The Reality on The Ground By Teodros Kiros

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Tyrants as Plato observed in his famous Republic are hallucinatory. They shut off their five senses from reality. Their senses, when they are intact mislead them, as Descartes, the modern philosopher may add. They hide behind abstractions. They are melancholic, ruthless, inconsistent and prone to lie.

This is the case with our existing leaders.

The blind Prime Minister had the audacity to recently foolishly speculate that the circumstances for the possibility of uprising do not exist in Ethiopia, and this inspite of gruesome facts that,

(1) Ethiopia is ranked at 210th out of a total of 210 countries;
(2) That Ethiopia by any measure is the 2nd poorest nation in the world;
(3) That it is at the bottom of the list of the three weighed indicators of well
being; (4) that 64.9% of school children are not enrolled;
(4) In health, child mortality, it stands at 38%;
(5) 85.7% lack electricity;
(6) 54% do not get any cleaning water;
(7) 89.5% do not have any cooking oil;
(8) It has one of the smallest economies in Africa inspite of its population, accounting only for the continent’s 1% National domestic product.

(9) 90% of the nation’s 77 million people live beyond the poverty line (Getachew
Begashaw, “Acute Poverty amidst “Double Digit Economic Growth”: Contradiction in
Terms, Addis Voice, 2010)

Look how miserable Ethiopian material reality is; look further the decency of our people to put up with this condemned life; one does not have to think hard about what must be done, provided that organizers go to work and start the peaceful uprising, lead by the people and fed by their passions and intelligences which is being squandered in shacks and tin house.

Getachew rightly concludes that,

indeed, the cycle of poverty in Ethiopia can only be broken by abolishing the ethno-centric dictatorship that is characterized by the absolute monopoly and domination of the economy and politics of the country through ethnic-party-government merger. Therefore, as pronounced in the recently
released declaration, for example, “The New York Manifesto”, the focus of all
Ethiopians, at home and abroad, should be on changing the current dictatorship
of ethno-centric party and government.

Teodros Kiros
Professor of Philosophy and English (Liberal Arts)
Berklee College of Music

  1. bb
    | #1

    የአይጥ ምስክሩዋ ድንቢጥ:: ውሸት በመጻፍ መለስ ይወድቅልኛል ብልህ የምታስብ ከሆነ ተሳስተሃል:: ፖሎቲካዉን ይቅርብህ አና በተማርኮዉ ትምህርተ ለአገራቺን የሚጠቅም ካለህ ጀባ በለን::

    | #2

    Whatis happening in Ethiopia? AS you know that people are dying because of lack of treatment in the hospital. Also there is lack of food, the cost of living in Ethiopia to high. And this small minded people in power are playing game on our people. This people talked about development in Ethiopia day in day out to convince the people who lives abroad, but the development is not define by the empty buildings, this is a fake develpment. for example, lack of transportion in Ethiopia,but the goverment hold the power did not care at all. They just care about the packet. To be honest Many of this goverment regime are owned busines in usa, Europe and Asia by the forign aid money. This letter for my brothers , sister , old and young. We have to remove the regime. Enough is enough.

  3. kebede
    | #3

    Perfectly true. For Wushetam woyanes truth bites.

  4. Abera M
    | #4

    Dr Teodros,
    You expressed it right. The opposition and everyone else have to work very hard to create the environment to remove the despot in Addis. We do not have an easy struggle, but we have to d it.
    bb or the nameless writer of the useless two lines, where is the “wushet” as you claimed? do you have any data to present us, you are obviously a woyane thug, do you think you can persuade others with your empty talk? Your boss will go down whether you like it or not.

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