“The Page Cannot Be Displayed!” “Server not Found” By Fikir Yibeltal

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I don’t really know what to do to cope up with the atrocious life in Ethiopia, atrocious in every sense we all know of so far. This very moment I was trying to browse the internet. I have been trying almost the whole day up until this time, around after lunch, 1:45 to be exact, when I started writing this grudge.

I touch the start button. I order my PC to connect to ETC. It signals that it has been connected to ETC. Again I touch the button that offers me an access to Ethiopian sites through proxies, without proxies? No, No, it is utterly impossible! This is Ethiopia! Ethiopia is the largest prison, a prison set up by the Woyannes to tie both the flesh and the soul of all citizens. One of the proxies gives me the sites I want to look at. Say, abugidainfo.com or ethiomedia.com comes next after so much delay and struggle with INSA, an organ formed by Woyanne in collaboration with the Chinese technocrats to muzzle us, Ethiopians, after they muzzled theirs. This organ is there to give Woyanne websensoring and free media jamming service; it is located around Sarbet, here in Addis Ababa. It sends a package of computer viruses that prevent us from accessing any Ethiopian site such as ecadforu.com and quatero.com or ethiolion.com and addisvoice.com. The sites I need to read news and reports from come somehow but after a little while a message comes and breaks me the news that “The Page Cannot Be Displayed!” or “Server not Found!” No other option, but …[at this time, as ‘adding an insult to injury’, the power went and came after five minutes, but thanks to technology I got my doc. even if I didn’t save it], OK, let me begin from ‘but’ where I stopped, but become absolutely sickened of the wide prison we are in in Ethiopia. It is terrible to live in Ethiopia especially nowadays. Many of us becoming victims of migraine these days.

Let’s pray for a moment, please;

Oh, God Please help us, aren’t we, Ethiopians, too, Your children? Aren’t we as human beings as the ones who get Your benediction in abundance? Aren’t we the descendants of Adam and Eve, Your makes of the biblical time? What have we done that we Ethiopians are immersed in such a quagmire from which nobody has been able to get us out? What are our sins that have thrown us into such ugliest earthly life in a manner no country of the world has ever faced hitherto? OH, please, God the Almighty, have mercy on us! We are under absolute oppression; a form of oppression that has belittled us all below the standard of being an animal in other nations of the so called developed world. We are considered by our rulers as speaking animals. Please, God, send us Your Army of Ethiopian heroes who can free us from this untold suppression and inhumane handling of these crooked children of Your opponent, Satan, who are unhesitatingly obeying the instructions of him. And please don’t give us similar selfish and power mongering citizens as leaders anymore; we are fed up of such malignant wolves who come under sheep’s clothing and who are always astutely clever enough to grab any chance whenever there is a change in our politics. We need leaders anointed with Your blessed ointment. We don’t care whomever You send us in terms of ethnicity; we only care for their merits and the wisdom You only give them. Unless You help us soon, these diabolic children of the underworld will shortly consume all what we have now; they stained the love we had, they misappropriated our wealth, they weakened our unity and strength, they defaced our dignity, they spoilt our prestige; they made us known for beggary and asylum seeking, immigration and migration, poverty and every type of decadence. We are left only with a hope that You may intervene any moment here after, for we have suffered a lot in a degree no people has/have had.

My God Gracious, to my dismay, this message, The Page Cannot Be Displayed, comes whenever I restart my PC. Even the gmail service is interrupted due the interference. I am detached from the world, especially from the Ethiopian sites without which I don’t think I can politically survive. Not only I, I do believe, others who are like me are also detached from the world of information at least at this very moment. These Woyannes would have been very much happy to send us all to jail if the number of concentration camps and prisons they have could have been enough to accommodate this huge population of the country.

For the time being, alas for us who are under this Nebuchadnezzar, Meles Zenawi! Alas for the destiny of Ethiopia unless something is done shortly! Finally, alas for those who are the agents of devil in accomplishing the evils that men could possibly do in Ethiopia just to please their master, King of Darkness.

Believe me, we people in Ethiopia are literally in prison, in one way or another. Being able to eat and drink what is available per se is not a sign of freedom; animals also do that. People in prisons in Europe or the US are better treated than us who are said to be living under a democracy of 99.6% election vote. What a bitter joke!

The US and EU and the UN and all international civil and political organizations:

Please don’t be deceived anymore by the smart words of our little despots, Hitler and Mussolini – incarnates, unless you purposely want the deception for any of your insincere goals as has been the case until now. Please come to your senses and face the reality in Ethiopia. Know this as well that the end of evilness is no more than being perished underneath a hellish fire or a macabre of flood. Realize this as well that you cannot be both saint and sinful; you seem to worship God in His various linguistic manifestations or names, call Him Allah, Dium, Dio etc. How on earth can a person dare to help a tyrant for a purpose of any hidden agenda, economic or political, knowing the fact that God hates treachery and intrigue and any form of sinful act? Leaders of the ‘first world’, who claim to be religious, please kneel down in front of the altar, and if you really believe in God, close your eyes, think what your security and intelligence organs have been doing so far to dismantle fledgling democracies and public uprisings all over the world, and tell God that you all were WRONG up to now. It is time now you should reconcile with the Lord, the real Lord of Heaven. Stop repeating the mistakes of satanic doings you have been engaged for the last good number of centuries. Know well this also that your civilization will take you nowhere when the inevitable tribulation comes into the scene to ferret out the chaff from the wheat, the blessed from the cursed, the humane from the inhumane, the carnivorous from the frugivorous, etc. It seems you are by now in a mood of complacence, in vain though, due to the seemingly astonishing level of scientific and technological advancements. Do you have any say about the Fukushima nuclear crisis? Was your worldly wisdom on LEAVE at that time? It is a pity that innocents are victims of any misery. Nevertheless, we must know that there is a Day of Judgment to what we do here on earth; I don’t mean Fukushima is one, but I mean you need to examine the unknown side of nature also and be people of fairness if such catastrophes are imminent to happen at any moment, any time, and anywhere on the globe. So please don’t take any measure that is against an oppressed people, if you do so, God will never let you free before any fairly balanced retribution is meted out to each ‘involvee’ according to their deed. By the way do you know how you can avert such any similar incident, say, if it will happen at Pentagon or anywhere else where there is the same nuclear rod, for peaceful or otherwise purpose? I hope you don’t have any! So please hands up to God about Whom you and our priests have been lying against Him to the mass.

Hence, you westerners please shift your stand to the oppressed majority of the world before it is too late and help them in any way possible, like your move in Libya to help the wrenched people there. This Woyanne junta is just a blueprint of Ghadafi, Gbagbo, Saleh, Ben Ali, and Mubarak. Meles and co. is one and the same with these tyrants. Not only one and the same, in some cases Meles and his cronies are far worse than any other tyrant in the registered history of mankind, due to the fact that their state apparatus is primarily filled up with people handpicked from their own ethnic group for the sole purpose of sustaining their divide and rule system of mafia style government, not government as such but family cartel or syndicate. They don’t trust personnel from other nationalities and hence they don’t offer them significant positions in the hierarchy of the political echelon/structure. In case they do so, these poor Ethiopian ‘officials’ are supposed to fall under strict intelligence surveillance and persistent nagging not to do any thing out of the portfolio they are bestowed by the junta. They cannot do anything in free mind, and therefore, they must quit and flee out of country or they have to remain blind obedient and serve the system as a Trojan horse. This is our current fate. This is how we live now. …

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    We in the diaspora, do really understand your frustration ! how terrible it is to live in Ethiopia. The only solution is to end weyane’s reign in Ethiopia..in order to do that to organize and speak to them in a language they understand

  2. Down with TPLF
    | #2

    My heart aches, I am deeply saddened, angry and frustrated for Fikir and the rest of my Ethiopian brothers and sisters who are living under the brutal TPLF regime in the most oppressed way possible. Obviously, TPLF have a lot to hide to go to this length spending hundreds of millions of dollars to keep their crimes hidden. No matter how much TPLF try to hide the horrific crimes they have been committing on Ethiopia and Ethiopian people for the last twenty years, they will never be successful in hiding the whole truth. What goes around comes around. Soon it will be Meles’s turn to be humiliated and thrown out of office like the disgraced dictators of Egypt and Tunisia. Hang in their and be strong my brothers and sisters. TPLF goal is to break us all down, we must and should stay strong by all means of necessary to fight tyranny.

  3. TED
    | #3

    fikir yibeltal,
    I like your writing ,i found them filled with humor and are to the point.
    spread the word!

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    Ante heartless arrogant Amlack selam yasattahe:: Only woyanes like you ignore the Human Abuse in Ethiopia. OF COURSE LIFE IS BAD IN ETHIOPIA! Some people who are born without conscience, compassion, kindness and sympathy don’t have the understandings of Human Rights Abuse — TOTALLY SATANIC! The cold-hearted hateful TPLF dictator is hated by 78 million Ethiopians, but for the time being, it is a bit difficult for Ethiopians to get rid of the barbarous brutal dictator who is armed to his teeth and he abuses close to 80 million Ethiopians by throwing them in prison, torturing them, taking their lands, looting and killing them. God is on the side of the oppressed people of Ethiopia and He will take care of the bloody hand dictator who is responsible for the countless number of innocent Ethiopians deaths. God works in his timetable and in time, Meles will get what he deserves. Let us all pray to God to bring comfort for all oppressed Ethiopians and to bring the end of TPLF regime soon.

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