Ethiopian & Eritrean youths should work for peace & democracy By Roble Ababya

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Needless to mention that each time tyrants are confronted with suffocating domestic issues they concoct a foreign enemy to divert attention. For tyrant Zenawi, it was war with Egypt over the Blue Nile. Now that his accomplice in the fake drama Hosni Mubarak is disgracefully gone, Zenawi is beating the war drum to engage in ‘war’ against his twin tyrant Isaias Aferworqi. But, no one is going to believe the charade coming as it did from worn out deception of the dictator who has long lost the trust of the Ethiopian people.

The utterly irrational and despicable war of 1998 -2000 between Ethiopia and Eretria cost the precious lives of 70 to 80 thousand – some say 100, 000 – soldiers (arguably the overwhelming majority in their prime age) on both sides not to mention the billions of dollars spent on modern military hardware, personnel recruitment and training. Laughably, the war was between former comrades-in-arms that jointly fought the Derg regime with massive all round support of autocratic rulers in the Arab world, notably Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia Syria, et al.

The aristocratic rulers in the Arab world are vividly seen frantically fighting for their survival in view of the success of the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt speedily coming their way; they have lost direction engulfed by a tsunami of change.

In view of the above, the source of fund and all round support from the Arab world are no longer available to TPLF and Shabia, including to the proxy of the latter, the Al Shabab in Somalia; the two tyrants Meles and Isaias have no chance of survival now that their mentors can no longer support them. Who would have thought Muammar Gaddafi would become so poor and helpless in such a short time?

So the youth of Ethiopia and Eretria should seize the pivotal moment to defy their respective tyrants in order to play a constructive role in engendering regional peace, harmony and amicable neighborly relations. They should say categorically no to the kind of carnage and blood bath seen in the 1998 – 2000 senseless war (acclaimed as such by the international community) and the colossal amount of resources spent on this madness between the peoples with centuries of historical ties undeniably bound by blood.
It is long overdue to take stock of our recent past of destruction to our livelihood due to shallow understanding of our common history and rich culture. We have paid mammoth sacrifice in the last 40 years in particular in terms of precious lives and on military weapons, which we could have turned on ploughshares to alleviate our abject poverty. It is a shame that Ethiopian and Eritrean refugees are scattered in no small numbers everywhere in our global village swallowing their pride and subjected to horrendous human misery in some places in the Arab world.

The youth of Ethiopia and Eritrea should collaborate to reverse the shame perpetrated by their respective tyrants; they should seize this propitious moment of massive movement driven by the young generation for democratic change to usher in a new era of human dignity, liberty, freedom and social justice.

Meles Zenawi and his wife Azeb Mesfin were poor communists yesterday turned corrupt multi-millionaires today. The couple is surfing on the crest of power having put all pillars of democracy under its family control. The TPLF regime under the couple is notoriously known, among its other heinous crimes, for: committing acts of genocide; torturing prisoners of conscience; enslaving Ethiopian peasants in serfdom; stealing elections; selling fertile Ethiopians lands; and holding monopoly of all lucrative businesses.

What is worrying most of all is that Zenawi has publicly called opposition forces as his enemies for vying for peaceful democratic change, thus instigating public uprising.
Isaias has been ruling and still does without constitution. His mentor, Gaddafi, has at least his Green Book, which he displayed in a televised reading of the verses in the Book warning that the uprising in Libya was illegal and punishable by death. Isaias owns Eritrea as a founding father just like Gaddafi does in the case of Libya. Isaias has reportedly stashed hundreds of millions of dollars in a Chinese bank in his and his son’s names. Dr. Berket Hapte Selassie, his former close adviser to Isaias, agreed to the claim of such stashing at his interview with the VOA.

All tyrants are alike in many ways than one. In the end, their fate is to part with their amassed wealth and fall from power in disgrace. The youth of Ethiopia and Eritrea should make this fate of their respective tyrants happen promptly.

To the tyrants Meles and Isaias we should say: በቃ! ጋዬ! Enough! We should say the same to parochial views, tyranny, wars and abject poverty.

Lastly, I wish to underline that call from several quarters for the inevitable Ethiopian uprising is most welcome, and that it should begin with a call for peaceful demonstration demanding for fundamental rights of citizens. The uprising should be highly coordinated and spontaneous. A successful conclusion of the uprising will no doubt engender future leaders accountable to the will of the people.

Release all political prisoners in Ethiopia!

  1. Kemal Y
    | #1

    Well I do not like Meles that much however if you are talking about Egypt the issue is serious, I do not blame Meles and he did the right thing and start building the DAM which I really like to see as far Eritrea well Eritrea is the number one Enemy of Ethiopia, actually the Issaias Regime is working for all Arab world directly against Ethiopia so as much as I hate Meles for his human right abuse on those two issues, I want him to be firm and kick butt…

  2. Kush-Kush
    | #2

    I like the article and it is short and to the point . What I do not understand is why the writer used ” peoples ” in the 5th paragraph ? Dear Mr writer do not try we are two separate nations . Do you remember East and WEst German and South and North Yemen ? It is just a matter of time that we will be one nation and one people . By the way do you remember the young hero who sacrificed his life for the Ethiopian people -his name was Doctor Tesfaye Debesay . In the end, what the Eriterian province duke criminal activity is nothing new and no one will be surprised how much money he hid ? Selam Tena Yesteligne !

  3. Eritrean
    | #3

    Roble Ababya,

    Why don’t you stick to your Meles and Ethiopia. Why bring in Issaias and Eritrea. Take care of your Ethiopia first.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    that reall talk brother, respect

  5. The TPLF regime must go!
    | #5

    Forget about Eritreans for now. Eritreans need Ethiopia to survive than Ethiopians need Eritreans. They have made their beds and let them sleep on it. The port is way too big and wide to be owned by one small country to leave Ethiopia land locked. That is another matter to be decided in the future. At the moment, let us not forget about the killers and looters of Ethiopians. All our focus and energy should be on how to get rid of Meles and to unite the Ethiopians who have been brainwashed by Esayas and Meles.

  6. Anonymous
    | #6

    Roble, I believe you are on right track by posting like your above article. We need more writers or journalists like you that promotes peace not only for the sake of Ethiopian and Eritrean people but for the whole horn of Africa. Weyanes have betrayed their own people for the sake of hand outs from the west. I’m not sure if they knew what they were doing but they have distroyed so many bidges: bridges of brotherly sisterly, bridge of trust among brotherly sisterly, bridge of exposing the whole population to many child molesters, and they have distroyed the bridge of all Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somalians, and may be Sudan. It is not only the Ethiopian and Eritrean youth should work for a better democracy of tomorrow but it is all Ethiopian and Eritrean responsibility to eradicate the cancer of our people and region: weyanes led by Meles and his boss Bereket Mebrahtu.

  7. Gigi
    | #7

    Dear Robel I agree with you and most Ethiopians do. What is holding us? May be we don’t exist. It could be true but
    We exist in some ways, don’t we? And that should matter, not just for us but the rest of the world. To me, we have been around the world and the world have been around us. The world and we should learn to live with each other if not
    Any thing. God loves us all and that is all we need to know as human beings.

  8. The _ Truth
    | #8

    Please get your facts straight. The alleged bank account of Isais was a mere photoshop image perpetuated by opposition members bent on hatred for the current regime. Anyone who has been to Eritrea knows that Isais is many things but a crook and thief he is not. He is probably the most humble leaders in the world. For gods sake, the man drives a 84 Toyota Corolla.

  9. Mebratu
    | #9

    Eritrean Youth and Ethiopian Youth should have solidarity. We face the same enemy called Tyranny. Not need for talking and explaining. We know what we have to do.

  10. Sammy
    | #10

    Why can’t you ethiopians leave Eritrea alone. Im talking to you ‘Kush-Kush’ I might as well take your house since it is on the same street as mine. and ‘The TPLF regime must go!’ so what if our coast is wide? Your country is huge compared to ours, take care of your land and ppl and leave us Eritreans alone. And if war ever breaks out again (which I pray to God will not) will you be in the front lines or let the poor soldiers of the country side eat all the bullets? Peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

  11. Gigi
    | #11

    We should also remind our selves that Issayas and Meles are cousins I don’t think they work for nether people (Ethiopians or Eritirians ). The fact that they separated the country is funny enough.

    When I think about it, we should really say BEKA to Issayas as well. Nothing will be different until they are both gone.

    BEKA, BASS, YAKEL, GAYE, ……To dictators and murderers.

    We will go back to our nation. Just like the way it was. We hate you hate mongers.

  12. afro man
    | #12


  13. Ema
    | #13

    The worst thing that can happen to a man is sending to a war. We should work out on how to live as two nations. For those of you who think Eritrea is part of Ethiopia, jut read history book. concept of nations come to Africa by colonial powers and Eritrea was colonized by Italy, but on the contrary Ethiopia is one of the only two African countries that are not colonized. So we never been the same. We the people have a lot of commonalities, but that does not mean anything. Rwanda and Burundi are almost the same, but two counties. Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania have many similarities but three different countries that live in harmony. There’s even a country named Lasetho inside South Africa.

    So my point is African countries are just created by colonial powers, that’s it. Eritea was made by Italy and Ethiopia by Haile-Slassie.

    So give that above fact, if you Ethiopians respect Eritreas, we Eritrean pay it back. If you still think you can get Eritrea again, trust me, every Eritrean is ready to give their life for their country.

    So history taught us a lot, we didn’t get the lessons from books but practically.

    Let’s respect and live in peace.

  14. ጉረኞች
    | #14

    What you are doing and saying are contradictory. The fact is Eritreans do not leave Ethiopia alone. If you do not often visit Ethiopian’s website, you wouldn’t make your comment. There are plenty of Eritreans like you in this website commenting and stirring fight. I never visit Eritreans website, I do not know or care what they say about Ethiopia. It is better if you keep out yourself rather than indulging yourself.

  15. Gigi
    | #15

    While the Eritirians are told not to speak in amaregna and not to listen Ameharic music, the TPLF aqueous Ethiopian
    People of being shabia affiliates. And when they say don’t speak amaregna, does that mean tomorrow they going to tell
    People eat you enjerra be wot with sugar not with salt? Because it is good for the countries economy they just want to export it not it it? Or some thing like, we have pushed the Amaras and Christian Ethiopia to it’s death and misery so some of you Ethiopians or Eritirians should learn from that so save my bullet, do it your self?

    If they start war, both countries will lack a national army to point of 0. And the rest. Of the people dead or at the mercy
    Of the good faith of the world and god. And may be at the end we end up with Meles and his haird Italian American
    Firench and Arab solders or some thing like that.

  16. Gigi
    | #16

    This is to Ema.

    Are you saying Italy or Britons or Franc or Arabs cam to invade Eritiria? Not Erhiopia or Abisinia?

    Sinitewawok anitenank, metenaneku kehone kelal newu. Holachinim ekule yetagelinchawu sewoch nachwu. So just
    Don’t think it is all yours. Guss what they did and are doing to Israel? We will be gone if we don’t think too fast.

    And when we say country it is not always land it is people to. No mutter what kind of geographic country, what matters is what people do and how they live together and their culture that connects them together and what they did together.
    That also makes them a nation with out mentioning how all Ethiopian people are mixed up with each other by marrege
    And so on and so many things we can say about that. And as you said if it is Italy that created Eritiria, what makes it
    Legit to become a country? Not to tell you what you know already, but what kind of Eritiria was it befor? How do you
    Know if you don’t think their wasnt any map of Ethiopia before even though most of the maps came from the western world, you should googol ” old Ethiopian map ” and you will find a lot of it. But after all it is what they did when they took
    Jebuty and somaleland or Somalia even may be Kenya, sudan and so on.

    Shividiamo. Abianto. Good by…..

  17. Gigi
    | #17

    Ema one more thing, for example the Shewa Ameharas got kicked out of most of Shewa because they sayed Oromia
    Was taken from the Oromos by some amara or Tigiray but the thing is when this Amaras or tigirays or who ever cam
    To the land they got all mixed up with most of the people on the land so you kick this people from their land because
    They have a little bit of a liter skeen or what ever it is a crime against humanity. You know when it comes to the modern world some thing I love about it is you can go live any where you want most of the time if they dont turn that a life prison
    On you.

    So honey, that is all ther is to it.

    Chawu, abianto, good by…….selam yakirimen.

  18. Gigi
    | #18

    Of cours they had to move people around or we should call it browsing the country so they get all the jobs and what ever land they want. Because at that point no body is surly responsible of the land or what ever affair on land she or he
    Is on. And the way things are in Ethiopia proves this whole deal I don’t know if I should say that but more than fact.

  19. Gigi
    | #19

    When we say a national army, minun yetebekewun newu any ways not that I want them dead or some thing. And it aint
    Like they didn’t die Esther from both sides may be. And a 6 million Eritiria has 300.000 solders an 80 million Ethiopia has 200.000 solders. Do you people get the math? You know what ” eyeyem sidala newu “.

  20. winta
    | #20

    oh everything is politics but no one is not suffering as Eritrean new generation this days ,can’t get quality education,freedom even in Asmara ,as long as when we came to Ethiopia not only z country became land locked ,z country resources and good opportunity are also been locked for citizens unless otherwise they are Member of that EPRDF also z peoples are suffering of unfair resource distribution and corruption ,fluctuation of policies ,inflation ethiopians also suffering .
    Who knows one day we might get a good leader …..lets wish it!
    Peace and long live for Eritrea and Ethiopia!

  21. hawii
    | #21


  22. hawii
    | #22

    oh everything is politics but no one is not suffering as Eritrean new generation this days ,can’t get quality education,freedom even in Asmara ,as long as when we came to Ethiopia not only z country became land locked ,z country resources and good opportunity are also been locked for citizens unless otherwise they are Member of that EPRDF also z peoples are suffering of unfair resource distribution and corruption ,fluctuation of policies ,inflation ethiopians also suffering .
    Who knows one day we might get a good leader …..lets wish it!
    Peace and long live for Eritrea and Ethiopia!

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