Meles Envoys or All Ethiopian Delegation Team? By Degol AreAdom

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Ethiopia has every right to dam Abay (Nile) with or without Egypt’s consent particularly with the current arrangement that allows it if and when 2/3 of the Nile Basin countries gave a nod. But only for hydropower generation. Other schemes need Egypt’s agreement, and of course that of Sudan (down stream countries that may be impacted by such project). For centuries Egypt stood against this. That was old Egypt. The new Egypt seems to tone-down the old rivalry and seek cooperation from the other basin countries and mainly Ethiopia. If it’s current diplomatic efforts are any testimony the two month old government (actually it is a transition group with a lot in its plate and trying to carefully chart the waters post-Mubark) seems very cognizant of upstream countries inherent rights. To quote Ahram (Al-Ahram’s online version) 1 covering the most recent Egypt’s high delegation visit to Uganda “The Egyptian delegation calls for refreshed coordination with the people of the African countries that share the Nile basin. The new delegation, according to its coordinator, Mostafa Gendy, of Al Wafd party, aims at a new start to overcome the prejudice of the former regime.”2

Actually Egypt just removed a former Mubarrk era bureaucrat used to putting wedges between Ethiopia and Egypt. Now you would think that is good news: the first of its kind in decades if not in centuries. But No No! Meles Zenawi, true to form, is there to spoil it. He is making all kind of bravado to ante-up the rhetoric while Egypt is saying let us talk and give us time to study the proposal. All of a sudden Meles is in a hurry! So much so he can’t even give a chance and breathing time to this new Egyptian transitional administration. He beats war drums and adding Eritrea into the mix when they are going for diplomatic efforts.

Amazing but not puzzling if you knew Meles Zenawi. True Egypt has been doing all dirty tricks and has been very hard on us when we faced all sorts of problems: of which many of them Egypt instigated or abated through Shabia-Eritrea. All of a sudden Ethiopia and Egypt are not going to be buddy-buddy and it may be fool hardy to put all faith in a new Egyptian administration either. But after decades of waiting is this a pay-back time? Really? When Egypt is charting a new course Meles beats war drums brings old rhetoric! May be he is sad Mubark is gone!

1,Egypt’s revolution knocks Nile Basin doors

You would think Meles Zenawi would summon partners from all over the world (domestic and foreign) to help him build this mega project: yet he has chosen alienation and spat! Egypt is just coming out of a major political crisis yet they have successfully enlisted the support of all color of politics and presidential aspirants behind their Nile agenda: together protect Egypt’s interest by all means. In the most recent mission to Uganda and other Nile basin countries they sent a delegation team including three presidential candidates (Hisham El Bastawisy, Hamdeen Sabahy and Ayman Nour) in addition to a number of known political figures, including Osama Al Ghazaly Harb, the head of Al Gabha party, Alsayed Elbadawy the head of Al Wafd party, Hussein Ibrahim of the Muslim Brotherhood, Abdel Hakim Abdel Nasser the son of former president Gamal Abdel Nasser, and representatives of Revolution Youth Coalition. In contrast what does Meles do? Push away the opposition; actually threatened Andinet that he will charge them with instigating insurrection; muzzled the free press; and instead of a true coalition and diverse team he sends a team of EPRDF lackeys to spout his new propaganda and rub some national feelings and emotions among the Diaspora. In one hand he tells us this is not EPRDF pet project but a national initiative, but then he has no ear for criticism or alternative policies and strategies. Mr. Know-it-all needs nobody!

If this were a genuine national initiative, and he needs to have one, Meles Zenawi would have worked hard for broad based national consensus, mobilized everyone including and particularly opposition parties, civic institutions, labor unions, and the free press rallying behind it: exactly like what the Egyptian are doing now. If this was a meaningful national initiative he would have corralled great minds and independent Ethiopians, activists and opposition party leaders and formulated a truly diverse and representative delegation team that will travel along a free press (not party mouths such as Ethio-Channel and Walta) and not just a bunch of globe-trotting ruling party cadres beating a war drum. They need to go back and come back reconstituted and with a new mission: all inclusive and diverse with all opposition parties behind it! Then we will talk! Before that I am not parting with my hard-earned money!

  1. Ghion
    | #1

    Pm. Meles Zenawi is doing everything right and just for his country, how dare you criticize the most outstanding leader Ethiopia has ever had. Egypt had controlled the Nile water for millennia and while Egyptians fade themselves three to four times a day using our top soil and water, the children of Ethiopia has been dying of starvation and now when the most vibrant leader of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi puts his feet down and says no more to Egyptian domination and exploitation of Nile, you the mother of all sale out BANDAS are blaming Meles. History will be the judge.
    Ethiopia forever.

  2. seyoum
    | #2

    This is amazing.Meles is actually trying to prop up his regime by raising the issue of war and piece.Can we wait for a little to see what will the new Egyptian approach be? Does anybody in his administration has any sense to see what this guy is doing? God save Ethiopia from this tyrant.

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    Wel friened it is well known from your writing you do not have any clue about building a dam or you are blinded by hate to Melese, egypt get in termoile in the last few month and you think Melese knew all this to plan and make it official the dam project. Wow! he must be a seer with special abilty then it does not hurt to have that kind leader.But from your writing you are selfish and self centered if you are Ethioian filling pity for Egyipt which was obstacle for the last close to hundred years. just to discredit meles you blame him to wait until Egypt keep their house in order no way we waited all these 100 years or more.
    If you know history this place of dam was selected by the Haylesilase withe the same enginer now who is going to build it so why the king abandoned it because he could not win egypt and the world support but know we do not need world support and egypt’s concent we will build it. but you if you are Etiopian you will be remembered like the bandas who worked with Italy to heart Ethiopia.

    This time it the time for Ethiopia and Africa.

  4. DJ
    | #4

    It is amazing what a discredited, talkshop managers from diaspora would do to derail Ethiopia’s progress. Mr. Degol, I doubt you are a true Ethiopian, or have its interest at heart. While you are barking Meles is planing big and marshaling the troops to excute!!

    Please get in line or get out of the way!!

  5. Eyoel
    | #5

    Pleas go and cheat the tourist, we know our history how many times Egypt and Eritrea sabbotaged Ethiopia, do not blame Meles, I do not support Meles by any standard but on this issue I will support him… He is doing the right thing.. shame on you abugida, you post this kind of sutupid crap.. if you want to discredit Meles, that is something but because Meles do not sabbotage Ethiopia is not acceptable

  6. Anonymous
    | #6

    Dogol Areadom,Eritrean? No need to get a green light from the Egyptians or th Sudanese!!!

  7. hagera
    | #7

    I don’t understand some of you guys how you think? pleas try to know the difference between country and politics. I don’t think you understand that.Egyptian youth and some powerful Egyptian had a meeting in Uganda at this time to discuss about Nile but you guys discourage the citizen to avoid a meeting. I am sorry for Ethiopia she don’t have mature and …

  8. Bekumsa
    | #8

    Really, Meles is the greatest leader the country has ever seen? Sometimes it is good to keep our emotions to ourself.

  9. Habesh
    | #9

    Brother Ghion, have U read wikileaks docs. It is already written what Americans think of your beloved Meles. The BANDAS you are talking of are doing EVERYTHING by themselves. Your beloved MELES is hitting the wardrum in one hand and begging on the other one. Please, think ethiopian and not only TIGRAY (or Adwa to be specific)

  10. YEMM
    | #10

    TPLF/EPLF have been doing Egypt’s dirty work to destabilise Ethiopia for decades. It is the same old story. woyane dirty game of war drum for survival and yet another tactic to divert attention from the real politics.

    True to its nature the woyane thrive on violence and war.

  11. goban gergo
    | #11

    Meles Zenawi fooling the nations. practically this regim against the will of ethiopians. but at this time he tried to do what ethiopian people need. Do you trust meles zenawi ?

    Why he topple Esayes at the same time dam Nile water ? He is the first and worst person in the world , he calling for war to distruct own country .He prepared to separet the country in to pices . thanks God ethiopians are a winner . this weakend nations redirecting the bulky enemy of ethiopia . meles and muhammad shamsaddin megalomats will disappointed

  12. goban gergo
    | #12

    Dear ETHIOPIAN, Do you trust meles zenawi ? it is your time to pray to your God . meles and enmes will punshed by god

    thank you God

  13. Oda Tulu
    | #13

    Ghion: You are a Woyane agent deliberately covering up all the heinous crimes of Meles Zenawi including genocide, ceding fertile farmlands on unprecedented

  14. Samuel
    | #14

    Woyane agents,

    TPLF cannot represent Ethiopia or the interest of the Ethiopian people. No matter what Meles says, we should focus on the larger picture. Meles has proven that at the end of the game he is only interested in the preservation of the TPLF government. He pushed Eritrea to cecede because he did not want Isaiyas to compete with him as a leader of Ethiopia after their “victory” over the rest of Ethiopian people. Meles is acting like a patriot when he does not have a scintilla of patriotism in his bone. The man can talk a street talk that we are accustomed to in Marcato and he is engaged in the acting job again. Go find your fools.

  15. Anonymous
    | #15

    Abugıda ıs not realy an Ethiopian. It is rather a blined opposition group whıch can not dıfferentiate issues to be opposed and supported. Let us assume the melese is traying to brıng a national concensus usıng the Nile rıver issue. If ıt ıs positive where ıs the mistake that he is doing.So, it is better to ıdentifay the issues to be supported and opposed. It is not oly for this issue as Ethiopians in evry aspect of political ıssue. For instance I am one of the oppsıng ındıvıdual for the melese wıth regurd to Eritrean issue rıght from the begınıng upto now. But for thıs issue I will be on the sıde of melese because the issue ıs a natıonal issue.

  16. Hilina Regasa
    | #16

    We all know that every Ethiopian were praying to get a good leader who could think for his people and the country. We also knows unfortunately we didn’t get such person that is why we all are here showting one another but I think no need of fighting for possition. As most of you says that “if Meles could do what he said” that is some thing which might answer what most of us waiting for but not mean everything what we are expecting. Eventhough the Nile issue is one of our major issues; we have several agendas which we need to be answered by our leaders which are there or we expected for. Do you think brothers and sisters this single agenda divide our oneness? The writers you need to be aware very well about what you write, for whom you write and make it balance about the issue in general. Otherwise we will end up somewhere as usual.

    Please, writers and people of Ethiopia think twice and try to hold your emaothion before you bring staffs here in public as it gives different interpretation for different people which you do not know them and different level of understanding. Good luck for proceeding in one goal searching for a concerned leader.

  17. Eshi!
    | #17

    Is anybody can tell us the real difference among the Nile riparian countries during the Cooperative Framework Agreement that got a blessing among 2/3 of the Nile nations? It would be good if we know what Egypt wants and what Ethiopia and the Others are Saying in terms of legal context. I couldn’t find any source that elucidate their differences as it appear on the agreement! This will help us also to see if the GoE is really investing for real or for political consumption! The other point I want to raise is are we justifying our claims based on the right to implement projects only for hydropower and not for other purposes like irrigation, fishery, transport,…

  18. Anonymous
    | #18

    This all Abay dam war with Eritrea stuff a whole BS crap from Meles’s/TPLF norrow minded tribal aparthied facists to divert the people attention from the current mass uprising in North America and middle east. Hey people wake up and smell the coffee! How come our people become so stupid and greedy to buy such a non sense from the Mele’s baby killer crmiminal government to expect such a kind national development agenda. I know MELES/TPLFITEs are soooooo stupid back warded village minded, tribalist groups they think they’re the samrtest chosen people and the rest of majority ethiopians are stupid “Hadeges” that can buy any trick they provided as after 20 years of ethnic aprthied, poverty, mass displacement, prostitution, homelesness, stealing public fund and monopizing the countries enconomy through EFFORT and in 2005 after killing peace full protesters and jaiiling in toushand in conteration camps now suddenly they become nationalist and the people person? Common guys the next journy for MELES/TPLF is to international criminal court not nation building because in 2005 the miss a chance to make history!

  19. Gigi
    | #19

    Whether good or bad don’t think this project is today’s thinking, I am sure they have been working on it putting the nation
    Second, if you ask me how? Why do the light go out and has been going out for years know. Which city which
    Beulding is causing all of this? I could be wrong but it all sounds funny. We all also know how much you loos or gain
    When you have power and don’t. What ever development can came first when puting people at risk and misery.

    Even though light or power is a very important thing for who evers better life and a key to development and transformation I just don’t think Ethiopia lacks so much of power and that is our first thing to do even though it can be
    The second or third thing if really Ethiopia and east Africa can profit from it. And they are the ones with everybody’s money any ways, why are they coming to ask as for money. May be they know we don’t have it and tomorrow. They
    Will say ” you had a chance to invest on it “.

    Arab yegezan yimesile
    Mine kuna kuna alubin
    Gezitenewal ena
    Enawukewalen Arebun.

    Afinchaw kechin nat
    Fitum yegereta
    Firengim ayimesel
    Dabo new mimesilew
    Ye Greakin pita.

    Segurum tikure
    Tikure ende Kura
    Ket Meses Yale
    Endefers chira.

    Amelu keffunew
    Ebbed chira keresh
    Libu sewu nakee
    Ke esat yemaishesh.
    Hageru bereha
    Yelelewu mediresha
    Alemin yaregat

    Tadia ahun bitelegn
    Firewu arabune?
    Tigabun Tyitenal

  20. hagera
    | #20

    Hey, guys please write exactly about the topic which you read on the head line. DON’T JUMP ALL OVER.

  21. ababu
    | #21

    It seems many of you are not responding to the original post.

    The gist of the original article is “damming Abbai is a good idea; but we need national consensus before embarking on this high stakes project”.

    This is exactly what many of us have been saying for ages! In my opinion, Melles is adopting a 2-layer strategy.
    1. Because the majority of Ethiopians, including opposition members and supporters will be behind this project, any group that utters anything that could be remotely construed as disagremment will be ‘detached’ from its mass base. THIS IS AN IMMEDIATE POLITICAL GOAL.

    2. The project will not be finished during Melles’ current tenure. So, he will be ‘begged by the EPRDF’ to stay on until its successful completion. THIS IS A MIDIUM TERM POLITICAL GOAL.


    The stake are high. We should be behind the project, but under one condition


  22. Tolagna
    | #22

    Attention Ethiopians!!

    Pease,make a not that Meles Zinawi and the gangs surrounding him never have done anything or will never do anything,small or big unless they are fully confinced that it benefits them.

    This man,Meles Zinawi,who swallowed our children alive can never be or will never be trusted with Ethiopia.Don’t take his words for granted.

  23. Heartless Woyannes!
    | #23

    Woyannes: as long as you get the benefit, you don’t care to what happens to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. SHAME!
    Narcissist Meles will not do a thing to benefit Ethiopia and Ethiopians. In the last twenty years Meles has proven that he has no love for Ethiopia and Ethiopians in many ways than we count.
    In twenty years Meles has committed horrendous crimes against his own country than the two world known evil Hitler and Stalin did to their countries,
    Meles has lost credibility when he robbed Ethiopians their God given rights.
    Meles has lost credibility when he gave every inch of Ethiopian port and left Ethiopia landlocked.
    Meles has lost credibility when he chased away Ethiopians and gave their land to his wealthy corrupt foreign billionaires buddies for their own profit and to enslave Ethiopians.
    Meles has lost credibility when he stole the voice of Ethiopian people twice and claimed victory by 96%.
    Meles has lost credibility when he allowed only his ethnic group to control the entire Ethiopian government, including the treasury, the Ethiopian Army and major businesses.
    Meles has lost credibility when he locked up the opposition leaders and tens of thousands of innocent Ethiopians to be tortured and some to be murdered.
    Meles has lost credibility when he gave orders countless number of sons and daughters of Ethiopian parents to be gunned down on the streets of Addis and else where. Meles has been committing murder for more than thirty seven years with the help of his TPLF and EPLF partners in crime (Countless number of young Ethiopian have been killed and thrown like piece of trash in some ditches around Ethiopia not to be recorded by HRW)
    Meles has lost credibility when he and his TPLF criminal buddies robbed the country and became billionaires running one of the poorest country in the world where millions of Ethiopians are expected to die of hunger.
    It is about time for the most heartless cold blooded killer, looter, liar and the brutal TPLF dictator to be toppled down like the Egyptian and Tunisian dictators.

  24. Besso
    | #24

    A shabia Eritrean writing in support of Egypt. What is new? Abugida has proven itself to be a banda website.

  25. Anonymous
    | #25

    Besso, stop using Eritreans as a scapegoat.
    Truthfully, any foreign enemy won’t be any worse than TPLF. For the last twenty years TPLF have been committing horrendous crimes on Ethiopians than your despicable hateful cousins EPLF. I hope both TPLF and EPLF burn in hell for eternity. Because of their deep rooted tremendous amount of hate and tribalism, Ethiopia have been held backwards for generations and Ethiopians have been suffering needlessly.

  26. Derbabaw
    | #26

    Melese is extremely egotistic person; he kicked out his former colleges and party members such the Siye Abraha, Gebru Asrat and the remaining splinter members. He permanently alienated the Ethiopia opposition by refusing accommodation. He miss treat and Humiliated many Ethiopian figures by subjecting them to harsh torture. In all these, his brutal acts gave the impression nothing will happen to his governing party, because of the presence of shabia as his cover. Now he wants to call attention to the nationalist wing of the Ethiopian opposition about the danger posed by Egypt, Eretria, and Somalia axis against Ethiopia. Ethiopia has the right to utilize the river Blue Nile, without consulting with any African country including that of Egypt.
    The crucial issue, for the Ethiopian opposition and Ethiopians, of the moment is Melese must by necessity accommodate the demands of Ethiopians of a right to say in the affairs of their country. Ethiopians can’t mistake the government’s intention to develop the country by erecting a dam as existence of a political system that permits free participation in the political process of the country. With good intention or not what we have in Ethiopia is a political autocracy exercised by one man as sole mouth piece for all Ethiopians-this is a one man autocracy without representation. From what has been said, we learn that melese is devoid of a rational faculty to seek out solution to a complex problem of the day-he rather play as spoiler than to face the facts. We need to know that we are dealing with such a man who is pressed by many issues, health, isolation, and mounting domestic political problem.
    Neverthless, the nationalist Ethiopians need to be aware of the implication of our stand over this issue. My own position on this , regardless who is in office is simply this-Egypt and Eretria stay out the affairs of Ethiopa.Ethiopia is an INDEPENDENT nation in the real sense of that word. It is an attested fact our country remained one of the few countries in the world that escape colonial rule, save brief five year occupation by Italy, in the cities of Ethiopia. Eretria independence has been rightly referred as historical anomaly, and is a creation of yester year. Egypt throughout history has been colonized by different powers until 1922.First Persia ruled Egypt in 525 B.C,Alexander the Great in 332 B.C,followed by Ptolemies,Cleopatra.Then Egypt passed as Roman province then, as Byzantine province. Egypt became under the Ottoman rule in 1557 B.C.Then Napoleon ruled it from 1798-1801.The British took possession of it from1882-1992. The following is the link about the history of Egypt.

  27. Weyanes go to Hell
    | #27

    Meles as usual trying to divert attention. Since when Meles is concerned for the well being of Ethiopia? wasn’t he the one who gave Assab away on a silver platter. Hey weyane cadres, no matter how much you try to divert people’s attention from the impending uprising, I am sorry to tell you this but it’s not working.

  28. dage
    | #28

    I don’t understand the purpose of this meeting. I think they should let in all Ethiopian to participate on this meeting. I got invitation, but I felt crunch when I saw the rest Ethiopian demonstrate out side. Next time please let all Ethiopian participate in their country future.
    Finally for Weyanes this kind of politics is not good for Tigraye people and for your own kids that create more hate.

  29. Mulugeta H.
    | #29

    Rushing on the Dam Project by Melese Zenawi will only bred him contempt from the Egyptions who believe in cooperation and transperancy now since they have went through a regime change and came through it victorious.

  30. Tolagna
    | #30

    Meles Zinawi as a crimeboss has committed so many weird and wicked crimes against Ethiopians had done a lot bad things to hurt Ethiopia.He is a fugitive.

    A group of tugs known for their crimes entered Ethiopia via invasion;of course,time favoured them and invaded Ethiopia.They then broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families.They are the most wanted criminals in Ethiopia.

    A dedicated ugly enemy of Ethiopia,Meles Zinawi who was hatched from the eggs that was laid by the enemy that came before him can he never be trusted neither with Ethiopia nor with Ethiopians;therefore,he must be removed from the surface of Ethiopia and must also be abolished the system he and the mafias established twenty years ago.our goal is clear and simple,that is free Ethiopias and Ethiopia and our mission is to fight and fight and fight the enemy until it is crushed to its complete deafeat.

  31. Tede Bekel
    | #31

    I don’t understand how did they know me. They sent to me an invitation letter throught som body.I think they should let in all Ethiopian to participate on this meeting.I went to a meeting in Atlanta and participated,I got many people from Ethiopia who come with the government team. I know them and they are shamed when they saw me. I was sad because i was Ethiopia before four years.The discusion was confused and nonsense. It was untruth. I remembered the last 20 years of government agenda meeting every kebel and office. during the last years descusion were Ethiopia reached with the rich countery, Still Ethiopia is the most poorest countery in the world.It is shame. They repeated their steratage of poletics.Nothing new,the same as BPR, REFORMATION, ABIOTAWI DEMOCRACY, Agricultural led industeralization slogan of the prime minster.But I regreated and sad when I saw the rest Ethiopian great demonstrate out side. Next time i will never and ever go this government meeting,please, every body excuse me.Finally for Government this kind of politics is not good for Tigraye people and for your own kids that create more hate.

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