Zenawi exports his “Divide & Conquer” Policy to the Last Frontier by Ephrem Madebo

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In the last 20 years, the divide and rule political, economic, ethnic, and military strategy of the TPLF regime has affected the life of millions of Ethiopians, and has reduced our mother land into a land where one’s place in society is determined by his/her ethnic identity; or to say it more accurately; in Zenawi’s Ethiopia, individual identify is determined by group identity. Zenawi’s toxic divide and rule strategy has ruined families, diminished our sense of national pride, forced young female Ethiopians to seek “slavery” in the Middle East, and has forced a large number of Ethiopians to leave their country. Under the leadership of Meles Zenawi, self expression and political dissent have increasingly been criminalized, and as a result the prison population of Ethiopia has grown astronomically.

Despite his endless rhetoric of “democracy” and multi party politics, Meles Zenawi has single handedly eliminated all possibilities of political cooperation and collective leadership in Ethiopia. After the 2005 election, he demonstrated his utter distaste to political dualism by dismantling Ethiopia’s promising political parties and by imprisoning their leaders, members, and supporters. Today, Meles Zenawi is not just Ethiopia’s top decision maker; he is the only decision maker. As a result, today, Ethiopia is a nation of single point failure; a nation sitting on a bonfire waiting to happen. Hence, the Ethiopian people have lost faith in the TPLF institutions and have realized that the regime is defeating the very purpose it is supposed to serve.

The struggle of opposing ideas now taking place in Ethiopia involves social, economic and political problems urgently demanding a solution. The very existence of our nation, the welfare of our people, and the fate of the entire Horn of Africa depends on the right answer to those questions. Human rights abuse, lack of freedom, ethnic division of labor, political and economic alienation, chronic unemployment, inflation, and endless tone of war are among those problems that need immediate solution.

Today, after twenty years of ethnic federalism, political domination, and party owned economic conglomerates [EFFORT], the Ethiopian people are at a loss for a way out. Today, popular protests are growing in places like Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain while opposition members are also gathering in places like Ethiopia. The Ethiopian people have said – enough is enough! Throughout the world, patriotic individuals, political parties, and civic organizations are coordinating their efforts to imitate the successful popular revolution of Tunisia and Egypt that brought down president Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak.

In the last twenty years, Meles Zenawi has used every weapon in his arsenal to abort popular uprisings in different parts of the country. Today, despite his rejection that the North African type of popular uprising has no place in Ethiopia, Zenawi himself and his senior leadership have expressed their concern over the inevitability of a mass uprising in Ethiopia. Today, any gathering of three or more people is prohibited in all urban centers of Ethiopia, and the streets of Addis Ababa are jam-packed by heavily armed soldiers. This is a witness that Zenawi’s dictatorship has lost touch with every day Ethiopians and the time has come that the Ethiopian people can take no more and seek to shake off the shackles of oppression.

In early January 2011, Ben Ali of Tunisia said he was in control of everything, but in late January, he found himself exiled in Saudi. Despite the repeated calls for his resignation from Tahrir Square, on February 10, 2011 Hosni Mubarak asserted that he would not resign until the September election. The next day, his vice president announced his resignation. The irony here is that dictators never learn from the failure of other dictators and arrogant Meles is no different. When he is asked about a possible revolution in Ethiopia, his answer has always been about development and good governance that his party introduced to Ethiopia – imagine his ethnic infested TPLF party full of vultures and outlaws introducing development and good governance.

Zenawi has over and over again blamed the Ethiopian Diaspora for every mistake he made. Especially after the North African revolution, Zenawi has literally taken days off from his “contractual job” and has started a full time assault on the Ethiopian Diaspora. As if his long distance assault is not enough, he has sent his trained attack dogs to the Diaspora to preach about “Growth and Transformation”. After so many years of failed attempts, finally, Zenawi has thrown his ball to the unchartered waters [our court]. We in the Diaspora not only should play and win this game, but we must keep the ball so that Zenawi and his robots have nothing to play with. We must prove that we have a superior idea, embracing vision, and we must show them that we have no interest other than the interest of the Ethiopian people. We in the Diaspora should speak in one voice that our country’s growth and transformation is not something that we just support, it is something great and something part and parcel of us.

It is very important that the entire Diaspora sticks together and sends the unequivocal message – ENOUGH! We must tell Zenawi’s attack dogs that the TPLF party and every person in that party must be transformed before they preach about transforming Ethiopia. Most importantly, we must boldly tell them that there is no transformation that transcends freedom, equality, and human dignity. We must prove that, unlike what a handful of gluttons say, we in the Diaspora are not against development. We are not against the interest of our country – we are against political domination, ethnic dictatorship, lack freedom and equality. We are against the political system that has no boundary between the state, the ruling party, and the national economy.

Twenty years ago, there was an element of hope among many Ethiopians, however, the once growing hope quickly melted away when it became more clear that the political development of Ethiopia has grew into a political decay and a lapse into ethnic dictatorship. This simply means that regardless of his absurd 99.6% electoral victory, there is pervasive disenchantment with Meles Zenawi’s revolutionary democratic ideals and practices. Zenawi’s one party democracy and one man rule has been catastrophic to our country and has increasingly endangered our survival as a nation.

The Ethiopian Diaspora has lobbied host countries to shape policies in favor of its homeland or to challenge Zenawi’s ethnic dictatorship. The Diaspora has also tried to influence politics in Ethiopia through its support of opposition movements; social movements, and civil society organizations. The Ethiopian global networks of Diaspora associations have been active in organizing mass protests and coordinating consciousness-raising efforts about homeland-related issues. Following the 2005 election carnage, the Ethiopian Diaspora organized mass demonstrations in dozens of localities around the world, bringing the senseless massacre to worldwide attention.

Many democratic countries regard their Diasporas as strategically vital political assets, while totalitarian regimes, such as Ethiopia see their Diaspora communities as a political threat. Hence, they spend a large amount time, effort, energy and money to divide their Diaspora communities and minimize their democratic influence. In fact, the upcoming planned journey of Zenawi’s men to the Diaspora has nothing to do with growth and transformation; it is all about recruiting party members, dividing the Diaspora and minimizing the role that the Ethiopian Diaspora plays in the democratic transformation of Ethiopia. All in all, Zenawi’s plan is to contain popular uprisings in Ethiopia and to hide his political, social, and economic abuses from the international community by silencing the vocal Diaspora.

I’m sure every Ethiopian in the Diaspora including those who shamelessly support the abuse of their brothers and sisters in Ethiopia know the true mission of Zenawi’s men in the Diaspora. Next week Zenawi’s disciples are coming to the Diaspora to preach his rotten ideals of revolutionary democracy and to contaminate the Diaspora with the age old syndrome of divide and rule. It should be very clear that this journey has nothing to do with investment opportunities to the Diaspora or the role of the Diaspora in the growth and transformation plan. In the last 20 years, many innocent Ethiopians have gone to Ethiopia with the hope of investing in their home land, but returned back after institutional bribes and kickbacks diminished their life long savings. Besides, those who went with a large amount of capital were asked to join the ruling party and to stay out of opposition politics. Therefore, to those compatriots who have good intentions but have no idea of Zenawi’s political anatomy- here is my advice: Don’t fall for Zenawi’s investment trap, if you do, you loose not only your life long savings, you will also loose the freedom you were born with.

I’m dead sure that, as coward as he is, Zenawi has no intention of facing the Ethiopian Diaspora in a town hall environment in which he has no control. His journey to the Diaspora is the dirty work of another group of cowards here in the Diaspora who falsely believe that the side Meles stands is always the ‘majority’. Two cowards do not make a brave- Wake up Diaspora! Let’s face both of them. If there is any time in our struggle that we have to be upfront and stand as a unit, this is that time. If there is a cause that not only we live for, but we die for, this is the cause! Zenawi’s men are coming to ask us to love what they love, but what they love is not what we love! Therefore, if we love our country, the time to prove the love is now. We have been waiting for this moment, now the moment has come. Let us scream Beka! Geye! Yaekel! Aloni! Wetandem! Gides! Eke ! Bass! Diiteh!, Ekako!

  1. Menagesha
    | #1

    Thank you mr. Madebo. If i am correct u live in DC. Please go to the meeting and tell these hodams. I know the woyanes are afraid of your pen. now u have chance to tell them in their face. i love what you write and the way you write.

    you said “If there is a cause that not only we live for, but we die for, this is the cause! Zenawi’s men are coming to ask us to love what they love, but what they love is not what we love! Therefore, if we love our country, the time to prove the love is now. We have been waiting for this moment, now the moment has come”

    What a saying!

  2. Getu Belay
    | #2

    Mr. Madebo, we will go and listen to them and we will make them to listen to us we are not a child to be told what to do and not to do the time for that is over. I will go there and ask, that doesn’t make me there or Woyane supporter but that will make me a true Ethiopian. If you don’t go what do you do? Do you do a community service? Teach your community? No just hung around 14 Str. or at home read your book (Baibel) and watch TV. Mr. Madebo to start like Egypt and Libya will you volunteer to fight? and to go back home. or some one has to do the fight for us? first let the diaspora unite before we do like Egypt and Libya


  3. Behailu
    | #3


    Are u thinking for mr. madebo or madebo is thinking for himself? I thnik he made his idea very clear. All said was lets go and confornt them. He said the time has come. I don’t think you undestood his argument. Ps read his article well. This is what he said- “We must prove that, unlike what a handful of gluttons say, we in the Diaspora are not against development. We are not against the interest of our country – we are against political domination, ethnic dictatorship, lack freedom and equality. We are against the political system that has no boundary between the state, the ruling party, and the national economy”

    Getu ps go and do what madebo asked you to do, he didn’t say don’t go. He said confornt them and prove that we are better. You must think before you comment thinkers.

  4. Sam
    | #4

    Ephrem; I fail to understand what your message is. You wrote the government delegation will come to North America to divide the diaspora. Really? If they do not come here and disrupt our unity, we, the diaspora community, are all working towards the demise of the regime? I did not know that. I thought that the diaspora community probably adds up to be close to half a million, and believed everybody had his own inclination towards politics. I do not think the EPDRF politicos do need to come here to mushroom supporters. They have already had among the diaspora. Besides, I do not believe they are very persuasive enough to disrupt our “unity” that Ephrem dreams about. Chill out, Ephrem. I do not think their coming adds up or substract from the diaspora unity that you had in mind.

  5. Gash Polisu
    | #5


    tew enji bro!

    I think you do not miss the very fact that TPLF works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weaks a year to achieve their evil agenda of destroying Ethiopia and suppressing dissent. For this purpose they deploy enormous amount of money and large personnel both at home and abroad. FYI, they contro every media outlet in the country through which they they spread their propaganda of impressive economic and plotical progress unheard of in the history of Ethiopia. Thus, at home, there is no one who can challenge them as they control all meas of information and disinformation. Moreover, they have made the military and security complex their perosonal property and they can easliy crush any opposition anywhere in the country. So the only threat for the TPLF regime is the Diaspora. They are the only voices for the voiceless people back home and without the formidable force that the Diaspora is no country could have known about TPLF’s brutality and massacres. It is the Diaspora that calls attention and brings alarm about Meles’ land deal with the Sudan. If you really believe that the Diaspora is no concern for Meles, I think you are dead wrong. Their only nightmare is the Ethiopian Diaspora who they cannot control by force nor buy with stolen money from the national treasurey.

    Ephrem Madebo, hats off for you and your collegues in G7!!

  6. Amare
    | #6


    Do you think they are coming to unite us? I don’t really care what efrem said, I have my own brain. EPRDF is not coming to Diaspora to unite the Diaspora or to talk about GTP. They are coming to limit the damage the Diaspora is doing on their regime. ephrem is 100% correct and you are 200% wrong and you sound one of them.

  7. Gadisa
    | #7

    Amare said, “EPRDF is not coming to Diaspora to unite the Diaspora or to talk about GTP. They are coming to limit the damage the Diaspora is doing on their regime.”.

    Amare, you put a big smile on my face. On a serious note, what damage are you taking about?

  8. Amare
    | #8


    You are asking me to show you the mountain standing on the mountain. If you don’t want to see, you don’t see even if you “see”.

  9. Sam
    | #9

    Gash Polisu: I believe the Meles regime does not control the diaspora entirely. But to believe the whole diaspora is against the regime is way out of the mark. True, they have not had as much supporters as they do have opponents in the diaspora community. But they, however, do have supporters they rely upon. Why do the diaspora afraid their coming to North America? Is it because they are so eloquent to brainwash the diaspora community in no time? I do not get it. I do not care if the whole EPDRF leaders come here where I live and preach their tired political discourse. It does not affect me a bit. I follow about Ethiopian politics, and I believe, I am pretty much well informed. I do not form my political belief based on whom I meet. This is degrading. To believe the unity of the diaspora is a visit away from EPDRF politicos coming to North America is tantamount of degrading the political intellengence of the diaspora community, the way I see it. As for your suggestion the diaspora is the only force that EPDRF is afraid of, I do not buy that theory either. The diaspora community voiced relentlesly for the past twenty years against the Meles regime. But EPDRF is still in control. If Ethiopians are praying the diaspora is the means in which ultimately that plays a major role to disloge EPDRF from power, EPDRF politicos would be the happiest politicians on earth. The diaspora community might play a role in helping opposition parties, but nothing more. In fact, if the diaspora community is taking itself too seriously in believing it is the monumental force that EPDRF has to deal with, here again, the EPDRF politicos are the happy crowd. I hope and believe in Ethiopia change will come. The only force that ignites and leads that change primarily are the Ethiopians who are in Ethiopia. I think my response will satisfy Amare, too. By the way, Amare, grading whether somebody is 100 percent right and another one being 200 percent wrong is unnecessary. It pretty much shows a lack of reasoning to back up one’s claim. Just writing the feedback without the statistics will do fine.

  10. Waka
    | #10

    Honourable Ato ephrem madebo

    One thing that we Ethiopians should never forget is that woyanne for sure is an occuping clique (gujille)that is using the tegreans as his thugs (strong hold) and some other ethnics with no national interest except their self interest like any where else in the world and they are very few in number and making their second round chain goes out from this peoples using economically weakend Ethiopians and that is how woyanne 4 million members count that in no way be taken as woyannes, look what they have done 2005 election as of saturday woyanne supply them with money and they let woyanne leader boast that is how we win and the day after the same peoples were out by saying “yesterday for my belly and to day for my beloved nation” and the same woyanne leader who was bosting was ready to flee the country and was waiting stand by in debrezeit, this is very short form of woyanne is building built on sand that can be destroyed with a very few number courageous Ethiopians and for sure can not get along with a looted Ethiopian money be it the finance wing of woyanne the arab tujar al amoudi and other cult members as well.Having said that my main point is only to show that we are not divided as their trial and expectation as seen the deputy belly man H/mariam can only afford of getting 30 Ethiopian of wollamo ethnic whom they accept as a brother rather than deputy woyanne pm as we have heard it from one of the attendees and that after many different tricks not to showup themselves.Woannes attrocities over Ethiopian peoples can be written in a series of books as a diary not only from the kuncho but
    down to cadres is registered by different individual whom are waiting for the day of freedom.

  11. Tolagna
    | #11

    First and foremost,Meles Zinawi and the gangs surrounding him are wanted for varieties of crime that had been committing since invasion.Today,everything and anything that is avilable above and below the lands,in Ethiopia is owned,controlled,and run by members of the crimefamily.

    Ethiopians,take notice;agents of Meles Zinawi are not coming to the US and else where to surrender to Ethiopians;rather,they are coming to us to fool us as if we are a living dead.Remember Ethiopians! the invading forces are telling us to bring in our hard-earned money into their coiffer to build more and more capital so that we can make them more and more rich.

    Remember Ethiopians! Meles Zinawi has been eating our children and destroying our country for the last two decades while building enormous wealth for himself and for his partners who established the system that kept Ethiopians in disadvantage.

    Ethiopians,let hold hand-in-hand and put our hearts and minds together into our committments to continue our struggle which we know it will end in victory.

    Say No To Our Common Enemy!!!!!

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