Utter nonsense! Samson B

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In its latest edition the Awramba Times news paper went extra length to interview the current ambassador of the United States to Ethiopia, Mr Donald Booze. As the paper witnessed, it was the Ambassador’s first interview to the local press after a full year self censorship. As I read the introduction I felt a positive urge to read through the interview expecting a profound analysis of the current Ethiopian situation. According to the old Ethiopian wisdom when the Tej stays longer in the cellar it will get mature. However, I found the Honorary Ambassador’s year long silence did not bring the desired maturation. Or maybe the solace brought about a disgusting sourness. Frankly speaking what I learned from his interview is he is at the same level of judgment with the hasty VICKY HUDDELSTON, the onetime American celebrity diplomat of TPLFites who made the likes of Chamesso seasoned politicians overnight.

Firstly, the ambassador fouled when in one hand he said Birtukan Mideksa has left Ethiopia because she want to recuperate from the psychological distress and trauma she encountered during her incarceration and in another denied her intention is not to escape political repression. By this token it is like saying the reason Einstein had fled to the US escaping the Nazi Germany was not exile but a vacation or whatever he names it. Does it take to have three degrees to understand this common sense situation? Even had he phoned the notorious liar Bereket Simon he would have told him what the right answer is.

Then the big foul come in the later stage of the interview when he was asked to reflect on the political changes happening in the Arab world and its possible repercussion to Ethiopia and the sub sharan Africa. Poor Mr Booze seems a diehard adherent of ‘ f..ck the nigger’ imperialism. In a manner that clearly shows his underestimation of the wisdom of Ethiopians he told us in clear terms the situation in Libya is quite different from what is happening in Ethiopia. May be when Meles reaches his 41st year of anniversary in power Mr Booze will say enough if he does not shift the goal post to another corner. I remember the old good days when Ethiopians from all walk of life contributed money to pay back the notorious Swiss Embassy gave to EHRCO after we understood how they underestimate our intelligence. Had it been some kind of freedom in Ethiopia these days it would be good to contribute finance to buy Mr Booze all the volumes of Amartya Sen and George Orwell and other good writers, not forgetting the human rights declarations of the United Nations. At least we would have benefit from his busyness reading them.

I read the mentioned interview two times and contemplated with myself whether this guy is baptised by the so called Revolutionary Democracy at the ballrooms of Sheraton or not. If the editor of Awramba times changed the name of the interviewee to one of the junior cadres of Meles and Co, all the wording and rhetoric will match 99.6%. How dare an ambassador of the United States speaks that democracy will prevail in Ethiopia once the country joins the ranks of middle income countries? When is that day? 100 years from now? 200 years? Another millennia? In which book he read that economic prosperity brings democracy or it is a prerequisite? Is that not his dear friends in Arat Killo telling us again and again they are following the footsteps of china? Does the economic prosperity in china brought in freedom to the Chinese? Why the US day and night urges the Chinese regime to uphold democratic values and practices? The British call such kind of situation an utter none sense!

To conclude, I do not want to spend my time in trying to understand what this man is messaging by reading between the lines. Because I never do with neither of the hypocrites I came across before. The United States of America seems to send ‘ gizotegna’ Donalds to Ethiopia as pseudo ambassadors. The old one used to shuttle from Arat Killo to Kaliti to negotiate the release of Kinijit leaders and one day Meles told him to shut up. Rather than doing what he was told he said the opposition leaders cannot lead a country let alone their families. He should have the courage to speak the truth but chose to attack the victims instead. I will send this e mail to Mr Booze with the old Ethiopian saying “ zim bale af zimb aygebabetim” . It is a pity these days the only truth almost all the western emissaries in Ethiopia talk about is HIV/AIDS statistics. As most Ethiopians I gave up long ago to hear a word of wisdom from that direction, but I always keep on dreaming they will one day keep quiet and just mind where the next talk shop or dinner reception is.

April 2011

  1. Sam
    | #1

    Samson: The Ambassador has answered as any ambassador could and would answer. Ambassadors are not political figures, they are diplomats. Their jobs require of them to be behind the political line of the government and the country they serve. Have, Samson, you expected to hear the Ambassador criticizing EPDRF to your satisfaction? That does not happen currently in Ethiopia because EPDRF is in total control. The Ambassador might have gone a bit further to just pick and choose the safe political items that he disagreed with the ruling party if the opposition parties are alive and kicking. I do not think he sees it that way — the political equilibrum in Ethiopia shifted favoring the government after the 2005 election because EPDRF totally closed every political avenue. The Ambassador has known about it . The Ambassador and the government he represents are safe in making Samson and his likes mad without being bothered about the outcome. In their diplomatic language they said repeatedly the opposition parties have no vision. I certainly believe they still believe that.

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    Mr Booze need to focus on his political mission more than what his predecessors if he want to be remembered in good way. It seems to me his typical egnorant like the rest of aparthide leadership who ruined south africa for years so far the last 4 ambassadors did slappy job. just wasted taxpayers money.

  3. Dama
    | #3

    If his name is indeed “Donald Booze that says it all.
    He need to be sober when he is interviewed.

  4. tewbel.
    | #4

    It is said that ” a diplomat is an honest man sent to lie for his country”. I douibt if it is the role of a diplomat to criticize openly the government to which he is accredited.
    And now after wickilick I doubt if they do it in their messages for their own government.
    Cheer up.

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