At Your service By Teodros Kiros

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The music roars on, as teenage girls ranging for 13 to 19 are surveying the evening scene in a dimly lit disco, which calls itself, Kokeb, in the city of Addis.

Teddy Afro’s music is blasting inside and customers are dancing away, including expatriates with heavy Europeans accents, and the young girls are charming them .Cruising on high heels and miniskirts which barely covers their upper legs, the girls are hyper visible and there are at least fifty of them. As you walk by, some of them aggressively grab you and insist that you talk to them. They are hardly afraid to express themselves.

One young girl, small, nicely proportioned, did not seem to fit the scene. Her quite demeanor stood out, as different, a sort of shy, and mildly depressed.

She sat alone at first. The she walked outside, with a cigarette, puffing away and looking up at the galaxies and talking to herself. A few minutes after, a young man in his late thirties, on a kaki trouser and a white calving Klein shirt, tall, slim with large eyes follows her.

He too stood out in the crowd, and looked a sort of lost and inside his head. He stood a few yards away from her, gazing at the dark night and smoking away. They exchanged glances, only ones, and each decided to stay inside their heads.

She was about to walk back to the bar, but the young man asked for her attention, and she generously returned it. They exchanged their names and began telling their stores, and discovered that she is a graduate on Addis Ababa university and that he lives in Denmark and now he is visiting with his ailing mother for one more month.

“ I am not very expensive, if you are interested, and I am at your service“, she said.

He replied

“ I am not really into that, but would like to know more about
you “

“ What is there to know about a whore?” she said.

“ You are not just a whore but an educated person, in a bad situation”, he

“ I am shocked that you are talking to me. I am not used to that. Normally I am grabbed like a ball, toasted and turned under dirty linen and then thrown away.
No body knows my name”, she said.

“ Well. I am not like that. By the way I like your eyes and your voice”, he said.

She smiled, as she thanked him.
“ I was an excellent student at the university and was president of the English debating club, but then life dimmed on me, and could not find a job and now this filthy life, which I have been doing for two years, and there are so many of us, as you can see at the bar,” she said.

He fought his tears, and he said, “ there may be a way out. Can we meet tomorrow at city café? he asked her, and they agreed to meet the next day.

He looked at her eyes very deeply before he left.

  1. Dany
    | #1

    We talk loud about buildings , roads , millionaire farmers , investors ,transformations …etc while a graduate,unheard in our history ,is forced to expose herself to prostitution just for survival .
    What a shame ! Where is the equity ?The country is becoming heaven for the very few and hell for millions !Revolutionary situation has long been created, where are the leaders??popular activists?

  2. Gigi
    | #2

    Dear Tiwoderos and every body.

    We need to come up with a plan to creat a loaning bank in Ethiopia for the people who wants to do privet business and
    Specially for the educated generation who has a lot to give to the nation and who are worthy and lucky enough to
    Deserv the chance to change their lifes and the lifes of so many in our country and around the golb. When we go to school we are hoping we are going to be a better and independent people, but if that whole hope is hopeless because
    There is no chance given to you, is obserd some time, first we have to try and may be hope and may be have some thing tangible, where that is realizing that your own country or even the world some time don’t have a reserved place
    Specially for you or for you. We have to try, but also we need help and the support of the world who can do every thin any ways if it stands together for the cous. And a cous most important to our survival insted of using the world as some thing of it’s income when we know the money it self comes from it. Some time it is funny when we say I am from this country and so on……. When we know every thing is in the conteoll of God knows who? But if this people car about
    The wellness and goodness of every body and the world I have no problem with that. We are all creation of God and
    What matters is what people do to help each other and how we live on the planet. Intact I am very fond of and have a lot of admiration of the west aster it’s rath on the world and what we have now. what ever it is it mad the world close to each other and that just don’t come easy.

    How ever I don’t want to go of my point of this conversation, so what I am trying to say is that I am touched by the story
    And there are a lot of ways to help that and to say it is not just an Ethiopian problem but we can Chang that by chaining our counry and may be even the world that suffers the same problem, which I think is to be honest with you
    Every body. Saying all of that money is the issue, may be we should all have it or don’t have it. If you know what I mean.
    And if we decide to have it and some time I think people should really needs to stop cutting trees because that is where
    The Money comes from let alone the ailr and the rain and the food or genarally the preservation of out
    lifes and life of a lot of
    Other spishice on our planet. When it comes to life, no body’s life is more important than the other, but the people that can Change the world and are changing the world needs to given the credit they deserve, how ever we all need each other their is no futur or kowleg with out the past or the present. It is all a one love jernny that is endless. Curving the direction and lead our selves and people is up to the ones who calm to know or know. But we should all believe in God and believe in ourselves that we can make a difference and try to lead to what we believe is the way even though life has a lot of ways to live happily we should never seat and watch peoples suffering and our own sufferings. When the world some time Change it is no because some body have some other idea or some thing, it is because what we are going thruou whether good or bad.

    Thanks again professor Tiowdeross.

  3. ene
    | #3

    This is a fantastic short story… makes you want to know more about the girl.

  4. Kiros Girmay
    | #4

    Great story and perfect example what EPRDF achieved in 20 years. EPRDF’s propaganda is showing the country is thriving and everyone is rich.

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