the argument. In fact, they seem to understate the achievements by all measures. Please people don’t take your self so seriously. The people of Ethiopia and the regime have full in their plates to worry about you. My friends and I once were staunch supporters of Kinijit before we left wondering who the leaders really are. Most of us ended up voting for EPRDF in the last election cycle for the lack of better alternative. If you can’t accept this simple fact and only try to paint all people by the same brush, I’m afraid your stay in the wilderness will not end any time soon. Those are the facts on the ground. People are yearning for a strong opposition with an alternative programs and visions. People have a better sense of what’s being achieved and what’s possible more than you give them credit. So, if an American only with a great passion is willing to do something about a woman’s health in far away land from his comfort zone, you should be able to do something for your own people. Talk is cheap – stop talking. Your approach of all or nothing is a fatal one. If you assume the EPRDF will cede power willingly, you either are out of touch with its history or have no idea about the dynamics of politics. They have come far to hand you power willingly. The Ethiopian people will settle for gradual change for the better not the change you seem to advocate – starting from square one. Some of you will be better served to come home and see in your own eyes to see what has been accomplished than rely on those who have a motive to be cynical or an axe to grind. I was talking to my colleague, Mr. Henderson, about one of the commentators – I think it was Saba – being accused as a paid PR person. He goes on to tell me how those PR firms are busy to remake the long hold image of Ethiopia by highlighting the current achievements and the potential for achievement to worry about a blogosphere by the Diaspora. I found out later, he happened to know one of the employees at the firm. That should give a solace to all well meaning Ethiopians and their friends. As for me, I’m leaving in two days to worry what label I’ve been given. Go ahead call me names if you wish. The verdict is in: The pro government commentators have the better of the argument.

  7. Selamu
    | #7

    I always enjoy reading Eskindir’s articles, but not this time. This is not a well argued “letter”. Sorry..

  8. You can’t hide!
    | #8

    First of all, you don’t even know yourself that you are a die hard supporter of Meles and TPLF, why do you even try to deny it? Second of all, you should know that journalists around the world labeled the supporters of dictators like Meles that have tortured and killed tens and hundreds of thousands citizens and robbed their countries — uneducated, uninformed and ignorant THUGS. Out of 80 million Ethiopians, give or take Meles might have a total of two million supporters that are a few educated greedy looters and the rest of them are uniformed, uneducated and totally ignorant racists who do not know any better.

  9. Weyanes go to Hell
    | #9

    The Verdict;

    and you are? as usual fill the page with a bunch of propaganda. There is no fact to refute. If you choose to believe what Weyane propaganda machine feed you that is your prerogative. Besides the hell with development if I don’t have my freedom. I rather be free and hungry than a slave with a full belly. Yea, there is democracy in Ethiopia and that is why the ruling junta won 99.6% lol. Just remember your boss is no different from Mubarak or Ben Ali of Tunisia. It may not be today, or tomorrow but I guarantee you, Meles just like all other dictators will have his day and Ethiopians will be free. That is a promise!

  10. Who do u think u r?
    | #10

    The Verdict,
    You are full of yourself and totally prejudiced bigot woyane. Who do you think is going to believe your one sided argument when Ethiopians are well aware that TPLF put them through a living hell, abused, tortured, looted, killed and snatched their land from them and given to foreigners? Only a few woyanes like yourself who is enjoying life at the fullest at the expenses of 76 million Ethiopians’ blood and sweat think life in Ethiopia is hunky-dory. No sane Ethiopian will believe your lies and tricks after the 20 years of unspeakable atrocities that have been committed on Ethiopians at the hands of TPLF. You are a fool to think that you will influence and persuade Ethiopians with your usual lies and tricks pretending to be one of us. Meles is one of the worst dictators in history. The game is over buddy!

  11. Amare
    | #11

    Weyanes go to Hell: just tell me you didn’t say that. The Verdict just told you he lives and breathes the same air as the many of Ethiopians you seem to advocate for. He also told you how the people are tired of your out of touch approach to politics. He further said unlike your cynicism that many of the people, in fact including himself, voted to retain the EPRDF. I already can tell the truth hurts like hell for you no matter the circumstances. Grow up, bro! Let it go, let it go.

  12. Dan
    | #12

    Such extreme “VERDICT” is what made folks to think of the government as inept.

    The Verdict says:
    [[..The lack of a third way reasoning is the issue, which flabbergasted me the most...]]

    EPRDF/Woyane system may serve the MEANS (Saba’s lists) of development but have so far shown to fail miserably in serving the ENDS of the development. From today’s harassing of Eskinder to the past laughable death sentences “VERDICT” on Tamagne, Elias, Berhanu etc. made the system look run by sycophant cadres. Subsequently, such EPRDF/Woyane insanity made folks rule out “the third way”.

    Many of us know economic miracles have occurred in countries under a dictatorship. The economic tigers of the 1980 were the dictatorships of South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. In the 1990’s to the present the leader is China. Some of us don’t have a problem with a “developmental state”. You and other “cadres” need to understand that Meles’s and other developmental dictatorships survival depends not only on economic success as many of you here assume but on an arrival of a balance to the repression necessary to avoid insurrection.

    IMO, giving Eskinder permission to start his own news paper and rescinding the stupid death sentences can be a move to a balance in the right direction.

  13. Tolagna
    | #13

    Zinawin cadres don’t function at human level because they are wrongly programmed and think things will always remain stationary.Zinawian cadres,as their crimeboss is,they are cowards because when every little reality props up every single day,they get scared and come out of tiny holes from wherever they are and swarm things around them like hungry ants;true,ants do bite,but with little water poured over them,they get dispersed.

    Of course,Eskinder Nega is a good thinker has clearly delivered his the not-twice repeated advice to Meles Zinawi;therefore,it is upto Meles Zinawi to listen to the most invaluable advice and relinquish his power to nobody but to Ethiopians.

  14. rezene kadissaba
    | #14

    The Verdict –
    I also live in Addis – travel at times. I copied and saved your blog for furhter sharing whenever our people needs a reminder where Eth is currently.
    Saba – envious -
    Soon I will try to ensight how diaspora help can be effective. Your help is not needed in Eth – not yet. Becasue you have NOTHING. No structure to render help. NO MONEY, NO CIVIC SOCIETY , NO INFLUENCE. SOLUTION?
    - to your surprise it has to start from where you live. Be important to the community you are living in, for Ethiopians living abroad. Not to Ethiopians living in Eth. Not yet. Help the Ethiopians who need support around you, regarding education, permits, identity, language, and so on. Create a big civic society in US which negotiate with the American government, not Eth gov. Negotiate with your vote, your voting card, either with democrates or republicans ( labour or conservatives in UK). Create a society with the potential of money and good will. Have recognition in US, UK, EU Then try to do something good and influencial to your country Ethiopia. Then, only then, the Eth people and the Eth gov will listen to you. And when they start listening – dont push it or be naive. Be rational – I was just brainstorming – cheers

  15. Zeriga
    | #15

    Abugida is a fake Ethiopian forum. its true here in abugida most of the ppl who comment are Eritreans or anti Ethiopian unity ppl.Shame on you abugida.You are not Ethiopia Period.

  16. Weynes go to Hell
    | #16

    To Cadres;

    It’s just amazing how these weyane cadres trying to defend their dying regime. You know we can list what weyane has done against the interest of Ethiopia. Just to refresh your and your friends memory even though as the saying goes “Aweko Yetgnaen Bikeskesut Aysemame”. A loose translation would be one cannot wake a person who pretends to be a sleep. But here is some
    - It’s your beloved Melese who gave away a big chunk of land to Sudan so he can stay in power a little longer
    - It’s your beloved Melese who rigged an election
    - It’s your beloved Melese who killed fellow citizen for voicing their grievance in Gamebella, Awassa, Addis, Oromia etc
    - It’s your beloved Melese who made the country land locked.
    - It’s your beloved Melese after winning the war who run to Algeria and gave what was won in the battle field gave it on silver platter
    - It’s your beloved Melese who is looting the country
    - It’s your beloved Melese who claims he won by 99.6% of the vote but scared of the people
    - It’s your beloved Melese who claims 11% GDP growth but year after year begging for food.
    - It’s your beloved Melese who harasses and intimidates opponents so that no formidable opponent flourishes in the country.
    - It’s your beloved Melese who ….

    Someone else can add to the list.

    So if you and your buddy “the verdict” think we are resorting to name calling, I tell you this, we are tired of hearing your propaganda and we are no more interested in dialogue with your boss, what the people want is for him to leave office ASAP.

  17. selomun
    | #17

    Having read your beautifully couched, but nonetheless desultory, “Open Letter to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi,” (Ethiomedia, 5th March 2011) I simply could not resist the temptation of writing an “A Candid Letter to you.” Nothing, of course, would have given me greater pleasure than to E-mail my letter to your favourite web-site, but if past experience with Ethiomedia is anything to go by, only articles high-lighting the decline and fall of Ethiopia are destined to pass The Editor’s stringent censorship. So do not be overly surprised if you see my letter appear on websites which never mix whatever opposition they may have of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s administration with their unconditional love to the Motherland.

    I had been following your line of thinking from your now almost weekly contribution to the said website and like to give credit to your extraordinary ‘ability’ to juxtaposition Ethiopia alongside some Maghreb countries and Egypt. You might argue, of course, such is the stock-in-trade of yellow journalists. Responsible journalism, on the other hand, has everything to do with being fair and impartial. By the way tell me, if you will, Mr Know-it-all, do you consider yourself a journalist or a political activist? Like it or not, you cannot be both, for it runs against the grain of the very ethics of journalism from Addis Ababa Ethiopia to Alabama United States.

    Do not get me wrong, I know that journalists are at liberty to take a political stand of their own, but where a gulf yawns is when – as you always do – their political stand torpedoes the ethos of responsible journalism. I am aware, too, of your Award Winning status, but please don’t allow this accolade to get into your head so much so that you end up concluding that you now have the licence to wear 2 hats: those of a journalist and a politician. You have to come to terms with the fact that you can’t have the cake and eat it.

    Your open letter to the Prime Minister you, rather haphazardly, refer to the “message from the grass roots.” I never knew that you could use your accolade to make yourself an Ombudsman for Ethiopians. Or since when have you become an MP which is one other means of speaking on behalf of the people. It would then be an exercise in futility on your part if you claim to represent other than those grasping power-hungry hodgepodge groups of individuals who have “Regime change for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.” Who in his rightful mind would ask Eskinder Nega – the very journalist who heaps criticisms on the very Constitution which has bestowed on peoples, nations and nationalities freedom and liberties unheard of in the annals of Ethiopia – to represent their aspirations to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi?

    That is what makes the gamut of your Open Letter a fairy tale story. On the other hand, however, unless and otherwise you were either not born or was somnambulating at the time when EPDRF started placing the building blocks of a democratic Ethiopia on the embers of the tyrannical rule of the Derg, you simply cannot afford not to give credit to Meles Zenawi-led EPDRF for salvaging our beloved Motherland from a former Yugoslavia-like disintegration. Why are you so allergic to celebrating our ethnic, religious and linguistic differences? Need we have to be like our pitiful neighbour and suffocate our differences in order to win you over?

    Nothing is more pitiful than witness an Award Winning journalist and a highly ambitious one at that, to sink in to the league of veritable yellow journalists by bringing Meles’ better half, Azeb Mesfin, into the equation. Need I remind you that Azeb is a politician in her own right? While you and your gossip-mongering political bedfellows were sitting on your hands, not to say zombified, during Derg’s 17 Years of brutal tyranny, it was men and women Azeb’s mettle who had legged it to the Derg-free areas of northern Ethiopia to join the gallant EPDRF forces in order to emancipate Ethiopians from the iron-fisted rule of Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam. The day you fail to appreciate this unalterable deed of our martyrs would be the day you turn ‘journalist’ Elias Kifle – a pathological liar.

    Meles Zenawi is there by the will of the people and there he will remain to see through to fruition the raft of reforms lined up for the life time of this Parliament. Well, I or anybody else cannot stop you and your likes from indulging in a pipe-dream of trying to mug the will of the Ethiopian people as manifested during the 2010 National Elections. Having stated that, I do not make any attempt to brush aside the enormous socio-economic challenges facing the EPDRF government. I agree with you that inflation is hitting the worse off, but I would have thought that you were in far closer proximity than I to realise the various initiatives the Government continues to take in order to help consumers. Yes, there is corruption in Ethiopia – like there is corruption in UK’s House of Commons – but not only is corruption in Ethiopia not institutional, but friends and foes alike can vouchsafe for EPDRF’s the zero tolerance for the corrupt. You should never lose sight of the fact that EPDRF became the first party-in-power in Africa – if not in the world – to bring an incumbent prime minister and defence minister respectively before the law on corruption charges.

    Last but certainly not least, I find your call for Meles to be nudged not by a principle, but rather by a despicable naked opportunism to please grasping power-hungry Diaspora.

  18. Demissie
    | #18

    Weynes go to Hell; as confused as you seem to appear, you never cease to amaze me. You seem to have your own outdated Schindler’s list in your pocket ready to spit. You know, there is not a single truth in a 1000 lies no matter how thin you slice them, your allegations are still baloney. What makes me laugh out loud the most is – your posture as if the EPRDF or “their cadres” are scared to death about your treats. Don’t be full of yourself. Those are the once who proved to the entire world how to defeat a regime with a mighty arsenal at its disposal with grit and iron clad resolve to be worried about you. For them to be afraid of your paper tiger treats will never pass the smell taste. You better not waste your time daydreaming of that happening. This forum is not to change the retarded once like yourself, it’s rather for those who wish or aspire the for their beloved country with its 85 million people not your 76. You are a racist and a bigot to wipe out a chunk of proud population to advance your ill-advised agenda – assuming you got one. You have been preaching ASAP since the dawn and guess where we are? For sane person that should have been sufficient to question his/her stand – no, that will take a leap of faith for you to come in grips with realty. Maybe sitting on Section8 subsidized housing or not paying your taxes had spoiled you to forget where you came from. The people of Ethiopia are light years ahead of your psychopathic look of the current situation. This has been the most I talked to insane person in my life. Go get life. Go open up a shop for arrogants – by doing so you will be assured the membership of Dan and Tolagna.

  19. One can’t expect from the brute noblity
    | #19

    [The so called verdict]‘
    You are a morally imbecile midget.

    You are terrified by the prospect of Ethiopian uprising and he tried to take us in to his long excursion thinking he can strike any fear in us. Not this time, it is time for you and your boss to spit what is not rightly yours. You stated have been on business trip in the state. Are you sure you are not stashing your ill-gained money away while in you were in your visit?nn

  20. Sam
    | #20

    The Verdict laid out his reasoning that convinced him the government supporters who wrote feedbacks in this Website “have the better of the argument.” True, usually, as he observed, rather than attacking the message attacking the messenger is a given in the diaspora political discourse. But for him to deliver his verdict based on a few days reading of feedbacks in this Website might compell one to think he might have made up about the diaspora who oppose the government long before he flew from Addis. What made me to be cynical? His own statment. The Verdict writes ” my friends and I once were staunch supporters of Kinijit before we left wondering who the leaders really are. Most of us ended up voting for EPDRF in the last election cycle for the better lack of alternative.” I do not buy it, Verdict. In 2005 when the diaspora community was crazy about the new-found darling Kinijit, I was very skeptical. The guys patched up a group of people together who never tolerate each other over a cup of coffee let alone governing together. I did not believe they were up to the task. Had I been in Addis, however, I would have voted for them. My reasoning was and still is having parties which compete each other is good for the country. But the Verdict in the last election voted for EPDRF. Not because he saw vision there. He almost admitted. He voted for EPDRF because of having no preferable alternative. Come on Verdict, you are a card-carrying EPDRF member. If not and you believed EPDRF has not performed as you wish, you give a chance for the guys who were purposely marginalized by the EPDRF. There is nothing wrong being a supporter of EPDRF. No two people see politics the same way. But to pretend that you are above and beyond the narrow politics of the diaspora but if you are “forced” to judge you will give the passing grade for the government supporters is a slick way of sabotaging yourself. Because if you read really it is the government supporters who are continually labeling those who oppose the government. I do not understand why an Ethiopian be anti-Ethiopian, but the government supporters seem they do. I am not saying ther are no bomb throwers on those who oppose the government. But I pointed out to tell you the verdict, yes, the verdict was in, but it was wrong. Why wrong/ Because it was based on your opinion. No verdict is given based on opinion, rather on facts. You do not have them.

  21. Weynes go to Hell
    | #21

    Demissie the little weyane buchula.. where in the hell did you read 76 million or is it your own twisted racist mind getting the best of you? I know it’s weyane’s hallmark to pull ethnic card when everything else fails. No where in my responses once i mentioned about number. And even had I said 76 million, what part of that statement is racist? I must have touched a nerve and I am loving it .. lol . you see you cannot refute the facts I listed out for you and that’s why you are trying to pull ethnicity in here. Because every single one of them can be backed by a fact unlike your propaganda that you guys seem to pull from your rear end. It’s not arrogance, don’t you even for a second doubt Meles just like Mubark and Ben Ali, his days are also numbered. IT’S A PROMISE you can take it to the bank! If I were you, I would prepare my exit. The people have told you in 2005 with a clear voice that your BOSS NEED TO GO! which part of GO your boss does not understand? and about the 2010, I just hope you would not be fool enough to believe Ethiopians voted for your boss 99.6% LOL. Then again weyanes never cease to amaze me.

    PS: can I ask you one thing though? why is it all you weyane cadres act and sound like a windup dolls?

  22. Idiot Dictator
    | #22

    Eskinder. I am part of the people and I do not allow you to voice comments for me. Please speak for yourself and not others. We have not elected you or voted for you to write an article for us. Why be so bias? Some of us know exactly what you are doing? Who are you trying to fool? You are the last person I would pick to represent me. Thanks, but no thanks.

  23. Anonymous
    | #23

    #22, your screen name fits you perfectly. You are absolutely right that Eskinder doesn’t speak out in behalf of minority Idiot Dictators like yourself.

  24. aha!
    | #24

    Solomun! Thanks for your remarkable insight into Ethiomedia, nevertheless without which we would not have been able to have a discussion forum in abugidainfo, which is inclined to promote the pro-democracy movements in USA of “No Change but durable democracy” as their major tenet, and later formed a coalition with the loyalist opposion parties called fdd or medrek, which is a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf, which has no agenda to remove the current regime along with pervading system of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies inscribed in the constitution and the apratheid system of governance and/or adminstaration adopted from the Afikaners of South Africa and the totalitarian Marksist ideology of His Excelency Mengistu Haile Mariam, who stood up for Ethiopian Unity and Territorial Integrity, against TPLF and EPLF, despite his human right violations, in terms of the ownership of land as one of the means of production in a capitalistic and democratic society and exploitation of the countries resources and political and economic strangle hold of the country’s resources by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises, has fallen on the way side by these prodemocratic movements in USA.

    While these concepts being the core issues, they are hammering on and/or pleading with the prime minister now as if it is going to arouse the public for “Non-violence reaction to freedom from, aoutocratic, ethnocratic/ethnic dictatorship, totalitarian, with ethnic federalism and secessionism, which it does not, unless they stop chanting for democracy in a country, where individuals do not have freedom and civil liberty.

  25. aha!
    | #25

    Futhermore, the Human rirht violations is being tackled through the international Corts (ICC), need only more pressure and with channel the focus to “Non-violence reaction to freedom”, Ethiopians will acquire freedom, where human right violations, explotation, corruption, poverty and starvation, and stagflation will be things of the past under a truly democratic society free of ethnic and secessionist politic and/or policies with independent branches of government. At present the diaspora elites are attempting to resolve these issues through a discussion for reconcilliation and mediation is an empty gesture from among the civil organizations. It is not even anywhere close good faith negationtions that KAUP was and is undertaking to get something out of the lions jaw, assuming it leaves by its agreement for a peaceful transfer of power in the ballot box. That process had come and gone, but neverther less continues to which the pro-democracy movement did not rally around the rigged election the second time around.

  26. Zeriga
    | #26

    Abugida Still You are Racist Full of hate towards Tigrayan ppl but pretend as if you are against meles.Hmmm Meles is Better than you narrow ppl.atllist he knows how to mouve our coutry forward to divolopement and democracy the proof? you can go to Ethiopia and watch every state then you will riallize otherwise talkin nonsens wont take you no where.

    and you Shabian puppets Ethiopia will be Strong and united as alWays and if you try to cross Ethiopian border You will be destroyed like 10Years a go. So you Shut up and keep helping your hungry ppl back home.

  27. Andnet
    | #27

    Weynes go to Hell, unless you want to accept Demssies’s accusation of you in its value, the 76 million should be the least of your contention. That number was cited by so many of your cohorts it shouldn’t have come as surprise to you. If you want a reference go to commentator #10, “Who do u think u r?.” That’s what Demssie was alluding to. Because that is the code word for you cowards – if you can’t read between the lines it’s more of your problem. I know the only time you get close to a bank is to deposit a false promise. That’s what losers are left with. Trust me, you will never get the chance to cash in that promise – thanks to the great leadership of Meles and the awakening of the brave Ethiopian people.

  28. Who do u think u r?
    | #28

    God has given you and the likes of you eyes to see and ears to hear but you have chosen to close your eyes and ears not to see and hear the atrocities that have been committed on Ethiopians by the hands of TPLF. God has given you a heart but you have harden your hearts not to care when Ethiopians loose their God given rights and tens of thousands innocent Ethiopians picked up and thrown in jail — you have chosen not to care when hundreds of innocent Ethiopians shot to death on the streets of Ethiopia — you have chosen not to hear when Ethiopians scream for help while they are beaten and tortured by TPLF — you have chosen to look the other way when Ethiopians chased away from everything they know and love and the their land given to foreign billionaires — you have cheered when the Ethiopian banks robbed and you and your people become wealthy while millions of Ethiopians starving to death — you have given a blind eye when your first lady goes to overseas to spend millions of Ethiopian money on shopping spree while countless number of Ethiopians goes hungry every night and search for food in a filthy trash dump. To put it simply, you people are INHUMANE, HEARTLESS and COLD-BLOODED.

  29. Dan
    | #29

    Demissie says [[...Go open up a shop for arrogants - by doing so you will be assured the membership of Dan and Tolagna.....]]

    Birds of the same feather fly together. “Meaning Woyane go to hell” and you, “Woyane forever”.

    Typical vintage chauvinist TPLF supporter you are. Still high only on legacy achievements of Woyane. Dictator Meles has moved on and is talking about a “dominant party”, “Developmental state” not of a Woyane dominance mind you but EPRDF dominance; last count 4 million members, more than the population of Tigray. Don’t be alarmed because the future EPDRF under Hailemariam or Aba dula promise to respect minority rights.

    FYI, Meles is known to come out as an arrogant SOB in his engagements with public and in the EPRDF parliament. His moments of “cutting fingers” , ” Sooo whaaat!!!” and EU Election Observer Mission as “garbage”, mantras and more. If it good for him then it must be good ?….

  30. Weyanes go to Hell
    | #30

    To all you cadres, first of , I speak for myself only, I don’t claim to represent anyone, second, you cannot pull me into your old tactic of ethnic politics. For you loser weyane cadres everyone who is against TPLF is against Tigray. That’s so old politics. Give it a rest dude. Now you need to shut your pie hole; no one is interested to play your old game.

    Calling people cowards just because you and your boss own the guns for now at least does not really mean much. Don’t be too confident, even Mubark with all that guns and western connection, his power disappeared into thin air with in a matter of 18 days. So my advice to you is save the arrogance or it will comeback to hunt you.

    I know you looted Ethiopians to the bone so it’s not surprising if Ethiopians are left with nothing except a false promise of growth where even families with middle income cannot afford a daily meal. That is Ethiopia for you. That is growth for you. As long as your belly is full and stash away some money in foreign bank for a rainy day (which you might need it soon). That is growth for you. If we believe all this 10% GDP growth you guys talk about, one would expect by now Ethiopia is a middle income country.. lol The problem is the fact on the ground does not agree with your propaganda.

    Believe me Ethiopian people are tired of you and want to throw you out into the dust bin of history. The fact that all you weyanes flooding this site, it just shows how nervous you guys have become. And rightly so!

  31. DRAMA
    | #31


  32. Nightmare
    | #32

    Wow, was that a dramatic entrance for the DRAMA @ 31. What in a name was that? He popped up at the right time when Verdict has left town to bad mouth at everything and anything that moves. Sir, while you are busy tending your masters cars, chauffeuring anyone with a dime and nickel around, making sure how to evade not paying your taxes, collecting your immorally obtained food stamps and living in your affordable dwell, the good Verdict is walking the talk what it means a real Ethiopian – by being there through thick and thin. That’s what you guys don’t seem to get. You have been singing Abay for the last God knows how many centuries, you have been praising every green you see in your garden, you didn’t have any problem enabling your masters loot and dominate the majority for generations and so on. Now you are worried about environment all of a sudden when we start building dams around Abay instead of singing about it. Now you seem to be caring about the same people you used to forget even their mere existence as back as 20 years in the name environment. You, our super engineer wants us to believe how all the experts and government officials failed to “mitigate the risks involved before building such a dam.” Where do you get that from? Of course, this is exactly the propaganda from the people who wish Africa to remain backwards and uncivilized forever. They didn’t need to worry about the infrastructures in their own land since it’s done generations ago on the back of many African slaves and resources. To the extent you aligned yourself with those forces not your own people’s future – never mind the government – tells it all. You sold your soul long time ago when you chose to rather drive a taxi in America than contribute to your “country’. You made your choices clear to rather tend cars than trying to make a dent in the fight against poverty. You also make your intentions known by advocating the blockade of any foreign aid on the streets of western countries. So for you to say something about Ethiopia let alone its affair’s is a melodrama at best. You know and knew only corruption in your tortured tenure of governing: ሲሾም ያልበላ ሲሻር ይቆጨዋል. That’s the source of your drumbeat about “hodam” and stuff. Sir, the regime is still fighting that state of mind tooth and nails. That’s why it not afraid to put its former Prime Minister and Defense Minster in jail notwithstanding their credentials as freedom fighters. That culture of corruption is what you left as a legacy. It will take a while to grasp all this since you only listen to your own echo. There is a thriving middle class in today’s Ethiopia not hungered one as you alleged. There is a great deal of hope of advancement amongst all citizens not of a despair. Just keep on watching! Of course, that will be your nightmare not your “DREAM”. Go feel good about yourself by talking to Dan and Woynes go to Hell. That should your source of comfort not the likes of Saba, Elsa or Verdict. Those are the real Ethiopian heroes.

  33. የማነ
    | #33

    ይህ ሌባ ነው መለስ

  34. Birhanu Demeke
    | #34

    There is nothing wrong with the message honorable Mr Eskinder Nega has communicated to the “TPLF don”however the fact remain that,wether or not Melese Zenawi by his nature is going to heed the message?I don’t think so,because he thinks that as if he is the son of God or any form of divine power to the Ethiopian people and believes with the amount of military and financial power at his disposal and the continues collective aid he receives from his various foreign back backers he thinks that he shall continue neutralize the Ethiopian people from resorting to regain their Godly given human dignity and liberty,and no amount of rhetoric or propaganda could ever save a number one enemy of Ethiopia and its people from its demise no matter how long it may take.

    So long as we Ethiopians are united and prepared to sacrifice for the desired freedom of the Ethiopian people and for preservation of our mother land Ethiopia their shall not be any man made power which may save the TPLF from its demise.

    Let us not west time to comment on the propaganda of the TPLF supporters since one could not expect honey from flies instead let us spend time to unit ourselves, create a common ground and platform to stand in unison so that we could be in a position to confront,challenge and remove the TPLF from the shoulder of the Ethiopian so that we should be free from TPLF’s captivity and establish a constitutional democracy as form of governance in order for all Ethiopians to live freely in harmony united in our diversity,with equal opportunity for all.

    When we truly begin to live up to the expectations of the Ethiopian people we could be certain to ABOLISH the TPLF and bring about the much needed freedom for the Ethiopian people,otherwise when fail to do just that we shall remain making our selves a laughing stock of Africa and the rest of the world unlike our ancestors.



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