The Five-year plan of a Moribund Tyranny By Teodros Kiros

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The Grand Abay Dam is a symbol of Ethiopia’s potential greatness. A development project of this magnitude however, cannot be undertaken by a moribund tyranny.

Such a project can be assumed only by a genuinely Ethiopian regime, which sadly Ethiopia does not have. A regime change must precede the building of the Grand Abay Dam. The Grand Abay Dam will one be built under the competent leadership of a vibrant radical democratic regime to be founded by the Ethiopian people and led by a competent blend of the seasoned and the learned, who are now sidelined by the moribund tyranny, which is busily massacring the voices of dissent – instead of decently leading through dialogue, discussion and debates of all Ethiopians.

This is what Ethiopians from all walks life symbolized by the proliferation of vocal protestors of the Beka moment are saying to the deaf ears of the moribund tyranny, governing by massacres.

The Development of the Abay Dam has long been overdue, and the incompetent regime just discovered it now, as it is desperately trying to stay in power. The desperation led the regime to discover new strategies of diverting attention from abdicating power peacefully to

(1) Orchestrating war with Eritrea
(2) Sending mercenaries to promote a vacuous five-year plan.

The Ethiopian people are quietly rejecting both, inspite of AIGA FORUM’s poorly crafted propaganda articles presented in a manner which kills the reader’s resolve to read the scribbles of poor journalism that does a disservice to the Ethnocratic machine.

The present regime is utterly unqualified to take on this massive project; only a regime genuinely chosen by the Ethiopian people should prevail on this project, which should have started not now, but twenty years ago. That is why there is a massive opposition to this divisionary politics of a desperate regime. The Ethiopian people may not be vocal but they are religious thinkers who deliberate well, when they must, and who are not afraid to protest when the time is ripe.

Let it be clear to those who hear and see that we are not saying no to genuine development projects.

We are saying BEKA to leadership under the tutelage of moribund tyranny and patiently waiting for the emergence of a vibrant, competent, and confident radical democratic regime in service of the Ethiopian condition led by a comprehensively intelligent leader and deliberative and participatory Ethiopians.

Teodros Kiros
Professor of Philosophy and English (Liberal Arts)
Berklee College of Music

  1. Gigi
    | #1

    Thanks dear professor for this wonderful and helpfull articles. We hope they get BEKA sooner than we think.
    May be I can explain a little more to them just in case.

    B. BEKA.

    E. ENOUGH. END of tyrannical gov’t.

    K. KINGS or RULERS, are electected by their people and they rule the land according to the low they are not concerors of their wone people and oppressing people of any kind except there enemies. And they can not gain power or stay on power because they want to unless the people agrees with that. History of today and yesterday are our testimony.


  2. Sahlu
    | #2

    Dear Professor,
    If what is in AIGA FORUM is poorly crafted propoganda, what do you think is what you have written? How could you claim to be better if what you do is exactly a carbon copy of what you think is wrong? You are just confused I guess.

  3. sebe
    | #3

    B – bleeding
    E – ethiopia
    K – Karat Killo
    A – Abeka

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