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“The duty of those at the head of the movement is to have the masses behind them. Allegiance presupposes awareness and understanding of the mission, which has to be fulfilled; in short, an intellectual position, however embryonic. We must not voodoo the people, nor dissolve them in emotion and confusion. Only those under-developed countries led by revolutionary elites who have come up from the people can today allow the entry of the masses upon the scene of history. But, we must repeat, it is absolutely necessary to oppose vigorously and definitively the birth of a national bourgeoisie and a privileged caste. To educate the masses politically is to make the totality of the nation a reality to each citizen. It is to make the history of the nation part of the personal experience of each of its citizens.” (FANON, THE WRETCHED OF THE EARTH) The future leader of Ethiopia, after the uprising takes place, will be distinguished by the following qualities. The leader will have to be comprehensively intelligent, as distinguished to be merely:

(1) Tactically Intelligent

(2)Emotionally intelligent
(3)Logically Intelligent

Comprehensive intelligence consists of Compassion, Truthfulness, Uprightness, Balance and Justice.

(1)Tactical intelligence is the ability to reason from capricious premises to convenient conclusions.
(2Emotional intelligence is the ability to empathize with the condition of others by caring for them and expressing compassion for their situation.
(3)Logical intelligence is to reason from premises to acceptable conclusions.
(4)Comprehensive intelligence is the complex syntheses of (1) (2) and (3) and a disciplined avoidance of (1), each and every time that a leader is tempted by the snares of Tactical intelligence.

The current leader of the Tyrannical regime is abundantly gifted in the practice of Tactical reasoning but denuded of Comprehensive Intelligence.

The Ethiopian people’s condition, however, does not need Tactically sophisticated sophists who attempt to dazzle the public by speaking foreign languages fluently. What we need is a leader with a comprehensive intelligence, which can be expressed, in one’s native language, and when needed, can be translated into any needed foreign language, unless the leader is comprehensively intelligent and additionally fluent in an appropriate foreign language.

Ethiopia does not have such a leader, and the future leader must be tested against the yardstick of a mastery of comprehensive intelligence.

Our current leader is bamboozling us through technical intelligence mediated through a decent mastery of English about which his wife boasts and which she wants to sell to the market.

That is precisely the kind of common intelligence that our people do not deserve.

The future leaders of Ethiopia need to cultivate Comprehensive Intelligence to save the nation.

Teodros Kiros
Professor of Philosophy and English (Liberal Arts)
Berklee College of Music

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