For us the meeting in Dallas was a Success- A success indeed. By Sisay Tesfaye.

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The meeting called by the TPLF government for its supporter was a total failure. One would think that such meeting, if it was genuine, would attract a wide spectrum of Ethiopians. A grand vision as the GTP cannot be realistic without the full cooperation of all Ethiopians. As we have seen it, the meeting was simply a propaganda event just to keep TPLF junta’s delusion alive. The organizers targeted individuals who do not ask tough questions and who have almost no knowledge of what is going on in the motherland. As we learned now the crowd was dominated by one ethnic group and the vulnerable opportunist. Some are told by the organizers that they will have chances to turn around their lives if they work together with the EPRDF government. The usual suspect is that they will be granted land. Some of the invitee went because they were told there will be a buffet and a party after the meeting. I swear to God that is the truth.

We can categorize the participant like this. The majority are those who want to show their ethnic allegiance to their racist leaders. The other group is the collection of individuals who have no education, no decent job, no wealth or not even a coherent family life. This group is there to devour for any left over from the Weyane government if the cost is only attending a meeting and perhaps a one way ticket to Addis Ababa. By the way, some of these look brilliant and matured and educated and they are all adults. Believe me that look is so deceiving when you see them through the camera lenses. But they are perfect for Weyane propaganda as they may fall in to the stereotype perception of the Diaspora, i.e. being viewed as educated and wealthy. Some participants are well informed Ethiopian who went to see if Weyane has anything good to offer this time around. This group may have a lot of qualms with EPRDF but are ready to forgive it for the sake of the country if it comes up with democratic policies. My guess is their optimism might have been shattered again. We heard one such participant has told the lecturing officials that all of what they are doing is just like “spraying a perfume on decaying body”.

So why would EPRDF waste all the money for officials, for the organizing committee and for security officers to guard the opposing crowd away from the meeting hall. There were close to 50 police officers in the area. Guess what, they were all paid. In Dallas if you have a private event and want to have security, you have to pay for it. The mission has not attracted anybody to collaborate with the implementation of the so called GTP. They could reach to their supporters anytime and anywhere. They could get their money in some other venues. If you think it this way, the Weyane mission has disastrously failed here in Dallas.

But my point was to highlight how we, the democratic forces, have won as the result of this meeting. In the past when we went out to oppose the EPRDF government there was mostly same faces. But this time, it was remarkably satisfying to see Ethiopians from every ethnic, creed and faith groups. I have never seen such unity among the Oromos, Amharas, Somalis, Afars, Guraghes, Hararis, and many other nationalities. We have Muslims and Christians. We have supporters of different parties like the OLF, Andinet, Ogadenia, EPRP, and Medrek, etc. Therefore, the one good outcome of the EPRDF mission is uniting the opposition and the Ethiopian people.

Finally, I just want to tell one ugly event that happened here in Dallas. We have seen the leaders of the organizing committees who stood on the entrance of the meeting hall to decide who should come in and who should not. This was supposedly a call for all Ethiopians; but those individuals were there to look through our eyes and determine if we are supporters or not. These Weyane servants remind me of the Abiyot Tebakis of the Derg era. One of these guys by the name of Mamushet is a high school dropout who takes pride by having a photograph taken with Weyane officials and later boost around his naive friends that he is a significant player in the Weyane politics. This guy flew to Ethiopian many times in a year to spend his own money earned by working 16 hours as a Taxi driver. Guess what he is doing in Addis, chase officials in every Whiskey house and sometimes tell on the opposition members on who said what. But the Weyanes don’t care about his personality as long as he does their dirty works. The other individual with the same deed is the former WPE party member and rapist. We will have more on these individuals in the future.

  1. YEMM
    | #1

    TPLF only understands violence. they seized power by violence,murder and intimidation and they intend to stick to violence and murder in order to maintain their power.
    TPLF know that they have no ligitimacy to rule, because no body elected them. they are in power simply because they happen to carry guns and intimidate and murder people. In the only somewhat free election of 2005, they were wiped out by the people and they resorted to their usual violence and murder and killed and detained thousands of people.

    TPLF have muzzled the entire Ethiopian people that there is no free media, and anybody who dares to speak against them is hunted down and tortured or killed.

    IN THE ECONOMIC SPHERE THE TPLF ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO HAVE THE RIGHT TO BUY, SELL ANYTHING or to BORROW MONEY. They own the banks and all the state property including the land as their own personal property which they sell to anyone and everyone who pays them cash.

    The TPLF GIVE JOBS ONLY TO THEIR KITH AND KIN OR you have to be registered as their supporter at school or university to have any chance of getting a job and making a living.

    This is the state of affairs in Ethiopia today. It is time to rise up

  2. FUAD
    | #2

    That is how most of us felt. Good observation. You are right, those Weyane donkeys were acting like the Abiyot Tebaki of the past. Time will tell when they will pay back.

  3. Sam
    | #3

    Is it not better to focus in the big picture? It does not alarm me knowing EPDRF has supporters here in the diaspora. It is non-issue. It does not matter if the supporters of EPDRF are ill-educated. They have and should have a voice in Ethiopian politics as the one with Phd. In fact, it is insulting to even hint that the voice of the illetrates do not count in determinng Ethiopian’s future. Guys, our almost 90 percent of population never set a foot in academic settings whatsoever. If we lower the Ethiopian political discussion to its lowest level– with gossip having its day– we Ethiopians will have a very dark many years ahead of us. And guess what it is the best advantage for the ruling party if we sink our political discourse to the very bottom. In that kind of politics the rowdy crowd rules. Both EPDRF and the opposition parties will cave in to their desire. Ethiopia will be the victim. Guys let us civilize our political discourse. We are very far away from having one.

  4. Getu A [Dallas, Texas]
    | #4

    I have been in Dallas for over 22 years I have contributed to Kinjet, I like Dr. Berhanu, I am dye hard GINBOT 7, but on this case in Dallas the opposition party said on the Radio not to go to the meeting and if we go they will take photo and video even they said that on the opposition flayer they are going to take there picture even they went to the hotel and report that some thing will happen that is why they were a lot of police from different agency. They were about 750 people on the meeting. There should be NO arrest two weeks ago EPRP had a meeting I have a family who was killed by EPRP but they have a right to have there meeting. If I was strong I should have gone and peacefully demonstrate on there meeting.


  5. usa
    | #5

    I hate to say this but not only you wasted your time to write this meaningless article but every bodies else time who happen to read it. But again you read a respond like Sam, and the hope you almost lost get restored.

    Sisay, You should learn a thing or two from reading Sam respond above and take a good note and advise.

    God bless all Ethiopian!

  6. Semuye
    | #6

    Sam and USA are preaching civility and are advising the writer to be moderate to the Weyane Thugs who went to the lowest of the low. How do you feel if someone pull you out of a crowd and tell you you are not fit to be an Ethiopian. This was happeing in the free land. We know what is happening in the main land. So I appllaud the writer for showing how dirty and ugly those indviduals are and to show what the Weyane propaganda machine was operating. Then, we you two pussies have for us. Just sit and observe what Weyane is doing at home and in your backyard. You better shut up.

  7. Sam
    | #7

    semuye, I never shut up. Even the likes of you who cannot tolerate anything contrary to your dogma run the show, I never shut up. To tell you frankly, Semuye, I have a hard time figuring out whether EPDRF or the likes of you running the show is more dangerous? Ethiopia cannot tolerate one dictator replacing another anymore, so, Semuye, you rather shut up.

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