Reject the Ethno-Fascist Foot Soldiers of Melese Zenawi

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A message from the Ethiopian Embassies in the US and Canada is urging all persons of Ethiopian origin to meet a high level delegation of Melese Zenawi’s regime in 14 cities of North America. The delegation will hold its meeting in Ottawa and Toronto on April 9 and 10. The purpose of all these coordinated meetings, we are told, is to invite diaspora Ethiopians to participate in the so called “Development and Transformation Plan” of the regime. In other words we are being invited to invest in the economic plan of Melese Zenawi and his ethno-fascist regime. We are writing to request all Ethiopians to come out in force and reject the maneuvers of the regime for the following reasons:

Based on its record we can not trust this regime

• EFFORT owns and controls every sector of the Ethiopian economy; the ruling party (the TPLF) is at the same time a trading company
• TPLF/EPDRF is a one party dictatorship in which political power, military leadership, and economic ownership has firmly come under the control of Melese Zenawi
• The ethno-fascist regime has wiped out the free press and independent media and Ethiopians are forced to lead a life of untold oppression and misery
• Inflation is soaring at 10% every month and corruption of government officers is completely out of control; to get a permit or a stamp of approval citizens must pay tens of thousands of Birr or abandon their project
• Ethiopians from North America who went back to their country to invest in good faith have been robbed by corrupt officials, cheated out of their money by the cronies of the state and returned bankrupt. We can site a number of cases, including some from our own city. A number of people have come back with broken health and empty pockets after losing millions of Canadian dollars.
• Melese and his band of traitors have sold away our land inch by inch, plot by plot there by uprooting Ethiopians from their land and destroying the natural environment. And now they are coming for our bank books.

Why now and what is the real objective of the regime
• The dictator is jittery about the popular uprising in North Africa and his messengers are going around the world to divert attention
• After having weakened the legal opposition, this is a follow-up strategy to divide and conquer and ultimately silence the diaspora opposition.
• Melese Zenawi and his band of robbers would like to see the flow of dollars to increase in order to fatten up their Swiss bank accounts.
• If they are lucky the errand boys of the regime would like to recruit agents among us by handing out some sugar cubes

What must be our response to the messengers of the despot

Our response to tyrants, criminals and traitors could be just one and only one: that is rejection. It is our duty as sons and daughters of a glorious country to shame and frustrate the foot soldiers of this ethno-fascist regime. It is our duty to speak up and fight for the rights and liberties of our people. It is our duty to reject the futile maneuvers of the despot to divide and conquer us. Finally we would like to give this band of traitors a very bold and unmistakable message to take to Melese Zenawi: “Sorry pal, Mission Impossible”.

Ethio-Canadian Forum for Democracy and Patriotic Ethiopians
Ottawa, Canada

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