Woyanne exclusivism in glaring display – By Teodros Kiros

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Old, young, men and women came to Cambridge, Ma, on a beautiful spring day to protest the stooges of Tyranny, when they dared to stage their mediocre five year plan. (more…)

Old, young, men and women came to Cambridge, Ma, on a beautiful spring day to protest the stooges of Tyranny, when they dared to stage their mediocre five year plan. Tyrants are shameless beings. They speak with two ends of their mouth. On the one hand, they had a poster outside which said

“ Let us resolve our differences through dialogue”

At the same time, they converted the street into a combat zone with the unnecessary presence of armed Cambridge police and sought to criminalize the protestors outside.


Cambridge Police

Woyanne’s failed on two counts. They obviously did not understand what they wrote on the poster that differences must be resolved by dialogue. Instead, consistent with Woyannes Ethnocracy, they developed a mysterious definition of Ethiopianity and decided to invite their Ethiopians to the capricious exclusion of the Ethiopians outside. Once again they proved their incompetence and miserably failed to criminalize the disciplined Ethiopians outside. Infact, they inadvertently criminalized themselves and performed their notorious obsession with ethnocracy. This is nothing new.

They failed even more at a deeper level. They thought that by criminalizing the sizable protestors outside that the protestors would be frustrated and enter into street fights. Instead the protestors remained cool and chose appropriate slogans aimed at some of the shameless participants, other than the usual cadres who are existentially rooted in the fate of the moribund tyranny, which in due time is going to be dismantled by the activities of the Ethiopian people through the spectacular model of protest- the people’s peaceful Uprising, which is being crafted patiently, smartly and appropriately at the right time, in the right place and to the right degree.

The Woyanne’s are so drunk with power that they think they will intimidate us with a military apparatus, and we the people are going to resist them with our sheer numbers, our moral intelligence and our discipline.

The protest against tyranny in Cambridge attended by an adequate number was disciplined, well organized and qualitatively impressive. For now the Ethiopian people’s yearning for freedom and dignity is not a function of numbers, as the Woyanne’s think, but a function of quality, discipline and determination.

In due time the peoples’ struggle will be expressed both in numbers and substance and will be guided by an inclusive Ethiopianity as opposed to an exclusive ethnocracy, in the spirit of Woyanne’s “ revolutionary democracy”

At Cambridge and many other places the Woyannes continue to expose their intellectual vacuity and managerial incompetence. Their five year came as it left, preached to the usual quire but failed to attract the attention of the protestors outside, had they been invited to reflect and debate the content in the people’s agora. The ethnocratic program of tyranny is simply so incompetently organized that it did not even know how to invite opponents to a dialogue free of domination; instead of dialogue genuine Ethiopians were treated to the Cambridge police.




  1. ግሩም
    | #1

    እጅግ ደስ ይላል በርቱ ወገኖቼ

  2. Abi
    | #2

    WONDATA ETHIOPIAN afachnin betemenja legumew silemamedubn kermu ahun asdesetachhun thanks for all of yr effort if i were there all addis people do the same what y dd it. ABO ALAH YSTCHU

  3. ethio
    | #3

    NO NO No diaspora money for EPRDF and thier HODAM groups…….

    EPRDF its your end…..

    | #4

    The end of Meles Zenawi regime is coming soon, they have been playing different kind of game,but now will going to be end. Mass people went to the rally good job.

  5. abba
    | #5

    wonderful we will see more than this next time.

  6. YEMM
    | #6

    The lawless woyane bandits have been sucking the blood out of Ethiopia for two decades. As a result, Ethiopia still remains one of the poorest countries in Africa. ALL THE ECONOMIC ACTIVITY In the country is under the control of the woyane and their henchmen. Even by african standards, our people are the poorest of the poor unable to meet their basic needs of food and clean water. Many people remain hungry and famine and poverty have beecome routine against the background of woyane’s claim of double digit economic growth. WHAT IS CLEAR IS that the ONLY WINNERS IN THIS GAME HAVE BEEN ONLY THE WOYANE THEMSELVES.

    The woyane are everyday making laws in their favour to prevent others from taking part and making a living in the economic activity of the country. They put taxes up or deny permits to people who like to set up businesses using their court and bureaucracy.

    As if this is not enough,the woyane are now selling our country left, right and centre to pakistanis, arabs, indians, and chinese yet to fill up their insatiable appetite for cash. The ethiopian people are being displaced from their homes and from the land they have farmed for generations and used as grazing land to make way for the new land lords.

    The woyane ethno-fascist policy of divide and rule has been the main vehicle which they used to achieve their deep rooted hate for a prosperous and one Ethiopia. In the last 20 years of the woyane rule we have seen the woyane inciting one ethnic group against the other in succession. However hard the woyane tried to destroy the country, the people have stayed loyal to each other. People are waking up to the tactics of the woyane at last.
    The day will come soon when the people will rise up in unison and say ENOUGH.

  7. wedi samre
    | #7

    Are “Weyyanes “ethnocrats?
    Dear brother Professor Teodros Kiros,
    I am happy that you continue to defend the heroic people of Ethiopia. But I want to remind you and other fellow Ethiopians that the Shabia imposters who have been masquerading as Ethiopians from Tigray are not the greatest enemy of our country. The number one enemy of Ethiopia is the total absence of political and intellectual will to work for the national unity of Ethiopia. The strength of the Shabia imposters is a logical consequence of the incredible political ineptness of Ethiopian politicians and intellectuals. So instead of wasting our time in criticizing our sworn enemy, Shabia, we should rather concentrate our attention on examining the causes of why a heroic nation of eighty six million Ethiopians has been unable for two decades to liberate itself from the rule of the Shabia group led by Melis Zinwi. It is only when we can correctly diagnose this problem and come up with a pertinent solution to it that our people can regain their independence. Our diagnosis of our weakness should not aim at pleasing this or that political group. We should be able to tell the truth even if displeases a lot of Ethiopians who have been barking up the wrong tree for two decades.
    Now you may wonder where I am getting at. What I want to say is that your description of the Shabia group calling itself Weyyane as ethnocratic is a misnomer. Only individuals and groups who conceive a blind hate towards the Tigray people dare describe Melis Zinwi’s shabia group as Tigray ethnocratic regime. It must be known that those traitorous individuals who pretend to speak in the name of Amhara are not opposed to the rule of Ethiopia by Shabia. When Gunbot Sebat says that the ministry of defence is dominated by people of Tigray origin, it expresses its desire to collaborate with the Shabia leader, Melis Zinwi if he is willing to replace the criminal traitors from Tigray by collaborators from Amhara. The expression “Tigray zeregna gujile” coined by Gunbot Sebat is a clear manifestation that the Gunbot Sebat leadership is not against Shabia rule but against what it schizophrenically calls Tigray hegemony. Gunbot Sebat’s leaders have always manifested blind hate towards Tigray, but they don’t feel ashamed of being teamed up with Shabia and with other secessionist anti-Ethiopia groups. For us the natives of Tigray, Gunbot Sebat and Kefagn pose a big problem for the future of Ethiopia. Because not only these two groups imitate the anti-Tigray discourse of the two Shabia leaders, Melis Zinwi and Isyas Afiwerki, but they have already made it clear that they don’t consider Tigray as their own people.
    Unfortunately, many Ethiopians of good will don’t seem to have been clearly aware of this suicidal strategy of dividing and weakening Ethiopians. From this point of view, no one should doubt for a second that if Shabia has been able to implement successfully its divide and conquer policy in Ethiopia during the last two decades, it is because it has been helped immensely by Ethiopians. Non-Tigray Ethiopian politicians and intellectuals have helped for two decades the Shabia group led by Melis Zinwi by putting on it a Tigray ethnic mask; hence the description of the Shabia group as Tigray ethnocentric or Tigray zeregna gujile regime. Dear Teodros, as a philosopher your task should be to debunk false ideas by submitting them to critical analysis. Describing the Shabia group calling itself “TPLF” as ethnocratic or as Tigray zeregna gujile” is an unforgivable intellectual collaboration with the sworn enemy of Ethiopia. Because if the TPLF were ethnocratic, then one cannot explain why it has ceded Tigray territories to Eritrea. Dear Teodros, if you don’t hold with my analysis, I challenge you or any other Ethiopian to cite me one example from other countries where an ethnocratic regime ceded to an enemy country the territory of the ethnic group for the defence of whose interest it pretended to work?
    Dear Teodros, the problems plaguing our country will never find a solution unless we can identify correctly their causes. We should never forget that our country’s problem has never been ethnocracy (for there has never been ethnocracy in Ethiopia); our country’s problem is that not only our politicians are incapable of working for national unity, but they don’t have the will to work together for the sake of saving Ethiopia. How many times have our educated Amhara brothers betrayed each other during the last two decades? Don’ forget what our old educated Amhara politicians did to our promising young patriotic political leader, Birtukan Mideksa. Although it is not wise to generalize, I think that Amhara intellectuals and politicians have the been the weak link in our struggle for national liberation. Instead of running down Tigray, I wish our educated Amhara brothers convinced us that they are interested more in defending the unity of eighty six million Ethiopians than in craving power. Let us start acting constructively and in unison for the well-being of our country. As our national proverb says :” Dir biyaber anbessa yasir”. We should always bear in mind that mutual respect is the sine qua non condition for unity. May almighty God forgive our sins.

  8. Samuel
    | #8

    Wedi Samre,

    What is the difference between TPLF and Shabia for all the Ethiopian people? As a matter of fact TPLF is the one committing henious crimes against Ethiopians than Shabia. Go and ask any Ethiopian and they will tell you that TPLF is a colonizer and not shabia. The time of reckoning has arrived despite your prime minister’s arrogant warning. we will ne be intimidated. You can only kill so much .

  9. Gigi
    | #9

    Great job!!!!!!!!!!!
    We haven’t even stated yet. We will fight them even with our fists if we have too.

  10. Degu Meles
    | #10

    Bravoooooooooo……….Diasporaaaaaaaaaa !!!

  11. Warraaqaa
    | #11

    No question that the upcoming third REVOLUTION will erupt as expected! During the first revolution in 1974, the revolutionaries had three main agenda: ‘land to the tiller’, ‘self-rule of nations’ and ‘democratic human rights’! The first demand is at least formally accepted since the first revolution, the second one is also formally respected since the second revolution of 1991. Now we do hope that these two agenda will be implemented and the third one will also be added after the success of the expected and the upcoming third revolution! Of course OLF can take the lead in this third revolution as it did during the last two revolutions!

  12. Awraris
    | #12

    This protest doesn’t make any sense. They are just trying to build a dam. A dam that can help illuminate the villages. I think the Diaspora here is mingling Policy with Politics. Building much needed infrastructure should always be welcomed no matter who has the political power (woyanie or knijit). After all being a diaspora or protesting against such development projects doesn’t make one a true Ethiopian, but contributing does. You guys have no idea about what you are talking about. Ethiopia is so diverse with many ethnic groups and everybody is proud of that. Everyone loves to promote their culture, language and religion, and still be an Ethiopian. What is the problem with that or with federalism. If i have to remind you, Ethiopians love to build fences around their possessions but that never prevented them to live as a community and share common values. That is what the current zoning policy does, try to zone regions based on ethnic majorities. I don’t think there is much easier way to delineate administrative regions.

    I agree there should be many change to our political system. Improve democracy, promote free speech, and so on. But democracy is not a goal it is a process and Our country is at the first end of it. I believe education is one of the basic human rights. More educated society is less tolerant to tyranny and dictatorship. And of course no other previous governments have invested in education as EPRDF does (look at the statistics).

    And lets be hones! has anybody ever though what is next if EPRDF is thrown? Maybe: anoint the remnants of imperialists?, or empower the anarchists or decedents of the red terror? Maybe yes, because that is what the so called opposition party is composed of.

    Wake up people, stop leaving in denial and face the reality!

  13. Derbabaw
    | #13

    [wedi samre],

    I don’t recall reading anything by you prior to this encounter. I think, though, you take this opportunity to kidnap this topic. First of all I m not a Ginbot seven supporter or its sympathizer ; I have in the past opposed , and will continue to do so any relationship with Shabia.Incase, if any is interested to know my political leaning –I support the party of Birtukan Medeksa.I decided to respond to your comment because I find your comment being biased,you attempted to take us out of the topic, and would have us detained in what you said of the illusiveness of national unity.

    Somewhere in your entry you rightly stated the need to be willing to” debunk false ideas by submitting them to critical analysis”. I have to admit ,however,after I read your comment,I was disappointed with your approach .I see no a demonstration of critical aproachon your comment concerning the many players of the Ethiopian based political parties. You flatly denied that tplf is not ethnocratic party. Your argument is simple, no Ethinocratic party or entity could have ceded territory from Tigray to Eretria-tplf just did that therefore, there is no such a thing as weyanne ethnocracy.This reasoning is flowed. It is a fact that Shabi and weyane jointly fought against the centralist Ethiopian government. They even solicited support from other Nationalist forces such as EPDM to secure suzerainty. After the fall of the derg both fronts implemented a political agenda that will undermine the unity and integrity of Ethiopia. To this end, both engage in the rewriting of Ethiopian history both agreeing, that the country’s history doesn’t go beyond Atse or King Theodrose-They did so with deep enmity against a unified Ethiopia.

    What is more,both fronts commanding a combined force of around 500,000 armed men under their control strived their best not only to prolong their rule, but to efface the very history and the name of Ethiopia out of existence. The fact that they have been assisted by members of Ethiopians other nationalities is beyond question. But to blame these citizens as solely responsible for the removal of Eretria rule over Ethiopia as you claim is illogical. If that be the case, we might as well also speak about holding Tegrians responsible for permitting Shabian rule over Ethiopa.Whether you see it or not the policy of weyane remained counter Ethiopiawinet ,and has been a radical departure from what every nationalist Ethiopian believed about Ethiopia.In short,weyane created and popularized an ethnic enclave and ethno centrist ideology to prevail.You blaim Ginbot Seven and Bekange movements mimiking the policy of Melese and Isayase against Tigrians with out justification ,yet failed to criticize weyane for the inmplementaion of this policy.Weyane inconjnction with shabia worked hand and glove to promote the interest of Eretria, on the expense of Ethiopia.
    Therefore your blame of Amhara intellectuals ,politicians ,and Ginbot Seven is unfounded, and untimely. Lidetu and Hailu Shewal are not representatives of Amaharas.So much of your concern about critical judgment, yours was nothing but a gross generalization.Again,why do you fail to mention the rank many rank and file and educated Ethiopians who refuse to bow down to weyane intimiddation. Finally, at the present there is more unity among Ethiopians than you like us to believe;the day of weyane is coming in to closure. I think you are sensing it; this, I believe, is one of the reasons that prompted you to comment.
    For ward with the Spirit of the moment!

    With out any doubt the popular uprising in Ethiopia will remove weyane out of office!
    Death to ethnocentrist weyane!

    Victory to Ethiopians!

  14. koster
    | #14

    It is nice to have people like you, Getachew Reda, Gebre Medhin Araya. Thanks God that not all Tigreans are looters and killers/agazi like Meles and the Tigrean gujeles who sold their soul and the blood of their comrades for short term gains. BEQA 35 years of looting and killing.

  15. Jegina
    | #15

    Two years ago UDJ was prohibited by EPRDF from having a meeting at the Imperial Hotel. A year ago OPDO/EPRDF interrupted the meeting of the UDJ in Adama. Now the same thing happening in DC. What goes around would come around.

  16. Anonymous
    | #16


  17. mesay
    | #17

    Well done professor Teodros Kiros. You fight woyane tyranny through a a logical and mindful argumets while meles tries to rule Ethiopians through machevelian mind. There was a hot discussion among common people at the time of the ethio eritrean war. The question was who is harming ethiopia more: EPLF or TPLF. The conclusion was TPLF is hurting ethiopia more than EPLF. The example presented was Teff. EPLF buys TEFF from the market with Birr. On the other hand TPLF takes it from the ethiopian people for free. The primitive old fashioned dedebit tribal politics, of all things sucks and hurts ethiopia and threatens its survival and should be fought by all means available.

  18. The ealist neger form ea va
    | #18

    Melds zenawi your uncle Tom the definition is a black man that do the wrong stuff for the white man .

    And you thin they give fuck about you or your people you are ass wipe so keep letting to the white man because you are going to he’ll whit him dam ass melees . Medhanielem yumeharka

  19. rezene kadissaba
    | #19

    Jegina – respect man – well said

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