Do you, Meles, really think or trick? Part II Seifu Adam, Oslo

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Dear Prime Minister Meles,

I promised to compose you a second letter, a letter that should remind you of the need to be genuine to reality, your own thinking and talking. (more…)

Dear Prime Minister Meles,

I promised to compose you a second letter, a letter that should remind you of the need to be genuine to reality, your own thinking and talking. As you may recall from my previous letter sent to you, I indicated that I would be sending two separate letters. Now I decided to finish all my messages to you in just this letter as other fellow Ethiopians already flooded the net with powerful papers that targeted at your action and your thinking. You are at the center of the ‘tide’ not because you possess any unique leadership competencies as you might think. But because of your perpetual urge to use damn infested thinking and talking related to Ethiopia. You must be afraid of seeing all those surges of papers hammering on you and your machine, TPLF-EPRDF.

You may wonder how or where we get information about your thinking. Simple. Due simply to satisfy our quest to know you better and out of a concern to our beloved country, we have been and are still committed attendees of your forums/media such as ETV, Addis Zemen, Walta, Fana, Radio Ethiopia, and nearly all outlets including Diaspora websites and blogs that challenge and support your rule. Unlike you who blocks and kills media, we most Ethiopians read from all corners and with open minds. You should learn.

In this letter, I highlighted some of the most offensive and reprehensible talks you made in different times and to different audiences. As you do perfectly recall under what circumstances you used them, I am not obliged to cite the specific sources of these talks. Generally, you are a trickster and a state man who bulls his own people. While you yourself are not patriotic as such, recall that you passed some of your toughest gorilla times hiding in your relatives’ homes while your comrades were dying, you appear to be brave and determined in your talks. And by that you just try to instigate fear, frustration, mistrust, and despair into the people. If you are interested to know what kind of tricks you actually use, I provided you with a useful source here.

To epitomize some of your thinking by way of scrutinizing your speeches and talks, you can rely on Paul & Elder’s (2006)1 conceptual framework. Paul and Elder are respectively among
Paul, R. & Elder, L. (2006). The Thinker’s Guide to Fallacies: The Art of Mental Trickery and Manipulation. Foundation for Critical Thinking.

the leading philosophers and psychologists studying critical thinking and fallacies. They identified 44 foul ways tricksters use to win their arguments. Frankly, you use all of them and many more in your daily thinking and talking, please refer to the many papers written on the web on you since the explosion of the North African- not Islamic- revolutions. You appear a qualified trickster in a country where millions are actually smarter than you. The difference is that you got more than enough forums to freely talk while ordinary Ethiopians and opposition politicians are censored just for their daily talks with their families, let alone critical use of mass media. I trust you will read the book suggested, you told us that you are so bookish that you finish reading a very tick book during one of your flights. Anyways, here are some of the nastiest talks you made.

ከወርቃማው ዘር በመወለዴ እድለኛ ነኝ. In your election campaign, you told Tigrians that you are fortunate that you are born to the Golden \race\. By this, you tried to tell your audience how your love them deep from your hearts and how they are ‘superior’ to other Ethiopian races. You tried to uplift them while in principle they are as golden as other races. Whose race/ethnicity is bronze or silver? And what is your definition of golden race? If you believe in the superiority of races, why do you cry that your constitution and government are the first of their kind to affirm the equality of all nations and nationalities? The good thing is that ordinary Tigrians certainly know that they are as golden as the Kambatas, Amharas, Oromos, Afars, and others. That you reported that you ‘won’ Tigray through ballot box does not translate to acceptance of your poisonous thinking. Except those few top officials, most Tigrians are as tired of living under your reign as are other nationalities.

AAU graduates thieves. You upon the establishment of Civil Service College /CSC/ briefed your media that Addis Ababa University /AAU/ produces nothing more than ordinary thieves and corrupts. You tried to justify the founding of your servant college just by misgiving AAU. By ordinary comparison, who is corrupt and an accomplished thieve- an AAU graduate or a CSC one? It is because of CSC graduates that all sectors of society are infested with corruption. Thanks to your tactics and techniques such as the infamous Andreas Eshete, AAU is of course now having perhaps its toughest time- it ditches into an academic ‘recession’ and by that it is approximating CSC. Congratulations that Ethiopian intellectuals are fleeing!

Highly skilled people should immigrate to the west. You were once asked how the exodus of Ethiopian intellectuals is affecting universities and the country at large. You openly talked that you rather provide all necessary logistics to encourage them to leave Ethiopia. You argued that once they settle in some country, they will send dollars to their families and in some cases will build houses in Ethiopia. And you took all the time to civilize this argument. You oversimplified the issue- the issue of supreme importance for the country. You compared the incalculable impacts the highly skilled could bring to the statistically and practically insignificant contribution- sending a few dollars to fill some bellies. How about the main issue of building today’s and tomorrow’s Ethiopia? Who will spearhead scientific and technological advances? Who is shaping the youngsters and how?

It is because of brain drain that some of your sector ministries employ expatriate staff at an unimaginable high cost just to mend a temporarily dysfunctional machine. Because of brain drain, our higher education institutions are staffed with incompetent, immoral and amoral cadres who suppress the voices of those few real faculty members who still prefer to stay at the spot. There is hardly any new significant innovation in the country now because you fired 42 professors and countless others. You should know from your economics and business classes at the Open University, if you attended them at all, that the dollars the Diaspora send home are in no match to socio-economic and educational transformations, your favorite term, had they been allowed to live as ordinary Ethiopian professionals.

You play the great either-or card. True that life sometimes brings to us dilemmas, when we are compelled to choose from two available options. But you create false dilemmas to confuse people. Your assumption here is that people do not invest effort to make nuanced distinctions and hence want simple and fast remedies. You offer us only two options to choose from: either to accept the eternal reign of EPRDF or face disintegration and civil war. In fact, this is among your favorite tricks you use when the so-called elections are approaching and right during these times of popular revolutions. And you think that all people who do not support or who are not members of EPRDF are against you.

But do we really have only such two options? Absolutely not. This is a bogus trick founded on the assumption that only you and a few cadres are bestowed with Ethiopianism and governance caliber. You assumed that out there no body is as skilled, experienced, and futuristic as you are. I can tell you that we Ethiopians have several options other than the two you offered us. If your reign is checked by whatever factor, we are happy, ready and competent enough to deal with our issues jointly. You know that if competence matters, a lot smart Ethiopians are out there, both inside the country and in the Diaspora. If you are away, even your million cadres and supporters will definitely throw stones to your grave. The 2005 election showed you all the secrets, the secrets of playing the membership card. Your cadres and security agents and the police and armed forces cast their ballots in favor of Kinjit. And through time and direct experience, Ethiopians of all nationalities are aware of your true color and your venom. Your try to create and sponsor terror.

You create terror. Being human is obviously being fearful somehow. Fearful of death, demotion, detention, abuse, disease, persecution, rejection and so on. You terrorize people by the well equipped police, military and security forces you personally own and govern. You spread terror by launching mis-thought reformations and regulations like BPR. You use these only to fire and demote those thought to be non-EPRDF personnel. You use them to undeservedly promote pro-EPRDF thugs. You spread terror by demolishing hard-built houses in the name of city planning without proper and adequate compensation. You terrorize your own people by snatching their farm lands again without proper and adequate compensations. You terrorize the business community by haphazardly launching price capping, instead of sufficiently dealing with the real cause of the problem. Deliberately, you make sure people are living under constant fear and you want to communicate to them that the only way out to lead a better and safer life is by supporting or tolerating your regime.

Some of the most disgusting words you use to spread terror also include:

1, እጃቸውን እንቆርጣቸዋለን/We will cut their (businessmen’s) hands. But no one is allowed to cut your hands while your business conglomerate EFFORT turned into a medieval empire.
2, ሜዳውም ያው ፈረሱም ያው- you refer to people who are not ready to shoulder your yoke of tyranny.
3, ማንም ያይኑ ቀለም ካላማረን
4, አዲስ አበባ የድሆች መኖሪያ አትሆንም. This is true; you are translating this into action. Only those who serve your empire are having a great deal of Addis and the country at large. Our beloved country is now like a shared company, a company owned by a few.

Concluding remarks

Dear Mister Meles, your talks I raised in this and the previous letter are just the tip of the Iceberg. Your thinking and talking is in absolute breach of the moral and cultural standards of human society. You hold an awful contempt to your people. You insult their intelligence by assuming that they do not see things behind your mask. You are unbelievably afraid of and detached from contemporary developments in society. You are delusional, you deny and distort reality, you use false dilemmas, and you by default misgives. And you do these and others in nearly all your talks. I wish I have an opportunity to observe how you relate to your wife at home. But I leave that to her if she is any different at all. Interestingly, everybody, even farmers know you better through your inconsistent and false measures you use, now is aware of your bogus talks. It seems you trick yourself and a few people only. You in general are thus a pathological user of all the defense mechanisms ever known to humanity. Your mind will continue haunting you. And Ethiopia does not deserve you at all!!!

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