TPLF’s Propaganda Tour in North America Foiled by Ethiopians

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The Ethiopian Diaspora protected its home turf by successfully foiling TPLF’s disinformation campaign to divert the attention of the people of Ethiopia from the impending uprising that is brewing against tyranny at home.

The April 9th and 10th road show of the so-called Growth and Transformation Plan of Meles Zenawi, has just ended up in a total failure. In almost all of the 13 cities the delegations were received with noisy protest rallies.

The actual meetings had a number of difficulties. There were cancellations, disruptions and interruptions. On the average, the meetings started about 2 hours late. Less than one percent of the Ethiopian Diaspora in North America attended these sham meetings. The auditoriums were not filled to their capacities. Even though it was billed as a public meeting, it turned out more like a private meeting with the apparatchiks of the Tigrai People’s Liberation Front.

Community leaders, scholars, activists and supporters of Ethiopian pro-democracy opposition forces were refused entrance to the meeting halls on account of not having an “invitation paper.” Even those who presented the “invitation letter” were refused entrance. Those who managed to get in and ask questions were verbally abused and in the case of Washington D.C and Los Angeles physically assaulted by Meles Zenawi’s thugs.

In every city security was very tight. The organizers were confrontational and nervous. Those who requested meeting orders were thrown out of the halls by hired security agents. The propaganda video that was shown contained no new information. The PowerPoint presentations were boring, contained voodoo statistics, and the presenters were incompetent to speak on the contents of the PowerPoint documents. The question and answer sessions were carefully controlled and stager-managed. The responses given were embarrassing even to the TPLF’s supporters.

Nevertheless, some individuals who got the opportunity to ask questions managed to raise the hot button political, economic and human rights issues. The rosy picture the delegates tried to paint was, of course, a direct opposite of the reality on the ground.

The amount of money spent on this propaganda tour is outrageous while millions of our people are starving. We have learned today that the price of petrol increased by 3.00 Birr just yesterday. Ethiopians are now paying 21.00 Birr for a liter of benzene causing unbearable economic hardship on the society.

The TPLF propaganda tour has backfired as the Ethiopian Diaspora is now more determined to work in unison for regime change in Ethiopia. All in all, the amazing performance of courageous Ethiopians in all the 13 cities has been Beka’s rehearsal for the Ethiopian Diaspora uprising!

  1. Oda Tulu
    | #1

    I am extremely delighted with the stelar heroic performance of my fellow Ethiopians in North America. This performance is a giant step forward to uprising at home and worldwide to crush the genocidal Zenawi regime.

  2. abraham
    | #2

    You are interested in power by saying TPLF or other things. Hopefully, you will never achieve your ambition by force unless you respect others. The worst situation will harm you more than TPLF or Tigray people.

  3. Dany
    | #3

    what are the views of opposition parties?Particularly OLF,Ginbot7,EPRP and others banned to operate legally in Ethiopia ?How about Medrek,Eng Hailu’s and others locally active ones ?activists at home and abroad
    If they have similar stances(which i believe) , now is the time to design a grand scale of ‘BEKA’strategies and tactics whereby all oppositions act in tandem,in coordinated manner.I heard on VOA some individuals voicing about peaceful struggle plans which should be encouraged.

    | #4

    Great job Ethiopians! The biggest threat and fear of TPLF is to see the very people they divided, coming together speaking in one voice under one flag against the brutal woyanne regime that is destroying Ethiopia/ns. But I’ve to say that I was a bit surprised and disappointed to see Oromos waving a separate flag. I’m sure woyannes were ecstatic to see Oromos waving a separate flag. As far as I am concerned there is no difference between EPLF, TPLF, OLF and ONLF. These are all separatists group who are consumed with tribalism. I have some family members who are members of OLF, and every time I hear them talk about Ethiopia, they give me a weary feeling. Beware Ethiopians and stand against any political party that is working against the unity of Ethiopians and stop the repeat of TPLF, future bloodshed and human misery in Ethiopia. Hate is powerful, but only Love and Unity can conquer Hate.

  5. አለሙ ጫላ
    | #5

    በእውነቱ እጅግ በጣም ደስ ብሎኛል አንድነት ሃይል መሆኑን ያሳየንበት ሰአት ስለሆነ እንደዚሁም እንድንቀጥል ስለሚያነሳሳን የኢትዮጵያን ልጆች ሁሉ በያሉበት በርቱ ተበራቱ እላለሁ:: ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር!!!!!!.

  6. YEMM
    | #6

    All these ethnic liberation fronts have the same agenda. Ethnic politics has been the cancer in our society resulting in the demonising of one ethnic group or other and portraying one or other groups as victims. The woyane have been successful in playing this game over the last 20 years.

    The woyane shed crocodile tears for the oppressed nationalities of Ethiopia whilst themselves committing the most hienous crime by inciting one ethnic or relegious group against the other. In the last 20 years more amharas, oromos, guraghies, anuaks, afaris, sidamas, tigrians have been killed as a result of woyane incited violence.

    There is no lasting peace, prosperity and development with out unity. we all need to support each other as we have various talents which benefit us all.

    Division and animosity between ethnic groupings only benefits the woyane and prolongs the misery of the people.

  7. zeleke
    | #7

    Let me add to what YEMM has stated above.

    To all ethnic-based Ethiopian opposition organizations:

    Although you all may be against the Meles tyrannical regime, please be honest and realize that you are part of the problem faced by Ethiopians of all ethnic origins for a long time. The fact that you are organized on the basis of ethnic lines has undermined the unity of the people of the country to fight against tyranny for a common goal that can benefit all of us. As such, you have become instruments of division for the present and past regimes holding power. At this age of transparency, open-mindedness, multiculturalism and globalization, the approach you have chosen for your struggle is out-dated and dead wrong. The recent successes against suppression that have been achieved in Egypt and Tunisia are great lessons that should be taken seriously by all of us. The people of these countries did what they did through united efforts as citizens of their respective countries with no references to ethnicity, religion, etc. That is the way- in fact the only way- for salvation of countries like thay of ours. If you are honest to bring about positive changes to the people you think you love, please consider changing your whole strategy. You should drop your narrow ethnic “favoritism” in your fight, but instead stand for all the oppressed people of Ethiopia to bring equality and democracy in unison with the rest of the population. This starts by dropping the ethnic identification of your organizations and declaring change of program and strategies towards a multiethnic democratic vision, consistent with the demand of existing realities on the ground. Take a lesson from past and recent history and adapt accordingly. It is time for change- that is, for a new, workable and optimist vision.

  8. Ambessaw!
    | #8

    This is not true. Only few were shouting here and there but majority are excited about the Abay Dam and the possibilities of working together for a common future. This report is worth nothing. No balance at all. Sorry to say this!

  9. aha!
    | #9

    Zeleke has hit the nail on the head. The parties:teletafi and loyalist opposition parties, now called Medrek/fdre and supporters of these parties need to absolve themselves of carrying the entitlements of ethnicfederalism and secessionism in their back, now protest against thpropaganda tour over bond issues for the great dam, exclusive to TPLF/eprdf supporters in the Diaspora is an extension of an exploitation of the country’s resources and its people by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises. Upto this point the Diaspora involvement in investment in Ethiopia included those who put their self interest ahead of the national interest in providing foreign currency to the current regime yet held hostage to speking their mind against the political and ecomic freedom and liberty of the individual to say the least of looking at Ethiopia first and their ethnicity second to free the the Ethiopians from ethnic and/or secessionist politics/and or policies first and form a truly democratic government based on Ethioan Nationalism and Ethiopian National Interests, to set them apart from the the TPLF/eprdf regime. That kind of change of platform is not seen in Medrek/fdre and/or UDJP political parties to bring about change reverting the notion of “No change but durable democracy” by the pro-democracy movements of UDJP, in a country where economic development preceeds democracy, and the current regime is trying to accomplish that by having its diaspora supporters as its bond holders to construct the dam, a dam has no value in terms of agriculture production, other than generating electricity of which the country has enough dams, other intesify the dispute with Egypt.

  10. aha!
    | #10

    Furthermore, it may not have the impact of holding the water behind the dam as it might overflow from runoffs and siltation form the watercacment basins of the central highlands. To avoid that eventuality, the revitilization of the central highlands need to preceed the project of constructing the dam.

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